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14 Best Brown Rice Brands [2024‘s Healthy Kitchen Staples]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: December 29, 2023

Unlocking the secrets of the world’s culinary heritage can lead us to magnificent treasures nestled within the unassuming pantry staples. One such humble yet potent food item is brown rice. Known to pack a nutrition punch, this whole grain is a powerhouse of whole goodness, contributing vitally to a balanced and healthy diet. Sourced globally and embodying the flavors of various cultures and traditions, the variety in types and brands of brown rice can be overwhelming.

That being said, identifying the best brown rice suited to one’s taste and nutritional needs can enhance the overall dining experience, transforming everyday meals into a gourmet delight. From the subtle aromatic basmati to the toothsome short grains, from the quick convenience of pre-cooked wonders to the organic choices for the health-conscious, step with me on this epicurean journey to explore and discover the best brown rice to delight the connoisseur in you.

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14 Best Brown Rice Brands in 2024

Best Brown Rice Brands in 2024

The search for the best brown rice is akin to an adventure into the vast, diverse landscapes of global cuisine. Each brand and variety of brown rice offers a distinctive culinary experience, characterised by unique textures, flavors and nutritional profiles. Here’s a curated list of 14 of the best brown rice choices that your kitchen should not miss.

1. Seeds of Change Organic Brown Basmati Rice

Seeds of Change Organic Brown Basmati Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

Originating from the fertile plains of Northern India, this Organic Brown Basmati Rice by Seeds of Change strikes a perfect balance between health and taste. It carries the distinctive aroma and nutty taste typical of basmati rice, making it a great accompaniment to your flavorful curries and stews. Being organic, it is free from artificial preservatives and harmful chemicals, adding to its nutritional value. Plus, this ready-to-heat pouch guarantees you a hearty meal within 90 seconds, making it a perfect option for those rushed weekday dinners.

2. Sukoyaka Genmai Brown Rice

Sukoyaka Genmai Brown Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

The Sukoyaka Genmai Brown Rice brings to your plate the goodness of Japanese traditions. Genmai rice, with its slightly sweet undertone and chewy texture, is integral to the Japanese diet. This brown rice variant not just impresses with its taste, but also its nutritional profile, being a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Whether it’s for sushi rolls or stir-fry dishes, Sukoyaka Genmai Brown Rice lends itself well to various culinary preparations.

3. Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice

Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

Lundberg’s Short Grain Brown Rice is celebrated for its delightful texture and flavor. Boasting an earthy flavor and a sticky texture after cooking, this short grain variant shines in recipes that require the grains to cling together. Think, delectable risottos or your comfort bowl of rice pudding. Besides being a treat to the palate, it’s also packed with essential nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, and essential amino acids.

4. Lundberg Brown Basmati

Lundberg Brown Basmati - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

Unlock the treasure troves of whole grain goodness with Lundberg Brown Basmati. Prized for its rich aroma and unique flavor, it provides an enticing foundation for east Asian and Indian cuisines. Whether you want to stir up a robust biryani or a delicate pilaf, this brown rice stands up to the challenge, adding depth and character to any dish. Even as it sets a high bar on taste, it doesn’t compromise on health – it retains all the vital nutrients making it a smart and tasty switch from white rice.

5. Dynasty Brown Jasmine Rice

Dynasty Brown Jasmine Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

The Dynasty Brown Jasmine Rice is a beautiful blend of taste, versatility, and health. The grains boast a pleasantly sweet aroma and when cooked, its fluffy texture complements both, your soups and stir fry dishes. Hailing from the lush paddy fields of Thailand, it captures the essence of traditional Asian cuisine. Loaded with fiber and rich in B-vitamins, this rice adds a nutrient-dense punch to your meals, ensuring both, your taste buds and your health.

6. Nishiki Brown Rice

Nishiki Brown Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

One taste of the Nishiki Brown Rice and you’ll understand why it’s a staple for Japanese cuisine. This medium-grain rice has a unique texture – firm yet tender, and a subtle nutty flavor that works beautifully with a wide array of recipes. It is often the rice of choice for sushi but it doesn’t stop there, from being the bedrock of teriyaki bowls to making its presence in a comforting rice soup, this rice is a versatile delight. Its consistent quality and, of course, the excellent health benefits make it a worthy contestant in the quest for the best brown rice.

