11 Best Chorizo Brands to Spice Up Your 2023 Kitchen

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: September 11, 2023

Unleashing a symphony of robust flavors with every bite, chorizo has found a cherished spot on menus and dinner tables across the world. This Spanish gem, with its captivating blend of spices, effortlessly transforms even the simplest meal into a gourmet delight. The sausages vary from smoky and spicy, to sweet and mild, ensuring there’s a chorizo out there tailored to every palate. But with so many options available, it can be hard to navigate your way through the supermarket aisles.

Allow me to let you in on my secret list of the best chorizo brands that have, time and again, enthralled my senses and enriched my culinary experiences. Whether it’s for a family dinner, a tapas get-together with friends, or just a humble Tuesday night craving - these brands have got you covered.

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11 Best Chorizo Brands of 2023

Best Chorizo Brands of 2023

Navigating through the realm of chorizo can be a daunting task given the multitude of brands available. To make your culinary escapade smoother, I've put together a list of 11 best chorizo brands that have won me over with their flavor profiles, quality of ingredients, and culinary versatility.

These brands encapsulate the essential characteristics of good chorizo - a well-balanced spice blend, flavorful meat, and a texture that leaves you wanting more. Get ready to elevate your meals with these top-notch selections.

1. Simple Truth Meatless Chorizo

Simple Truth Meatless Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

Simple Truth offers an exceptional alternative with their Meatless Chorizo. This brand has managed to reinvent the traditional Spanish sausage without compromising the essence of its taste and texture. It benefits health-conscious consumers, vegetarians, and anyone wanting to experiment with a meatless variant of this distinct sausage.

Packed full of aromatic spices and textures, Simple Truth's meatless version does a commendable job of mimicking the real thing. While its soy-based meat substitute might be a twist on the traditional, it retains the smoky, spicy, tangy vibes of its meaty counterpart, making it a trustworthy palate pleaser.

Accommodating versatility in dishes, this chorizo adds excitement to your vegan tacos, scrambles, spaghetti, or a simple serving of quinoa, imparting hearty flavors and a meaty feel in every bite. Not to forget, it’s a wonderful addition to catering to varied dietary needs at family gatherings.

2. León Chorizo

León Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

Hailing from the León province of Spain, León Chorizo is a delightful representation of traditional Spanish cuisine. It encapsulates the authentic hints of Spanish paprika (pimentón), garlic, and herbs skillfully blended within a casing of high-quality pork.

Let me tell you, León Chorizo’s unique smoky-sweet flavor profile paired with a firm-yet-tender texture is a delight to behold. Its subtly fiery kick harmoniously blends with the succulent meat, offering a robust flavor that's bold yet not overpowering. I personally love slicing it up into thick pieces and throwing it into my paella, or even wrapping them around some melon for a quick and rustic appetizer.

The brand's commitment to traditional methods, quality ingredients, and ethical sourcing places it among the most revered chorizo manufacturers worldwide. The moment you slice through the León Chorizo, you're welcomed with an enchanting aroma, a prelude to the joyous fiesta of flavors that awaits you!

3. Denmark Foods Chorizo

Denmark Foods Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

Denmark Foods Chorizo has painstakingly carved a niche for itself by offering a delightfully spicy version of this traditional sausage. I love how this brand’s chorizo packs a distinctive punch, resonating deeply with those who appreciate a good amount of spice in their sausages.

Crafted using traditional techniques and methods, Denmark Foods’ chorizo is a combination of high-quality pork and a dynamic mix of authentic Spanish spices. The subtle taste of vinegar that lingers after each bite gives it an interesting tang, making it even more appealing.

Denmark Food’s Chorizo works wonders in a host of recipes. From tapas to stews, or as an ingredient in a breakfast hash, its lingering heat and full-bodied flavor add an extra dimension to the dish. In fact, I regard it as one of my favorites at a barbeque. Grill it to perfection, and let it work its magic – you won't be disappointed.

4. Boulder Chorizo

Boulder Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

A brand that has garnered the respect and admiration of both culinary enthusiasts and casual eaters alike is Boulder Chorizo. With its roots deeply embedded in traditional sausage-making techniques, Boulder offers an experience that blends centuries-old Spanish methods with modern gastronomic innovation.

Boulder Chorizo strikes a harmonious balance of premium-quality pork and a medley of spices, encompassing garlic, oregano, and a generous dash of pimentón. What sets it apart is its slightly granular texture – a testament to its artisanal processing, which ensures every bite is as rich as it is flavorful.

