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14 Best Cold Brew Coffees to Drink in 2024 [Sip the Elite]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: December 18, 2023

From the crack of dawn until late into the night, we find ourselves reaching for a comforting cup of coffee. But when the heat of summer descends, the last thing anyone desires is a piping hot brew. That’s where cold brew coffee saves the day. This darling of the coffee world, with its uniquely smooth and flavorful profile, has gained massive popularity and shows no signs of cooling down. The process of making cold brew involves steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for an extended period, resulting in a less acidic, highly caffeinated, and ultimately more refreshing alternative to traditional iced coffee.

But let’s face it; not everyone has the time or the equipment to make their perfect cup of cold brew at home. If you’re wondering where to start, we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the best cold brew coffee available on the market, guaranteed to keep you cool and caffeinated through the sunniest of days.

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14 Best Cold Brew Coffees to Drink in 2024

Best Cold Brew Coffees to Drink in 2024

If there’s one essential that the modern coffee aficionado cannot go without, it’s a ready-to-drink, high-quality cold brew coffee. There’s an ever-growing array of options out there, as more and more brands are stepping up their game to usher in innovation and new flavors in this field. From traditional takes to novel concoctions, the market for cold brew coffee in 2024 has something for everyone. So now, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty details of some of the most intriguing, taste bud-enticing cold brew coffees that you must try in the coming year.

1. Rook New Orleans Style Cold Brew Coffee

Rook New Orleans Style Cold Brew Coffee - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

Escape the mundane with this best-in-class, New Orleans-style cold brew coffee. Rook has made quite a reputation in the coffee world with their strong commitment to provide the highest quality coffee products. Weighing in at a hefty 12 ounces, this bottled cold brew brings you a heavenly blend of Colombian coffee beans and chicory root, typical of the New Orleans-style. Add to that the perfectly balanced sweetness brought about by the beet sugar, and you’ve got yourself an irresistible coffee.

The flavor profile of this blend is extraordinary, mildly sweet but rich in its own way, and exceptionally smooth. This can be a great addition to your morning routine, a delightful mid-day pick-me-up, or essentially anytime you need a quick dose of caffeine and joy.

2. illy Ready to Drink Cold Brew Cappuccino

illy Ready to Drink Cold Brew Cappuccino - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

If you’re a fan of cappuccinos but adore the cold brew experience too, this is nothing less than a perfect match. Introducing the illy Ready to Drink Cold Brew Cappuccino, a sublime fusion of the harmonious and sweet taste of cold brew coffee with the creamy texture of foamy milk and a touch of cocoa. What sets illy’s brew apart is the 100% Arabica coffee used, allowing the intricate details of the coffee flavor to shine through.

Despite being a ready-to-drink beverage, it doesn’t compromise on giving you that warm coffeehouse experience in every sip. Weighing at 6.8 ounces, this cold brew cappuccino will fulfill your caffeine needs slightly lesser than your regular coffee, and will also please those with a discernable sweet tooth.

3. Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Splash of Sweet Cream

Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Splash of Sweet Cream - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

For many, coffee and the name Starbucks are basically synonymous. Their Nitro Cold Brew Splash of Sweet Cream holds testament to their generous expertise in coffee brewing and innovation. This 9.6-ounce can pack a solid punch. In line with the traditional nitro cold brew process, it involves infusing the coffee with nitrogen, resulting in a rich, creamy texture that’s velvety and almost beer-like, without the use of any dairy product. The splash of sweet cream adds a touch of sweetness that balances the strong coffee flavor perfectly.

In essence, Starbucks nails it yet again with this brew by providing a unique and robust flavor while keeping calories in check. This cold brew is excellent for the mindful drinker who is looking for a dairy-free yet creamy coffee experience.

4. Chobani Cold Brew Pure Black

Chobani Cold Brew Pure Black - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

Chobani might be a brand you know well for yogurt, but they’ve stepped into the passion-driven world of cold brew coffee with their Cold Brew Pure Black. This brew is a godsend for the lovers of black cold brew coffee with its clean, pure, and bright profile. It boasts a rich, smooth taste due to the slow steeping process of 100% Arabica beans.

The beans are meticulously selected from Central and South America, resulting in a robust flavor that is both mellow and nuanced. With absolutely no sugar, dairy or unnecessary additives, this 32-ounce brew ensures an undiluted coffee experience. Simply pour yourself a cup any time you need a caffeinated lift with no frills attached.

