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13 Best Waterloo Sparkling Water Flavors Ranked (2024) Finest

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: May 30, 2024

Navigating the fizzy world of sparkling water can be a delightful adventure, especially when there’s a smorgasbord of incredible flavors that match every preference. Among the plethora of brands on the market, Waterloo stands out, not just for its brilliant blend of carbonation and natural tastes but also for its delectable flavor profiles that appeal to every palate. Today, we are diving deep into the bubbly universe of what I consider the best Waterloo flavors.

From the tanginess of grapefruit to the zesty sensation of lemon-lime, each flavor offers a unique, exhilarating taste experience that truly sets Waterloo apart in the league of sparking waters. So come along, as we embark on this exciting flavor journey, exploring the twelve tastiest Waterloo offerings that deserve a spot in your refrigerator.

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13 Best Waterloo Sparkling Water Flavors Ranked As of 2024

Best Waterloo Flavors of 2024

Unlocking the effervescent magic of the 13 best Waterloo flavors, prepare for a sensory journey like no other. Each flavor not only captures the essence of real fruit remarkably but also delivers an overwhelming taste experience that’s sure to quench your thirst and delight your taste buds. Slip into this fizziest features, from the exotic tang of Tropical Pineapple to the homely comfort of Peach, and discover the unique joys that Waterloo brings.

1. Blueberry Waterloo

Blueberry - Best Waterloo Flavor

Are you a berry lover craving something more exceptional from your bubbling beverage? Sink your senses into the Blueberry offering from Waterloo. This flavor packs a distinctive punch, successfully capturing the essence of wild blueberries and transcending the ordinary fruit-flavored sparkling water realm.

What strikes first is the contrast between the sweetness and the tangy undertones of the blueberry. This delicate balance is beautiful, mirroring the signature taste of fresh, juicy blueberries, right down to the slight tartness experienced toward the end. It’s light, fruity, and ultimately refreshing, proving to be an excellent palate cleanser.

A relevant mention about the Blueberry offering is the slightly floral aftertaste. This addition further elevates the drinking experience, giving it more layers and delicious complexity. Blueberry Waterloo is a gem in the realm of berry-flavored sparkling beverages, making every sip a pleasure.

2. Cherry Limeade Waterloo

Cherry Limeade Waterloo - Best Waterloo Flavor

In the vast realm of effervescent flavors, Waterloo’s Cherry Limeade stands as a triumphant testament to the brand’s innovative prowess. This dazzling fusion combines the bold allure of cherries with the zesty vivacity of lime, crafting an ambrosial concoction that promises a dance of flavors upon the tongue.

As you lift the can, there’s an enticing promise in the air—a fusion of tartness and sweetness beckoning your senses. The initial sip introduces a tantalizing burst of cherry’s rich, velvety sweetness, only to be swiftly followed by the playful tang of lime. It’s akin to indulging in a delightful symphony where cherry and lime play the lead roles, harmonizing perfectly in a duet that lingers memorably on your taste buds.

The genius behind Cherry Limeade Waterloo lies in its masterful balance. The tartness of the lime doesn’t overshadow the ripe sweetness of the cherry; instead, it elevates it, bringing forth a layered taste experience that is both dynamic and comforting. It’s an elixir that reminds one of warm summer evenings, where the cool breeze carries the scent of ripening cherries and the distant echo of children’s laughter.

For those seeking an escape from the mundane, a can of Cherry Limeade Waterloo offers a fleeting voyage into a world brimming with zest and sweetness. It’s not just a drink; it’s a tale of two fruits told beautifully in a fizzy narrative, making every sip an adventure worth embarking upon.

3. Watermelon Waterloo

Watermelon - Best Waterloo Flavor

Nothing says ‘summer’ like the juicy taste of watermelon and Waterloo has managed to encapsulate this delightful seasonal flavor perfectly. Watermelon Waterloo sparkling water is a fantastic choice for those long, hot summer days when you crave a fruity, rejuvenating drink.

