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13 Best Frozen Egg Rolls of 2024 [Crispy & Delicious]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: December 18, 2023

The joy of sinking your teeth into hot, crispy egg rolls cannot be overstated. Whether as an appetizer, snack or even a main course – they always deliver that comforting savoury hit that leaves you asking for more. And the convenience of having the best frozen egg rolls stashed in your freezer, ready to offer this burst of mouth-watering flavor at merely a moment’s notice, is what food dreams are made of. These little parcels of taste are a testament to the ingenuity of frozen food, bringing authentic exotic flavors straight to your kitchen, saving valuable time and energy.

The question remains, though; with the myriad of brands and varieties beckoning from the grocery store aisle, which ones truly deserve the title of the best frozen egg rolls? In this article, we take a tasteful journey to answer just that, setting out to uncover the champions of the freezer aisle that pack a punch in taste, quality and nutrition.

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13 Best Frozen Egg Rolls of 2024

Best Frozen Egg Rolls of 2024

Admittedly, finding the best frozen egg rolls is synonymous with discovering a treasured gateway to experiencing diverse flavors without leaving the comfort of your own kitchen. Allow me to take you on a culinary adventure as we explore these uniquely taste-packed options that mirror a perfect blend of convenience and deliciousness. Get ready to navigate the broad spectrum of the best frozen egg rolls each having its own unique spin on this universally adored snack.

1. Signature Select Pork Egg Rolls

Signature Select Pork Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Undeniably, when the craving for a hearty egg roll hits, Signature Select Pork Egg Rolls are the way to go. These rolls tastefully remind us how a simple blend of finely shredded cabbage, perfectly seasoned pork, and a crispy wrapper can create pure magic. The egg rolls are generously stuffed, making them a perfect snack or meal, and not skimpy appetizers that leave you feeling unfilled.

The wrapper crisps up beautifully in the oven, delivering a delightful crunch with every bite. What’s more, the flavor of the pork filling, combined with aromatic nuances, whisks your taste buds on an Asian-inspired adventure. Every bite is a satisfying balance of meaty and veggie flavors.

2. Trader Joe’s Chicken Spring Rolls

Trader Joe's Chicken Spring Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Trader Joe’s, a big-name in the gourmet foods market, does not disappoint with their Chicken Spring Rolls. Not your traditional egg roll, these beauties break away from the norm, delivering a deliciously unique combination of tender chicken and a colorful assortment of veggies – all meticulously rolled into a crisp and flaky pastry shell.

The rolls are incredibly flavorful and surprisingly light, hitting the spot when you want a satisfying snack without feeling weighed down. Plus, the included dipping sauce adds a sweet and tangy compliment that takes these spring rolls to new heights. Simply put, Trader Joe’s rolls are a testament to the power of quality frozen food, serving up restaurant-grade spring rolls right in your home.

3. Crav’n Chicken Egg Rolls

Crav'n Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Indisputably, Crav’n Chicken Egg Rolls stand out as a dependable crowd-pleaser. These frozen egg rolls are a perfect blend of traditional taste and modern convenience. The rolls are generously filled with seasoned white meat chicken, crisp vegetables and encased in a perfectly crispy wrapper. Each bite delivers a mouthful of flavors that blend harmoniously.

If you’re looking for frozen egg rolls that will appease both the adults and kids in your home, you’ve found a solid contender here. Crav’n has nailed the chicken egg roll game, proving that a freezer snack can compete with the best of dine-in restaurant versions.

4. Fusia White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls

Fusia White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Fusia’s White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls are all about capturing the traditional Asian flavors in a delicious, ready-to-eat package. These rolls burst with flavors of tender chicken, crisp cabbage, carrots and onions, all wrapped up in a wonderfully crunchy exterior. The unique blend of spices enhances the taste of the filling without overpowering it. It’s the kind of snack that you’d want on a laid-back night or when entertaining guests. The satisfying crunch, coupled with the savory fillings, make Fusia’s White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls a standout choice among the vast options in the frozen foods section.

