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21 Best Cheeses For Chicken Sandwich [2024's Flavor Bombs]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: April 11, 2024

Imagine biting into a perfectly assembled chicken sandwich. The tender, juicy chicken paired with crisp vegetables, the slightly tangy sauce, and of course, the leading star - the cheese. We all know that a chicken sandwich is never truly complete until we've picked the perfect cheese to complement it. But with so many cheese varieties to choose from, how can we determine which one is right for our sandwich? Fear not - I've got you covered! In the grand quest to find the "Best cheeses for chicken sandwich," I've sampled and reviewed an array of cheeses, considering their texture, flavor, and how beautifully they melt to seal the deal.

Let's delve into the cheesy world and embark on a food journey to discover the perfect cheese for your chicken sandwich. Once we're through, you'll realize just how much the right cheese can transform your mundane meal into a culinary masterpiece. So sit back, relax, and let the 'brie-lliant' journey begin.

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21 Best Cheeses For Chicken Sandwich in 2024

Best Cheeses For Chicken Sandwich in 2024

Say goodbye to plain and predictable sandwiches! Spice up your meal times with the delicious zest of 21 unique cheeses on your chicken sandwich. Each of them promises a palette of exciting flavors that can take your sandwich game from ordinary to extraordinary. Let's navigate through the mesmerizing world of cheese to find the quintessential complement for your chicken sandwich.

1. Swiss Cheese: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Swiss Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

The robust flavor profile of Swiss cheese brings a multitude of fond culinary memories rushing back. Often associated with classic ham and cheese sandwiches served in school lunches, Swiss cheese undoubtedly stakes its claim as a sandwich staple. Its mildly sweet and nutty flavor, paired with a distinct yet not overpowering aroma, makes it an absolute delight on the palate. (Italic)

Yet, it boasts more than just a wonderful taste! Swiss cheese is known and loved for its signature holes or 'eyes.' These occur during the fermentation process due to the production of carbon dioxide. A perfectly aged Swiss cheese will display these holes with pride as a testament to its excellent quality.

Swiss cheese is a melty wonder. Setting atop a hot chicken patty in your sandwich, it melts beautifully, intermingling effortlessly with the chicken, creating a sensuous, creamy experience with every bite. The meltiness factor is crucial when we talk about cheese for sandwiches, and Swiss cheese puts forward an excellent show in that regard. (Bold)

Not only that, Swiss cheese is highly compatible with varied flavors, making it an ideal choice for your chicken sandwich. Its mild yet pronounced flavor complements the chicken, without overpowering its taste, and at the same time, it holds its own against sauces and other sandwich accompaniments.

From a nutritional standpoint, Swiss cheese is a powerhouse of protein and calcium (Bold), essential for maintaining good health. Offering health benefits along with an enticing taste, is there anything this cheese can't do?

2. Havarti: Move Over Bland

Havarti Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Get ready to say goodbye to dull, tasteless sandwiches because Havarti is here to the rescue. This Danish marvel has a sophisticated, fragrantly buttery, and slightly acidic flavor profile that instantly perks up any dull dish it graces. All Havarti lovers would agree that it indeed brings a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to the platter. Its creamy texture and dreamy meltiness offer the ultimate satisfaction with each bite.

Havarti is a semi-soft cheese, which means it has just the right consistency for sandwiches. It's soft enough to melt beautifully, yet firm enough to hold its shape without becoming too runny. This cheese flaunts a smooth, cream-coloured interior dotted with tiny holes. Its appealing look is a testament to its irresistible charm, making you want to reach out and taste it.

When paired with chicken, Havarti brings out the bird's natural, juicy flavors while lending its creamy texture and tantalizing taste. The combined flavor of cheese and chicken is sure to create a gastronomic delight that lingers on your taste buds long after you've finished eating.

And, if you're a fan of grilled chicken sandwiches, Havarti would be your cheese of choice. Its exceptional melting characteristics make it ideal for the grill, adding a magical, gooey delight to your sandwich.

Nutrition-wise, Havarti packs a punch. It's bursting with calcium, protein, and vitamin A. This means every bite you take not only tastes divine but also contributes to a nutritious diet.

One must also mention Havarti's versatility. Whether you're creating a classic chicken sandwich or experimenting with exotic flavors, be it in hot or cold sandwiches, Havarti is a safe bet. Its complex flavor profile elevates the taste of your sandwich and ensures a delectable gastronomic experience.