5. La Colombe Triple Latte

La Colombe Triple Latte - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

Just as it sounds, the La Colombe Triple Latte is one heck of a treat for everyone who loves extra creamy lattes. This cold brew is a delectable blend of three equal parts – a shot of nitro cold brew coffee made from a quality blend of Colombia and Brazilian coffee beans, milk sourced from cocoa beans in Ecuador, and sugar. This automatically gives you an impression of the intense and cream-rich flavor profile of this cold brew, which is thoroughly delightful. We must mention the convenience provided by this 9-ounce can that holds a ready-to-drink latte, which is an absolute blessing in disguise for all those espresso lovers who are perpetually running late.

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6. Stumptown Original Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown Original Cold Brew Coffee - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

Stumptown is a name that resounds with respect in the U.S. coffee scene, highly admired for their pursuit of quality. The Stumptown Original Cold Brew Coffee, made from ethically sourced high-quality coffee beans, is steeped without heat for a full 12 hours, capturing the full spectrum of flavors and eliminating the acidic bite. The result is a super smooth, super tasty, and super refreshing drink that stays true to the complex flavor of the bean. This 10.5-ounce cold brew is a perfect drink for those looking for a quality, artisanal cold brew experience at home, work, or on the go.

7. Califia Farms Pure Black Medium Roast Cold Brew

Califia Farms Pure Black Medium Roast Cold Brew - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

If you want a pure, robust black coffee, you cannot overlook Califia Farms Pure Black Medium Roast Cold Brew. What’s extraordinary about this variant is its commitment to sustainability, coming packed in a recyclable bottle. It has a robust, intense yet silky flavor that provides the true essence and freshness of medium roast coffee in a fully convenient, ready-to-drink format.

Developed with bottled water, it creates a smooth, low-acidity, and low-calorie brew that would engage any coffee purist out there. It is also vegan and free from dairy, gluten, and carrageen, making it a healthful choice for those with dietary restrictions.

8. Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

Cost-effective, refreshing, and flavorful – this summarizes Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee. This cold brew is an impressive offering that gives your morning an energizing kick-start without breaking the bank. Their 100% Arabica coffee gives you rich and bold flavors that you won’t find in many other ready-to-drink coffees on the market.

The coffee beans are steeped in cold water, which minimizes the bitterness common in hot brewed coffee while preserving the sought-after flavors of strengthening Arabica beans. You receive a candidate for your go-to drink in a massive 32-ounce container, making this cold brew a cost-effective way to jump-start the day or to rely on for a midday boost.

9. Lavazza Double Shot Oat Milk Cold Brew

Lavazza Double Shot Oat Milk Cold Brew - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

For those on the search for vegan-friendly options, the Lavazza Double Shot Oat Milk Cold Brew is a fantastic choice. This Italian brand synonymous with exceptional coffee experiences has crafted a delicious cold brew using Oat milk. This intriguing twist not only features a unique taste but also offers a lactose-free and vegan alternative rich in flavor.

The double shot of espresso made from 100% Arabica coffee gives it a strong, dense, and fully-bodied flavor despite the mildness of oat milk, granting you the energy boost you anticipate from your cold brew. Coming in an easy-to-carry 6.7 fl oz can, it provides an excellent grab-n-go vegan-friendly coffee option.

10. Wandering Bear Hazelnut Cold Brew on Tap

Wandering Bear Hazelnut Cold Brew on Tap - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

The Wandering Bear Hazelnut Cold Brew on Tap undoubtedly wins in terms of packaging. Shaped like a mini keg, it makes enjoying cold brew coffee a fun experience. But it’s not just the on-the-tap design that’s a selling point. Infused with natural hazelnut flavor, this coffee gives off a perfect balance of nutty notes and robust Arabica coffee. The coffee is brewed in cold water for a full 18 hours.

With zero sugar and additives, the natural flavor of hazelnut shines through and goes hand-in-hand with the bold coffee taste. The 96 fl oz box ensures you won’t run out of your tasty cold brew quickly, so all in all, it’s a win-win situation whether you are a hazelnut lover or just a coffee fan.

11. Jot Ultra Coffee Original

Jot Ultra Coffee Original - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

Jot Ultra Coffee is not your typical cold brew. It is a super-concentrated cold brew which steps up the caffeine game with its enriching taste. Each 200-ml bottle gives you 14 servings of strong-tasting cold brew when blended with milk or water. This formula not only extends the life of your brew but also allows you to customize the strength of your coffee to your liking.