5. P.F. Chang’s Chicken Egg Rolls

P.F. Chang's Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

When discussing best frozen egg rolls, it is hard to miss P.F. Chang’s Chicken Egg Rolls. The restaurant giant’s signature Asian cuisine now graces our freezers, giving customers the opportunity to indulge in the traditional flavors at home.

Each egg roll is generously packed with white meat chicken, shredded cabbage and carrots that all come together to form a pleasurable eating experience. The well-seasoned filling is neatly encased within a crispy wrapper, effortlessly mimicking the restaurant version. Not to forget, the rolls come with a tangy dipping sauce that adds a sweet and sour kick, absolutely elevating your snacking game.

6. Tai Pei Chicken Egg Rolls

Tai Pei Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Tai Pei Chicken Egg Rolls are a savory treat that deftly combine convenience and taste. These rolls are a striking example of how a simple collection of ingredients can create an explosion of Asian flavors resulting in a quick, yet extravagant meal. The mouthwatering chunks of chicken, cabbage, and carrots wrapped in a crispy golden-brown envelope offer a burst of genuine taste and texture.

To top it off, Tai Pei includes a delightfully tangy plum sauce, a perfect partner for these indulgent egg rolls. If you’re looking for a stress-free but utterly satisfying meal, Tai Pei Chicken Egg Rolls are a winner.

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7. Great Value White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls

Great Value White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Great Value White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls are a testament to the fact that great taste can be found within a modest budget. These sensibly priced, yet delicious egg rolls are packed with tender chicken, crisp vegetables, and flavorful spices, all wrapped within a crispy crust.

Every bite releases a surge of fresh Asian flavors that balance perfectly with the meatiness of chicken, keeping you hooked from the first crunch to the last. Great Value has certainly managed to bridge the gap between affordability and taste with these delightful egg rolls.

8. Pagoda White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls

Pagoda White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Pagoda White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls are a fun fusion of tradition and modern flavors. These rolls delicately balance the succulence of chicken with the crunch of fresh vegetables, delivering a gustatory experience that is fulfilling and tasty. The well-seasoned filling is wrapped in a crispy, golden-brown envelope that crumbles delightfully with each bite.

What sets Pagoda apart is their sweet and sour dipping sauce, a tangy addition that wonderfully complements the savory filling. Perfect for a snack or a meal, Pagoda’s egg rolls are a testament to their commitment to deliver quality products without compromising on taste or texture.

9. Minh Mini Chicken Egg Rolls

Minh Mini Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Minh Mini Chicken Egg Rolls are the perfect appetizers that come teeming with flavor and convenience. These bite-sized delicacies hold within them a delightful mix of moist chicken, crisp vegetables, and a well-thought-out blend of spices, enough to transform your snack-time into a culinary adventure.

The thin and crispy shell adds a delightful crunch that contrast with the soft and flavorful filling. Effortlessly poppable and incredibly tasty, these mini egg rolls are a crowd pleaser at any get together, making sure the party starts on a delicious note.

10. Chung’s Chicken Egg Rolls

Chung's Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Chung’s Chicken Egg Rolls brings authenticity to your plate, allowing you to savor restaurant-like quality egg rolls in the comfort of your home. The rolls boast high-quality chicken and a blend of fresh, crisp vegetables that make you feel as if you’re biting into a piece of art.

The enticing fusion of flavors coming from the delicate mix of chicken, vegetables, and seasoning encapsulates an effortless balance, leaving you reaching for more. Perfectly encased in a delicately crispy shell, the Chung’s egg rolls, accompanied by their lip-smacking sweet chili sauce, promise a memorably satisfying eating experience.

11. Good & Gather Chicken Thai Basil Spring Rolls

Good & Gather Chicken Thai Basil Spring Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Good & Gather Chicken Thai Basil Spring Rolls take the beloved egg roll and add a twist of Thai flair to it. The rolls are stuffed with tender chicken, crisp vegetables and a generous helping of Thai Basil, an ingredient that brings an enticingly fresh flavor to these rolls. This unique blending of flavors sets them apart, adding an exotic touch to your snacking ritual.

The egg roll’s shell maintains a crispness that pairs perfectly with the flavorful filling, resulting in a perfect bite, time and again. If you’re eager to try something unique, Good & Gather Chicken Thai Basil Spring Rolls make for an exciting pick.

12. Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Chicken Egg Rolls

Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Chicken Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Chicken Egg Rolls push boundaries by offering a health-conscious yet tasty snack. These egg rolls are an ideal option for those on a gluten-free diet, ensuring they don’t miss out on the culinary joy of a classic egg roll. They strike a balance between healthy and delectable, with an appetizing mix of white meat chicken, fresh vegetables, and tasty seasoning.

What makes them even better is the fact that they do not skimp on the signature egg roll crunch, even while accommodating dietary restrictions. A product truly living up to its name, Feel Good Foods chicken egg rolls are a guilt-free pleasure to enjoy.

13. Happi Foodi Cuban Style Egg Rolls

Happi Foodi Cuban Style Egg Rolls - Best Frozen Egg Roll of 2024

Happi Foodi Cuban Style Egg Rolls bring the flavors of the exotic Caribbean right into your kitchen. They create a beautiful fusion of traditional egg rolls and Cuban cuisine, offering a snacking experience that is a delightful departure from the norm. These egg rolls are stuffed with an impressive variety of ingredients, resulting in a textural and flavorful spectacle.

Each bite offers a surprise, whether it’s the savory pulled pork or the smoothness of the cream cheese. If you’re ready to venture beyond the traditional and try a bold new twist, Happi Foodi Cuban Style Egg Rolls await. Let your tastebuds embark on a culinary journey straight to Havana!

The Art of Choosing the Best Frozen Egg Rolls

When you stand before the frozen food aisle, it’s important to know that not all egg rolls are created equal. Choosing the best frozen egg rolls involves an art of balancing multiple factors: taste, quality, ingredient composition, and nutritional value.

  • Taste: Nothing beats the authentic taste brought about by high-quality ingredients and skilled preparation. The combination of the crunchy exterior and the flavorful filling is what makes an egg roll truly enjoyable. While personal preference plays a key role here, a general rule of thumb is to opt for varieties that showcase a good balance of flavors.
  • Quality: Superior quality is typically reflected in the ingredient list. Watch out for rolls with a decent amount of meat, vegetables, and relatable spices. Artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers are a big no.
  • Ingredients: High-quality ingredients often equate to flavorful and healthier egg rolls. This includes the type of oil used in frying, the protein choice could be chicken, pork or a meat substitute for vegans, and the spread of vibrant vegetables in the filling.

Nutritional Value of Frozen Egg Rolls: What to Look For?

Nutritional Value of Frozen Egg Rolls: What to Look For?

When it comes to the nutritional aspect of frozen egg rolls, a few pointers should guide your choice:

  • Calories: While it might be tempting to reach for the lowest calorie option, remember that not all calories are equal. A higher calorie count from nutrient-dense ingredients is preferable over low-calorie options laden with empty calories.
  • Protein: An egg roll with substantial protein will keep you fuller for longer, making it a satiating snack or a light meal.
  • Sodium: Sodium can sneak up high in processed foods including frozen egg rolls. Check the nutrition facts and choose options with less sodium.
  • Fats: Check for trans fats on the label. These are harmful fats that you’d want to avoid. Healthy fats from wholesome ingredients on the other hand are welcome.
  • Sugar: Beware of added sugars. The best frozen egg rolls will have minimal to zero added sugars.
  • Fiber: More fiber guarantees a healthier treat. Egg rolls with a good amount of veggies in them will generally provide ample fiber.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to enjoy your beloved egg rolls while ensuring they fit snugly into your healthy and balanced diet. Balancing taste, quality, and nutritional value is indeed an art, but one that will pay off on your quest for the best frozen egg rolls.

How to Choose the Best Frozen Egg Rolls According to Your Taste Buds?

When it comes to food, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Our taste buds have their unique preferences and what delights one person, might not quite hit the mark for another. Choosing the best frozen egg rolls according to your taste buds requires a blend of understanding your flavor palette, and exploring the various options on the market.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Start by noting down your preferences. Do you lean towards the hearty umami of pork, the subtly delicate flavors of chicken, or are your taste buds tantalized by exotic flavors like Cuban-style egg rolls? Perhaps you wish to venture out into exciting taste prospects like the Good & Gather Chicken Thai Basil Spring Rolls that bring the zesty freshness of basil together with the savory goodness of chicken. Having a clear idea of your preferences will save you from the predicament of choice paralysis at the grocery store.