So, the next time you're reaching for your usual cheese, consider switching things up with Havarti. I promise you, your chicken sandwich will be far from bland and instead burst with zesty flavors that keep you coming back for more.

3. Smoked Gouda Cheese: Stepping Up the Game

Smoked Gouda Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Slightly smoky and absolutely addictive, smoked Gouda cheese is perfect if you like your chicken sandwich to have a punch of intense flavor. Named after the town of Gouda in the Netherlands, this cheese is a staple in Dutch cuisine and is loved by food connoisseurs globally.

What sets smoked Gouda apart is its unique manufacturing process. The traditional Gouda cheese is smoked in ancient brick ovens over flaming hickory chip embers. The end product is a delectably semi-hard cheese with a smoky, caramel-like flavor that is simply irresistible. Its taste notes bring a sense of depth to your chicken sandwich not easily replicated by other cheeses.

The texture of smoked Gouda is smooth and creamy - qualities that make a great sandwich cheese. It melts well when heated, making it a great contender for toasted or grilled chicken sandwiches. Even when used in a cold sandwich, its unique texture blends with the chicken and other ingredients to make every bite memorable.

Pair smoked Gouda with a spicy chicken filling, and you've hit a home run! The mellowness of the cheese effortlessly balances the heat of the chicken, creating an unforgettable flavor medley in your mouth. Also, its rich, smoky flavor is sure to offer a substantial elevation to your regular chicken sandwich.

On the health front, smoked Gouda is a source of high-quality protein and is rich in calcium, making it great for you and your kids. Its smoky flavor also adds depth to the sandwich without the need for additional, potentially unhealthy, sauces or spreads.

If you're looking to kick up the flavor profile of your chicken sandwich, you can't go wrong by adding a slice or two of smoked Gouda!

4. Provolone: Consistently Creamy

Provolone - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Ever come home after a long tiring day and wanted a comforting, no-frills, delectable chicken sandwich? That’s when you reach out for a classic: Provolone.

Originating from South Italy, Provolone cheese has been the unwavering cornerstone of many beloved sandwiches worldwide. It embodies a delightful mix of creamy, tangy, and slightly sweet flavors that balance out each other just so perfectly. Provolone has a character that's distinct, yet never overpowering, making it an ideal partner for our beloved chicken sandwiches.

Texture-wise, Provolone sits well in the semi-hard cheese category, making it an excellent cheese for melting. A toasted chicken sandwich with gooey Provolone cheese is what dreams are made of! It blankets the chicken perfectly and melts smoothly, giving a mouthwatering, even coat of cheesy wonder.

Remember, Provolone isn't a cheese that’s going to hibernate in the background. It'll always be the cheese that supports your ensemble of ingredients but makes sure its flavors are present in every bite. Pair it with spicy grilled chicken, and you won't require much else to finish up a fantastic sandwich. Grilled onions, lettuce, and a spot of mayonnaise maybe? You've got a classic chicken sandwich ready!

In the nutritional chart, Provolone stands tall with a good amount of protein, calcium, and vitamin A, making it a healthy option, too.

Provolone is dependable and versatile with a consistently creamy nature, earning it a respected place in my cheese diary.

5. Cottage Cheese: A Surprising Game Changer?

Cottage Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Now, let's talk about a non-conventional contender that brings a surprising twist to the world of chicken sandwiches - Cottage Cheese! It's an offbeat choice, I agree, but sometimes the most unexpected combinations create the most extraordinary flavors, don't they?

Reminiscent of warm summer days and picnics by the lake, cottage cheese is a classic favorite with a mildly tangy flavor and crumbly texture. Its unique texture sets it apart from the smooth, creamy variants that are typically used in sandwiches. The grainy feel of cottage cheese might seem like a mismatch for a sandwich filling at first, but trust me, it harmonizes incredibly with the textures of chicken and bread.

The taste of cottage cheese is mild, making it a reliable companion for robustly flavored ingredients. It doesn't shy away from sharing the spotlight and pairs wonderfully with chicken, enhancing the poultry's taste without overwhelming it.

The creaminess of cottage cheese lends a delightful moistness to the sandwich, while its little curds add an interesting dimension to the overall texture. And if you're someone who loves to experiment with different flavors and textures, cottage cheese provides a wonderful canvas for you. Add a splash of hot sauce, some fresh herbs, or even some crisp bacon bits to your cottage cheese - the possibilities are endless.

