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15 Best Olipop Flavors Ranked (2024) Fizz-terpiece Collection

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: September 6, 2023

Delving into the immersive world of Olipop can often be a delightful journey, much like my personal exploration of this wonderland of flavors. There is a profound revelation in every can, a promise of a unique experience set to mesmerize your taste buds. The intriguing experience of unearthing the Best Olipop Flavors has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure for me.

From the heat of Ginger Lemon to the shared creaminess of Banana Cream and the old-school charm of Vintage Cola, the distinct tastes have a magical way of transporting me to the bygone era of soda fountains and candy stores. As we journey through this flavorful landscape, let's unwrap the artistry behind these incredible concoctions that make Olipop a standout among aficionados of healthy and enjoyable beverages.

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15 Best Olipop Flavors Ranked As of 2024

Best Olipop Flavors of 2023

Diving into the world of Olipop is like setting off on a voyage filled with surprises and delightful discoveries. Each flavor offers a unique narrative, painting a captivating picture on your palate. From the tangy Ginger Lemon to the robust Vintage Cola, here's your curated tour through the 15 Best Olipop flavors, a symphony of tastes waiting to be explored. So, buckle up and let your taste buds lead the way!

1. Olipop Ginger Lemon

Ginger Lemon - Best Olipop Flavors

The moment that first sip of the Ginger Lemon Olipop caresses your taste buds, there's an instantaneous wave of refreshment that engulfs you. The flavor certainly lives true to its name, offering a bold splash of ginger, seamlessly mellowed by the tangy zest of lemon.

The sharp, warm flavor of the ginger is a perfect counterpoint to the tart lemon. The combination itself is a stroke of genius, harnessing the earthy depth of ginger with the vivacious sunny breeziness of lemon. I particularly reveled in the fusion of the sizzling punch of ginger with the subtly sweet undertones of the lemon.

This Olipop flavor, to me, exudes a certain charm of rejuvenation. Tantalizing and zesty, it presents a crisp punch that leaves you wanting more. It's akin to a sunny afternoon, a quick escape from the mundane, a moment of clarity amid the chaos. The Ginger Lemon concoction truly casts a reinvigorating spell on your senses, crafting moments savored in utter bliss.

And let’s not forget about its numerous health benefits. With the inclusion of dietary fiber, prebiotics, botanicals, and plant fiber, each can of this supplement-enhanced soda keeps your gut health in check. It's a comforting health refresher in a can!

2. Olipop Crisp Apple

Crisp Apple - Best Olipop Flavors

As I popped open the Crisp Apple Olipop, the first thing that hit me was the nostalgia it evoked. The scent is similar to biting into a freshly picked apple on a crisp autumn morning. Its taste? Truly a garden in a can. Even though I was sitting in the comfort of my home, each sip transported me to an apple orchard, bathed in the golden-brown glow of fall.

The crisp and sweet flavor is composed beautifully and is pleasantly surprising for a soda beverage. It’s not overpoweringly sweet, but instead, it takes on the natural sweetness of real apples, rounded out with subtle earthy tones. This gives it a smoothness that I found to be truly remarkable.

The beauty of the Crisp Apple Olipop lies in its simplicity. It manages to capture the essence of apple without relying on artificial sweetness or heavy flavor additives. Each sip is a delightful blend of nostalgia and refreshment, a harmonious marriage of health and taste - certainly a flavor to be reckoned with!

3. Olipop Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch - Best Olipop Flavors

Every sip of the Tropical Punch Olipop is like embarking on a journey to an exotic island, where the sun basks the landscape in its golden glow, and the tantalizing aroma of tropical fruits fill the air. The flavor is adventurous, exciting, and above all, invigorating.

The Tropical Punch Olipop seemed to me like a joyous celebration of the tropics. Notes of pineapple, coconut, passion fruit, and other tropical delights intermingled in a delicious dance which had the soul of a vibrant tropical paradise.

Moreover, the sweet flavors were perfectly balanced with a hint of tartness, much like sitting by the beach and savoring fresh tropical fruits. Couple that with the healthy infusion of botanical extracts, plant fibers, and prebiotics, and you’ve got a healthy, tropical retreat in a can.

4. Olipop Banana Cream

Banana Cream - Best Olipop Flavors

At first, the Banana Cream Olipop may sound like an indulgent dessert rather than a soda – and maybe that’s exactly what makes it so enticing. Upon first taste, I was instantly transported into the comforting embrace of a cozy afternoon spent nibbling on delightful banana cream pie, but without any guilt or extraneous sugar.