The bottle design is beautifully minimalist and reusable, emphasizing responsible coffee consumption. For those seeking a stronger punch in their cold brew or wanting greater longevity from a single purchase, Jot Ultra Coffee is a perfect choice to try.

12. Chamberlain Coffee Elephant XL Cold Brew Bags

Chamberlain Coffee Elephant XL Cold Brew Bags - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

On the hunt for something handy for a single cup or a whole carafe of cold brew coffee? Look no further than Chamberlain Coffee Elephant XL Cold Brew Bags. These coffee-filled steeping bags take the fuss out of homemade cold brew and deliver a smooth, chocolaty and slightly fruity flavor. The cold brew bags are convenient, requiring only minimal preparation to steep overnight for a delightful cup of cold brew in the morning.

Plus, they’re made from 100% ethically sourced ground premium Arabica beans yielding a rich, quality taste. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a beginner, Chamberlain’s cold brew bags cater to all taste buds with ease and convenience.

13. Stok Espresso Blend and Stok Unsweet Black

Stok Espresso Blend and Stok Unsweet Black - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

Stok Espresso Blend and Stok Unsweet Black are the unsung heroes of the cold brew world. Unpretentious yet flavorful, these offerings by Stok take the cake for simplicity and readiness. The Espresso Blend is a power-packed brew that offers the extra caffeine hit, a result of careful selection and brewing of quality Arabica beans. The Unsweet Black on the other hand, offers an authentic, pure, and robust cold brew experience with zero added sugar.

These brews are perfect to enjoy the essence of coffee, they come in easy-to-pour 48 fl oz bottles making your coffee delight just a pour away. For those who love their coffee strong and undiluted with additives, Stok’s range should be on the must-try list.

14. Pop & Bottle Mocha Coffee Super Concentrate

Pop & Bottle Mocha Coffee Super Concentrate - Best Cold Brew Coffee to Drink in 2024

Last but certainly not least, we have Pop & Bottle Mocha Coffee Super Concentrate. This new player on the cold brew scene brings a delicious twist – a rich cocoa flavor. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this brew steps up the cold brew indulgence by veil of cacao’s velvety touch.

Coupled with almond milk and a hint of sweetness from dates, the Pop & Bottle Mocha Coffee Super Concentrate offers a delightful treat that doubles as a caffeinated energizer. It’s a beautiful blend of chocolatey goodness and quality coffee that creates a unique, delicious take on cold brew. And its available in a handily-sized 10 oz bottle, ready to be enjoyed whenever a sweet coffee craving hits.

The Rise in Popularity of Cold Brew Coffee

In the last decade, cold brew coffee has steadily climbed the ranks of the coffee world, gaining a significant fanbase of caffeine lovers. What used to be a niche, often overlooked option at the corner coffee shop, has now become a mainstream favorite. Walk into any cafe or supermarket, and you will see a plethora of cold brew options, from bottled beverages to ready-to-steep blends. Why is this the case?

The answer lies in the taste and technology. Cold brew coffee uses time rather than heat to extract the flavors from coffee beans. The result is a brew that is typically smoother, less acidic, and more flavorful. It’s the perfect drink for those scorching summer days, but with its refreshing and invigorating taste, many people find themselves enjoying cold brew year-round.

The rise in cold brew technology has also helped its popularity surge. Now, we have machines specifically designed to create the perfect cup of cold brew at home. From easy-to-use cold brew makers to ready-to-drink options saturating the market, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a delicious cup of cold brew coffee.

How to Choose the Best Cold Brew Coffee?

How to Choose the Best Cold Brew Coffee?

While there is a wealth of cold brew products available, not all are created equal. Choosing the best cold brew coffee to match your taste can seem like a daunting task. Allow me to simplify the process with a few core factors to consider:

Quality of Beans

Your cold brew is only as good as your beans. Look for brands that use high-quality, sustainably sourced beans. Transparency in where the beans are sourced from can often signal quality.

Roast Level

Cold brew coffee can be made from a variety of roast levels, but a medium to dark roast is typically preferred as it retains its strong notes and full-bodied flavor even when brewed with cold water.

