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20 Best Spring Bourbon Cocktails of 2024 [Sip the Season]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: March 3, 2024

Spring is here! And it’s the perfect time to stir up some refreshing and invigorating bourbon cocktails to bid adieu to the winter chill. From hosting an al fresco luncheon in the sun to a cozy evening gathering, the unique pallet of flavors, sweetness, and richness of bourbon truly blossoms in this season. Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or a cocktail newbie, these best spring bourbon cocktails can be a fantastic addition to your libations.

Let’s raise a glass to the enchanting spring season and delve into the world of bourbon – a timeless spirit that has shaped and transformed the landscape of cocktails over the years. Get ready to discover a haven of flavors that could soon become your springtime favorites!

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20 Best Spring Bourbon Cocktails of 2024

Best Spring Bourbon Cocktails of 2024

As we bid farewell to winter, it’s time to liven things up in the best possible way – by indulging in these delicious bourbon cocktails. From fruity flavors to tangy twists, let’s dive into the top 20 best spring bourbon cocktails that are perfectly curated to match the rejuvenating spirit of spring.

1. Bourbon Smash

Bourbon Smash - Best Spring Bourbon Cocktails of 2024

The bourbon smash enters the list as a springtime favorite. The fruit-infused bourbon concoction not only offers a refreshing taste but also adds an exciting twist to your conventional cocktail. A stunning amalgamation of smashed fruits, bourbon, a splash of club soda, and refreshing mint leaves is what creates the magic. The shake of bourbon balances perfectly with the tanginess of the fruits while the mint and soda add the required freshness. It’s an ideal drink for when you’re lounging on your patio, enjoying the lovely spring evenings.

2. Classic Mint Julep

Classic Mint Julep

A list of bourbon cocktails is incomplete without the classic Mint Julep. Stainless steel julep cups filled with crushed ice, a dose of good Kentucky bourbon, sugar, and a lavish helping of sprigs of fresh mint equals a delightful cocktail. As the ice slowly melts, it delicately dilutes the bourbon and sugar, while the mint imparts an array of herbaceous notes that complement the intrinsic flavors in the bourbon.

3. Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour

For all the sour cocktail lovers out there, Whiskey Sour has to be on your list. The cocktail carries a luscious blend of lemon juice, a sweet element usually simple syrup, and of course, Bourbon. The key to a great Whiskey Sour is achieving the right balance between sour and sweet. Add in a cherry and an orange slice for garnish, and you have yourself a classic that never fails to delight.

4. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

A timeless classic, the Old Fashioned, brings bourbon to its core. Enjoy the simplicity and balance that this drink offers. Made from sugar, bitters, water, and bourbon, this cocktail is served in a short tumbler, often garnished with an orange slice or cherry. Unleash a world of flavors with every sip – the sweet initial taste, the strength of the bourbon, the zest from the orange, and the maraschino cherry that adds the final sweet touch.

5. Kentucky Mule

Kentucky Mule

The Kentucky Mule is a bourbon breath of fresh air, offering a unique spin on the traditional Moscow Mule. By simply replacing vodka with bourbon, you get a cocktail that’s packed with character. It’s the fusion of strong, sweet bourbon with the spiciness and fizz of ginger beer, all brightened by a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice. This concoction is typically served in a copper mug, which maintains the cocktail’s chilled temperature and enhances its flavor and aroma.

6. Boulevardier


Dubbed as the cousin of the Negroni, the Boulevardier exhibits a similar style but with a bourbon-based twist. This cocktail screams sophistication with its mix of sweet vermouth, Campari, and bourbon. One would be stirred by the vibrant, bitter-sweet, and subtly spicy flavors that the Boulevardier brings—a perfect cocktail for those spring nights when you need just a hint of warmth.

7. Spicy Honey Bourbon

Spicy Honey Bourbon

The Spicy Honey Bourbon cocktail is as tantalizing as it sounds. Its punch of flavors will wake up your tastebuds. Here, bourbon is combined with a sweet and spicy chili-infused honey syrup, fresh lemon juice, and finished with a sprig of rosemary. The layered flavors are robust—bold bourbon, the heat from the chili, sweetness from the honey, and the subtle hint of rosemary.

8. Lemon Basil Bourbon Spritzer

Lemon Basil Bourbon Spritzer

Here’s a drink that embodies the vibrance of spring, meet the Lemon Basil Bourbon Spritzer. This cocktail is a refreshing blend of fresh lemon juice, a splash of soda water, bourbon, and basil leaves. The key to this cocktail is muddling the basil leaves just right to release the flavors, but keeping it intact to restrain bitterness. Together with the tangy lemon and strong bourbon, it creates a revitalizing drink.

9. Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

If you fancy a rich, fruity flavor, the Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade will surely captivate you. This cocktail bursts with the flavors of tart lemons, sweet blackberries, and the full-bodied taste of bourbon. But the magic lies in the homemade blackberry puree that adds the tang and beautifully complement the bourbon. It’s a fancy mid-day treat!

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10. Peach Bourbon Arnold Palmer

Peach Bourbon Arnold Palmer

A delightful spin on the classic Arnold Palmer, the Peach Bourbon Arnold Palmer is a mix of bourbon, homemade peach tea, and tangy lemonade. The sweetness of the peach tea goes hand in hand with the sourness of the lemonade, and the bourbon amplifies it all. It’s a drink that’ll make you want to kick back and relax.

11. Grand Bourbon Mimosa

Grand Bourbon Mimosa 1

The Grand Bourbon Mimosa gives the brunch-favorite Mimosa an elegant touch. It’s the perfect blend of fresh orange juice, bourbon, and chilled champagne. The citrusy orange juice, in combination with the oaky notes of Bourbon and bubbles of champagne, offers a fascinating taste—a splendid way to welcome a sunny spring morning!

12. Honey Bourbon Apple Cider

Honey Bourbon Apple Cider

Honey Bourbon Apple Cider brings an autumn favorite to spring. The drink features bourbon, unsweetened apple cider, and honey. The fruitiness of apple cider and the sweet smoothness of honey creates a harmonious balance with the robust flavor of bourbon. It’s a cocktail that serves both as a refreshment and a comfort drink.

13. Maple Bourbon Pear Martini

Maple Bourbon Pear Martini

Maple Bourbon Pear Martini speaks of elegance. The cocktail carries a smooth blend of bourbon, pear nectar, and pure maple syrup. The delicate flavor of the pear nectar coupled with the earthy sweetness of maple syrup perfectly dances with the bourbon. It’s a refined cocktail choice that serves well for an elegant night gathering.

14. Cinnamon Rose Bourbon

Cinnamon Rose Bourbon

A cocktail with pleasant subtleties, the Cinnamon Rose Bourbon, features bourbon with a homemade rose-infused syrup and is finished with a dash of cinnamon. It’s a unique cocktail with flavors that beautifully entwine—floral notes from the rose, a kick of spice from the cinnamon, and the richness of bourbon. It’s a delightful way to taste spring!

15. Cranberry Bourbon Fizz

Cranberry Bourbon Fizz

An enticingly colorful mix, the Cranberry Bourbon Fizz, carries sweet-tart cranberries, bold bourbon, and a zingy topping of ginger beer. The drink is perfectly balanced, with the tanginess and sweetness from cranberries and the spiciness of the ginger beer, all beautifully framed with the character of bourbon—a vibrant cocktail for a vibrant season!

16. Cherry Vanilla Bourbon

Cherry Vanilla Bourbon

The Cherry Vanilla Bourbon cocktail is an explosion of flavor that merges the lines between refreshment and dessert. Infusing bourbon with cherry and a hint of vanilla, the cocktail offers deep fruity notes combined with the warm, sweet undertones of vanilla. The bourbon holds them all together, making every sip a delectable treat.

17. Bourbon Apple Cooler

Bourbon Apple Cooler

As welcoming as a cool, spring breeze, the Bourbon Apple Cooler is your go-to afternoon refreshment. Bourbon is mixed with tart apple juice and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, topped off with a sprig of mint for that extra fresh kick. The result is distinct yet well-balanced flavors—an absolute crowd-pleaser!

18. Maple Bourbon Punch

Maple Bourbon Punch

The Maple Bourbon Punch is rustic and hearty, encompassing the elements of nature in a glass. The cocktail blends the woody, sweet flavor of maple syrup with the robust character of bourbon, adding a splash of fresh lemon juice for a slightly tart contrast. It’s the beverage equivalent of a warm, sunny afternoon outdoors—simple, comforting and inviting.

19. Blueberry Bourbon Cooler

Blueberry Bourbon Cooler 1

A delightful marriage of fruity and woody notes, the Blueberry Bourbon Cooler is a grande dame of spring cocktails. A homemade blueberry syrup is the star in this concoction, adjoined by smooth bourbon, a squirt of lemon juice, and a touch of mint. The flavors dance harmoniously with each taste, showcasing the essence of spring in its full glory.

20. Smoky Bourbon Margarita

Smoky Bourbon Margarita

Last but certainly not least, venture into the vivid tastes of the Smoky Bourbon Margarita. A fusion of pure agave syrup, lime juice, bourbon, and a sprinkle of smoked sea salt, this cocktail is a rollercoaster of flavors. The sweet agave and tangy lime are elevated by the bourbon’s depth, while the smoked sea salt offers a surprising edge. It’s a perfect cap to our journey, embodying the adventurous spirit of spring.