Watermelon Waterloo delivers a clean, refreshing taste that captures the succulent, watery sweetness of a ripe watermelon. It’s a flavor that is robust without being overwhelming, managing to strike that perfect balance. The hints of light sweetness and the clean finish make this variant an entirely enjoyable option.

It provides an adequate and refreshing escape from the summer heat. The light tickle of carbonation and the clear, crisp bubbling indeed give the beverage a fresh and delightful identity. A sip of Watermelon Waterloo is the equivalent of biting into a ripe, sweet slice of watermelon.

4. Grapefruit Waterloo

Grapefruit - Best Waterloo Flavor

When it comes to the concert of flavor that Waterloo delivers, the Grapefruit variety is a stand-out contestant amongst the pack. It embodies an entirely harmonious balance between the acidic kick we adore in grapefruits and an underlying sweetness that caters to your sweet tooth.

From the moment you twist open the cap, you are greeted with a vibrant, citrusy aroma that accurately depicts what’s to come. Each sip is an orchestration of flavors—tart, then subtly sweet—much like biting into a ripe grapefruit slice. The true genius of this flavor lies in its authenticity. It evokes memories of morning breakfast tables and lazy summer picnics.

What Waterloo has managed with the grapefruit flavor is to capture the freshness of the fruit in a can. This has provided grapefruit lovers with a year-round opportunity to engage with the flavor they cherish. It’s not just a beverage; essentially, it’s the essence of summer and sunshine packaged in a recyclable form.

5. Lemon-Lime Waterloo

Lemon-Lime - Best Waterloo Flavor

Combining the zesty burst of lemons with the sweet, tart undertone of limes, Lemon-Lime Waterloo creates a taste that’s refreshing, energizing, and supremely satisfying. It’s the citrusy celebration of flavors in a fizzy, compact can – every sip, delivers a wave of revitalizing effervescence.

The tangy goodness of lemons and limes is perfectly balanced in this variant. The encounter starts with a sharp, invigorating, burst of lemony tang, which swiftly melts into the sweeter and smoother whirls of lime. The effervescence only amplifies the flavor, heightening the symphony of sour and subtly sweet notes.

Notably, the lemon-lime combination is neither too tart nor too sweet. It’s a cautious balance, avoiding any extreme, promising a smooth and pleasurable sipping experience. It’s fizzy sunshine on a dull day, a spritz pick-me-up that you’d enjoy from the first sip to the last.

6. Black Cherry Waterloo

Black Cherry - Best Waterloo Flavor

Waterloo makes no mistake in asserting its unique flavor rendition with the Black Cherry variant. This isn’t your regular cherry-flavored drink; it’s a notch above and elevates the concept of cherry beverage to new heights.

Upon the first sip, the bold and rich taste of Black Cherry envelopes your palate, possessing a fond resemblance to a ripe, black cherry freshly picked from the orchard. Black Cherry Waterloo manages to recreate that sweet yet slightly tart delight, rendering a ludicrously refreshing experience.

The tiniest details have been mirrored, making it pleasantly surprising if you have a discerning palate. Even the subtle earthiness that is singular to black cherries has been incorporated. This in-depth infusion of authentic elements ensures that each gulp is brimming with the multilayered essence of black cherries. So, whether you’re out on a hot day or settling down with a book, a chilled can of Black Cherry Waterloo perfectly complements the moment.

7. Orange Waterloo

Orange - Best Waterloo Flavor

Navigating towards traditional flavors, Waterloo’s Orange option is a terrifically tantalizing tribute to the classic citrus essence we associate with refreshing beverages. Orange Waterloo outdoes itself by not simply replicating the typical taste of an orange soda or juice but by flawlessly incorporating the real, wholesome flavor of orange into its blend.

The Orange Waterloo pop begins with a dainty whisper of citrus aroma that whets your taste buds. Once you take a swig, you are instantly swept away by the arresting flavor that accurately embodies the vivacious zing and sweetness of an actual orange. It’s a quaint blend that doesn’t overpower, demonstrating the flavorful finesse Waterloo has perfected.

