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14 Best Coconut Cocktails [2024‘s Exotic Mixes]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: March 5, 2024

There’s nothing like sipping on a well-mixed, vibrant, and tropical cocktail on a warm day – or, let’s be real, on any given day. Among the exquisite world of mixed drinks, nothing sparks my senses quite like coconut-infused cocktails. Their delicious flavors offer more than just a drink—they provide a mini island escape in every sip.

Whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast or a casual sipper, the “Best Coconut Cocktails” on our list promise to transform your taste buds and whisk you away to a tropical paradise. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into this delectable journey of coconut cocktails!

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14 Best Coconut Cocktails of 2024

Best Coconut Cocktails of 2024

From the sun-soaked beaches of Puerto Rico to the festive spirit of Mexico, it’s no surprise that coconuts have become a staple in many of our loved cocktails. Their splendid fragrance and unique taste impart a tropical vibe that has won hearts worldwide. Here I am, bringing you my exclusive list of the best coconut cocktails that promise a mix of charm, elegance, and a tropical vacation encapsulated in a glass.

1. Spicy Avocado Coconut Margarita

Spicy Avocado Coconut Margarita - Best Coconut Cocktail of 2024

Bold and unique, the Spicy Avocado Coconut Margarita is a cocktail like no other. With a fusion of unexpected flavors, this cocktail showcases the creamy richness of avocado mixed with the tropical freshness of coconut and the kick of spice. You can best enjoy it on a warm evening, where the spice dovetails perfectly with the sunset heat.

This Margarita is a daring trip down an unbeaten path. It truly revolves around the principle of opposites attract. The creamy, smooth texture of ripe avocados balances the fiery, sizzling jalapenos. When these elements blend with the sweetness of coconut milk and the tanginess of lime, they bring forth an experience that is as unforgettable as a tropical summer sunset.

2. Coconut Airman

Coconut Airman

While on a flight to your dreamy tropical destination, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a cocktail that mirrors that excitement? Yes, indeed! It’s the Coconut Airman we are talking about. A delightful blend of coconut, rum, and refreshing citrus notes, this cocktail will have you soaring even before you reach the cloud line.

The Coconut Airman, with its light and breezy concoction, captures the essence of a carefree holiday. The combination of smooth coconut cream and aromatic rum is a delight for the palate. A dash of squeezed lime adds a citrusy explosion, reminiscent of a breezy tropical shoreline. This cocktail is every bit the invigorating holiday punch that it promises to be.

3. Colada Sunrise

Colada Sunrise

Let the radiance of a tropical sunrise embrace your senses with the Colada Sunrise. This drink is for all those who love a fruity cocktail with a coconut twist. Made with white rum, pineapple juice, and sun-ripened red fruits, the Colada Sunrise is a refresher like no other.

The cocktail superbly balances the sweetness of ripe fruits with the sharpness of rum. The coconut’s sweetness mellows the rum’s potency, creating a pleasant, intoxicating mix. As you sip on it, you can almost hear the soothing sounds of ocean waves and feel the warmth of a sunrise—a must-have for anyone seeking a tropical cocktail with an edge.

4. Toasted Coconut Sour

Toasted Coconut Sour

Smoky and sour, this unusual combination results in the delicious Toasted Coconut Sour. By taking the traditional whiskey sour to a tropical level, this cocktail combines facets of sweetness, bitterness, and sourness in a tantalizing mix. Here’s a drink made to savor.

Been wondering about how it tastes! It brings together aromatic bourbon, a sweetness from the toasted coconut simple syrup, balanced out by fresh lemon juice. The cocktail, with its smoky undercurrents, adds a hefty punch that’s rounded off by the gentle sweetness of toasted coconut. Whether you’re a whiskey enthusiast or a cocktail lover, this drink defies norms and sets a new standard for coconut cocktails.

5. Piña Colada

Pina Colada

The royalty among all coconut cocktails, the Piña Colada never fails to impress. As a timeless classic, this cocktail never goes out of style – or taste, rather! The tropical concoction of pineapple, coconut cream, and white rum, captures an island vacation in a glass.

The Piña Colada’s charm lies in its unabashed simplicity. The sweetness of the pineapple pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the coconut cream. Add white rum to this mix, and you have a tropical cocktail that’s blissfully delightful. Suitable for any occasion – or no occasion! – Piña Colada is an essential addition to any coconut cocktail list.

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6. Coco-Raspberry Colada

Coco Raspberry Colada

Indulge in the sweet-tart symphony of the Coco-Raspberry Colada. As the name suggests, this drink is a scrumptious mix of coconut, raspberry, and rum. This fruity cocktail—with a berry twist—is like a summer day in a glass, bright, lively, and absolutely refreshing.