From a nutrition point of view, cottage cheese is a powerhouse packed with high-quality protein, B vitamins, and essential minerals. Its low-calorie count also makes it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts.

If you're looking for a change from the same old sandwich cheese or want to make a healthier sandwich without compromising on taste, give cottage cheese a chance. It's sure to pleasantly surprise you!

6. Smoked Mozzarella: Smoky Goodness

Smoked Mozzarella - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Next on our cheese journey is a slight detour into the world of smoked cheeses, more specifically, the Smoked Mozzarella. This wonderfully versatile cheese, originally from Italy, has a particular smokiness to it; adds an alluring twist to our chicken sandwich.

Recognize Mozzarella? Yes, it's the gooey deliciousness that makes your pizza supremely tasty. Now, Smoked Mozzarella is the same cheese, exposed to an extra step—smoking. This process gives it more depth and character, a flavor echoing the reminiscent smokiness you'd associate with a lively barbecue.

Texture-wise, smoked mozzarella has a creamy, dense, and somewhat springy consistency. One of the creamiest of all cheese, the melting characteristic of smoked mozzarella is worth admiring. It generously lends this creaminess to the chicken sandwich, binding all the other elements together and adding an ooey-gooey delectable factor.

What flavors complement Smoked Mozzarella in a chicken sandwich? Well, given its smoky hint, it pairs well with a gentle mustard or herbed mayo spread, with some sauteed onions, perhaps. A bit of fresh basil also complements this slightly smoky, slightly tangy cheese.

Nutritionally, Smoked Mozzarella is a good source of protein and calcium. The smokiness comes without any added fat or calories making it a worthy cheese for those mindful of their calorie consumption.

So, if you're looking to add some flair and smoky touch to your chicken sandwich, Smoked Mozzarella is your answer! You will love how it carefully envelops each ingredient, turning a simple sandwich into an utterly lip-smacking delight.

7. Blue Cheese: Unusual but Effective

Blue Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Blue cheese, with its intense flavor and characteristic blue veins, is truly an individualistic cheese. Traditional, strong, and bold in taste, it is a cheese that is not shy in asserting itself. This powerful and robust-tasting cheese might not be your first thought when we are talking about chicken sandwiches, but hear me out. The sharp, piquant flavors of blue cheese can indeed be a game-changer for your sandwich!

This mold-infused cheese hails from the region of Roquefort, France, and is renowned globally for its strong and noble taste. The penetrating flavors of blue cheese can cut through the mild, gentle taste of chicken, creating an intriguing and highly satisfying balance. If your palate leans towards intense, complex flavors, then you're going to love the way blue cheese revolutionizes your chicken sandwich.

For all its flavor depth, blue cheese is remarkably easy to use. Just crumble it over your grilled or fried chicken, add lettuce, tomato, and perhaps some bacon, and there you have it! An exemplary-tasting sandwich that won’t soon be forgotten. The effect of blue cheese on your sandwich can best be described as alchemy.

Not just for its unique taste, Blue Cheese is also a real hit on the health charts. It's high in calcium, and protein, and even has a small amount of vitamin A. It is indeed an unusual, but highly effective cheese that is not afraid to make a statement!

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8. Parmesan: A Sprinkle of Italy

Parmesan Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Parmesan or Parmigiano-Reggiano, as the Italians proudly call it, holds a unique spot in the cheese realm. Named after the regions of Parma and Reggio Emilia in Italy, this hard, granular cheese is adored for its rich, deeply savory flavor that can level up any sandwich it graces.

The inclusion of Parmesan in a chicken sandwich is best described as a sprinkle of Italy. Even in small amounts, its nutty, slightly fruity taste can infuse a gourmet touch to the chicken sandwich. If you ask me, a dusting of fresh, finely-grated Parmesan can go a long way and makes a massive difference to the humble chicken sandwich.

Parmesan works with a variety of combinations, be it a chicken Caesar sub, a club sandwich, or even a tomato-basil-chicken combo. All these sandwiches can transform under the magic touch of our Italian contender. Its hard but crumbly texture lends more to taste than texture in a sandwich, and that's just what we need to take our chicken sandwich to the next stratosphere of flavors.

Nutritionally, Parmesan is a powerhouse. High in calcium and protein, it's also low in fat and packed with vitamins and minerals. So with Parmesan, you're not only bringing a touch of Italy to your table but also a range of health benefits! Now, if that doesn't make you want to try Parmesan in your next chicken sandwich, I am not sure what will.

