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27 Best Gas Station Drinks [Top 2024 Sips You Can’t Miss]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: January 10, 2024

With life moving at turbo-speed, we’ve all found ourselves needing a tasty pick-me-up during a long drive or amidst a crazy errand run. Gas stations are more than just a place to fill up your car these days—they’re mini markets boasting a rich diversity of quick snacks and refreshing beverages. From health-boosting refreshments to caffeinated treasure troves, there’s a drink to suit every palate and need. So let’s journey through this kaleidoscope of flavors and uncover the best gas station drinks that truly stand out from the crowd.

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27 Best Gas Station Drinks of 2024

Best Gas Station Drinks

There is something undeniably exciting about finding the perfect beverage to accompany you through your day—a drink you can reach for, confident that it won’t let you down. On those countless dash-ins to pay for gas, these bottles catch our attention, tantalize our senses, and promise sweet (or sour, if you prefer!) deliverance from our drink-related needs and cravings. The lineup listed below showcases the beverages that truly won the contest of palate pleasure and convenience.

1. Sidral Mundet

Sidral Mundet  - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Sidral Mundet, an effervescent apple flavored soda, is one of the unique treats you can pick up at a gas station. Originating from Mexico, it is an epitome of sweet clarity and has won many hearts with its refreshing tang. Each bottle captures the essence of ripe, juicy apples, offering a respite from the usual citrusy and cola flavors. It’s like a fizzy apple orchard in a bottle. It makes a fantastic pairing with any quick snack that needs a hint of freshness to balance it out.

2. High Brew Coffee

High Brew Coffee - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

For the coffee lovers out there, we’ve got High Brew Coffee. This isn’t just any coffee, it’s a wake-up call in a can and a love letter to all things caffeine. High Brew Coffee uses a unique cold brewing process that results in a less acidic, much smoother coffee flavor compared to traditional hot brewing methods. It’s great for those long drives when you need that extra jolt of energy. Plus, there’s also a flavor for everyone, from Mexican vanilla to dark chocolate mocha.

3. Mello Yello

Mello Yello - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Third on our list, we have Mello Yello, a soft drink that oozes with a distinct citrus flavor that sets it apart from the usual sodas on the market. Introduced in the 70’s, Mello Yello has garnered a dedicated fan base for its powerful taste and vibrant branding. This playful and lively soda is ideal when you need an energizing drink to keep you refreshed during those long journeys.

4. Sanzo

Sanzo - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Exotic and bursting with flavor, the Sanzo brand offers sparkling water complemented by real, authentic Asian fruit flavors. The light carbonation and absence of sweeteners makes it an excellent choice for a quick, guilt-free refreshment on the go. All natural, and inspired by Asian fruits like calamansi, lychee, and Alphonso mango, it effectively encapsulates a different cultural experience in every sip.

5. Uptime

Uptime - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Declare war on fatigue with Uptime – an energy drink that fuels your body and mind without leading to a crash later on. A combination of sugar cane, caffeine, L-Theanine, and Co-Enzyme Q10, Uptime is designed to provide smooth, steady alertness, without the jitters that typically tag along with high-caffeine energy drinks. Its sleek and easy-to-hold bottle design, which stands tall and slim, is a fitting preview of the rush that awaits.

6. Ito En Japanese Tea

Ito En Japanese Tea - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Take a break from the typical energy drinks and bubbly sodas and explore a tranquil sip of Japan, with Ito En’s Japanese Tea options. These bottled teas, unsweetened and brew from premium whole loose leaf teas, are potent in antioxidants and maintain the delicate nuances of aroma, color, and flavor of tea leaf. Whether you prefer a robust green tea, Hojicha (roasted green tea), or Oolong tea, Ito En has you covered with their range of authentic Japanese Teas.

7. V8 +Energy

V8 +Energy - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Health-conscious drivers, your go-to gas station sip is here! V8 +Energy is a refreshing and piquant energy drink. It’s essentially vegetable and fruit juice, green tea extract, and a dash of sucralose for sweetness. Bursting with rich vitamin B, vitamin C, and an inviting fullness, each can promises 50 calories – a fantastic, guilt-free, and invigorating drink. A great natural energy boost to keep you alert on the road.

