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15 Best Beers For Beer Can Chicken of 2024 [Epic Taste]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: September 15, 2023

Delving into the foamy depths of adventurous cooking, one soon finds the golden bubbles of beer merging delectably with the soulful taste of roasted chicken. This mouthwatering harmony, often known as ‘beer can chicken,’ has had gastronomes and casual cooks alike raving about it for decades now. It’s no wonder that the key to unlocking the divine, full-bodied flavor of beer-infused chicken lies in the kind of beer we use.

Over the years, I’ve toasted and tasted several brews with my poultry, gradually zeroing in on the “Best beers for beer can chicken.” So, folks, let’s take a voyage through the varied degrees of malt and hops, and the tantalizing flavors they lend to our favorite bird. Shall we?

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15 Best Beers For Beer Can Chicken in 2024

Best Beers For Beer Can Chicken in 2024

Navigating through the diverse world of beer-infused gastronomy, we encounter a delightful dish – the beer can chicken. But what elevates this dish to the realms of the exceptional? The answer lies in choosing from among the “15 best beers for beer can chicken”. Let’s uncover the brewers’ secrets to an unforgettably tender and flavorsome feast.

1. Pilsner Urquell: The Original Pilsner

Pilsner Urquell - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

When I first delved into the golden sea of Pilsner Urquell, it felt like discovering a treasure that has been hiding under my nose the entire time. Lauded as the very first Pilsner to grace Earth, its pedigree was instantly palpable in its distinct flavor.

The original Pilsner unveils its magic through its vibrant golden color, effervescing a rich aroma of malt and a tinge of hops that tempts your senses. The first sip is an extravaganza of taste, strengthened by the crispness that is typical of a good Pilsner. With a harmony of bitter undertones, balanced by a subtle malt flavor, Pilsner Urquell paints a refreshing picture on your palate that is thirst-quenchingly delightful.

Now, imagine translating this into the culinary masterpiece that we know as a beer can chicken. The results are nothing short of splendid. Here’s how I discovered the powerful potential of Pilsner Urquell.

As the beer evaporated, permeating the chicken, it tenderized the meat and enhanced the flavors in an astoundingly wholesome way. The introduction of bitterness from the hops and the light malty sweetness effortlessly complemented the natural, savory taste of the chicken. Each bite, rich with the juices imbued by the Pilsner, unleashed an explosion of flavor that was tantalizing yet not overpoweringly bitter.

The carbonation in Urquell makes the chicken skin crispy on the outside while ensuring the meat inside stays moist and juicy. The hoppy bitterness works as a terrific contrast to the savory and umami notes of the chicken, making this an experience that every food lover must venture into.

To cook the perfect beer can chicken with Pilsner Urquell, ensure that the beer can is half-full so that there’s enough room for steam to build up, guaranteeing optimal flavor infusion. The result is a masterpiece that marries the uniqueness of this Czech-born lager with the traditional juiciness of a well-roasted chicken, contributing to an epicurean affair that’s not to be forgotten.

2. Gulden Draak: An Unforgettable Tale

Gulden Draak - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

For the fourth act in this beer can chicken saga, I found myself gravitating towards something darker, heavier, and much more charismatic than light lagers or pilsners. This was the legendary Gulden Draak, a Belgian dark triple ale that carries strong alcohol content and boasts a unique flavor profile.

Like a gleaming ruby under the glow of a tavern lantern, Gulden Draak lures you in with its deep, dark reddish-brown color. As you pour it into the glass, it creates a creamy, beige head atop that persists, exuding an aroma heavily drenched in malt, a hint of alcohol, and a tinge of fruits and spices.

A single sip makes you understand why they named it after the mythical ‘Golden Dragon’. This beer overloads your senses with its intense flavor profile. It begins with a malty, caramel-like sweetness that gradually gives birth to warmer, fruitier undertones with a finish of light bitterness. This sweet-bitter equilibrium, coupled with the beer’s intense, creamy body, creates a palatable delight that one never forgets.

So, how did this dragon fare when paired with a chicken? To answer that in one word – beautifully! Matching Gulden Draak with a chicken was like orchestrating an adventurous symphony of flavors.

As the chicken reached a slow roast, the beer’s complex character peeked through and began to suffuse the chicken from the inside out. The dark ale’s inherent sweetness lingered on the raw savoriness of the chicken while its fruity undertones introduced an exotic zest to the taste palate.