9. Comté: The Regal Flavor

Comté Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

As we journey through the world of cheese, our next stop takes us to France, home to many prestigious cheese varieties. Specifically, we arrive at Comté - a cheese that is as elegant in its flavor as it is in its name.

Hailing from the Jura Massif region of France, Comté has a complex, sophisticated profile that readily contributes to a chicken sandwich. With its slightly sweet, nutty flavor, the cheese brings a regal touch to the palate. If you've never tried it before, envision a blend of caramelized onions and roasted garlic. Yes, that's how distinctively flavorful Comté is!

Texture-wise, Comté is firm yet creamy, melting well over your juicy chicken and oozing out just enough to make every bite of your sandwich sinfully delicious. A chicken sandwich with caramelized onions, arugula, and Comté is a treat, trust me.

What's more, Comté brings along a good bunch of nutrients. Being high in calcium and protein, it contributes to your daily dietary requirements, making it not just a tasty, but a reasonably healthy choice too!

10. Monterey Jack Cheese: Friendly and Familiar

Monterey Jack Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Now, moving on from the regal to the relatable, let me introduce you to Monterey Jack. This cheese, so widely used in sandwiches, has earned its place with its simple yet winning attributes.

Monterey Jack carries a mild flavor profile, which makes it such a friendly addition to a chicken sandwich. The delicate, milky, and slightly sweet flavor does wonders with a hot grilled chicken sandwich, playing a balancing act with whatever spicy or tangy ingredients you're pairing it with.

To top it off, Monterey Jack has a superb meltability quotient. It effortlessly merges into the sandwich, providing a lovely, creamy texture that every chicken sandwich aspires for. Go ahead and enhance your ranch chicken sandwich or your classic grilled chicken variant with Monterey Jack; it's sure to add a comforting touch that would make your sandwich a heartwarming meal.

Plus, Monterey Jack packs quite an amount of calcium and protein, contributing to a healthy and nutritious meal. So, you've got flavor, texture, and health benefits - what's not to like here?

11. White Cheddar Cheese: A Classic Reinvented

White Cheddar Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

What better way to follow a rowdy cheese like Blue than with the soothing, smooth taste of White Cheddar? This beloved cheese is a classic, born in the village of Cheddar in England's Somerset County, and has ever since remained a perennial favorite.

Compared to its orange counterpart, white cheddar is more subtle, more refined, but still full of flavors that don't fail to impress. In juxtaposition to the assertive taste of blue cheese, white cheddar is mild, creamy, and delicately balances out the bold flavors in a chicken sandwich.

White Cheddar's texture deserves accolades too. It’s semi-hard, with just enough firmness to give that desirable cheese pull effect when it melts. Encasing the chicken with a layer of melted white cheddar is a new level of comfort!

Which flavors ring the bell with white cheddar in a chicken sandwich? I say it’s all about contrast. Chicken breast with a tangy barbeque sauce or spicy pico de gallo can light up with the right amount of white cheddar.

While you lose yourself in its taste, White Cheddar is taking care of your nutrition as well. Loaded with protein and calcium, it’s indeed a classic reinvented in the world of chicken sandwiches!

12. Feta Cheese: Exotic Entrant

Feta Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

If the joy of eating lies in exploration and experimentation, then the inclusion of Feta Cheese will make your chicken sandwich a forerunner for this joyride. Feta, a staple in Greek cuisine, is my exotic entrant on the cheese sandwich list.

Traditionally made from sheep's milk or a blend of sheep's and goat's milk, Feta carries a tanginess that's sharp yet smooth. The bright, lemony flavor is stimulating, to say the least, and does wonders when paired with the mellow taste of chicken.

Texture-wise, while not the most meltable option, Feta has an intriguing crumbly texture that adds an unexpected dimension to your chicken sandwich. Whether it's a cool chicken salad sandwich or a Greek-inspired grilled chicken sandwich with olive spread, Feta is the cheese that can bring out the Mediterranean in your meal.

It's best to use Feta sparingly at first, given its potent taste. Just sprinkle some on your cooked chicken, couple it with fresh veggies like tomatoes, olives, and lettuce, and trust me, you'll be busy unwrapping the burst of flavors that follow.

Moreover, like most offerings of the cheese world, Feta boasts good amounts of calcium and protein. Toss in the addition of probiotics, and it's hard to say no to such a cheese, isn't it?