One of the highlights of Boulder Chorizo is its aroma. Even before you take that first bite, the fragrance teleports you to the rustic streets of Spain, hinting at the culinary journey you're about to embark upon. Its flavor is rich yet nuanced, making it suitable for an array of dishes. Whether it's the star of your tapas spread, an ingredient in a hearty stew, or simply pan-fried and paired with some crusty bread and olives, Boulder Chorizo consistently shines.

Given the brand's dedication to sustainable sourcing and ethical production, you can indulge in Boulder Chorizo's delicacies with a clear conscience, knowing that you're enjoying a product that cares for both your palate and the planet.

So, the next time you're in the mood for a chorizo experience that's authentic, delightful, and ethically crafted, Boulder Chorizo should definitely be on your list.

5. Reynaldo's Chorizo

Reynaldo's Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

Fourth on my list of top-notch chorizo brands, Reynaldo's Chorizo presents us with a charming balance of savory and spicy. The unique selling point of this brand is its versatile appeal, catering to all sorts of tastebuds, from those who prefer their chorizo hot to those who favor milder flavors.

Reynaldo's Chorizo pairs delightfully with breakfast staples such as scrambled eggs, potatoes, or even vegetables. The spices are tuned just right and do not overpower the other ingredients, instead blending beautifully to perk up every bite and zest up your morning!

Crafted from quality pork and a delightful medley of spices, this chorizo brand has the right amount of succulence that complements the heat of the spices and rounds off with a moderately smoky aftertaste. The taste and texture are robust enough to stand up to cooking and yet delicate enough to be enjoyed straight from the package. A Reynaldo’s Chorizo day is indeed a good day!

6. Cacique Chorizo

Cacique Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

Among the long-standing chorizo brands, the Cacique Chorizo has made a significant mark for itself. This brand brings impressive, long-lasting chorizo to the table that somehow does not compromise on taste, despite its longevity.

The richness of its flavor is first-class, with a good balance of smokiness, heat, and the meat's natural taste. They are also quite moist and hold their shape well during cooking, ensuring they are not lost among the other ingredients in a dish.

I particularly enjoy Cacique Chorizo crumbled onto a pizza or stir-fried with vegetables for a comforting dinner. Believe me, it carries a subtle sophistication in its flavors bound to make any mundane dish genuinely tantalizing. This brand truly achieves a beautiful harmony between a delicious chorizo experience and an impressive shelf life.

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7. Aarón Sánchez Chorizo

Aarón Sánchez Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

In our gastronomical journey through chorizo land, we now arrive at Aarón Sánchez Chorizo. Attesting to the culinary prowess of renowned chef Aarón Sánchez, this brand presents a genuinely unique taste experience, seamlessly weaving traditional seasonings with a hint of innovative flavors.

Every bite into Aarón Sánchez's chorizo is a fascinating journey composed of a well-seasoned sausage with layers of flavors unfolding progressively. The texture is also a highlight - just the right amount of bite combined with tender meat that reveals the depth of its taste.

I find it especially delightful in Mexican dishes, where the chorizo's vibrant flavors spice up traditional recipes, adding an unexpected twist that elevates the dish to a new level.

8. El Mexicano Chorizo

El Mexicano Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

El Mexicano Chorizo is yet another popular brand that has never failed to impress me. Known for its rich, robust flavor profile, this brand creates chorizos that are a symphony of taste.

The balance of spices in El Mexicano Chorizo is spot-on, with a beautiful layering of flavors that are powerful, yet not overwhelming. The texture is equally commendable - firm but not tough, with a delicious juiciness that adds to the overall enjoyment.

El Mexicano Chorizo serves as an excellent companion to many dishes, from classic breakfast servings to stews and traditional Spanish rice dishes, enriching them with its hearty character and zesty appeal.

9. El Burrito Chorizo

El Burrito Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

If affordability without compromise on taste is your need, El Burrito Chorizo can be your trusted spectacle. Offering a budget-friendly yet delicious range of traditional-style sausages, these chorizos truly hit the spot.

El Burrito chorizos do not skimp on flavor; they are admirably savory and a bit smoky, and every bite gifts you with a satisfying burst of juicy meat and spices. The texture, too, is finely balanced, neither too tough nor too mushy, adequately fulfilling the gastronomical needs of a chorizo lover.

These make a great addition to any dish, from tacos to burritos, pizzas, and even soups, offering a great bang for your buck without falling short on the taste quotient.

10. Cantella's Chorizo

Cantella's Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

If you're seeking a chorizo with a wealth of flavors, Cantella's Chorizo certainly measures up. Crafted from a carefully curated blend of spices, every bite of this chorizo is a delight.