The outcome was an exquisitely tender roast with a memorable taste profile. The beer-infused chicken held a hint of spice that caught me by surprise, a direct influence of the strong ale’s character. This brilliance resulted in an unparalleled culinary experience and placed Gulden Draak very high on my list of best beers for beer can chicken.

So whether you prefer the light, easy-going charm of Miller Lite or the dark mystique of Gulden Draak, rest assured that these beers are capable of lifting your beer-can-chicken experiment to new heights. So, get those ovens preheated, and may the froth be with you!

3. Bud Light: Simple Yet Effective

Bud Light - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

For my next experiment, I was in search of something simple yet potent and so turned to the classic Bud Light. A staple among beer lovers, Bud Light is an American-style light lager that boasts a clean, crisp taste often preferred by those who enjoy light beer.

Bud Light is noted for its pale golden color and faint malt and hops aroma. It offers a light body with a smooth and somewhat watery taste that is both refreshing and easy to drink. Despite its lightness, there is a subtle malty sweetness that is delightful to the palate.

When used in my beer can chicken recipe, the subtlety of Bud Light struck a perfect balance. The beer’s light body and mild flavor did not overpower the chicken’s delightful natural taste. Instead, it seeped into the bird, tenderizing the meat, and imparting a subtle sweetness. This produced a succulently tender chicken with a light, yet distinctively flavorful crust topped off with a hint of Bud Light’s crispness.

4. Newcastle Brown Ale: Flavors That Stick

Newcastle Brown Ale Flavors that Stick

Next up on my beer can chicken adventure was a brew that hails from the land of Fish and Chips – the Newcastle Brown Ale. This full-bodied beer caught my attention because of its darker hue and its reputation as a malt lovers’ holy grail.

Turning the cap off a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale is like opening the doors to a malt house. It emanates a hearty scent of well-roasted malt, and the first sip introduces your palate to malty sweetness laced with subtle hints of caramel. Traces of fruity yeast and a distinct nuttiness from malt make every sip interesting and enjoyable.

For those in love with the rich, full flavors of roasted malt, introducing Newcastle Brown Ale to your beer can chicken recipe might feel like a revelation. It left an unforgettable impression on my taste buds. As the caramel notes subtly seeped into the chicken, it introduced a depth in flavor that had the sort of punch to round up any dinner table talk.

Applying this darker beer while roasting did elicit some concerns initially – would the chicken appear too brown, would it dry out, would the end product feel too overwhelmingly malty? But as the experiment unfolded, the doubts were quickly quelled.

When used for beer can chicken, the ale absorbed the flavors seeping out of the chicken while cooking. The resultant moisture enveloped the chicken with a unique, malty sweetness that didn’t overpower but, instead, added an exquisite depth of flavor.

Every bite was a symphony of flavors, the sweetness of the caramel malt beautifully contrasting the salty savoriness of the chicken, creating a melodious gastronomic orchestra in my mouth. The hint of malt that lingers after every bite is a warmly welcoming characteristic of Newcastle Brown Ale.

In essence, the Newcastle Brown Ale lends a profound, malty character to the chicken that sticks around, giving an all-around sweet, savory, and memorable gastronomic experience. This beer is ideal for those who love their chicken slightly sweet yet robustly rich with lingering flavors.

You can experience the ultimate beer can chicken experience with this beer- just ensure sufficient heat and space for even cooking and get ready to wow! And remember, the Newcastle Brown Ale works wonders for the “end-of-the-roast” mopping sauce too.

5. Miller Lite: Light and Refreshing

Miller Lite - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

Miller Lite, an American light pilsner, became my experiment subject for my third venture into a beer can chicken. Noted for its light profile and a hint of hops, Miller Lite has always attracted beer enthusiasts who love a refreshing break from heavy, highly alcoholic beers.

This light, golden-colored pilsner has a mild aroma with a hint of mixed citrus and hops. A sip of it would make you realize why it’s labeled a ‘light’ beer. Despite a slight bitterness, Miller Lite is smooth, effervescing a hint of sweetness from the malt which doesn’t overpower your palate. The beer’s light-bodied, watery texture and higher carbonation are what make it a great companion for a hot day.

Pairing Miller Lite with beer can chicken was an intriguing experiment for me. Its delicate flavor and light body balanced effectively with the chicken’s natural flavors and didn’t mask or overpower the meat’s taste.