This variant validates that classic, ageless flavors still hold grand relevance in today’s exotic flavor race. So, if you’re seeking a reliable refreshment that is nothing short of delightful, the Orange Waterloo variant won’t disappoint. Offering the familiarity of orange in a fun, fizzy avatar, it’s a beverage that every age group can relish with equal enthusiasm.

8. Grape Waterloo

Grape - Best Waterloo Flavor

The Grape variant of Waterloo is a hat-tip to all grape enthusiasts who long for the invigorating richness of a vineyard in every fizzy sip. This sparkling water flawlessly incorporates grape’s signature sweet and tart facets, weaving a tapestry of taste that is bound to leave any grape fanatic contented.

From the moment you crack open a can, the delicate, aromatic whiff of grapes engulfs your senses. This flavorful foreplay ensures that by the time the liquid touches your tongue, your taste expectation is already high. And rightfully so, because each swig teems with the juicy sweetness of purple grapes, contrasted beautifully with a tart undertone.

This measured blend of the refreshing vine fruit transforms each gulp into a thoroughly enjoyable experience, closely mimicking the sensation of relishing fresh grapes. The Grape variant of Waterloo is thus a testament to the brand’s prowess in precisely capturing and relaying the charm of authentic fruits.

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9. Strawberry Waterloo

Strawberry - Best Waterloo Flavor

When tackling a flavor as beloved and familiar as strawberry, it takes a certain imaginative finesse to create a representation that is both authentic and enjoyable. Waterloo’s Strawberry sparkling water meets these demands with aplomb, concocting a taste experience that is delectably juicy and undeniably refreshing.

The immediate burst of strawberry’s characteristic sweetness is something you can anticipate with each sip. Yet, there lies a surprising subtlety in this sweetness, which could only be described as a gentle caress rather than an overpowering surge. This stroke of balance breathes a delicious maturity into the beverage, making it a joy to savor, even for those with a diminished sweet tooth.

Blanketed with the essence of freshly picked strawberries, the Strawberry Waterloo carries a charming hint of nostalgia akin to that of summer childhood memories. Its irresistible berry delight makes it an instant favorite among the flavor lineup, easily winning over even the most discerning palate.

10. Pineapple Waterloo

Pineapple - Best Waterloo Flavor

When we talk about infusing a taste of the tropics into sparkling water, Pineapple Waterloo does it to perfection. This flavor manages to portray pineapple’s sunny sweetness with a hint of tartness, delivering a thirst-quenching drink perfect for lounging poolside.

Pineapple Waterloo cleverly replicates the sensation of biting into a ripe pineapple – the initial intense sweetness followed by a subtly tangy kick. The flavor is consistent and tidy without being too overpowering, allowing for a pleasant and satisfying fizz with every sip.

Though undeniably tropical, it is not excessively sweet. Instead, it carefully embraces the tart side of pineapple, rounding off the flavor in a fashion that will have you promptly reaching for another can. The Pineapple Waterloo offers an exhilarating escapade to a tropical island, one bubbly swig at a time.

11. Blackberry Lemonade Waterloo

Blackberry Lemonade - Best Waterloo Flavor

Waterloo’s ingenious concoction of Blackberry Lemonade is where the adventurous meet the classic, blending the pleasantly sweet flavor of blackberries with the tart, refreshing notes of lemonade. This fusion creates a splendid sensory encounter that ricochets between sweet and sour, crafting a drink unlike any other.

The blackberry strain introduces an appealing sweetness that gracefully paves the way for the invigorating sourness of lemonade. This engaging dance of flavors warrants a thrilling palate experience, giving one a sense of sipping on a homemade, sun-soaked, summery blackberry lemonade.

A testament to Waterloo’s inventiveness, the Blackberry Lemonade combination is equally exciting and refreshing, making it a fantastic choice for those in search of something off-beat from the usual fruit flavors. With each energizing gulp, this sparkling water carries the zesty promise of an unforgettable taste adventure.