8. Vybes

Vybes - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

If you’re up for trying a potentially new experience, check out Vybes drinks with CBD (cannabidiol). The Californian brand designs their beverages to help regulate mood, aiding stress, and anxiety relief. Unusual for gas station sips, right? Crafted with mouthwatering organic fruit juices and 25mg hemp CBD, each bottle of Vybes boasts a vibrant, unique flavor and the potential for relaxation. Definitely worth a try for the adventurous.

9. Jibby

Jibby - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Jibby, an energy drink with a twist, gives an instant energy boost while taking care of your gut health. A gas station find, Jibby not only includes energy components like taurine and caffeine, but also premix, a beneficial ingredient for gut health and metabolism improvements. The flavor selection plays across fruity notes with a unique twist, packed in dynamic cans that catch the eye. Energy, taste, health, and style in one package – that’s Jibby for you.

10. Olipop

Olipop - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

For those wanting a healthier alternative to traditional soda, Olipop is the answer. Available at gas stations, Olipop is much more than just a tasty drink—it delivers the benefits of prebiotics, plant fiber, and botanicals. It comes in various nostalgic flavors like Vintage Cola, Classic Root Beer, and Strawberry Vanilla, all while keeping the sugar content low. Each can of Olipop soda offers a distinct reminder of your favorite childhood sodas but with a modern, health-conscious spin.

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11. Reed’s

Reed's - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

When you’re yearning for something a little different, Reed’s Ginger Brew products make an excellent choice of gas station drink. Reed’s take on ginger brew brings you strong ginger beer with a fine balance of sweetness, spice, and carbonation. It’s a powerful palette cleanser, a digestion aid, and a remedy for nausea, all packed in a bottle. On sweltering days or during lengthy journeys, Reed’s is a great pick-me-up for all ginger lovers.

12. Bodyarmor

Bodyarmor - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Bodyarmor is a sports drink that gives simplistic hydration a healthy, flavorful upgrade. It’s a blend of electrolytes, antioxidants, and natural flavors and sweeteners, packed in a vividly distinctive bottle. Offering hydration plus nutrients in one go, Bodyarmor boosts energy during strenuous physical activities, or helps you rehydrate following a workout. Pick up a bottle on your gas station visit – your body will thank you for it.

13. Mad Tasty

Mad Tasty - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Staying hydrated is essential, and with Mad Tasty, you can do so in style. This sparkling water is mixed with fruit flavors and broad spectrum hemp extract, creating a beverage that’s not only refreshing but potentially beneficial to your well-being. Zero sugars, no calories, and lots of flavor – that’s the Mad Tasty promise. The next time you stop by a gas station, take a break with Mad Tasty and give your mood a quick, tasty ladder to the bright side.

14. Gatorade

Gatorade - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

When it comes to high-performance hydration, few can compete with Gatorade. Since its inception, it’s been a staple companion for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, offering instant hydration and replenishment of lost nutrients. Complementing its primary purpose, Gatorade comes in a rainbow of flavors including classic lemon-lime, icy grape, and fruit punch. Picking up a bottle at your nearest gas station would be a swift yet effective nod to your hydration needs on a busy day.

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15. Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Get ready to visit the ’90s with a flavorful trip down memory lane with Clearly Canadian. Available at many gas stations, this throwback sparkling water offers flavors that are fruit-inspired with a hint of nostalgia. Whether you’re a fan of the wild cherry or the peach variant, the exciting burst of natural fruit essence alongside the bubbly texture gives you a flavorful respite from the monotony of your journey.

16. Vita Coco

Vita Coco - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

With its high electrolyte content and refreshing taste, coconut water makes a great alternative to standard sports drinks. Vita Coco, a globally recognized brand, offers your body a natural, potassium-rich hydration helper. This drink in your cooler bag during a road trip or a hiking adventure is a blessing in disguise as it provides speedy hydration and replenishes essential nutrients.

17. Better Than Booze

Better Than Booze - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Are you a kombucha lover looking for a healthier, non-alcoholic drink option? If yes, then Better Than Booze is perfect for you. It’s a fermented drink with a mild, zesty kick in every sip. Jam-packed with probiotics, organic acids, and a hint of natural carbonation, this beverage is an excellent choice for gut health – all available conveniently at gas stations.

18. SunnyD

SunnyD - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Take a refreshing walk down memory lane with SunnyD‘s tangy, sweet citrus hit. This nostalgic drink hasn’t lost any love from fans, young and old, who crave a vitamin-packed burst of sunshine. Tasty and fortified with essential vitamins, this beverage could be your perfect choice for a quick and refreshing pitstop pick-me-up.