As the beer’s carbon dioxide sizzled, it created a flavored steam inside the oven, which started permeating through every nook and cranny of the chicken. This steam-tenderized the chicken while retaining most of its natural flavors, making it a luscious, juicy delight. Once ready, the chicken fell off the bone effortlessly, offering a feast that was not just tasty but remarkably succulent too.

To try out this beer can chicken with Miller Lite at your home, just ensure that your chicken is properly positioned over the beer can and is tightly enveloped with foil. With three-quarters of the can be filled with beer, it will aid in locking the moisture and enriching the dish with a fuller flavor.

6. Spaten Premium Lager: Premium Taste Guaranteed

Spaten Premium Lager - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

With my taste buds now accustomed to lighter beers, I felt the urge to go a notch higher and explore the realms of well-crafted, full-bodied lagers. This desire led me to the iconic Spaten Premium Lager.

Hailing from Germany, Spaten Premium Lager has a rich, amber hue with a heady malt aroma. Taking a sip, you would immediately notice the harmony between its moderately sweet maltiness and subtle bitterness from the noble hops. The unmistakable smooth finish is a delight that really sets this beer apart.

Incorporating this Lager into my beer can chicken, the results were truly astounding. The slightly sweet overtone and smooth finish of the beer enhanced the taste of the chicken, resulting in crispy skin and tender, juicy meat inside. The slight bitterness of the beer helped cut through the chicken’s richness, lending complexity to the overall flavor.

7. Maduro Brown Ale: A Twist in the Tale

Maduro Brown Ale - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

Next came our surprise package, Maduro Brown Ale. Built on a robust and quite intense flavor profile, this English-style brown ale has a richly roasted malt aroma, a deep caramel color, and a surprisingly light body. It doesn’t linger long yet leaves a gentle sweetness on the palate preparing it for another sip.

My adventure with Maduro Brown Ale is one for the books. Its complex taste brought hints of toffee and chocolate to the chicken, creating a tapestry of flavors as warm and unique as an autumn’s evening. The caramelized crust perfectly complemented the sweet-tangy, smoky flavor within. This chicken may have been cooked in ale, but its story was pure romance!

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8. Budweiser: The King of Beers

Budweiser - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

Finally, the king made his appearance. Budweiser, often called the ‘King of Beers’, is a medium-bodied, flavorful, and smooth American-style lager. Flaunting a clean malty sweetness, the beer carries just enough bitterness to balance it out, allowing for easy drinkability and a crisp finish.

Pairing Budweiser with my chicken was nothing short of regal. Budweiser proved to be an honest worker, unobtrusively tenderizing the chicken while bestowing a subtle malty sweetness that only added to the bird’s flavor. The roasted chicken was undeniably royal – golden and crispy on the outside, juicy and tender inside. The bold Budweiser chicken boasted an enticing aroma and flavor that left me thoroughly satiated and desirously craving for the next bite.

Each beer brought something unique to the table, enhancing the chicken’s taste and transforming a simple weekend recipe into an unforgettable mouth-watering feast. From Guinness’ richness and Maduro Brown Ale’s sweetness to Budweiser’s hearty boldness – there’s a world of flavors waiting to be explored. Craft your bird with your choicest brew and savor the extraordinary symphony of flavors that is beer can chicken!

9. Blue Moon: Enhancing Natural Flavors

Blue Moon - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

Blue Moon is universally cherished for its unique hints of citrus flavors, enhanced by Valencia orange peel and a touch of coriander. This Belgian-Style Wheat Ale is unfiltered, producing a cloudy white appearance and a creamy, citrusy finish. It’s refreshing, light, and carries a well-rounded taste that leaves you wanting more.

When poured over chicken, Blue Moon works wonders, I tell you! The beer deeply penetrated the meat, infusing the subtle citrus notes within every pore and tenderizing the chicken perfectly. The taste was an uplifting symphony of flavors seeming almost like a dance of sun-soaked oranges whispering secrets to the tenderness of the chicken. This quite literally lit a ‘blue moon’ on my dining table – an experience so unique, it hardly repeats itself.

10. Springdale Beer BRIG Mocha Stout: A Unique Fusion

Springdale Beer BRIG Mocha Stout - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

For an adventurous twist, my choice fell on the Springdale Beer BRIG Mocha Stout. A beer brimming with intriguing elements like cocoa and a realistic coffee taste.