13. Queso Blanco Cheese: The Mild Masterpiece

Queso Blanco Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Next up is Queso Blanco, a Mexican masterpiece that has arrived at our cheese party. Queso Blanco, which translates to 'white cheese,' is a popular choice in many traditional Latino dishes, and for a good reason.

Queso Blanco is known for its mild, creamy, and slightly salty flavor that is so essential in neutralizing the heat of many Mexican dishes. For a chicken sandwich, Queso Blanco acts as the unassuming hero, the one who softly upholds the dynamics of the sandwich without stealing the limelight.

The cheese isn't known for its meltability as it holds its texture upon heating. However, this feature works beautifully in a sandwich, where maintaining textures is key. Dice or crumble it over your chicken sandwich for a subtle flavor and a unique mouthfeel.

And yes, not to forget, Queso Blanco provides an impressive amount of protein and calcium. A healthier choice compared to many cream-based or high-fat cheeses, this is a cheese you can enjoy without any worry. It makes for an excellent choice if you're looking for a nutritious, well-rounded chicken sandwich experience.

14. Fontina: Italian Magnificence

Fontina Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Italy is known for its wonderful contribution to the world of cheese, and Fontina is no exception. This classic Northern Italian variety brings a luxury of flavor that will make your chicken sandwich absolutely mouth-watering.

Both mild and intense, the flavor of Fontina engulfs your palate with its sophisticated nutty essence. Layer it onto your chicken and other fillings, and watch as it envelops everything in its warm, creamy comfort. Its soft, elastic nature allows it to melt beautifully into your sandwich, giving that perfect cheese pull we all love. The rich, earthy, and woody undertones of this cheese blend blissfully with a variety of ingredients.

Pairing it with mushrooms, perhaps, or even caramelized onions and arugula, would simply add to the depth. Hold on to your culinary hats because a Fontina chicken sandwich is a delight to devour.

15. Cheddar: Beloved and Bespoke

Cheddar Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Perhaps no list of cheese would be complete without mentioning the beloved Cheddar. Available in numerous variations, from Sharp to Mild or Aged, Cheddar has a timeless appeal.

Cheddar's flavor is fantastic - slightly sharp, often rich, and sometimes even nutty. It has always been a go-to cheese for many, and it continues to be a versatile player in the realm of chicken sandwiches too.

From a classic chicken club sandwich to a more intricate apple and cheddar chicken sandwich, there's no limit to the pairings one can experiment with. The beauty is in Cheddar's capacity to hold its own, while also enhancing the other ingredients' flavors.

Let's not forget the way it melts. Cheddar's reliability quotient is right on point, creating a unique texture that is neither too stringy nor too clumpy. It hits the sweet spot, every time. It's the cheese you reach out for when you want familiarity, comfort, and a whole lot of deliciousness. Rest assured, a chicken sandwich with Cheddar is always a winning choice.

16. Cantal Cheese: French Savory Delight

Cantal Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

As I ventured deeper into my culinary experiment, my quest for the best cheese for a chicken sandwich brought me to Cantal Cheese. This is a semi-hard cheese from France, well-regarded for its distinctive flavor. As soon as you taste it, you immediately recognize its unique character. Its buttery, milky flavor interspersed with a slight tang, adds a new depth to your usual chicken sandwich.

Cantal cheese, often compared with Cheddar due to its sharp, strong flavor, is an unexplored gem. When used in a chicken sandwich, its crumbly yet creamy texture plays a stellar role. The cheese melts deliciously, cloaking the chicken in velvety richness, and adding a nuanced layer of flavor. Perhaps, pairing it with some spring greens and fig jam would lend your sandwich an elevated gourmet feel. A chicken sandwich with Cantal is reminiscent of a cozy French bistro experience.

17. Pepper Jack Cheese: A Little Heat Goes A Long Way

Pepper Jack Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Stepping away from the milder cheeses, I wanted to introduce a bolder choice that had me delighted from the first bite - the Pepper Jack cheese. Known for its punchy, spicy flavor profile, it's a cheese that isn't for the faint-hearted.

This variation of Monterey Jack is laced with spicy chili peppers, jalapeños, habaneros, and even sweet peppers sometimes. It offers an exciting element to an otherwise classic chicken sandwich. The creaminess of the cheese balances the heat, imparting just the right amount of spice and flair.

Now, if you enjoy a good melt-in-your-sandwich, Pepper Jack is an excellent choice. It glides smoothly over your fillings, resulting in a gooey, spicy treasure. Pair it with grilled chicken and some crisp lettuce for a fiery kick.

