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13 Best BBQ Sauces in 2024 [Grill Masters’ Choice]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: December 19, 2023

Every barbeque lover knows that the magic often lies more in the sauce than the meat itself. The sauce is the life of every BBQ party, providing an explosion of taste in every bite. It’s the right BBQ sauce that can effortlessly transform a simple grilled piece of meat into a culinary masterpiece. With an excellent smoky, tangy, and sometimes spicy flavor, it won’t be wrong to say that BBQ sauce is the unsung hero in the world of grilling!

Finding the right sauce can undoubtedly elevate one’s BBQ experience to a whole new level. This is why I am here to guide you to the best BBQ sauce, perfect for your next grilling adventure. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Southern-style sauce, a tangy Carolina gold, or looking to experiment with a blueberry chipotle mix, there’s a sauce out there for you. So, let’s delve into the world of BBQ sauces and find the one that will make your tastebuds sing!

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13 Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

There are countless barbecue sauces available in the market today. Each offers a unique flavor profile, providing a unique twist to your traditional grilled dishes. From spicy to tangy, from sweet to smoky, the variety is endless! Hence, here we have compiled thirteen of the best BBQ sauces in the market. These sauces have a bouquet of flavors that can elevate your regular BBQ to an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

1. Famous Dave’s Sweet & Zesty BBQ Sauce

Famous Dave’s Sweet & Zesty BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

To kickstart our list, the first contestant is the famous, Famous Dave’s Sweet & Zesty BBQ sauce. This BBQ sauce is the perfect amalgamation of sweetness and spiciness. Here, honey, brown sugar, and pineapple juice are blended seamlessly with chili pepper and various spices, resulting in a sauce that’s both sweet and zesty. It is an ideal selection for those who relish the combination of sweet and heat. This sauce also thickly clings on to the meat, enhancing each bite’s flavor profile. From chicken wings to ribs, this sauce is an absolute delight and a must-try for BBQ sauce aficionados.

2. Stubb’s Original Barbecue Sauce

Stubb’s Original Barbecue Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

In the pantheon of BBQ sauces, Stubb’s Original Barbecue Sauce needs no introduction. Born out of the rich culinary tradition of the South, this sauce brings a flavor that is as deep as its roots. Made from vine-ripened, sun-kissed tomatoes, and seasoned with molasses, tangy vinegar, and a special blend of spices, Stubb’s Original Barbecue Sauce adds a hearty, robust aura to your grilled meats. The sauce is less sweet compared to most other sauces, allowing you to appreciate the savory, smoky flavors of your BBQ. Reimagining BBQs, one grilling session at a time, Stubb’s is truly a staple in the BBQ sauce realm.

3. Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

Taking a steer towards the tangier side, we encounter the Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce, next. It is a sauce that brings South Carolina’s distinctive tangy, mustard-based barbeque sauce referentially often called “gold”. The mustard, vinegar, and honey give this sauce a tangy, sweet flavor that’s lighter compared to the traditional, ketchup-based BBQ sauces. This golden sauce not only works wonders with grilled chicken and pork but it also pairs perfectly with veggies, adding an unexpected and delightful burst of flavor. Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce is a glowy golden treasure in the world of BBQ sauces.

4. Baby Ray’s Hickory and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

Baby Ray’s Hickory and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

Fourth to grace our list of amazing BBQ sauces is none other than Baby Ray’s Hickory and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce. This lip-smacking sauce is a beloved choice for its well-balanced, versatile flavor profile. It’s a fantastic fusion of rich hickory smoke and the sugary sweetness of molasses, offset with a hint of tang from apple cider vinegar. This BBQ sauce is intensely favorable, with just the right thickness to hug the meat, infusing the smoky flavor into every bite. Baby Ray’s Hickory and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce is truly dynamic, making every BBQ dish irresistibly delicious!

5. 12 Bones Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

12 Bones Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

For those who prefer their BBQ with a unique twist, the 5th sauce on our list, the 12 Bones Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce is a revelation. This special sauce features a blend of smoky chipotle and sweet blueberries along with a hint of raspberry. The outcome is a flavorful punch that sits at a crossroads between sweet, tangy, and lightly smoky. This award-winning sauce instantly elevates any grilled chicken or pork ribs, and even does wonders to the humble veggie kebabs. The 12 Bones Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce ensures that your barbeque will never be mundane!

6. Montgomery Inn BBQ Sauce

Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce is a real classic, a timeless masterpiece occupying the 6th spot on our list. This Cincinnati, Ohio staple, marketed as “The Ribs King,” offers a universally beloved flavor that fits right at home in any BBQ. The sauce combines the perfect balance of sweet and tang, which enhances the taste of your BBQ without completely overtaking it. It’s one of those classic BBQ sauces, with a tomato, vinegar, and sugar base, that you can use on nearly anything, from ribs and brisket to burgers. Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce is all about keeping the tradition alive while exploring new culinary landscapes!

