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Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay in 2024? Get the Insider Scoop

By: Neha Arya
Updated On: August 23, 2023

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world, convenience is paramount—especially when it comes to food and payment options. Many of us, busy with our lives and hungry for delicious, quick meals, have been delighted by the savory delights of Popeyes. With its mouth-watering fried chicken, tasty side dishes, and famously irresistible biscuits, it’s no wonder Popeyes has become a go-to fast food destination.

As an Apple Pay user, I often find myself wondering whether my favorite eating spots accept my preferred contactless payment method or not. Knowing which popular payment methods are accepted at various establishments helps streamline the experience, allowing both customers and staff to process transactions quickly and efficiently. So, it’s natural to wonder: Does Popeyes take Apple Pay in 2024?

In this article, I will share my personal experience using Apple Pay at Popeyes, discuss the benefits of using this payment method at fast food chains including other establishments accepting Apple Pay, and provide useful tips on how to find Popeyes locations that accept Apple Pay in your area. Let’s dive in and find out if we can enjoy finger-lickin’ good Popeyes chicken with the convenience of Apple Pay.

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Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay in 2024?

Yes, the Popeyes location I visited recently accepted Apple Pay. Last week, I found myself craving some delicious fried chicken, so I decided to head to one of the Popeyes restaurants near my place. As I approached the counter to place my order, I had a question in mind about Apple Pay since it’s my primary method of payment. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich, a side of Cajun fries, and a biscuit. When the moment came to settle the bill, I effortlessly used my iPhone, double-clicked the side button to display my Apple Pay card, and held it near the payment terminal. The transaction was approved in a matter of seconds, showcasing the efficiency of contactless payment. It was truly remarkable how streamlined the entire procedure was.

While my experience might not reflect the practices at every Popeyes, it was a positive encounter that I believe many can connect with. Especially those who have integrated contactless payment options in their routine. As a regular Apple Pay enthusiast, it’s uplifting to witness an increasing number of establishments, like Popeyes, integrating this innovative method, catering to those who value swiftness and convenience.

Finding a Popeyes Near You That Accepts Apple Pay

Finding a Popeyes Near You That Accepts Apple Pay

When it comes to finding a Popeyes location that accepts Apple Pay, there are simple and effective ways to accomplish that. The last thing we want is to stand in line anticipating a scrumptious meal, only to find out our preferred payment method won’t work. Here’s how you can check before you go.

1. Use Apple Maps

One of the easiest methods is to make use of Apple Maps on your iPhone or other Apple devices. To do this:

  1. Open the Apple Maps app on your device.
  2. Search for “Popeyes” in the search bar.
  3. Browse through the list of Popeyes locations nearby.
  4. Tap on a specific location to view the complete details, including the address, phone number, and hours of operation.
  5. Scroll down to check if there’s an Apple Pay icon next to “Useful to Know,” which indicates that the location accepts Apple Pay.

Here is a comprehensive guide to finding businesses that accept Apple Pay using Apple Maps

2. Check Online Reviews

Another way to confirm if a Popeyes location accepts Apple Pay is by reading reviews from fellow customers. People often share their experiences, including payment methods, on popular review platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. To check reviews, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Yelp or TripAdvisor on your web browser or open their respective mobile app.
  2. Search for “Popeyes” along with your city or zip code.
  3. Browse through the list of Popeyes locations nearby.
  4. Click on a specific location to view the complete details, including the address, phone number, hours of operation, and customer reviews.
  5. Read the reviews to see if anyone has mentioned the availability of Apple Pay at that location.

3. Contact the Restaurant Directly

Lastly, if you’re still unsure about a specific Popeyes location’s payment options, it never hurts to call and ask directly. Reach out to the restaurant by phone, and the staff will gladly provide this information, ensuring you’re prepared ahead of your visit.

By using these methods to find out if your nearby Popeyes accepts Apple Pay, you can plan your dining experience with confidence. Not only will you be able to enjoy their delicious food, but you’ll also benefit from the convenience and security that comes with using Apple Pay.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Fast Food Chains like Popeyes

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Fast Food Chains like Popeyes

With an increasing number of fast food chains adopting Apple Pay as a payment option, it’s no wonder that many of us are keen on using this contactless payment system. Here’s a look at some remarkable benefits of using Apple Pay at fast food restaurants like Popeyes.

1. Contactless Payments for Improved Hygiene

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for hygienic systems has become even more crucial. Apple Pay enables users to make contactless payments, which means no touching cash or shared card terminals—helping to prevent the spread of germs and ensuring a higher level of cleanliness for both customers and employees.

2. Faster Transactions

Time is of the essence when we’re hungry for a fast food fix. With Apple Pay, you can breeze through the payment process by simply holding your device near the payment terminal, authenticating, and voila, your transaction is complete. This quick system ultimately reduces waiting times at the counter, allowing you to enjoy your Popeyes feast much faster.