18. Taleggio: An Italian Marvel

Taleggio Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Next, I was intrigued by the prospect of using Taleggio, a cheese from the Lombardy region of Italy renowned for its creamy, fruity flavor profile. Taleggio is a semi-soft, washed-rind, smear-ripened cheese that is characteristically aromatic. The outer rind guards a rich, buttery, tangy treasure within.

Upon pairing it with chicken in a sandwich, the result was nothing short of phenomenal. A product of Italian cheese artistry, it did an incredible job of enhancing the taste of a chicken sandwich. This cheese unfolds on the palate, revealing the perfect blend of sweet, salty, and tangy flavors, thereby infusing an extraordinary element into your regular chicken sandwich.

An effective way to use Taleggio in a chicken sandwich is by accompanying it with sweet elements - think of cherry tomatoes or a sweet and tangy apple slaw. These can assist in cutting through the assertive flavors of Taleggio cheese while allowing it to still shine and carry a robust taste profile. A warm Taleggio chicken sandwich is an Italian dream come true - an absolute "must-try" for cheese and sandwich enthusiasts.

19. Tilsit: A German Specialty

Tilsit Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

Tilsit cheese, often considered a Germanally crafted, caught my attention for its creamy texture and versatile flavor. Not too sharp, yet distinct enough to leave an impression, this semi-hard cheese has a mild, buttery flavor that makes it an excellent companion to chicken.

Upon trying it in a chicken sandwich, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it married with the other ingredients. Its creamy texture and ability to melt well make it a fantastic choice for a warm, grilled chicken sandwich. The mild taste doesn't overpower the chicken, but rather, enhances its flavor.

An intriguing way to enjoy Tilsit in your chicken sandwich would be to pair it with some caramelized onions and stone-ground mustard. This allows for a play of flavors, textures, and temperatures, resulting in a scrumptious, hearty sandwich. Incorporating Tilsit in your chicken sandwich would certainly give you a taste of Germany's beloved cheese.

20. Gruyere: Switzerland’s gift to sandwiches

Gruyere Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

For my next endeavor, I turned to Gruyere, an eminent Swiss cheese, valuable for its smooth melt and distinctive, nutty flavor. Named after the town of Gruyere in Switzerland, this cheese has a slightly grainy texture on the palate, imparting nuanced layers of flavors – creamy and nutty at the start with a pleasantly complex finish.

When used in a chicken sandwich, Gruyere cheese unfolds an exotic world of taste. Its creamy, slightly salty profile does wonders for the otherwise mild and tender chicken, lending a unique edge to the overall sandwich. Coupled with the nutty undertones, Gruyere cheese offers a magnificent layer of excitement that seeps through every bite of the sandwich. A chicken and Gruyere sandwich served hot, just as the cheese begins to melt, will orchestrate a symphony of flavors in your mouth.

To further elevate this sandwich, consider adding caramelized onions and fresh, crunchy lettuce. These ingredients will balance out the creaminess yet bring out the medley of flavors stirred up by Gruyere cheese. This sophisticated blend of tastes will surely leave you yearning for more.

21. Mozzarella: A Creamy Conclusion

Mozzarella Cheese - Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich

As my exploration for the best cheese for a chicken sandwich approached its end, I was drawn to Mozzarella - a cheese loved and favored by millions. Originating from Italy, Mozzarella is a traditional southern Italian cheese made from Italian buffalo’s milk using the pasta filata method.

Mozzarella is loved for its smooth and creamy texture and delicate flavor that perfectly complements almost any ingredient it's paired with, without overtaking the dish's overall taste. These are the exact features that make it a brilliant contender for a chicken sandwich.

I wanted to experience the magic of Mozzarella in a chicken sandwich myself, so I tried it. The fresh taste added a lightness to my chicken sandwich, balancing out the savory chicken beautifully. And talk about the texture! It melts like a dream, creating the ever-desirable cheese pull that is a delight to any cheese lover.

Moreover, the neutral-yet-tantalizing flavor of mozzarella offers the opportunity for a myriad of pairings - from tomatoes and basil for a Caprese-style chicken sandwich to barbecue sauce for a smoky, tangy twist. You can never go wrong with this cheese.

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How to Select the Perfect Cheese for Your Chicken Sandwich?