The Banana Cream Olipop, with its robust banana flavor and creamy undertones, was a pleasant surprise. It managed to find the sweet spot between being a soda and imparting a delicious, dessert-like richness.

On top of its unique flavor profile, I was enthralled to find that this variant came loaded with the goodness of prebiotics, plant fibers, and botanical extracts. So, while I was enjoying the creamy delight of a dessert, I was also treating my body to a healthful punch – a win-win situation if there ever was one!

5. Olipop Orange Squeeze

Orange Squeeze - Best Olipop Flavors

Capturing the vibrant taste of ripe oranges in a can might seem an ambitious endeavor. However, that's precisely what the Orange Squeeze Olipop accomplishes, and it does so with a flair that left me thoroughly impressed.

My first encounter with Orange Squeeze felt like an ode to summer, an explosion of citrusy delight that spreads like a sunrise in your mouth. The tanginess of the orange is very refreshing, while the sweetness is soft and rounded, beautifully mirroring the experience of biting into an actual orange.

What sets Orange Squeeze apart from the rest is that this flavor possesses a certain zing, but it doesn’t overdo it. It respects the palate, balancing the sweet with the tangy. Not to mention the infusion of prebiotics, botanical extracts, and plant fiber, turning this soda into a healthy treat that nurtures the gut while celebrating the taste buds.

In essence, each can of Orange Squeeze Olipop is a slice of summer that you can savor no matter the season. From my experience, its natural fruitiness and cheerful personality make it a perfect choice any time you desire some liquid sunshine in your day.

6. Olipop Cherry Vanilla

Cherry Vanilla - Best Olipop Flavors

A sip of the Cherry Vanilla Olipop is akin to partaking in a dance – a playful duet of tender cherry and velvety vanilla swirling together in a splendid ballet of taste. This drink is an intriguing blend of familiar sweet cherry notes coupled with the smoothness of vanilla - a fusion that lends itself to an experience that is both delightful and nostalgic.

The Cherry Vanilla Olipop has a distinctly sophisticated character. The flavor of cherries is vivid, ending on a high note, while the vanilla leaves behind a comforting, creamy aftertaste. The result is a memorable melody of flavors - sweet, vibrant, and tranquil – all at once.

Drinking Cherry Vanilla Olipop feels like immersing oneself in a classic tale. With each sip, I felt a sense of familiarity, but also a thrill of something new. The savory mix of cherry and vanilla wrapped in the benefits of prebiotics, botanical extracts, and plant fiber delivers an unmatched taste that’s not too overpowering but is incredibly satisfying.

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7. Olipop Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola - Best Olipop Flavors

Cherry Cola Olipop is an exciting twist on the classic cola flavor - the extra kick from cherries makes it a vibrant, and somewhat addicting beverage! What I genuinely appreciate about this flavor is how it manages to merge the nostalgia of classic cola with the tart, exotic taste of ripe cherries.

The Cherry Cola Olipop takes me back to my fond memories of drive-ins and diners, evoking a sense of vintage times with its nostalgic flavor profile. With every sip, I was greeted with the familiar fizz of cola and unique depth from cherries, which harmonized beautifully to create this delightful, nostalgic beverage.

Furthermore, despite its traditional soda profile, Cherry Cola Olipop level-ups in terms of health. The inclusion of dietary fibers, prebiotics, and botanical extracts transforms this soda into a healthier beverage choice that not only caters to my palette but also my wellness needs.

8. Olipop Vintage Cola

Vintage Cola - Best Olipop Flavors

With plenty of modern soda flavors buzzing in the market, nothing brings home feelings of familiarity like Vintage Cola. From the moment I popped open my first can, I was treated with a delightful sense of déjà vu, a flavor from the good old days.

The Vintage Cola Olipop is a classic that I believe will never go out of style. It embodies the deep, rich taste of traditional cola with a twist. The caramel undertones and signature fizz make it a beverage you cannot pass up.

However, the greatest charm of Vintage Cola Olipop is the healthy spin. It’s packed with beneficial features such as prebiotics, botanical extracts, and plant fibers making drinking soda a less guilty pleasure. The Vintage Cola captures the essence of a classic soda, the taste, the nostalgia, but with a refreshing, wholesome spin.

9. Olipop Cream Soda

Cream Soda - Best Olipop Flavors

Every sip of the Cream Soda Olipop is like falling into a dreamy wonderland. The sweet, creamy, and smooth flavor is a delightful experience, which felt like indulging in comfort in a can.