Nutritional Preferences

Your nutritional requirements play a pivotal role in your choice too. Vegetarians, vegans, or those with dietary restrictions will have different needs. Brands like Feel Good Foods have product lines catering to gluten-free diets, offering delicious gluten-free chicken egg rolls.

Product Reviews

A treasure trove of insight lies in online reviews. Online portals offer in-depth reviews, providing valuable information on the taste, quality and price. It always helps to get an idea from someone who has tasted them before diving in and possibly facing disappointment.

Exploring Different Brands

Variety is the spice of life, so don’t be afraid to venture beyond your usual pick. You never know, the Trader Joe’s Chicken Spring Rolls could be the surprising element your taste buds have been seeking, or the Pagoda White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls could end up being your next favorite.

The Art of Experimentation

Consider this journey as a fun exploration and be open to new tastes. It’s okay if you don’t like something you expected to enjoy, the process of exploration will lead you towards your perfect egg roll match. This is an East-meets-West experience, taking you on a culinary adventure right from the comfort of your kitchen.

The path to finding the best frozen egg rolls is like an adventurous treasure hunt – explore, experience, and enjoy until you find the perfect fit for your palate. So, on your marks, get set, and munch away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best brands of frozen egg rolls to consider buying?

Some of the best brands of frozen egg rolls include Signature Select Pork Egg Rolls, Trader Joe’s Chicken Spring Rolls, P.F. Chang’s Chicken Egg Rolls, and Great Value White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls among others.

What types of ingredients should I consider when choosing the best frozen egg rolls?

Look for high-quality ingredients such as white meat chicken, fresh vegetables, and authentic spices. Also, try to avoid rolls with high sodium or artificial preservatives.

Are there gluten-free options for frozen egg rolls?

Yes, there are gluten-free options available like Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Chicken Egg Rolls. They offer a celiac-friendly option without compromising on taste.

How do I cook frozen egg rolls?

Most frozen egg rolls can be either baked in the oven or deep-fried. However, for crispier results, deep frying is often recommended. Always follow the instructions on the packaging for best results.

Can frozen egg rolls be stored in a regular freezer?

Yes, you can store your frozen egg rolls in a regular freezer. They tend to maintain their taste and freshness for a few months when stored correctly.

Are frozen egg rolls healthy?

While they aren’t as healthy as homemade egg rolls, many brands offer options that are lower in sodium and use real vegetables and lean protein, making them a healthier option compared to other frozen snacks.

How long should I heat frozen egg rolls?

Heating times may vary depending on your oven settings and the size of the egg roll. Typically, it takes around 20-25 minutes in a preheated oven.

Can I serve frozen egg rolls as a main dish?

Yes, pair your egg rolls with some steamed jasmine rice or stir-fried vegetables, and you’ve got yourself a delicious, easy main meal.


Navigating your way through the frozen food aisle doesn’t have to feel like a mission impossible. Armed with a little insight and a mindful approach, finding the best frozen egg rolls can be quite a tasteful adventure. Each one of these egg rolls we’ve explored brings something unique to your plate. Whether you are in search of comfort food, a quick between-meals snack, or catering to dietary restrictions, there’s an egg roll out there to satiate your cravings.

Remember, flavor and satisfaction are deeply personal so while some might prefer the classic texture and taste of Signature Select Pork Egg Rolls others could find delight in the exotic tastes of Happi Foodi Cuban Style Egg Rolls. Therefore, feel free to experiment and explore. After all, the perfect egg roll is the one whose taste resonates with you the most. So, heat up that oven or air fryer, dig into these delectable treats, and let your taste buds rejoice in the discovery of your favourite egg roll.

Food Lover and Storyteller 🍽️✨ With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, Shivani brings her culinary adventures to life through evocative words and tantalizing tastes. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to share the magic of flavors with fellow enthusiasts.
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