Choosing the right cheese for your chicken sandwich is as much an exercise in understanding your personal flavor preferences as it is about understanding the characteristics of different cheeses. Here's a simple guideline to follow:


First off, we need to consider the texture. Some cheeses offer a creamy texture, while others bring in a firmer bite. If you're aiming for a grilled chicken sandwich, you would opt for a cheese that can withstand heat and melt into delicious strings, like our trusted Mozzarella or a Provolone. Conversely, a chicken salad sandwich might welcome the crumbly Feta better.


Next is flavor. You should factor in the seasoning of your chicken and the other sandwich ingredients while selecting your cheese. Tangy cheeses like Blue Cheese can cut through intense spicy flavors, while mild cheeses such as Monterey Jack blend beautifully with lightly seasoned, tender chicken strips.


Ultimately, it comes down to how well the cheese melts. While the beauty of Swiss Cheese's perfect melt is undeniable, the light, delicate melt of Brie can add a gourmet touch to your sandwich.

Why Choosing the Right Cheese Matters?

Why Choosing the Right Cheese Matters?

The selection of cheese determines not just the flavor of your chicken sandwich, but also defines its overall personality. Yes, the choice of bread, chicken cut, and other fillings are significant. However, it's the cheese on top—or in between—that truly elevates the sandwich from good to exceptional.

Choosing the right cheese can make your sandwich feel rich, luxurious, and gastronomically pleasing. A well-paired cheese like the smoky notes of Smoked Gouda can complement marinated or grilled chicken, enhancing the depth of flavors in each bite. On the other hand, mild cheeses like Cantal don't overpower the taste buds and allow the flavor of chicken and other ingredients to shine.

Remember, your sandwich is a blank canvas and the cheese selection is your masterstroke. Be it a burst of creaminess from Fontina, a surprise kick from Pepper Jack, a sprinkle of savory delight with Parmesan or the ultimate cheesiness of a well-melted Cheddar—each kind of cheese plays its part in creating a chicken sandwich that you would be proud to call your own.

Just remember, it's not just about what's technically 'the best'—it's about what makes you close your eyes in a contented sigh when you take that first bite of your perfectly crafted chicken sandwich.

How Cheese Impacts the Overall Flavor of Your Sandwich?

If you've ever wondered what makes your sandwich irresistible, the secret might be more 'cheesy' than you think. Cheese plays a pivotal role in sandwich-making — it not only adds a delightful depth of flavor but also binds the other ingredients together, creating a wholesome and invigorating taste.

Cheese, inherently versatile, offers a spectrum of flavors, textures, and aromatic nuances, all of which dramatically impact the overall tasting experience. Whether it's the sweet creaminess of a Havarti, the sharp tang of blue cheese, or the mild earthiness of a Monterey Jack, each variant contributes uniquely to the flavor profile of your delectable chicken sandwich.

Take Havarti for example. This semi-soft Danish cheese is renowned for its creamy texture and buttery, slightly acidic taste. When layered into a chicken sandwich, it imparts a remarkably rich, smooth flavor, balancing out the robust meatiness of the chicken and the fresh crunch of the veggies, all while drawing a delightful melty coat over every bite.

Every cheese option brings about its world of flavors, from mild and fresh notes to mature and intense ones. This is why exploring different cheeses can often feel like embarking on a global culinary journey - all between two slices of bread!

Why Gruyère is a Game-Changer for Your Chicken Sandwich?

Why Gruyère is a Game-Changer for Your Chicken Sandwich?

Enter Gruyère, the cheese that resolutely transforms your run-of-the-mill chicken sandwich into an exquisite culinary delight. Originating from Switzerland, Gruyère is a hard cheese that's classically known for its distinctive nuttiness and slight sweetness.

So, what makes it a game-changer for your chicken sandwich? The answer lies in Gruyère's fascinating flavor profile. Upon first taste, it's subtly sweet, but as it melts in your mouth, the flavor matures, gifting your palate with a complex earthy and nutty taste. It's this dance of flavors and how well they associate with the chicken that makes Gruyère an unbeatable choice.

When added to a chicken sandwich, Gruyère takes the flavor up a notch, managing to complement, rather than overpower, the chicken's inherent savoriness. Its unique melting properties also add a delightful texture that ties the sandwich together harmoniously.

In addition to that, Gruyère's semi-hard consistency holds well against the heat, which smoothly melts without turning oily, giving your sandwich an elegantly velvety texture, surprisingly unlike anything else you've tasted before.

So, if you're hunting for a delightfully unique, taste-enhancing, melty cheese to become the talking point of your chicken sandwich, Gruyère might just be the one! Buckle up for an exceptional flavor ride!

