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Where are Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Grocery Store? Smart Finds

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: December 8, 2023

Navigating the maze-like aisles of your local grocery store can sometimes feel like a real-life treasure hunt. As you search high and low, top shelf to bottom, one item you may be wondering about is “where are sun dried tomatoes in the grocery store?”

Sun dried tomatoes, as inviting as they sound, are a staple in various cuisines around the globe. Rich in flavor and densely packed with nutrients, they can magically transform a dish from bland to brilliant. Unfortunately, these flavor-packed morsels can be a bit of a challenge to find if you don’t know where to look.

From the health section to the canned goods, pasta aisle, or even right up front in the produce section, the location can vary greatly depending on the store layout. So, let’s embark on this grocery store excursion together, as I guide you on the quest to find and select the best sun dried tomatoes on your next shopping trip.

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Where are Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Grocery Store?

Where are Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Grocery Store?

The sun-dried tomatoes are typically found in the produce department or canned goods aisle in most grocery stores. Now, let’s take a closer look.

Sun dried tomatoes, as the name suggests, are ripe tomatoes that lose most of their water content after spending a majority of their drying time in the sun. These and dense, chewy tomatoes are packed with an intense sweet-tart flavor, making them a versatile ingredient in many dishes.

Navigating the Aisles

Depending on how they are packaged, sun dried tomatoes might be located in various sections in a grocery store.

  • Produce Section: It’s not uncommon to find sun dried tomatoes in the fresh produce area. They’re often packaged in clear plastic containers or bags and kept near other salad toppings like croutons and bacon bits.
  • Canned Goods Aisle: Sun dried tomatoes packed in cans or jars with oil are usually found in the canned goods section. Check the part of the aisle where other canned veggies and fruits are displayed.
  • International Foods Section: Since sun dried tomatoes are a staple in Italian cooking, some stores place them in the International or European foods aisle.
  • Bulk Section: If your grocery store has a bulk foods section, you might find loose sun dried tomatoes here.

So, next time you find yourself asking, “where are the sun dried tomatoes in the grocery store?”, just keep these locations in mind.

Why Search for Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Grocery Store?

Why Search for Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Grocery Store?

Sun dried tomatoes, as the name implies, are ripe tomatoes that lose most of their water content after spending a majority of their drying time in the sun. These tomatoes are typically pre-treated with sulfur dioxide or salt before being placed in the sun in order to improve quality. They are a versatile culinary ingredient, used in a myriad of dishes, from pastas and salads to casseroles and pizzas.

One of the key reasons to search for sun dried tomatoes in the grocery store is their immense health benefits. Sun dried tomatoes are packed with vitamins, notably vitamin C and K, as well as iron, antioxidants, and fiber, making them a fantastic addition to a healthy diet. Moreover, they impart a unique and delightful flavor twist to dishes, with their sweet-tart taste and chewy texture. The concentrated tomato flavor lends a gourmet touch to even the simplest of recipes.

Not Just Any Grocery Store: Best Stores for Buying Sun Dried Tomatoes

When it comes to purchasing sun dried tomatoes, not all grocery stores may provide the same quality or variety.

Easily recognized grocery chains such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Safeway usually stock a good range of high-quality sun dried tomatoes. Whole Foods, for example, is known for its commitment to organic and healthy food options, making it a great place to find organic sun dried tomatoes. Trader Joe’s, on the other hand, has an excellent selection of both domestic and imported sun dried tomatoes. Safeway also offers a variety of brands and packaging options including loose and bagged.

Local health food stores and gourmet food shops are also worth checking out. They often carry artisanal and local varieties, giving you a chance to support local businesses while enjoying a superior product.

Many international supermarkets or ethnic food stores, especially Italian ones, possibly carry imported sun dried tomatoes, providing an authentic European flair to your dishes.

Wherever you decide to purchase your sun dried tomatoes, remember to check for quality. Color, texture, and moisture levels can differ, so take a moment to inspect the product before you buy.

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Sun Dried Tomatoes: Loose or Packaged?

Sun Dried Tomatoes: Loose or Packaged?

When it comes to buying sun dried tomatoes, you’ll usually see two main options: loose and packaged. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, and which one you choose depends largely on your personal preferences and needs.

Loose sun dried tomatoes are often found in bulk bins in stores. This option allows you the flexibility of buying only what you need, helping to cut down on waste. Because these tomatoes aren’t packaged with oil or additional flavorings, they offer a pure, concentrated tomato taste. Just keep in mind that they can be quite dry and might need to be rehydrated before use.

Packaged sun-dried tomatoes, on the other hand, typically come in jars or bags. They’re often packed in oil, sometimes with added herbs or spices for extra flavor. The oil not only helps preserve the tomatoes but also keeps them moist and ready to use right out of the package. However, some people may find the oil a bit heavy for certain recipes, and the product’s shelf life once opened can be shorter than dried versions.