Familiarize Yourself with Cocktail Essentials

Before diving into our list of recommended Best Spring Bourbon Cocktails, it’s crucial to get familiar with some cocktail basics. Cocktail crafting is truly an art, and having the right tools, ingredients, and skills up your sleeve can make all the difference in your cocktail creation journey.

Essential Tools for Cocktail Making

First off, you need the resident tools of the trade. These include a cocktail shaker, a mixing glass, measuring tools like a jigger, a cocktail strainer, and a muddler. Each tool has its unique purpose that contributes to the perfection of your cocktail.

Fresh Ingredients Are a Must

Just like in any art, the quality of your ingredients serves as the foundation of your masterpiece. Always try to get fresh, local, and in-season fruits and herbs, quality bourbon, and real sugar (no powdered stuff!). This rule is especially critical when making the best spring bourbon cocktails as they often feature fruity and fresh flavors.

Tips to Enhance Your Bourbon Cocktail Tasting Experience

Tips to Enhance Your Bourbon Cocktail Tasting Experience

Now, let’s talk about how we can take your bourbon cocktail tasting experience to new heights.

Sip, don’t gulp

Resist the temptation to take large gulps of your well-crafted bourbon cocktail. To fully appreciate your concoction, it’s best to SIP and let the flavors gradually unfold in your sip.

Expert Pairing Recommendations

Whether pairing your cocktail with a meal or snacks, the right food can enhance the flavor profile of your bourbon cocktail. Consider serving savory snacks like almonds, cheeses or meats. The saltiness from these foods can accentuate the sweetness of the bourbon.

Hosting An Unforgettable Spring Bourbon Cocktail Party

And to top it off, nothing quite beats having a fabulous spring bourbon cocktail party. Here are some tips to host an unforgettable gathering.

Attractive Cocktail Presentation

Remember, we often eat (or drink) with our eyes first. So, make your bourbon cocktails look as good as they taste. Get creative with your garnishing and don’t shy away from using colorful straws, umbrellas, and even fancy ice cubes!

Engage with Your Guests

Turn your cocktail party into an interactive experience. Set up a DIY cocktail station where guests can try their hand at mixing their own best spring bourbon cocktails. Not only will this be a great conversation starter, but it will also allow guests to tailor their drinks to their taste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes bourbon a great choice for spring cocktails?

Bourbon’s smooth and rich flavors impart an enticingly complex taste to spring cocktails. Its inherent sweetness and warm, toasty notes perfectly complement fresh and fruity ingredients often used in spring cocktails.

Can I make these best spring bourbon cocktails if I’m a beginner?

Absolutely! These cocktail recipes range from simple to complex, catering to both beginners and experienced mixology enthusiasts. As long as you carefully follow each recipe, you’ll end up with a delicious creation.

Why is using fresh ingredients important for bourbon cocktails?

Fresh ingredients enhance the taste of your cocktail, ensure pure flavors, and can even contribute to vibrant, beautiful colors. Using off ingredients can negatively affect the taste and overall experience of enjoying a bourbon cocktail.

Do I need fancy equipment to mix these bourbon cocktails?

While certain tools can make the process easier and more refined, they aren’t strictly necessary. A simple cocktail shaker, a strainer, and a well-measured shot glass can serve you well.

Can I substitute bourbon with other types of whisky in these cocktails?

You can, but remember, bourbon has certain unique qualities and flavors that other whiskies might not provide. So, while you can substitute bourbon, it may alter the cocktail’s intended taste.

I don’t drink alcohol. Can I enjoy these cocktails in a non-alcoholic version?

Absolutely. You can replace bourbon with non-alcoholic substitutes like apple, grape, or peach juice. Alternatively, you can simply omit the bourbon to enjoy a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

Can I play around with the recipes and create a twist to these best spring bourbon cocktails?

Definitely! Feel free to tweak these recipes according to your taste preferences. You can add extra garnish, experiment with different sweeteners, or even fuse two recipes.

I’m planning a spring bourbon cocktail party. How do I select the right food pairings?

Flavorsome snacks like salted nuts, cheese, charcuterie, dark chocolate, and spicy or smoked dishes tend to pair well with bourbon cocktails.

Are any bourbons particularly recommended for these cocktails?

Most quality bourbons work well in cocktails. However, some popular choices among cocktail lovers include Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey, and Buffalo Trace, known for their smooth and balanced flavors.


As we bid goodbye to the exhilarating journey through the mesmerizing world of spring bourbon cocktails, remember, the true magic lies in your adventurous spirit to experiment with flavors. Whether it’s the light and invigorating Bourbon Smash, the fruity Blueberry Bourbon Cooler, or a smoky finish with the Smoky Bourbon Margarita, there’s a cocktail for every mood and occasion.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with these refreshing bursts of flavor, perfect for a spring afternoon or a vibrant night under the stars. But remember, always enjoy responsibly. Here’s to making memories, sharing laughs, and enjoying the best spring bourbon cocktails. Cheers!

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