The Cream Soda flavor of Olipop truly stood out to me with its indulgence. Sweet but not overwhelming, the taste feels luxuriously creamy, like a cloud in your mouth. Relishing the comforting taste of this soda served as a delightful treat, allowing a little bit of indulgence in my daily routine.

In addition to the highlighted smooth and creamy taste, the Cream Soda Olipop brings to the table a high standard of nutritional value. The blend of prebiotics, botanical extracts, and plant fiber makes for a healthier soda option that is gut-friendly. So here’s to relish the cherished, comfortable taste of cream soda without having to worry about any repercussions on my health!

10. Olipop Classic Grape

Classic Grape - Best Olipop Flavors

The Classic Grape Olipop flavor is the kind of soda you dream of on a hot day. With every sip, the crisp grape flavor pops, and the sweetness takes over, creating a harmonious medley of exhilarating taste experiences.

Classic Grape revealed an authentic grape flavor that was unbelievably close to sinking my teeth into a plump grape. The balance between sweetness and tartness struck a perfect balance, making it an enjoyable treat for any time of the day.

But, it's not just taste that sets this drink apart; it's the beautifully balanced nutritional profile. It's packed with traditional soda flavors, prebiotics, plant fiber, and botanical extracts. Classic Grape is the deliciously healthy soda fix I didn't know I needed.

11. Olipop Classic Root Beer

Classic Root Beer - Best Olipop Flavors

Where to start with the delightful Classic Root Beer? An Olipop flavor full of surprises, and brimming with a sweetness that's purely comforting to the soul. It tastes exactly like a root beer should—strong, sweet, and sassy.

Classic Root Beer Olipop was a reflection of a traditional recipe with a bold and bright flavor that resonated deep within. Yet, Olipop's take on this classic is far healthier and more invigorating. The healthy ingredients packed into this beverage elevate it above the common soda.

With each sip, you not only taste the sweet magic of root beer but also imbibe the health benefits of botanical extracts, prebiotics, and plant fiber packed into each can. Trust me, you'd want to keep a stash of Olipop Classic Root Beer, reminding you of the good old days without the health concerns of regular soda.

12. Olipop Doctor Goodwin

Doctor Goodwin - Best Olipop Flavors

The flavor of Doctor Goodwin Olipop was something I was not entirely prepared for. On my first sip, it was like an unforeseen delightful scene from a movie. The refreshing blend of green apple, blackberry, and calming notes of vanilla created an unusual yet utterly satisfying flavor that I've grown to love.

A sip of Doctor Goodwin was like an unexpected plot twist—distinct, surprising, and something I’d look forward to experiencing again. The harmony of fruity, tart, and sweet profiles was thoughtfully crafted, offering a unique yet balanced palate experience.

But Doctor Goodwin's genius doesn't stop at the flavor. It’s an elixir of great health benefits, including prebiotics, plant fiber, and botanical extracts. This drink not only surprised my taste buds but also treated my body to some much-needed nourishment. Doctor Goodwin truly lives up to its fun and clever namesake.

13. Olipop Lemon-Lime

Lemon-Lime - Best Olipop Flavors

The Lemon-Lime Olipop flavor is the epitome of refreshing. The fizzy pop that opens up as soon as you crack open the can promises a vibrant taste experience. With each sip of this tangy flavor, I was instantly transported to a breezy summer day, sitting by the beach.

The incredible zesty hit of the lemon and lime combination has been artfully balanced so that neither flavor outshines the other. Instead, Lemon-Lime offers a clean, subtle, citrus blend that leaves an enjoyable sour-sweet aftertaste.

I found the Lemon-Lime Olipop to be a perfect accompaniment for a light lunch or as a rejuvenating drink to beat the mid-day slump. But the allure doesn’t stop at the incredible taste. This flavor too boasts the health benefits of prebiotics and plant fiber, staying true to the Olipop promise.

14. Olipop Strawberry Vanilla

Strawberry Vanilla - Best Olipop Flavors

A mind-boggling mix, the Strawberry Vanilla Olipop flavor effortlessly stole my heart. From the moment I uncapped the drink till the last drop, it was a whirlwind journey of delightful flavors.

The fragrant notes of vanilla met the punchiness of fresh strawberries, creating a beautiful medley of flavors. A sip of the Strawberry Vanilla guarantees a ride on the fun roller-coaster of bursting berries with a hint of smooth vanilla. The sweetness is so perfectly balanced that it never comes off as too overpowering.

This sweet, syrupy, and deliciously fruity Olipop flavor is like sunshine in a can. Alongside the intriguing flavors, the usual Olipop health benefits remain, making this beverage an indulgent treat without the guilt.