Showcasing a rich dark brown hue, almost black, and a dense, frothy beige head, it boasts robust flavors and a full body. Upon tasting, the bold flavors of cocoa, toasted malt, and coffee are immediately evident. Despite its bold flavor, the finish is a smooth round of sweetness, making it a delight to the palate.

Pairing the Mocha Stout with a chicken was quite an adventure. The beer not only infuses the chicken with flavor but also guarantees a wonderful, intense aroma that whets the appetite from afar. The distinct, bolder flavors of the beer created a unique depth and earthy roastiness in the chicken that was different from anything I had ever tasted.

So there you have it – three varietal brews and their fantastic wins with beer can chicken. Whether you’re a fan of lagers, or stouts, or prefer sticking to the proven light charm of a Bud Light, pairing the right beer with your chicken recipe can yield surprisingly delightful results. Happy cooking and happier tasting!

11. Guinness: Rich and Creamy

Guinness - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

Lovers of hearty yet balanced flavors will find a friend in Guinness Draught. It’s a dark Irish beer well known for its rich roasted malt aroma, creamy mouthfeel, and smoky undertones. When poured, it forms a thick, creamy head that sits atop an ivory crown on a throne of blackened ruby. Its full-bodied flavor holds strong undertones of coffee and chocolate mixed with a hint of sweet caramel that rounds it off nicely.

The moment Guinness was introduced to my chicken, it was as though a treasured family secret had been revealed. The beer worked its magic, enhancing the chicken’s inherent flavors and tenderizing it further. The result? A divinely rich and succulently moist chicken with the most intoxicatingly delicious aroma imaginable. Each bite offered an ensemble of flavors – the smokiness of the roast, the deep flavors of the Guinness, and the succulent sweetness of the caramelized skin. It was like savoring a finely composed symphony of flavors. A true toast to fine dining!

12. Berliner Weisse: A Sour Taste to Savor

Berliner Weisse - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

For lovers of tart flavors, Berliner Weisse is an uncharted treasure. This German-style wheat beer harnesses the power of lactobacillus, an acid-producing yeast that imparts the beer with its signature sourness. With its pale, cloudy appearance and intensely tart flavors, this beer is best served in warmer months and is often accompanied by a choice of flavored syrups to balance its tartness.

I braved my journey with Berliner Weisse with curiosity, and boy, was it worth it! The sour punch of the beer seeped well into the chicken giving it an unconventional yet appealing zing, balancing the richness and subtle sweetness of the roast. Each bite was a cacophony of delightful flavors dancing on my tongue, leaving me in a state of blissful satisfaction.

13. Pale Ale: A Classic Staple

Pale Ale - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

There’s a reason the Pale Ale holds a trusted spot amongst beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike. Balancing the fruity aromas, bitter hops, and malty sweetness to perfection, this beer is brewed using pale malt, resulting in a lighter color.

Pale Ale, with its unmistakable versatility, proved to be a powerhouse when it came to my beer can chicken tryst. It was like seeing an old friend – Comforting and familiar. The beer provided a pleasant, under-the-radar kind of infusion to the chicken, sublimely enhancing the meat’s natural flavors. Each bite presented a perfectly orchestrated combination of flavors – the aroma of the Pale Ale’s maltiness, together with the tender, moist chicken, was something to marvel. A delicate symphony of flavor, the beer can chicken achieved heavenly status, showcasing simplicity at its best.

14. Coors Light: Light and Easy

Coors Light - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

Encompassing a light-bodied flavor profile, Coors Light is a popular American pale lager that offers a mild, refreshing taste. This golden-colored beer has a tiny sweetness with a crisp finish that embodies the spirit of light beers.

The simplicity of Coors Light came as a breath of fresh air. This beer did not obstruct the original flavor of the chicken but smoothly mingled, adding its own distinct undertone to it. The beer can chicken, in this case, achieved a perfect balance between the tenderness of the meat, the richness of the roast, and the subtle hint of beeriness from the Coors Light. The lightness of the beer gave the chicken a crystal-clear and outright flavor – it was a pure delight on a plate!

Each beer, in its unique way, lent a new dimension to the humble chicken roast, making the culinary experience exciting and memorable. Be it introducing exotic flavors, enhancing innate ones, or keeping it light and easy – there’s a brew out there waiting to be your chicken’s best pal.