Organic vs. Non-Organic: Making the Choice

Now, let’s move on to another common decision you’ll face: should you go for organic or non-organic sun dried tomatoes?

Organics are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which makes them a great choice for those who prioritize environmentally friendly and potentially healthier food options. Organic sun dried tomatoes often have a fresh, intense flavor and rich, vibrant color. However, they do tend to be costlier than their non-organic counterparts.

Non-organic sun dried tomatoes, while grown with conventional agricultural methods, are still a nutritious choice. They deliver the same powerful punch of concentrated tomato flavor as organic types, just at a more budget-friendly price point. Plus, you’ll often find a wider variety of brands and flavors available.

In the end, the choice between organic and non-organic really comes down to your budget, dietary preferences, and personal priorities. Whether you choose loose or packaged, organic or non-organic, rest assured that sun dried tomatoes will bring a blast of sunny, tangy flavor to your dishes!

Five Creative Recipes with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Creative Recipes with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun dried tomatoes are versatile, flavorful, and a great addition to an array of dishes. Let me share some creative ways you can incorporate sun dried tomatoes into your cooking.

1. Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

The delicious and tangy flavor of sun dried tomatoes pairs perfectly with pasta. To prepare, simply sauté minced garlic in olive oil, add chopped sun dried tomatoes, and let it simmer. Mix in cooked pasta of your choice and finish with a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese for an easy and satisfying meal.

2. Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

Make your hummus more exciting by adding sun dried tomatoes. To do this, blend chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and a handful of sun dried tomatoes in a food processor until smooth. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil and enjoy with your favorite chips or vegetable sticks.

3. Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

Transform your classic pesto by replacing basil with sun dried tomatoes. Combine the tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan, salt, and pepper in a food processor. While mixing, slowly pour in olive oil to create a smooth pesto. This scrumptious tomato pesto is perfect on pasta, sandwiches, and even pizza.

4. Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken

Prepare a classy dinner with this recipe. Pound chicken breasts until thin, and then spread with a mixture of chopped sun dried tomatoes, garlic, and cheese. Roll and secure with a toothpick, season, and pan fry until golden. Top it with a simple lemon butter sauce for a gourmet touch.

5. Sun Dried Tomato Bread

Add a twist to your homemade bread by including chopped sun dried tomatoes into your dough. The combination of soft warm bread and chewy, tangy tomatoes is an unforgettable treat.

Or why not take things up a notch and try a delicious Sun Dried Tomato and Feta Bread recipe? It’s a simple bread recipe with a fancy flare that’s sure to impress your guests.

Cooking with sun dried tomatoes is exciting and rewarding. They bring a burst of flavor and elevate any dish they are added to. So next time you spot them in your grocery store, be sure to grab a pack and start experimenting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sun dried tomatoes?

Sun dried tomatoes are simply ripe tomatoes that lose most of their water content after spending a majority of their drying time in the sun. The result is a concentrated, robust tomato flavor that can be used in a variety of dishes.

Where can I find sun dried tomatoes in the grocery store?

Typically, you can find sun dried tomatoes in the canned vegetable aisle, near the canned tomatoes. They may also be located with pasta, Italian foods, or in the fresh produce section.

How do I choose the best sun dried tomatoes?

Choose sun dried tomatoes that are bright in color and tender to the touch. Avoid those that are overly dried or darker in color as this might indicate they are past their prime.

Are sun dried tomatoes good for you?

Yes, they are! Sun dried tomatoes are low in calories but high in vitamins C and K. They also contain significant amounts of essential minerals like potassium and magnesium.

How do I use sun dried tomatoes in cooking?

Sun dried tomatoes can be used in a variety of dishes including pasta, salads, pizzas, and even in sandwiches. You can use them straight from the jar or rehydrate them in warm water, stock, or wine before using.

Can you eat sun dried tomatoes raw?

Yes, you can eat them straight from the package, but they are quite intense in taste due to the concentrated flavor. They are usually chopped and added to dishes to intensify the flavor.

How long can I store sun dried tomatoes?

If stored properly in a cool, dry place, unopened packages of sun dried tomatoes can last up to a year. Once opened, store them in the fridge in an airtight container for about two weeks. For an extended shelf-life (up to 6 months), you can store them in the fridge submerged in olive oil.


Finding sun dried tomatoes in your local grocery store doesn’t need to be an epic hunt through the aisles. Whether you decide to go for the loose option, favor a packaged variety, or wish to stick to an organic choice, rest assured there’s a product perfect for you and your culinary adventures. Remember, these tiny gems aren’t just delicious but carry an impressive array of health benefits too. So why wait? Dive in, test those restaurant-worthy recipes awaiting in your kitchen, and give your meals an Italian flair with these sweet and tangy delights. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Food Lover and Storyteller 🍽️✨ With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, Shivani brings her culinary adventures to life through evocative words and tantalizing tastes. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to share the magic of flavors with fellow enthusiasts.
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