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7. Bombay Market Brown Basmati Rice

Bombay Market Brown Basmati Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

Sprinkle some exotic charm to your everyday meals with the Bombay Market Brown Basmati Rice. A native of the fertile Himalayan valleys, it shares the rich aroma and elongated grains of classic basmati rice. It scores high on both, taste and health – it has a delicate flavor and the benefits of added fiber and nutrients courtesy of the bran layer. As a bonus, its aesthetic appeal lies in the grains that stay separate and fluffy, inevitably enhancing your culinary creations. Make room for this aromatic delight in your pantry and let every bite become an indulgence.

8. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Brown Grain Rice

Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Brown Grain Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

If you’re in the market for a robust, wholesome, and eco-friendly option, the Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Brown Grain Rice is your best bet. This family-farmed rice has perpetuated a legacy of organic farming, a testament to their commitment to sustainability and nutrient-rich produce. Aside from its environmental appeal, this long-grain rice is rich, nutty, and appetizing and can be paired with a multitude of dishes from curries to casseroles. With each serving, you enjoy the earthy flavors and bountiful nutrition that only whole grains can offer.

9. Minute Whole Grain Brown Rice

Minute Whole Grain Brown Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

For those with busy schedules and little time to spare, Minute Whole Grain Brown Rice comes to the rescue. This ready-to-cook rice variant solves the issue of extensive cooking time often associated with brown rice. Despite the reduced cooking time, it manages to retain its nutritional integrity and provides a fast, healthy foundation for any meals. Equally impressive is its lightly sweet and nutty flavor that caters to a broad spectrum of dishes.

10. Good Reason Organic Brown Calrose Rice

Good Reason Organic Brown Calrose Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

Enter the wonderful world of whole grain goodness with the Good Reason Organic Brown Calrose Rice. Renowned for its premium quality, this Calrose variant is your ticket to a heartier, more wholesome meal experience. The tender, moist, medium-sized grains provide a generous serving of natural fibers and essential nutrients due to its organic farming. Whether it be a humble rice bowl or an elaborate stir-fry, this versatile rice is sure to elevate your dishes to an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

11. Tilda Legendary Rice Steamed Basmati, Brown

Tilda Legendary Rice Steamed Basmati, Brown - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

Unveil the legends of the culinary world with Tilda Legendary Rice Steamed Basmati, Brown. Long-grained and exuding a captivating aroma, it reflects the truly legendary status of basmati rice. You can pair it with a variety of dishes, and its naturally fluffy texture ensures your recipes shine. This steamed rice variant retains all the goodness of brown rice, making it not just a flavorful choice, but also a healthy one.

12. Lundberg Wild Blend

Lundberg Wild Blend - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

A mosaic of unique flavors awaits you with Lundberg Wild Blend. Unlike conventional rice varieties, this blend combines the robust and nutty sweetness of whole grain brown, wild, and red rice. This characteristic mix doesn’t just add an exotic touch to your meals, but it also presents several nutritional benefits. Its diverse texture, color, and flavors make it a showstopper in any dish, whether prepared as a standalone side or a hearty main course.

13. Taj Gourmet Brown Basmati Rice

Taj Gourmet Brown Basmati Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

Gourmet enthusiasts, take heed! Taj Gourmet Brown Basmati Rice is bound to provide an exquisite dining experience. Renowned for its premium quality grains, this basmati variant retains the long-grain elegance and delicate flavor characteristic of basmati rice. But what sets this apart is its nutrient-rich profile, due primarily to minimal processing. Whether you’re making biryani or pilaf, this rice delights with its fine texture and fragrant aroma.

14. Pride of India – Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice

Pride of India – Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice - Best Brown Rice Brand in 2024

Last but definitely not least on this list of the best brown rice is the Pride of India – Extra Long Brown Basmati Rice. This rice variant is a celebration of rich Indian culinary heritage with its distinct nutty flavor and unique, extra-long grains. The exquisite texture and long-grain elegance of this rice, along with its high nutritional value, make it a luxury staple in any pantry. This is brown rice at its best, perfect for bringing a lush and exotic touch to your everyday meals.

Introduction to Brown Rice: An Overview of Its Health Benefits

Brown rice, the wholesome grain that’s been a staple in many diets for centuries, has an enviable place in the realm of nutrition. There’s more to this grain than meets the eye, so let’s dive in and take a look at what makes this seemingly simple staple an unsung hero in the quest for a healthy diet.