I encourage every adventurous cook to give these a crack and let their taste buds revel in the glory of Beer Can Chicken — a simple yet satisfying pleasure that knows no bounds!

15. Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal: Unforgettable Finish

Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal - Best Beer For Beer Can Chicken

The grand finale of my beer-can chicken endeavor was brought about by Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal. This Dry Irish Stout offers a smooth creaminess, woven with a distinct canvas of flavors – Think sweet caramel, roasted malts, and a sheer touch of bitterness. Emitting a dark brew with a thick, foamy head, this beer became an instant favorite for me, not just for the chicken, but as a standalone pint too.

In what can only be described as a culinary triumph, the Bearded Seal created a beer can of chicken that tasted extraordinary. The unique blend of the ale’s flavors seeped perfectly into the chicken, tenderizing the meat and creating a succulent, mouthwatering piece of art. There was a certain ‘oomph’ factor to the taste – once you started digging into the chicken, you didn’t want to stop; such was the allure. Every bite opened up a pandora box of flavors, brought together harmoniously by the broad and defined character of Bearded Seal.

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How Does Beer Influence the Taste of Chicken?

You might be wondering how beer actually manages to arrest our taste buds when infused with chicken. The secret lies in the fascinating chemistry between the ingredients of beer and the composition of chicken meat. So, let’s dive a little deeper.

Brewing Process and Ingredient

To fully grasp beer’s influence on chicken, it is essential to understand beer’s main components- hops, barley, yeast, and water. Each of these lends a distinct flavor profile to the beer. For example, the sweetness in beer is due to malted barley, whereas the bitterness is traced back to hops. Meanwhile, yeast can add bready or fruity flavors, depending upon the fermentation process. Through marination and cooking, these flavors delicately seep into the chicken, making it taste like heaven!

The Alcohol Factor

One of the main aspects that make beer a great pairing with chicken is alcohol. In cooking, alcohol acts as a medium to dissolve and unleash flavors that water can’t. When you cook chicken with beer, alcohol helps unlock these hidden flavors within the meat that genuinely make it a tantalizing treat.

Temperature Play

Another science-backed reasoning is the role of temperature in this process. Beer can chicken involves cooking the chicken on an open can of beer, consequently warming the beer and turning it into steam. This steam then infuses into the chicken, keeping it moist, enhancing its flavors, and tenderizing the meat from the inside.

Why Choosing the Right Beer Matters for Beer Can Chicken?

Why Choosing the Right Beer Matters for Beer Can Chicken?

Now that we understand how beer works its magic on chicken let’s comprehend why choosing the right beer is key.

Flavor Profiles

Different beers have distinct flavor profiles derived from their unique blend of ingredients. An IPA with strong hop flavors can give your chicken a citrusy or floral note, while a stout or porter with robust, roasted flavors can leave a hint of coffee or chocolate. The resulting beer-infused chicken takes on the characteristics of the chosen beer, explaining why beer choice is crucial.

Personal Preference

Choosing the right beer is also a matter of your personal palate preference. If you enjoy a certain type of beer, chances are, you’d like the flavor it gives to your chicken. Whether you’re a fan of the subtly bitter pilsners or the dark and robust stouts, your choice will lead to a beer can chicken that is essentially custom-cooked to suit your taste buds.

Cultural Pairing

Cultural pairing also plays a role in the beer selection. Certain beers pair well with specific spices and flavors prominent in various cuisines. A Belgian ale might pair well with a chicken spiced with coriander and orange peel, while a Mexican lager might be more suitable for a chicken marinated with cilantro and lime. Choosing the right beer for your chicken can thus help complement and enhance the cultural flavors of your dish.

Selecting the right beer for beer can chicken is an art form in itself. The understanding of beer’s influence on chicken paves the way for masterful culinary creation- mouthwatering, flavorful, and customized to your liking. Remember, a well-chosen beer can truly set your chicken apart and level up your gastronomic journey. So, the next time you decide to prepare beer can chicken, pick your beer carefully. And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process!

How to Choose the Best Beer for Your Beer Can Chicken Experiment?

Choosing the right beer can have a fundamental effect on your rendition of beer can chicken. So, how does one go about this important step in the recipe?