Get ready for a flavor-packed journey. This cocktail’s coconut cream adds a creamy sweetness, which pairs beautifully with the tangy raspberries. Meanwhile, the slightly spicy rum cuts through these flavors, ensuring a balanced and flavorsome sip. Coco-Raspberry Colada is the perfect cocktail to beat the heat and satisfy your taste buds!

7. The Blue Skies Ahead

The Blue Skies Ahead

Imagine sipping on a cocktail that transports you straight to white sandy beaches, with a gentle breeze rustling through the palms. Well, you do not need to imagine anymore, experience it with the The Blue Skies Ahead. This delightful cocktail has coconut milk, white rum, blue curaçao, and fresh pineapple – it’s truly a vacation in a glass.

This cocktail has a rich, creamy texture from the coconut milk, balanced by the crisp and fruity pineapple. The rum and blue curaçao incorporate a spirited twist resulting in a fun and sweet beverage that bodes well with the “blue skies ahead.”

8. Coconut Margarita

Coconut Margarita

Another wonderful member of the coconut cocktail squad is Coconut Margarita, perfect for those who fancy a tropical spin on the traditional margarita. The coconut margarita is an enticing mix of coconut cream, tequila, lime juice, and triple sec, all served in a glass rimmed with shredded coconut – a match made in tropical heaven!

As you take the first sip, the robust flavor of tequila strikes. It is then quickly mellowed down by the sweet creaminess of coconut cream and the tart acidity of the lime juice. The subtle orange notes from the triple sec further enhance the complex array of flavors. If you’re a fan of Tequila, Coconut Margarita is sure to pique your interest and excite your senses.

9. Groovy Gimlet

Groovy Gimlet

The Groovy Gimlet is another popular coconut cocktail with an eccentric mix of coconut water, gin, lime juice, and simple syrup. This delightful cocktail is known for its light, refreshing, and crisp flavors.

Starting with the fragrant and botanical gin, which sets the foundation for this unique cocktail. The coconut water adds a mild nuttiness and sweetness that pairs well with the tartness of the lime juice. The simple syrup helps meld all these contrasting flavors into one harmonious drink. The Groovy Gimlet is certainly a refreshing change from the usually heavy and creamy coconut cocktails.

10. The Mandarin Tiki Dream

The Mandarin Tiki Dream

Future travels may seem a little uncertain, but your taste buds can take a tropical vacation right now with The Mandarin Tiki Dream. Combining the delicate sweetness of mandarins, the robust flavor of coconut and white rum’s powerful kick, this cocktail is a dream come true for citrus lovers.

The Mandarin Tiki Dream opens with bright, zesty notes of mandarin, balanced by the creamy and subtle sweetness of coconut. The white rum adds depth and complexity to the drink, ensuring that every sip leaves you in a state of tropical bliss.

11. Hibiscus Colada

Hibiscus Colada

Next up, we’ve got the Hibiscus Colada, an intoxicating blend of hibiscus tea, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and light rum. This delightful concoction is perfect for those seeking a unique, floral note in their coconut cocktail.

The game-changer here is the hibiscus tea, which lends its signature floral and tart qualities and extraordinary red hue to the drink. The pineapple juice and coconut cream keep the cocktail grounded in its tropical roots and balance out the tartness of hibiscus. Now, add in the light rum, and you’re holding a tropical treat that everybody, from novice drinkers to experienced cocktail connoisseurs, can appreciate.

12. Blueberry Coconut Margarita

Blueberry Coconut Margarita

With the charm of classic margaritas and the tropical allure of coconut, meet the brilliant Blueberry Coconut Margarita – a refreshing blend of coconut water, blueberries, tequila, and lime juice, with a sprinkle of salt on the rim for an added kick.

First, the sweet and delicate blueberries coupled with the mild coconut richness hit your palate in a wave of flavors that’s oh-so-tropical. On top of that, the sharp bite from the tequila provides a balanced, contrasting edge. And let’s not forget the lime! Adding that perfect citrus note to cut through the sweetness and tying everything together in a wonderful dance of flavors.

13. Viking Colada

Viking Colada

When the tropical charm of Piña Colada meets the cool notes of Scandinavian spirits, the result is the mesmerizing Viking Colada. With a diverse blend of ingredients, including Aquavit, pineapple juice, coconut cream, lime juice, and Orgeat syrup, the Viking Colada truly becomes a drink of the gods!