Cantella's places a strong emphasis on producing chorizos that are packed with a distinct heat and smokiness, a characteristic that they have excelled in. However, it’s not a case of spices usurping the taste of the meat. The flavors work in harmony, offering a well-rounded taste that is neither too hot nor too tame.

I particularly cherish Cantella's Chorizo for its versatility, performing remarkably well in a variety of dishes from pasta to sandwiches and even in a simple pan-fried serving. It’s a delicious adventure you wouldn't want to miss!

11. Palcarsa S.L Chorizo

Palcarsa S.L Chorizo - Best Chorizo Brand

Rounding out my list of top chorizo brands is Palcarsa S.L Chorizo. This brand offers a chorizo that exemplifies the perfect balance of bold, heavily-seasoned flavors packed with notes of paprika and garlic.

Each Palcarsa sausage I've tried has been generously seasoned, offering a satisfying depth and complexity of flavor. There's an unmistakable robustness that some chorizos lack, making it an absolute delight to savor.

Texture-wise, Palcarsa strikes just the right balance between firmness and tenderness, ensuring each bite is a joy for the senses. And the quality extends beyond taste and texture – this brand excels in delivering chorizo that is visually appealing as well, with its rich red hue flaunting its flavor-loaded profile.

But the real highlight of Palcarsa S.L chorizo for me is its perfect pairing with a glass of red wine. Popping open a bottle of Rioja or a bold Cabernet Sauvignon and complementing it with slices of this chorizo is a gastronomical experience par excellence!

Embodying all the essential characteristics of quality chorizo, Palcarsa S.L earns its spot as one of the must-try chorizo brands. Next time you're at the supermarket or shopping online, do give this brand a chance. You just may find your next favorite chorizo brand!

Why Chorizo is a Must-Try Delicacy?

There's no denying that chorizo holds a prized spot in the culinary world. Originating from Spain, this flavorful sausage has traveled the globe, and with good reason.

Firstly, the unique flavor profile of chorizo never fails to leave a lasting impression. Laden with an array of spices like smoky paprika, garlic, and chili, every slice of chorizo is a story on its own. It's bursting with a distinctiveness that can elevate any dish from good to unforgettable.

Secondly, the unrivaled versatility of chorizo is another reason to explore this delicacy. Be it a rustic paella, spicy tacos, a comforting bowl of soup, or even an adventurous chocolate and chorizo fusion, this magic sausage manages to blend in seamlessly, while also making its presence known.

Chorizo is a gastronomic journey - a ticket to an adventure where every bite is enveloped in a beautiful symphony of flavors that span cultures and generations.

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How to Choose the Best Chorizo Brands: Insider Tips

How to Choose the Best Chorizo Brands: Insider Tips?

When scanning the shelves for the best chorizo brands, a few insider tips can go a long way in turning a good meal into an extraordinary one. Here are a few parameters to consider:

  1. Origin: The style of chorizo can vary depending on whether it's Spanish or Mexican. In general, Spanish chorizo is cured or smoked and features flavors like garlic and pimentón, while Mexican chorizo is often sold fresh with a spicier profile.
  2. Ingredients: Check the label for a clear list of ingredients. Aside from the quality and type of meat used, look at the spices and additives. You want to steer clear of brands that use a lot of artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers.
  3. Texture: Good chorizo should feel firm but not too hard. It should also retain its shape when sliced.
  4. Reviews: Do a quick online search of the brand. Reviews from other consumers can give you a glimpse into the taste and quality of the product, helping you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right brand of chorizo is like carving your path in the vast realm of flavors. Take your time, experiment with a few options, and trust your taste buds - they're the best judge!

Top 5 Recipes to Try with Your Favorite Chorizo Brand in 2023

Chorizo has long been a staple in Spain and Latin American cuisines and is now making its mark on global kitchens too. Here are my top five recipes that will make your favorite chorizo brand shine.

1. Chorizo Tacos:

Simply fry up your favorite chorizo brand, add it to some warm tortillas, and top it with fresh avocado, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime juice. To add an extra punch, throw in a homemade salsa or a dollop of guacamole.

2. Chorizo and Bean Stew:

This hearty, flavor-packed stew combines chorizo with mixed beans, tomatoes, and spices. It's the perfect comfort food during cold weather and an excellent way to appreciate the complex flavors of chorizo.

3. Chorizo and Egg Scramble:

Kickstart your day with a protein-rich breakfast that won't disappoint. This scramble pairs your favorite chorizo brand with scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of cheese. The result is a breakfast dish bursting with flavor.