19. A Shoc

A Shoc - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

The world of energy drinks typically gets a bad reputation for poor health benefits. Nevertheless, A Shoc is one energy drink that flips the script. It provides reliable energy minus the crash, thanks to its clean and natural ingredients. It’s made with natural caffeine from green coffee beans and yerba mate. It offers sharper mental focus without the jitters, and gives a natural physical boost without artificial preservatives, chemicals, or sweeteners. A trip to the gas station can be instantly energized with this clean and uplifting beverage.

20. Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

If extreme sports had a designated drink, it would probably be Mountain Dew. Always associated with high-energy and adventure, it makes every gas station visit a ticket to instant thrill. The unique citrus flavor packs a punch, and the caffeine content gives you that needed bolt of energy. Whether it’s for a lengthy road-trip or simply combating afternoon sluggishness, Mountain Dew serves as an electrifying fix for the sleepyheads.

21. Roar Organic

Roar Organic - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Those looking for a drink to justify a health-based splurge should grab a bottle of Roar Organic. These drinks deliver hydration powered by coconut water, promising a taste that is balanced, not too over-powering. Boosted with antioxidants and B-vitamins, Roar Organic is not just refreshing but also functions as a health-promoting elixir. Next time at a gas station, don’t forget to check for this delightful and nutritious drink.

22. Tahitian Treat

Tahitian Treat - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Imagine transporting your tastebuds to the tropical regions with one gulp. That is exactly what Tahitian Treat promises to deliver. This fruity soda offers a fast-pass to a tropical paradise with its unique, somewhat elusive, blend of tropical fruit flavors. Exotic, sweet, and loaded with carbonation, this cult favorite soda is a thirst-quenching treat that is often found at most gas stations.

23. Clean Cause

Clean Cause - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

True to its name, Clean Cause isn’t just any ordinary drink. It’s an organic energy drink with a noble cause – 50% of its profits go towards supporting individuals in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. The brand offers a lineup of sparkling Yerba Mate drinks which boast a clean, organic source of energy, free from artificial sweeteners or additives. So not only do you get to quench your thirst, but you make a difference with every can you buy. It’s a cause-worthy option for fans of feel-good beverages.

24. Recess

Recess - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Searching for something to lift your mood and decrease your anxiety? Look no more! Recess is the drink you need. It’s an infusion of organic hemp extract and adaptogens. Intended to help balance the mind and body, it becomes a go-to for anyone seeking a calming yet refreshing beverage. Its playful brand personality and artfully designed cans are just a cherry on top of the holistic wellness this drink offers.

25. Health-Ade Kombucha

Health-Ade Kombucha - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Health-conscious folks, rejoice! Health-Ade Kombucha is a delightful fermented tea loaded with healthy probiotics and antioxidants. It’s an organic, raw, and vegan-friendly beverage that supports digestion and boosts energy. The company follows an old-world brewing process, fermenting their teas in glass jars to prevent plastic or metal leaching. So, if you make a pit stop at a gas station and spot a bottle of Health-Ade, it’s a sign to take a healthy route.

26. Coconut Water

Coconut Water - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

If hydration is the game, Coconut Water is the name. Renowned for its refreshing taste, loaded with electrolytes, it screams “true thirst-quencher.” It’s naturally sweet, loaded with minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium that replenish lost fluids faster than water. Especially after long drives or intense workouts, coconut water becomes the real MVP. No wonder, this tropical delight is a gas station must-have!

27. Arizona Green Tea

Arizona Green Tea - Best Gas Station Drink of 2024

Consider your quest for the perfect refreshing beverage over once you’ve tried Arizona Green Tea. It’s just the right blend of sweet and vibrant flavors that never fails to hit the spot. Every gulp promises health benefits of green tea coupled with honey’s soothing sweetness, making this tasteful concoction one of the most popular gas station drinks. So, the next time the thirst hits while you’re on the go, remember, there is always an Arizona Green Tea waiting to refresh your journey.

How Flavors Rule the Gas Station Drinks Market?

When it comes to gas station drinks, it’s the burst of flavors that have customers coming back for more. Ever since the beverage shelf came into existence, it has experienced a kind of evolution. What started as a simple offering of water and soda pop has transformed into an ever-expanding universe of flavors.