The first noticeable attribute is the licorice flavor from the Aquavit, a unique introduction to your taste buds. Then, the coconut cream steps up, bringing its rich creaminess, which perfectly tames the licorice. The pineapple juice kicks in next, adding a fruity freshness, while the lime juice and Orgeat add a tart and sweet round off to this blessed union of flavors.

14. The Amaro di Cocco

The Amaro di Cocco

Finally, we visit Italy with our last cocktail on this list. Blending the melange of rich Amaro and creamy coconut, indulge in the divine Italian masterpiece, the Amaro di Cocco.

This cocktail kicks off with the bitter and citrus notes from the Amaro, serving as the main character in this taste play. The coconut cream then steps in, softening the bitterness and adding a level of creaminess and sweetness that balances the robustness of Amaro. The overall result is an intriguing cocktail that’s filled with depth and personality, a quintessential Italian trait!

The Art of Mixing Coconut Cocktails

Learning to mix the perfect cocktail is an art in itself—combining the right ingredients, shaking it just so, and of course, garnishing it perfectly. Now, remember, mixing coconut cocktails is a unique pleasure with its own set of rules.

To begin with, a good base liquor forms the heart of your cocktail—rum, vodka, or tequila make great choices. Next, is the star ingredient—coconut. This could take the form of coconut cream, coconut milk, or sometimes, even coconut water. To get the best coconut flavor, I recommend using a good-quality canned coconut milk or cream. They usually have a thicker consistency and sweeter flavor that lend well to cocktails.

Then, comes the additional flavors. For something classic, pineapple juice works a treat. If you’re feeling something more daring, a squeeze of lime or a dash of berry syrup makes all the difference.

The final step is the shake. The best way to achieve that well-blended, frothy texture is a good hard shake. Most important is to shake it until your ‘shaker’ is frosty. That’s when you know your cocktail is perfectly chilled and mixed!

Experiment with Coconut Cocktails

Experiment with Coconut Cocktails

What’s splendid about coconut cocktails is how flexible they are—there’s room for creativity and the opportunity to experiment with a variety of flavors.

Take for instance a classic Pina Colada. Now while the traditional recipe calls for pineapple juice and rum, what if you shook things up a bit? Perhaps replace half of the pineapple juice with freshly squeezed orange juice? Or maybe swap the rum for a clear Tequila? The possibilities are endless!

Another way I love to experiment is to mix and match my liqueurs. A dash of Amaretto in a Coconut Margarita or a splash of Chambord in a Coco-Raspberry Colada lends an additional depth of flavor that takes these drinks to a whole new level.

In this world of coconut cocktails, the only limit is your imagination. So I urge all you cocktail enthusiasts out there—be creative, have fun and let your taste buds explore! Remember, it’s not just about following the recipe, but creating a concoction that’s uniquely you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of coconut cocktails?

In addition to their delightful taste, coconut in cocktails provides a tropical flair and a creamy texture. Plus, coconut water is hydrating and filled with several body-friendly electrolytes.

Can I make coconut cocktails at home?

Absolutely! Most of the coconut cocktails can be made at home with the right ingredients and tools.

Are coconut cocktails usually sweet?

Yes, most coconut cocktails are on the sweeter side, given the natural sweetness of coconut. However, this can be adjusted to taste.

What’s the best rum for coconut cocktails?

White rums or coconut-infused rums are commonly used in coconut cocktails, but dark rums can add depth to the flavor.

Is the Spicy Avocado Coconut Margarita really spicy?

This cocktail has a touch of spice to it, offsetting the sweetness of the coconut and richness of avocado, giving it a perfect balance.

Are coconut cocktails high in calories?

Some can be, especially those with added sweeteners and coconut cream. However, there are lighter versions that use coconut water instead.

What is a good non-alcoholic coconut cocktail?

The Colada Sunrise is a delightful non-alcoholic cocktail option. Just skip the rum, and it works perfectly.

Can I add other fruits in a coconut cocktail?

Absolutely! Many cocktail recipes are flexible; you can add fruits like blueberries, raspberries or even hibiscus to create a new flavor twist.


As we wrap up our tropical journey, it’s clear that the world of coconut cocktails is truly exciting and diverse. From the fiery Spicy Avocado Coconut Margarita to the dreamy Mandarin Tiki Dream, these beverages provide all the excitement and relaxation you seek. They’re much more than just drinks – they’re an experience, a mini vacation packed into a glass.

So let this list be your passport to embark on a flavorful adventure, and don’t forget to explore beyond – after all, the best coconut cocktail might just be the one you create yourself. Here’s a toast to tropical evenings and unforgettable flavors. Cheers!

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