Taste Profile

First and foremost, keep in mind that the beer’s flavor profile will seep into the chicken meat. Therefore, understanding the taste notes and selecting a beer that you enjoy is crucial. For instance, if you enjoy more bitter, malty beers, you might want to go for a pilsner or a stout.

Intensity of Flavor

Secondly, consider the intensity of flavor you want the beer to impart. Lighter beers like lagers will provide a subtle flavor enhancement while not overpowering the chicken’s taste. On the other hand, darker beers or ales with stronger taste profiles would leave a more potent flavor and aroma.

Complementing Flavors

Lastly, consider the flavor profile of the dish you are preparing. If you are going for a spicy or flavorful marinade for your chicken, choosing a subtler beer might be a good idea. For simple recipes, a beer with a robust flavor profile can elevate the flavor of your poultry.

Finding the perfect beer isn’t an exact science and may require a bit of trial and error. That being said, following these guidelines will help you navigate through the sea of brews available in the market.

Why Is Beer Can Chicken a Must-Try Delight?

Why Is Beer Can Chicken a Must-Try Delight?

A Unique Culinary Experience

Beer can chicken is not merely a dish, but a unique culinary experience altogether. The allure of this delight lies in the fascinating blend of two beloved human indulgences – beer and poultry. This combination creates an irresistible symphony of well-rounded flavors that burst in your mouth with every bite.

Flavorful and Moist Meat

The beer steams the chicken from inside, ensuring that it remains moist and extremely tender while infusing it with a subtle flavor. No need to worry about dry or bland chicken with this method!

The Element of Surprises

An intriguing factor of beer can chicken is the element of surprise it brings to the table. The kind of beer used can significantly alter the taste profile, creating an exciting gastronomic adventure. What’s more, your guests would be pleasantly surprised when you reveal a beer can hidden inside the chicken!


Beer can chicken is incredibly versatile and offers a lot of room for experimentation. A variety of beers could be used, and you can create your unique marinade using a mix of spices and ingredients. Each trial can result in a new flavor, keeping your taste buds entertained.

These reasons make beer can chicken more than just a dish; it’s a gastronomic destination, a definite bucket-list item for food lovers. A scrumptious journey where beer meets chicken, creating a flavor so alluring that you can’t help but crave more. So, why wait? Give it a go and prepare to be amazed at its delightful charm!

How to Pair Your Delicious Beer Can Chicken with the Right Sides?

Beer can chicken holds its own quite comfortably in the flavor department, but if you ask me, a complementary side dish or two can elevate the meal to new heights. While the choice typically depends on the specific beer you choose, here are a few pairing suggestions that have been winners in my book.

  • Grilled Vegetables – Let’s start with something light and healthy. Try selecting vibrantly colored veggies, such as bell peppers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. Grilling the vegetables will enhance their natural sweetness, which I’ve found to be a delicate counterbalance to the rich beer-infused chicken.
  • Cornbread – Now, when it comes to hearty comfort food, cornbread stands as an absolute classic. The sweetness of the cornbread especially complements darker beers like Stouts and Porters.
  • Roasted Potatoes – Who doesn’t love a good potato side? Roasting them with some herbs will add an earthy flavor that works well with any beer choice.
  • Coleslaw – For something fresh and crisp, coleslaw is always a safe bet. The slight tanginess of the dressing meshes well with the moisture-rich and flavor-packed chicken.

Why Should Poultry Enthusiasts Consider Beer Can Chicken as Their Next Recipe?

Why Should Poultry Enthusiasts Consider Beer Can Chicken as Their Next Recipe?

As a bona fide poultry enthusiast, you’ve probably tried numerous ways of roasting, grilling or frying chicken. Still, beer can chicken brings such an innovative twist to the table that you absolutely can’t pass it up.

  • Uniqueness: If nothing else, the uniqueness of this method is genuinely compelling. Inserting a beer into a chicken to roast may seem odd, but it results in amazingly flavorful and juicily tender chicken.
  • Versatility: The delight of beer can chicken doesn’t end at the table. The leftovers, if any, are extremely versatile and can be used in sandwiches, salads, and tacos. A smart choice for meal prep, right?
  • Impress your guests: Lastly, beer can chicken steals the limelight on any dining table. It’s a dinner party’s showstopper, sure to mystify and impress your guests.

How to Ensure Your Beer Can Chicken is a Showstopper Every Time?

The journey to a perfect beer can chicken is paved with a few nifty tricks that chefs use to ensure that the result is drool-worthy, every – single – time.