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7. Bachan’s Japanese BBQ Sauce

Bachan’s Japanese BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

How about adding some cultural infusion to your BBQ? Retaining the 7th spot is Bachan’s Japanese BBQ Sauce – a fusion powerhouse that blends Japanese culinary traditions with our beloved American BBQ. This teriyaki-style sauce is based on a homemade family recipe and uses real mirin, ginger, green onion, and garlic. It’s a medium-bodied sauce that’s rich in umami with a gentle, subtly sweet finish. Whether brushed over grilled chicken skewers or used as a dip for stir-fry veggies, this versatile sauce delivers a taste that will make your palate dance.

8. Lillie’s Q

Lillie’s Q - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

The 8th sauce on our list takes us straight back to the roots of Southern BBQ. Lillie’s Q, named after the founder’s grandmother Lillie and his father Quito, brings the taste of authentic Southern barbeques right on your plate. They offer a range of sauces but their Carolina-style BBQ sauce stands out. This vinegar-based sauce, infused with cayenne and red pepper, provides the tang and heat that’s typical of classic Southern BBQs! Whether you drizzle it on pulled pork, brisket, or smoked chicken, its tart and slightly spicy flavor accentuates the smoky notes of your barbeque.

9. KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce

KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

Bringing us back to the heartland of BBQ, the Kansas City-style BBQ Sauce – the KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce steals our 9th spot. This incredibly popular sauce captures the spirit of Kansas City BBQ with its magnificent blend of savory, sweet, and smoky flavors. The secret to its crowd-pleasing taste is a balanced blend of tomatoes, vinegar, sweet molasses, and a proprietary blend of spices. It coats your chicken, ribs, or brisket with a thick and rich texture that intensifies when grilled. When it comes to BBQ sauces that possess layers of flavor, you simply can’t go wrong with KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce!

10. 365 Original BBQ Sauce

365 Original BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

Fulfilling your daily cravings for a finger-licking BBQ, the 10th spot on our list goes to 365 Original BBQ sauce. This Whole Foods brand packs a punch with its robust, smoky, and slightly spicy flavor that promises to keep your taste buds guessing. Infused with tangy vinegar, tomatoes, and a dash of naturally sweet molasses this BBQ sauce is a perfect match for those who crave a sauce that is not too overpoweringly sweet but has a gentler flavor profile. Glaze it on your ribs or slather it all over your grilled chicken, it equally mellows and deepens the char of your meats – a daily delight indeed!

11. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Original BBQ Sauce

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Original BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

How can we talk about BBQ sauces and not include something for the bourbon lovers? Well, say hello to Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Original BBQ Sauce that’s claiming our 11th spot. It carries the iconic warmth of Jack Daniels’ whiskey and blends it with a rich tomato base, authentic hickory smoke, real sugar, and a special blend of spices to give your BBQ a burst of robust, smoky, and sweet flavor. Whether glazed on a smoked rack of ribs or used as a dip for your smoky chicken wings, this BBQ sauce would deliver a southern smoky flavor, making your BBQ taste like it’s fresh off a Tennessee still.

12. Kinder’s Mild BBQ Sauce

Kinder’s Mild BBQ Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

The 12th name on our list is Kinder’s Mild BBQ Sauce, a delectable sauce for those who like to keep their BBQ a bit on the mild side. This family-recipe inspired sauce is an accolade-winning blend that beautifully manages to balance sweet, smoky, and tangy. The infused mixture of tomatoes, brown sugar, mustard, natural smoke flavor, and a variety of spices makes Kinder’s BBQ Sauce a hit among those who prefer something tasty yet mild. This versatile sauce is fabulous for slathering on beef, chicken, ribs, or anything else you love to grill.

13. Blues Hog Original Barbecue Sauce

Blues Hog Original Barbecue Sauce - Best BBQ Sauces of 2024

Making its way to the 13th spot, Blues Hog Original Barbecue Sauce is a touring sensation among BBQ lovers. This gourmet sauce gets its unique flavor from a high-quality blend of sweet mixed with a hint of spicy ingredients. Formulated with a secret blend that includes brown sugar, hot mustard, and spices, Blues Hog BBQ sauce has a robust flavor profile that is perfect for those who want to push their palate’s boundaries. This thick and sticky sauce sticks to your meat beautifully and introduces a tantalizing sizzling smokey experience even before the first bite!

What You Should Look for In a BBQ Sauce?

What You Should Look for In a BBQ Sauce?

When it comes to BBQ sauce, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you’re making the best choice. Let’s break down what to look for:


The taste should be the first thing on your mind. An ideal BBQ sauce should have a balanced flavor. It shouldn’t be too sweet, too spicy, or too vinegary. Instead, it should have the right combination of these tastes that hits your tastebuds just right.