12. Original Waterloo

Original - Best Waterloo Flavor

Sometimes, simplicity goes a long way. This fact is truly reflected in the Original Waterloo. It’s the brand’s declaration of minimalism and undiluted purity. There’s a sheer sophistication to its unadulterated simplicity – no swirling fruit flavors, just the clear, refreshing taste of sparkling water.

In each sip, the brisk, unperturbed taste of the Original Waterloo shines through. It’s the blank canvas amidst a palette of vibrant colors, offering an untinted purity. This flavor’s appeal lies in its robust carbonation, crisp taste, and smooth finish – making it a genuine delight for purists who enjoy sparkling water in its undiluted form.

Additionally, the Original Waterloo’s flavor acts as a fantastic base for your DIY cocktail or mocktail recipes. Its stark flavor profile makes it compactable with any flavor combination, truly a versatile marvel.

13. Peach Waterloo

Peach - Best Waterloo Flavor

When someone mentions summer refreshments, I believe no fruit embodies that role quite like a juicy peach. Sinking into the effervescent world of Peach Waterloo brought vivid memories of biting into a ripe, sun-kissed peach. And that’s what it feels like – sipping on the locational coil of summer.

Peach Waterloo manages to hit the perfect notes of vibrant sweetness and a slightly acidic tang. This quintessential balance transports your taste buds to the sweet-sour core of a freshly picked peach. The flavor doesn’t wash down as an overbearing sweetness but leaves a mild, smooth taste that is undeniably peach.

Moreover, there’s a slight creamy note to this flavor. It’s not heavy, but rather tingles at the back of your taste buds, wrapping up the fizzle with a satin-smooth finish. A sincere ode to the fruit itself, it’s like a sunbeam in a can!

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Why Choose Waterloo Over Other Sparkling Water Brands?

If you’ve tasted a variety of sparkling waters and landed on Waterloo, it’s no coincidence. There are numerous reasons why Waterloo stands tall amongst its competition.

Firstly, and most importantly, they offer an extensive range of flavors – from the tantalizing zing of grapefruit to the quintessential, nostalgic taste of your favorite fruits like strawberries and oranges. There’s a flavor for every palate.

Secondly, the brand emphasizes providing a healthier alternative to sugary sodas and beverages. Their products are not only calorie-free but also critic-acid-free and contain zero synthetic ingredients. The natural essence and lack of added sugars align perfectly with a range of dietary preferences, from vegan to gluten-free.

Another feather in Waterloo’s cap is their commitment to sustainability. They strive to minimize their carbon footprint and are devoted to using water sourced from responsibly managed sources. To put a cherry on top, they package their products in recyclable cans.

Lastly, and by no means the least, is the excellent quality-to-price ratio. Waterloo offers top-notch quality sparkling water that is affordable, making it accessible for every sparkling water lover.

How to Best Enjoy Your Waterloo Flavors?

How to Best Enjoy Your Waterloo Flavors?

One of the many appealing aspects of Waterloo is the versatility its different flavors bring to the table. Not restricted to mere quenching of thirst, these bubbly delights can make for fascinating culinary experimentation and enjoyable pairings.

For a Refreshing Start to Your day

Try squeezing a bit of the actual fruit into a glass or bottle of the corresponding Waterloo flavor. For instance, a fresh grapefruit slice into your Grapefruit Water loo can enhance the citrusy note and invigorate your morning routine.

Revamping Your Cocktail Hour

Waterloo Flavors can be your perfect cocktail mixer. Imagine a black cherry bourbon smash using the Black Cherry Waterloo. It is certainly a creative way to enjoy your sparkling water, adding an intriguing twist to your cocktails.

A Perfect Evening Relaxer

Pairing your Waterloo with meals can also be a delightful experience. Pineapple Waterloo alongside a spicy Thai dish could create a sweet-spicy palate symphony. Dinner now comes with a hint of a tropical vacation!