Preparation Method

You’ll find cold brew sold either as a concentrate or ready-to-drink. Concentrates need to be diluted with water or milk while ready-to-drink versions can be enjoyed straight from the bottle. Your choice depends on your convenience and preference.


Choose a product with packaging that retains freshness and is easy to use. Tetra packs and glass bottles are commonly used and are widely recyclable as well.


Of course, the ultimate deciding factor is flavor. It’s a good idea to start with traditional, unflavored options and then explore flavored variations like vanilla, mocha, or caramel to find something that matches your palette.

Remember, the best cold brew coffee is the one that suits your personal taste and lifestyle!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is a versatile drink. Whether you prefer it black, with cream, over ice, or mixed into a cocktail, this uniquely refreshing beverage offers something for everyone. Here are some tips to make the most of your cold brew coffee experience.

Store it Right

Cold brew coffee can last up to two weeks if stored properly. An airtight container in the fridge is your best bet for preserving those fresh flavors. Be sure to seal it tightly after each use, and never leave it sitting out for more than an hour or two.

Serve it Well

Cold brew is best served over ice, but don’t limit yourself to plain old cubes. Try making coffee ice cubes with leftover cold brew. This will keep your drink chilled without diluting the flavor.

Mix it Up

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavors. Try adding a splash of milk or sweet cream, a dash of cinnamon, or even a bit of vanilla extract. Cold brew is a blank canvas for your favorite flavors and mix-ins.

Pair it Perfectly

Cold brew coffee pairs exceptionally well with rich, chocolatey foods. Think chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or a slice of rich, dark chocolate cake. For a healthier option, try it with a bowl of berries and cream or a granola parfait.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cold brew coffee stronger than regular coffee?

Yes, cold brew coffee is typically stronger than regular coffee in terms of caffeine content. It’s brewed using more coffee grounds and a longer steeping period, both of which contribute to its higher caffeine level.

Does cold brew coffee contain more caffeine than hot coffee?

The caffeine content in cold brew coffee can be higher than hot brewed coffee, depending on factors like the type of coffee beans used, the brewing process, and the dilution.

Why does cold brew coffee taste different from hot coffee?

Cold brew coffee tastes different from hot coffee primarily because it’s brewed with cold water. This process extracts fewer acids from the coffee beans, resulting in a smoother, sweeter, and less acidic brew.

What is the difference between iced coffee and cold brew coffee?

Iced coffee is essentially hot coffee that’s been cooled down and served over ice, while cold brew is brewed using cold water. This results in a different flavor profile, with cold brew being less acidic and smoother than iced coffee.

Can I make cold brew coffee at home?

Absolutely! All you need is good quality coffee beans, a large jar or pitcher, a strainer, and plenty of time. Steep the coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for about 12 to 24 hours, then strain to remove the solids.

Why is cold brew coffee considered healthier than regular coffee?

Cold brew coffee is often touted as healthier than regular coffee because it’s less acidic. This not only makes the brew friendlier to the stomach but allows the natural sweetness of the coffee to shine, potentially reducing the need for added sugars.

Can I heat up cold brew coffee?

Yes, you can heat up cold brew coffee. Doing so won’t damage the flavor or caffeine content, and can be a great option if you prefer the taste of cold brew but want a warm beverage.

Do I have to drink my cold brew coffee black?

Not at all! While many enjoy cold brew coffee black to appreciate its unique flavors, it can also be enjoyed with milk, cream, sugar, or flavored syrups – much like traditional coffee.

How long does cold brew coffee last?

Cold brew coffee can typically be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, although it may start to lose freshness and flavor after the first week. It’s generally best to consume it within a week after it’s been brewed.


And with that, we’ve traveled through the delicious, caffeinated world of cold brew coffee. Having explored the charm and character of this unique drink – effortlessly cool, distinctly smooth, and conveniently ready-to-pour – it’s clear to see why this refreshing variant of our beloved brew has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. From the subtly sweet hint in Rook New Orleans Style to the bold and robust flavor of Stumptown Original, we’ve uncovered a cold brew for every palate and preference.

I hope this guide helps you navigate the sea of options and find your ideal cold brew. After all, no matter the season, it’s always the perfect time to enjoy the finest cold brew. So, invite the richness, depth, and unparalleled freshness of these top-notch cold brew coffees into your day, and taste the difference for yourself. Rest assured, a cup of the best cold brew coffee is sure to add a refreshing twist to your routine!

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