From hemispheric drinks like Japan’s Ito En Tea and Mexico’s apple-flavored Sidral Mundet to domestically popular beverages such as the citrusy delight of Mello Yello or the refreshing Arizona Green Tea, gas stations slide into new avenues of flavor exploration. The success of such beverages also invites more unique and distinctive drinks that capture the cultural essence and taste adventures, introducing gas station-goers to never before tasted flavors.

New players like Sanzo, renowned for its Asian-inspired flavors, or the intriguingly unique offerings of Vybes and Jibby, are translating the global gastronomic map into delicious, ready-to-drink packages. Let’s also not forget the stunning reinterpretations of classics. Case in point being the Tahitian Treat, a luscious spin on our beloved fruit punch.

Furthermore, as the awareness for healthy habits increases, gas stations are also playing their part in this wellness movement, featuring drinks like Kombucha (from Health-Ade), Reed’s ginger beer, or Coconut Water. These health-centric options are not only shaking up the traditional beverage lineup with their rich and vibrant taste profiles but also contribute significantly to this flavor revolution.

Why Gas Station Drinks are More than Just Thirst Quenchers?

Why Gas Station Drinks are More than Just Thirst Quenchers?

One might wonder why someone would worry about the nutritional content of a drink picked up at a gas station. Well, the answer lies in the current shift towards a health-conscious lifestyle. Sodas and overly sweetened drinks are no longer the only go-to beverages at your local gas station. The shelves today boast an array of drinks that are more than just thirst quenchers.

Take V8 +Energy, for instance. This soy-based caffeinated beverage provides you with steady stamina, acting as a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks. Or consider Bodyarmor, a sports drink enriched with electrolytes and vitamins, aiding in hydration and promoting recovery post physical activity.

Better Than Booze‘s range is another example of drinks serving as mood elevating agents without any alcohol involved. Then there’s Olipop, known for its prebiotic fiber content, contributing to your daily dietary fiber intake and promoting digestive health.

Apart from nutrition, wellness drinks like Mad Tasty and Recess, infused with CBD, offer calming effects and can help manage stress and anxiety. Clean Cause, on the other hand, donates 50% of its profits to support individuals in substance recovery, making it a drink that quenches your thirst and supports a social cause.

While flavor remains the king, health benefits and social impact are adding new dimensions to the gas station drinks market – making them a much-loved part of our modern, always-on-the-go lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best gas station drinks?

Some favorites include High Brew Coffee, Gatorade, V8 +Energy, Vita Coco, and Arizona Green Tea among many others.

Are gas station drinks healthy?

It depends on the drink. Some, like coconut water and Health-Ade Kombucha, offer health benefits. It’s always important to read the nutritional label.

Can I find international beverages at gas stations?

Absolutely. Drinks like Sidral Mundet from Mexico and Ito En Japanese tea are commonly found at gas stations.

Do gas stations carry energy drinks?

Yes, most gas stations have a vast selection of energy drinks such as Uptime, A Shoc, and many more.

What types of drinks can I find at a gas station?

You can find a wide array of beverages, including carbonated drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, iced coffees, bottled water, and even wellness drinks.

Are there any low-sugar or no-sugar drink options at gas stations?

Yes, brands like Better Than Booze, Reed’s, and Clean Cause often have low-sugar or sugar-free options.

Are gas station drinks expensive?

The price of gas station drinks can vary depending on the brand and size of the drink, but most are relatively affordable.

Can I find local beverage brands in gas stations?

Many gas stations stock drinks from local or regional brands, giving you a taste of the local culture and supporting local businesses.

Are vegan or gluten-free drink options available at gas stations?

Yes, many gas station drink brands cater to specific dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, and organic options.

Is it better to buy drinks at a gas station or a grocery store?

Both options have their perks. Gas stations are typically convenient for on-the-go purchases, while grocery stores may have a wider variety.


Discovering the best gas station drinks can turn any ordinary pit stop into a flavor-packed adventure. With the dizzying array of options available—each one tempting us with unique flavors, wellness benefits, or the promise of a quick energy boost—it’s easy to find a beverage that aligns with our tastes, lifestyle, and preferences.

As we continue our journey across states and highways, these drinks offer an unexpected touch of joy: a chance to travel the world through Asian teas, Mexican refreshments; recharge with an energy potion or get lost in a tropical flavor burst. Choices are abundant, and as we’ve seen, there’s a drink for every whim and occasion, awaiting us all in the sparkling coolers of our next gas station visit.

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