A Healthier Dessert Option

Try freezing your favorite flavor into ice cubes and adding them to your desserts for a low-sugar treat with just a hint of sweetness. Strawberry or Blueberry Waterloo ice cubes in your fruit salad could be a game-changer!

How Each Waterloo Flavor Can Boost Your Hydration Habits?

How Each Waterloo Flavor Can Boost Your Hydration Habits?

Staying hydrated can often seem like a daunting task, particularly if plain water feels a bit too…well, plain. Here is where Waterloo steps in to transform this mundane task into a celebration of tantalizing tastes. With its vibrant spectrum of flavors, Waterloo gives us more reasons to reach out for that water bottle.

Waking Up to Hydration

Instead of reaching for your usual cup of joe first thing in the morning, why not try a Grape or Peach Waterloo? The fruity aroma and subtly sweet tang can awaken your senses and kickstart your hydration routine.

Make Workout Hydration Fun

Drinking ample water during workouts is crucial, but who said it has to be colorless and flavorless? Consider replacing your regular water bottle with a can of Watermelon Waterloo. Its refreshing and fruity touch can make your gym sessions more enjoyable!

De-stress and Rehydrate

Had a stressful day? Wind down with a can of Lemonade Waterloo. The soothing flavor with a tangy undertone serves as a great stress reliever, all while keeping you well-hydrated.

A Bedtime Hydration Ritual

End your day on a calming note with a chilled can of the Original Waterloo. With its clean and crisp taste, it will ensure you meet your daily water intake goals and aid in better sleep.

Waterloo, with its myriad flavors and natural ingredients, not only adds a fun twist to your hydration routine but also champions a healthier lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Waterloo flavors stand out from other flavored sparkling waters?

Waterloo offers a unique blend of natural flavors and perfect carbonation that mirrors the true taste of fruits. Their product lines provide a wide variety, giving consumers an array of choices to tickle their taste buds.

What is the most popular Waterloo flavor?

All Waterloo flavors have their unique appeal, but the fan favorites seem to be a toss-up between Grapefruit and Watermelon. Both offer a refreshing, zesty tang that is satisfyingly thirst-quenching.

Do Waterloo flavored waters contain natural or artificial flavors?

Waterloo uses only natural flavors in its beverages, sourced from real fruits. They do not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners, making their drinks a healthier option.

Are Waterloo beverages sugar-free?

Yes, Waterloo sparkling waters are completely sugar-free, making them a great option for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.

Is drinking Waterloo good for hydration?

Drinking Waterloo is as good as drinking regular water for hydration. Plus, the added flavors can make hydration a little more enticing!

How many calories are in a can of Waterloo?

Waterloo sparkling waters contain zero calories, making them a guilt-free and delicious refreshment option.

How much does a pack of Waterloo cost?

Prices may vary depending on the retail location, but on average, a 12-pack of Waterloo can cost around $6.

Are there any artificial preservatives in Waterloo Sparkling Water?

No, you won’t find any artificial preservatives in these drinks. Waterloo believes in keeping its products natural and clean.

Can I drink Waterloo if I am on a diet or trying to lose weight?

Absolutely. Given that Waterloo beverages are sugar-free, calorie-free, and filled with natural flavors, they can be a great addition to any diet.

Where can I buy Waterloo Sparkling Water?

Waterloo Sparkling Water can be purchased in many leading grocery stores, as well as from various online retailers, including Amazon and the brand’s official website.


So there you have it, our flavor-packed voyage through the effervescent world of Waterloo sparkling waters comes to an end. Each of these twelve flavors offers a unique and captivating taste sensation, truly demonstrating Waterloo’s commitment to providing us with high-quality, innovative, and thirst-quenching beverages.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic tang of grapefruit or the bold statement of black cherry or you fancy the tropical bliss of pineapple, Waterloo has got you covered. It’s all about finding the flavor that tickles your taste buds the most and elevating your hydration habits to a whole new level. So, next time your thirst calls out, remember the best Waterloo flavors are waiting to quench it in the most delightful way. Happy sipping!

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