3. Enhanced Security Features

Security is paramount when it comes to payment methods. Apple Pay uses a unique Device Account Number which is encrypted and securely stored on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Whenever you make a purchase, a one-time unique dynamic security code is generated, ensuring your card details are never shared with merchants or stored on Apple Pay servers—making transactions safe and secure.

4. Integration with Apple Wallet

Apple Pay’s integration with your Apple Wallet makes managing your transactions a breeze. You can review recent transactions, receive digital receipts, and keep track of your spending without the clutter of physical receipts—making it an eco-friendly and convenient choice.

Using Apple Pay at fast food chains like Popeyes provides a multitude of benefits, from improved hygiene to faster, more secure transactions. So, go ahead and revel in the chicken lover’s delights that Popeyes has to offer with the added convenience and peace of mind that Apple Pay brings.

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Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay in Drive-Thru?

Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay in Drive-Thru?

When it comes to making purchases at fast-food restaurants, using a convenient and quick payment method is essential, especially in the drive-thru. Luckily, many Popeyes locations are now offering Apple Pay as a contactless payment option, even in the drive-thru.

In most cases, the process of using Apple Pay in the drive-thru is quite simple:

  1. When ordering your meal, inform the staff member that you’d like to pay using Apple Pay.
  2. As you approach the payment window, have your iPhone or Apple Watch ready.
  3. When prompted, hold your device near the NFC (Near Field Communication) terminal or card reader found at the window to initiate the payment process.

It’s important to note that not all Popeyes may offer this service, so it’s a good idea to ask when placing your order or calling their Customer Service to confirm if your local Popeyes location accepts Apple Pay in the drive-thru.

Overall, the integration of Apple Pay in drive-thru transactions has revolutionized the fast-food experience, making it even more seamless and efficient.

Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay Online in 2024?

Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay Online in 2023?

It’s not just in-store or drive-thru purchases that can benefit from the convenience of Apple Pay; online ordering is also embracing this secure payment method. For Popeyes customers, the good news is that Apple Pay is available for online orders placed through the Popeyes app as well as their website.

To use Apple Pay for your online order, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Popeyes app from the App Store or visit the Popeyes website.
  2. Browse through the menu and add items to your cart.
  3. Proceed to the checkout page.
  4. When prompted to pay, select Apple Pay as your preferred payment option.
  5. Authenticate the transaction using your iPhone’s Touch ID or Face ID, or your Apple Watch.

By using Apple Pay for online orders, you can enjoy the same fast, secure, and contactless experience as paying in-person or at the drive-thru. However, do keep in mind that the availability of payment methods might vary depending on your location, so it’s a good idea to verify if your local Popeyes accepts Apple Pay for online orders.

Can You Get Cashback for Using Apple Pay at Popeyes in 2024?

Can You Get Cashback for Using Apple Pay at Popeyes in 2023?

As an Apple Pay user, you might be wondering if you can get cashback rewards for using the service at Popeyes. While there are no specific cashback promotions exclusive to Popeyes for Apple Pay users, there is an opportunity to earn rewards via the Apple Card.

The Apple Card is Apple’s very own credit card, which is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Pay. By using the Apple Card with Apple Pay, users can take advantage of the Daily Cash program. This program instantly gives you a certain percentage of what you spend back as “Daily Cash,” which is added to your Apple Cash card or can be applied as a statement credit.

When using the Apple Card with Apple Pay, you can earn:

  • 3% Daily Cash on purchases made directly with Apple, including the App Store, Apple Store, and more.
  • 2% Daily Cash on all other purchases made with Apple Pay.
  • 1% Daily Cash on purchases made with the physical Apple Card or when using Apple Pay is unavailable.

So, if your local Popeyes accepts Apple Pay and you use the Apple Card for transactions, you will be eligible to receive 2% cashback as part of the Daily Cash program. Keep in mind that this cashback feature is only available to Apple Card users and may not be applicable to other cards linked with Apple Pay.

It’s also worth exploring if Popeyes has any special promotions or deals for mobile wallet payments in general, which may occasionally include offers for Apple Pay users. Additionally, you can always sign up for Popeyes Rewards to earn points and exclusive deals on your purchases at Popeyes.

How Popeyes and Apple Pay Are Revolutionizing the Fast Food Industry?

How Popeyes and Apple Pay Are Revolutionizing the Fast Food Industry?

The fast-food industry is always looking for ways to improve customer experience and efficiency, especially when it comes to payment methods. With the adoption of Apple Pay, Popeyes is collaborating with a leading technology company, further revolutionizing the fast food experience for its customers.

1. Embracing Contactless Payments

As contactless payment options become increasingly popular, both for their convenience and hygiene benefits, Popeyes has recognized this trend and adopted Apple Pay as a payment method. This enables customers to complete transactions without dealing with cash or cards, significantly speeding up the ordering and payment process.

2. Customer Convenience

In today’s fast-paced world, customers appreciate quick and hassle-free payment options that work seamlessly with their existing devices. By accepting Apple Pay, Popeyes caters to a large demographic of iPhone and Apple Watch users, offering a frictionless payment experience both in-store and at the drive-thru.