Pay attention to the ingredients. A good BBQ sauce should contain a base of vinegar, tomato, and some form of sweetening agent (like molasses or brown sugar), accompanied by a selection of spices.


The consistency of the sauce matters too. It shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Having a perfect consistency ensures that the sauce clings to your food well, giving it a great coating.


A BBQ sauce isn’t just for barbecuing. It should be versatile enough to be used as an accompaniment, a marinade, or even a dipping sauce.

Exceptional BBQ Sauce Pairing Ideas

SauceBest Paired With
Famous Dave’s Sweet & Zesty BBQ SauceGrilled chicken or pulled pork
Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ SaucePork ribs or beef brisket
Baby Ray’s Hickory and Brown Sugar BBQ SauceBaby back ribs or grilled shrimp
Bachan’s Japanese BBQ SauceGrilled chicken or beef skewers
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Original BBQ SauceGrilled steak or smoked meats
Blues Hog Original Barbecue SauceSmoked pork shoulder or grilled vegetables

The best BBQ sauces complement your choice of meat like a perfectly choreographed dance. But remember, there’s always plenty of room for creativity and personal preference. Choosing a BBQ sauce should be an experiment and above all, a fun experience. After all, the goal is to find the flavor that dances on your tongue!

How to Make Your Own BBQ Sauce?

Making your own BBQ sauce can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. It gives you the chance to experiment with flavors, try out unique combinations, and finally perfect that secret recipe that gets your family and friends asking for more. Plus, it’s way simpler than you might think. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started:


  1. 1 cup tomato sauce
  2. 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  3. 1/2 cup brown sugar
  4. 2 tablespoons honey
  5. 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  6. 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  7. 1 teaspoon onion powder
  8. 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  9. 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  10. A pinch of salt

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Start by mixing the tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, and honey in a saucepan over medium heat. You’re already building the base for your sauce here.
  2. Next, add the Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and salt to the pan. These ingredients will give your BBQ sauce its distinct tangy and smoky flavor.
  3. Simmer the sauce on low heat for about 20 minutes. This will allow all the flavors to fully blend together.
  4. Finally, let the sauce cool before bottling it up. It’s always ideal to make it a day ahead so all the flavors can really get to know each other in the fridge overnight.

And there you have it! Your very own homemade BBQ sauce. Remember that this recipe is just a starting point. Feel free to experiment with ingredients and quantities to create the best BBQ sauce that suits your taste. You can try adding different spices, using different types of vinegar, or maybe even adding a hint of your favorite liquor for an extra kick. The possibilities are endless!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most recognized BBQ sauce in America?

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce is hugely popular across America due to its versatile flavors.

Can I buy the BBQ sauces online?

Yes, you can purchase most of these sauces from online marketplaces like Amazon or directly from the manufacturer’s site.

Do all BBQ sauces taste the same?

No, not all BBq sauces taste the same. The flavor of a BBQ sauce can range from sweet to spicy, smoky, or tangy, depending on its ingredients.

What makes a good BBQ sauce?

A good BBQ sauce combines the right mix of sweetness, smokiness, and tanginess, with enough spice to complement whatever it’s smothering.

Are these BBQ sauces gluten-free?

Many BBQ sauces are gluten-free, but it’s essential to check the label to be sure as some might contain wheat-based ingredients.

Is homemade BBQ sauce better than store-bought?

Homemade BBQ sauce can give you control over the ingredients and flavors. However, many store-bought brands offer delicious and varied flavor profiles that are loved by many.

Can BBQ sauces be used for other cuisines other than barbecues?

Absolutely! BBQ sauces can be used as dips, in sandwiches, for marinating different meats, and even as a pizza sauce.

How long does a bottle of BBQ sauce last?

Most BBQ sauces, once opened, will maintain the best quality for about a month when stored correctly in the refrigerator.

Is there a specific type of meat that pairs best with BBQ sauce?

While BBQ sauce and grilled meats are a classic combination, these sauces can enhance the flavor of any meats, including chicken, pork, beef, and even fish.


Without a doubt, a great BBQ sauce can make or break your grilling experience. From the sweet and zesty notes of Famous Dave’s, the bold flavors of Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold, to the unique tangy twist of 12 Bones Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce, each one presents a world of flavors and endless possibilities for meat pairings. As BBQ enthusiasts, we are truly spoiled for choice with these top-of-the-line selections. And while personal preferences may vary, the thrill of finding that perfect sauce that matches your palate is a journey worth taking.

Whether you are new to the BBQ scene, or a seasoned grill master, these sauces are sure to add a little extra excitement to your next culinary adventure. So, fire up your grills, switch on your taste buds, and let the best BBQ sauce take center stage at your next BBQ festivity!

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