Protip: If you want your Gruyère to exhibit its flavors optimally, melt it onto your sandwich using a panini press or on a skillet under a lid. The gentle, even heat will bring out Gruyère's rich and complex flavors.

Undoubtedly, the journey through the world of cheese is an exploration of boundless possibilities. Be open to surprises, and you might just find your next favorite cheese for that delectable chicken sandwich!

How to Properly Melt Cheese on Your Chicken Sandwich?

Properly melting cheese on your chicken sandwich can elevate the flavor profile, making each bite a delightful experience. Here are a few tried and tested techniques to consider:

1. The Heating Method:

Regardless of whether your sandwich is open-faced or closed, consider melting your cheese under a heated element. This could be done either on a stovetop or in an oven, where the heat comes either from the bottom or the top. For a stovetop, use a covered pan over medium heat, this indirect heat creates a mini oven effect, helping to evenly melt the cheese on your sandwich. For an oven, using a broiler with an open-faced sandwich allows for even cheese melting and slightly browned, with an irresistible crispy surface.

2. Cheese Thickness Matters:

When it comes to melting cheese onto your selected bread, remember, the thickness can make a difference. Slices shouldn't be overly thick, as they need to melt quickly and evenly. Similarly, grated cheese should not be clumped onto the sandwich, as it may result in uneven melting or worse - burning!

3. The Toasting Technique:

Another option to enhance the flavor is to toast your sandwich until the cheese reaches a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. This is particularly effective for flavorful cheeses like cheddar or Gouda. A panini press or sandwich toaster on medium heat is excellent for achieving this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cheese to put on a Chicken Sandwich?

The best cheese for a chicken sandwich can be subjective as it largely depends on your personal taste. However, there are few all-round solid choices like Provolone, Swiss cheese, and cheddar to consider.

Can you use feta cheese on a Chicken Sandwich?

Absolutely! Feta cheese offers a tangy flavor and can add an exciting twist to your sandwich. Spread it as a topping for a Greek-inspired chicken sandwich for an enhanced taste experience.

How can I make sure my cheese melts properly on my sandwich?

The trick to melting cheese properly in a sandwich involves cooking at a low temperature to allow the cheese to melt while your bread toasts nice and golden. Also, consider grating or slicing your cheese thin - this can aid in the fast and even melting.

Is Blue Cheese a good choice for my Chicken sandwich?

If you enjoy a robust flavor, Blue Cheese could be an admirable choice. Its intense flavor profile can completely transform a simple chicken sandwich into a gourmet delight.

Why is Mozzarella often recommended for Chicken Sandwiches?

Mozzarella offers creaminess without dominating the sandwich’s overall flavor. Its ability to melt well while retaining its rich texture makes it an ideal choice for chicken sandwiches.

Can I experiment with more than one cheese on my Chicken Sandwich?

Yes, you can always mix and match cheeses to achieve the flavor profile you desire. Just ensure that the chosen cheeses complement each other and do not overpower the chicken.

Should the cheese be placed directly on the chicken in my sandwich?

Generally, cheese on a chicken sandwich is placed atop the chicken and under the bread for that perfect melt. But remember, there are no steadfast rules in cooking. Innovation is key, and nobody's stopping you from layering your sandwich however you prefer!

Which cheese provides a smoky flavor in Chicken Sandwiches?

Smoked Gouda and Smoked Mozzarella are known for their smoky flavor. Including these in your sandwich can add a hint of smoky richness which pairs wonderfully with chicken.


As we wrap up our exploratory adventure through the varied and vibrant world of cheeses, it's clear: each one has unique qualities that can elevate your chicken sandwich to a new pinnacle of taste. From the sharp intensity of Blue Cheese to the enticing creaminess of Brie, or from the welcoming familiarity of Cheddar to the all-out extravagance of Taleggio, there's truly a cheese for every mood, every pallet, and, most importantly, every chicken sandwich. Choosing the best cheese for your chicken sandwich ultimately comes down to your individual preference and the overall taste profile you're looking to achieve.

This makes the quest not just a creative journey, but a delightful challenge as well. Isn't it exciting to realize that by simply swapping the cheese, we can savor countless flavor dimensions while staying within the comfort of our beloved chicken sandwich? Now, the only question that remains is - which cheese are you planning to melt over your next chicken sandwich? Dig into the fridge, unleash the cheese, and crank your chicken sandwich experience up a notch. Happy sandwich crafting!

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