Nutrition-packed Powerhouse

Brown rice is a whole grain, meaning it contains all parts of the grain kernel — the bran, germ, and endosperm. This composition means it is rich in dietary fiber and essential nutrients like magnesium, selenium, and vitamin B1. The fiber in brown rice aids digestion and keeps you feeling full, making it an ideal choice for those looking to maintain healthy weight levels.

Draws the Line on Diabetes

Whole grains like brown rice are known to help regulate blood sugar levels. A Harvard-based study found that women who consumed more brown rice were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. So, by adding brown rice to your diet, you’re fighting off chronic diseases while indulging your taste buds.

Heart Health Hero

Brown rice has been found to lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and increase good HDL cholesterol levels due to its high fiber content. Combine this with the presence of beneficial antioxidants and you have a winning recipe for heart health.

How to Pick Your Perfect Brown Rice?

How to Pick Your Perfect Brown Rice?

Now that we’ve explored the health benefits of brown rice, the question arises – how do you pick the best brown rice that’s perfect for you?

Consider Your Culinary Needs

The type of brown rice you choose largely depends on what you plan to cook. For dishes like risotto or paella where the rice needs to absorb a lot of flavor, short-grain rice is best. If you’re cooking Indian or Middle Eastern dishes, long-grain basmati or jasmine rice is the perfect partner.

Always Check the Label

When shopping, always read the label to confirm that the rice is whole grain. Words like “parboiled” or “converted” might seem tempting due to the quicker cooking time they promise, but they signify that the rice has been processed, stripping it of some essential nutrients.

The Organic Route

If you’re someone who pays close attention to your food’s journey from farm to table, you might want to consider organic brown rice. Brands like Lundberg Family Farms and Seeds of Change offer organic options that are non-GMO and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Whether you’re exploring a new diet or trying to elevate your meal’s nutritional profile, brown rice proves to be a versatile and healthful option. Remember, what’s most important is that the brown rice you choose aligns with your personal taste preferences and nutritional needs. That way, every bite you take brings you joy, health, and satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the healthiest type of brown rice?

There isn’t a single type or brand of brown rice that can be deemed as the healthiest. Each type has its own unique nutrient profile. That said, organic brown rice varieties, such as Seeds of Change Organic Brown Basmati Rice or Good Reason Organic Brown Calrose Rice, are often highlighted for their natural cultivation methods.

Is brown rice better for you than white rice?

Yes, brown rice is generally considered healthier than white rice. It is a whole grain that retains its nutrient-rich bran and germ, which are stripped away in white rice. This means it has more fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Which brand of brown rice tastes the best?

Taste is subjective and can vary greatly from person to person. Some people might prefer the nutty, rich flavors of Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice, while others might enjoy the aromatic subtlety of Dynasty Brown Jasmine Rice.

How do you cook the perfect brown rice?

To cook brown rice, use a 2:1 water to rice ratio. Rinse the rice to remove any dust or impurities. Bring the water to a boil, then add the rinsed rice. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and let it cook for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Why does brown rice take longer to cook than white rice?

Brown rice takes longer to cook because it has a protective outer layer known as the bran. The bran is tough and water-resistant, so it takes more time for the water to penetrate and fully cook the rice.

What is the ideal brown rice for sushi?

You might want to opt for short-grain brown rice like Sukoyaka Genmai Brown Rice or Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice for sushi. While not traditional, these varieties have a stickiness and sweetness that work well in sushi.


The world of brown rice is indeed diverse and enriched, alluring us with its essential nutritional benefits and culinary versatility. Whether you’re the seasoned cook trying to perfect your risotto, the vegan fitness enthusiast seeking healthier alternatives, or simply a curious food lover willing to dabble in global cuisines from the comfort of your home, there’s a kind of brown rice right there waiting for you. Understanding the subtle variations and unique qualities that each type of rice brings enables us to appreciate this humble grain’s exquisite potential.

Armed with my list of the best brown rice, remember that every tasty dish starts with a quality ingredient. And here’s a little secret – with the right type of brown rice, you’re already halfway into making a delicious, nutritious meal. Revel in the world of flavors and indulge in the wholesome goodness of brown rice – sometimes, it’s the simplest of things that bring the greatest of joys!

Food Lover and Storyteller 🍽️✨ With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, Shivani brings her culinary adventures to life through evocative words and tantalizing tastes. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to share the magic of flavors with fellow enthusiasts.
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