4. Chorizo Paella:

In this classic Spanish dish, the bold flavors of chorizo mingle with saffron-infused rice, seafood, and a variety of vegetables. This dish is a testament to the versatility of chorizo. Try it with a Spanish wine for the ultimate culinary experience.

5. Chorizo Pasta:

Pasta and chorizo are a match made in heaven. Cook your favorite chorizo brand with garlic and then toss it with freshly cooked pasta and a handful of parmesan cheese. This simple yet flavor-intense dish is sure to please anyone at the dinner table.

The Future of Chorizo: Emerging Brands to Watch Out for

The Future of Chorizo: Emerging Brands to Watch Out for

As the chorizo market gains momentum, newer brands are stepping up, bringing interesting twists to this traditional sausage. Here are a few brands to keep an eye on:

1. Beyond Chorizo:

Beyond Meat is a plant-based brand making waves in the marketplace. Their plant-based chorizo offering is a hit among vegans and meat-eaters alike with its authentic taste and excellent texture.

2. Field Roast Mexican Chipotle Sausage:

This innovative brand's chorizo alternatives loaded with chipotle and chili are gaining popularity. They've successfully captured the essence of traditional chorizo in a vegan-friendly format.

3. Lidl Deluxe Chorizo:

Lidl, a multinational supermarket chain, is creating a buzz with their high-quality chorizo under the Deluxe brand. Their premium sausage is certainly one to try if you come across it in your travels.

4. Tofurky Chorizo Style:

Another plant-based brand, Tofurky, is offering a chorizo variant that is rich in the flavors of traditional chorizo despite being 100% vegetarian.

5. Seemore Meats and Veggies:

This innovative brand focuses on creating chorizos that are packed with vegetables, making them healthier without compromising on taste. Their La Dolce Beet-a Chorizo is a unique flavor worth trying.

The future of chorizo looks promising, with brands eager to push boundaries and cater to a more diverse range of dietary preferences and lifestyle choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chorizo?

Chorizo is a type of pork sausage that originated in Spain. It is seasoned with spices like paprika, garlic, and herbs, giving it a distinct flavor and a rather spicy kick.

How is Chorizo different from other sausages?

Apart from its distinct flavor profile characterized by smoky paprika and robust garlic, chorizo is unique in the sense of its texture. Unlike other sausages, it often has a coarse and crumbly texture, which sets it apart.

Can Chorizo be eaten raw?

Traditional Spanish chorizo is cured and can be eaten without cooking, much like salami. However, Mexican and many other variants of chorizo need to be fully cooked before eating.

Why is there a need to look for the best Chorizo brands?

The quality of chorizo can significantly vary from brand to branch. The best chorizo brands ensure you get high-quality, flavorful chorizo that elevates your dishes.

How can I choose the best Chorizo brand?

Choosing the best chorizo brand depends on your personal preference. Some prefer it spicy, while others like it milder. Trying different brands can help you determine which one suits your palate best.

Can Vegetarians eat Chorizo?

While traditional chorizo is made from pork, there are meatless versions of chorizo available, like the Simple Truth Meatless Chorizo, which is suitable for vegetarians.

Can I use Chorizo in my everyday cooking?

Absolutely! Chorizo is incredibly versatile. It can be used in sandwiches, pasta, soups, breakfast dishes, and even pizzas. The flavor it imparts is simply remarkable.

Is Chorizo good for your health?

Like most sausages, chorizo is high in protein. However, keep in mind that it also contains high amounts of fats and sodium, so it's best to consume in moderation.

What pairs well with Chorizo?

Chorizo pairs well with a variety of foods. It's great with eggs, beans, potatoes, cheese, and bread. It also works well in stews and paellas.

How should I store Chorizo?

Uncooked chorizo should be refrigerated and used within two days. Cooked chorizo, on the other hand, can be refrigerated and consumed within 4 to 5 days.


From the mild and versatile Reynaldo's Chorizo to the bold and heavily seasoned Palcarsa S.L., each of these best chorizo brands brings something unique to the table. They let you embark on a flavorful journey, peppered with rich, varied experiences, tantalizing your palette in the most delightful ways. Whether you're new to chorizo or a seasoned fan, these brands hold delightful surprises in store for you.

So go ahead, explore these brands, and let each flavorful bite transport you to the vibrant streets of Spain. No matter what your chorizo preference may be, one thing's for sure - with these brands on your side, every meal becomes an immersive gastronomic experience. Happy eating, folks!

Food Lover and Storyteller 🍽️✨ With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, Shivani brings her culinary adventures to life through evocative words and tantalizing tastes. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to share the magic of flavors with fellow enthusiasts.
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