  • Choosing the right chicken size: It might surprise you, but the size of the chicken matters a lot. Something between 3.5 to 4 lbs works best in my experience. The bird fits well on the can and grills evenly on all sides.
  • Prepping the can: A half-filled beer can is optimal to provide enough moisture without risking a steamy eruption. For beers with strong flavors, consider a 50-50 beer-water mix, so the taste isn’t too overpowering.
  • Patience is key: Resist the temptation to peak and let the chicken cook uninterrupted for the first hour at least. Lifting the grill lid releases heat and increases cooking time, potentially leading to dry meat.
  • Test the temperature: To ensure the chicken is cooked thoroughly without being overcooked or undercooked, use a meat thermometer. The correct internal temperature should read 165°F in the thickest part of the thigh not touching bone.

Among these tips, remember that practice makes perfect. So don’t be disheartened if your first attempt doesn’t turn out exactly as you envisioned. Keep experimenting, have fun, and soon you’ll be the master of beer can chicken every time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic process of making beer can chicken?

First, you half fill a beer can with your beer of choice, then you place a whole chicken on top of it so that the can goes into the cavity of the chicken. The chicken can now stand upright on its own. Roast it at a temperature of about 350°F (175°C) until it’s done. As the chicken cooks, the beer in the can heat up, steaming the chicken from the inside and keeping it juicy.

Can I Use Any Type of Beer for Beer Can Chicken?

Yes, you can use any type of beer for beer can chicken. However, the type of beer used can affect the flavor of the meat. Lagers, ales, stouts, and IPAs all bring unique flavors to the dish, so you can experiment with different types of beer to find your favorite flavor mix.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Beer Can Chicken?

Typically, a beer can chicken takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to cook on a grill or oven set at 350°F (175°C). However, the actual cooking time may vary depending on the size of the bird and the exact heat of your grill or oven. Always check the internal temperature of the chicken before removing it from heat, ideally it should have an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C).

What are the Best Beers to Use for Beer Can Chicken?

As I experienced throughout my cooking sessions, Pilsner Urquell, Miller Lite, and even Spaten Premium Lager all have unique attributes that can enhance the flavor of your beer can chicken. For adventurous palates, ales like the Gulden Draak or a hearty stout such as Springdale Beer BRIG Mocha Stout are excellent choices. Each brings a unique depth of flavor to the classic beer can chicken.

Does the Alcohol in Beer Burn Off During Cooking?

Yes, the majority of the alcohol in the beer evaporates during the cooking process. The alcohol content decreases the longer you cook your dish. So, you’re not actually consuming significant alcohol when you eat beer can chicken, what you are savoring are the flavors the beer lends to the dish.

Can Kids Eat Beer Can Chicken?

Yes, kids can definitely eat beer can chicken. Because the alcohol burns off during cooking, the dish itself is non-alcoholic. The beer only serves to flavor and moisten the chicken.

What are the Best Sides to Serve with Beer Can Chicken?

Some of the best sides to serve with beer can chicken would include roasted vegetables, a nice crisp salad, or creamy mashed potatoes. The great thing about the flavorful chicken is how it pairs well with numerous types of sides.

What Other Beverages Can Be Used if I Don’t Have Beer?

If you don’t have a beer, you could substitute it with apple cider, root beer, or even cola. Each of these liquids will bring a different flavor and can similarly help to moisten the chicken from the inside out during cooking.

Are There Advantages to Using Canned Beer Over Bottled or Draft Beer?

The main advantage of using canned beer over bottled or draft beer is the actual aluminum can. The can is crucial in this cooking process as it holds the beer while the chicken roasts, doubling as a stand for the chicken to roast on. Therefore, while you can use the beer of your choice, it must be in a can for this particular cooking method.


Behind every beer can chicken recipe, there is a world of flavors waiting to be unlocked with the right beer. It not only imbibes the chicken with a moist tenderness but also infuses it with flavors that can be as subtle or as dense as the beer you choose.

So, go ahead and experiment. Put on your apron, crack open a beer from my compilation of the best beers for beer can chicken, or venture out with your own; either way, ensure it’s a brew that you enjoy. After all, half of it goes into the chicken, and the other half, well, it’s for the chef to savor. Here’s to discovery, flavor, and the joy of a perfectly roasted beer can chicken!

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