3. Security and Privacy

As customers become more aware of the importance of payment security, partnering with Apple Pay is a smart move for Popeyes. Apple Pay offers tokenization of card information, on-device authentication, and keeps transactions private from merchants. This provides customers with the assurance that their payment information is secure when patronizing Popeyes.

4. Setting the Standard for Competitors

As one of the major players in the fast food industry, Popeyes’ decision to accept Apple Pay encourages other chains to adopt similar technologies. This competitive drive pushes the entire industry towards more innovative and technologically advanced solutions, ultimately enhancing customers’ overall dining experience.

The collaboration between Popeyes and Apple Pay is a significant step forward for the fast food industry. By embracing innovative payment technologies, Popeyes not only offers customers a more convenient and secure payment method but also positions themselves as a leader in the integration of technology and fast food service.

Other Fast Food Chains That Accept Apple Pay in 2024

Other Fast Food Chains That Accept Apple Pay in 2023

In addition to Popeyes, numerous other major fast-food chains now embrace the convenience of contactless payment through Apple Pay. Here, I’ll share a few of these notable establishments, which are not only popular for their scrumptious offerings but are continually adapting to modern payment technology.

1. McDonald’s


As one of the pioneers of using contactless payment methods, McDonald’s has integrated Apple Pay into their point-of-sale (POS) systems. You can quickly and easily pay for your favorite Big Mac, fries, and McFlurries with just a tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch.

2. Burger King

Burger King

Burger King is another well-known chain that accepts Apple Pay at many of their locations. Satisfy your cravings for juicy Whoppers, delicious crispy chicken sandwiches, or satisfying vegetarian options using your preferred contactless payment method.

3. Subway


For fans of lighter or customizable food options, Subway incorporates Apple Pay at their outlets. Design your perfect sandwich, flatbread, or salad, and pay for it without digging for cash or cards in your wallet.

4. KFC


Apple Pay is now accepted at KFC, allowing you to indulge in finger-lickin’ good fried chicken without having to touch your wallet. Bring home buckets of their classic Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Grilled chicken pieces using this contactless payment option.

5. Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Craving Mexican fast food? Taco Bell now accepts Apple Pay at many locations. Enjoy your favorite tacos, burritos, and nachos with added convenience and security.

Using Apple Pay at fast-food chains like Popeyes and these other establishments not only offers an added layer of convenience and speed but also provides an extra level of hygiene and safety thanks to its contactless nature. With more and more food outlets adopting this payment method, you can indulge in tasty meals without worrying about the payment process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does every Popeyes location accept Apple Pay?

Not all Popeyes locations may accept Apple Pay. The ability to accept this payment method varies by location, as some individual franchise owners may decide whether or not to support it. It’s best to check your local Popeyes or call ahead to confirm if they accept Apple Pay.

Can I use Apple Pay for both in-store and drive-thru orders at Popeyes?

Yes, most Popeyes locations that accept Apple Pay will allow you to use it for both in-store and drive-thru orders. However, it’s essential to double-check with the specific location, as there might be some exceptions.

Which devices are compatible with Apple Pay for transactions at Popeyes?

Apple Pay is compatible with several Apple devices, including iPhone (6 and later models), Apple Watch, iPad (Pro, Air 2, mini 3 and later models), and certain Mac models for in-app purchases.

Is there a payment limit when using Apple Pay at Popeyes?

There is generally no specific payment limit when using Apple Pay at Popeyes. However, contactless payment limits might apply depending on the policies of the financial institution that issues your card.

Can I combine Apple Pay with other payment methods when paying at Popeyes?

It depends on the specific Popeyes location. Some locations may allow you to split payment between Apple Pay and another payment method, such as cash or a gift card. It’s advised to check with your local Popeyes or ask the staff before placing your order.

Is Apple Pay safe and secure to use at Popeyes?

Yes, using Apple Pay is considered safe and secure for transactions at Popeyes or any other merchant that accepts it. Apple Pay uses tokenization and encryption to protect your card information. Additionally, transactions require your device’s Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode, ensuring that your payment remains secure.

Can I store and use my Popeyes Rewards points with Apple Pay?

While you can’t directly store and use Popeyes Rewards points within Apple Pay, you can link your Popeyes Rewards account to Apple Wallet, which will allow you to easily access and present your rewards barcode during checkout. This way, you can still earn and redeem rewards points while using Apple Pay for your purchases.


Apple Pay can indeed be used at some Popeyes locations to enjoy their scrumptious menu offerings with ease and convenience. By utilizing the contactless payment method, you’ll not only benefit from faster transactions but also gain an added level of security and hygiene. Don’t forget to explore Apple Maps or other resources to find Popeyes locations near you that accept Apple Pay and be sure to take advantage of this payment option at other fast food chains that have adopted the technology.

Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the payment methods accepted by your favorite restaurants to make your dining experience as smooth as possible. So, the next time you find yourself craving some delectable Popeyes chicken, remember that satisfying your hunger could be just a tap away with Apple Pay.

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