15. Olipop Orange Cream

Orange Cream - Best Olipop Flavors

Last but not least on my journey was the Orange Cream Olipop flavor. It turned out to be a game-changer for my taste buds. It was like sipping on a smooth, creamy, citrus heaven that was simultaneously comforting and tantalizing.

The bold, fresh orange flavor hit first, followed by the irresistible velvety creaminess. Each sip of Orange Cream held the whimsical promise of sunny escape, truly an experience to cherish.

Along with the rich flavors, the Orange Cream too offered a healthy dose of prebiotics, plant fiber, and botanical extracts. This drink had me wondering, why settle for soda when you can switch to healthier and equally delicious choices like this? After tasting this, I was convinced; Olipop surely knows how to marry flavor and nutrition seamlessly.

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How the Delightful Orange Squeeze Makes a Perfect Morning Beverage?

What better way to kickstart your morning than with a bright, tangy, and crisp citrus delight? Olipop's Orange Squeeze exactly provides that. It takes me on a joyous ride down the roads of lush orange orchards with just the right hint of tanginess. The way it refreshes my senses, akin to a cool morning breeze, keeps me coming back for more.

Here's the thing about Orange Squeeze, the citrusy rush, paired with its effervescence, aids in waking up both my mind and palate. Its purity and freshness, which I hold in high honour, stimulate my senses and make way for a sense of invigorating alertness. Certainly enough to justify replacing my usual caffeine-based morning beverages.

There's a rhythm to consuming Orange Squeeze, much like a morning ritual. Sip, experience the burst of natural orange flavour, revel in the sparkly fizz, and repeat. It's an enchanting ballet of taste and sensation that dances on the palate, urging me to embrace the day with zest.

How the Sweet Strawberry Vanilla Earned its Spot in My Favorites?

How the Sweet Strawberry Vanilla Earned its Spot in My Favorites?

Exploring the Olipop spectrum, I happened upon a gem—the Strawberry Vanilla. Let me tell you, this isn't just your run-of-the-mill soda. It's an intricate dance of flavors, a narrative that unfolds with each sip.

On paper, the combo of strawberry and vanilla might seem too sweet or even one-dimensional. But, oh was I proven wrong! The love story between bold strawberries and delicate vanilla turned out to be a tale of perfect balance. The strawberries, ripe and tangy, provided the exciting kick. The vanilla, calm and sweet, delivered the perfect soothing backdrop.

Delightful is the adjective here. Delightful and reminiscent of a lazy summer afternoon and the pure joys of indulging in a strawberry vanilla ice cream. Be it its ability to give me a sweet treat without disrupting my health choices or its power to transport me to joyful summer days, Strawberry Vanilla has, undeniably, earned a prominent spot in my Olipop favorites. The sweet satisfaction it offers, almost like a dessert in a can, is why Strawberry Vanilla is a surefire pick-me-up after long, tiring days.

How the Lemon-Lim Refreshes Like No Other?

From the moment I twisted open the can of Olipop's Lemon-Lime, a zesty whiff invigorated my senses. It was like uncovering a bit of summer amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As I took my first sip, the crispness of the lime harmoniously coupled with the tangy lemon, creating an effect akin to a cool breeze on a sun-baked afternoon.

The lingering citrus flavors danced on my palate, ushering in a refreshing and thirst-quenching sensation that stands unmatched amongst other soda drinks I have tried. Bonus? Olipop's Lemon-Lime is teeming with prebiotics, plant fiber, and botanicals. So not only does it refresh my palate, but it also serves some essential nourishment for my body.

How Orange Cream Became My Unexpected Favorite?

How Orange Cream Became My Unexpected Favorite?

Venturing into the territory of Orange Cream, I wasn't sure what to expect. Usually, the sound of a beverage inspired by a creamsicle doesn't quite seduce my taste buds. However, Olipop managed to do what I thought was not possible by converting this skeptic into an admirer.

As soon as the tangy orange hit my tongue, it was an overarching sense of nostalgia, like being a child again, enjoying a popsicle on a warm day. Following the initial citrusy experience was a delightful surprise - a creamy wave that added depth and balance to the tang. It was a bar of white chocolate melting in a sun-ripened orange grove, luxuriously unexpected and intriguingly delicious!

This unique blend of citrus and cream quickly vaulted Orange Cream into the upper echelons of my Olipop favorites. Although surprising, this flavor adventure provided a testament to Olipop's delightful unpredictability. I would urge anyone with a sense of daring and a fondness for unlikely mixes to try out this avant-garde blend of soda goodness.

Why Cherry Vanilla is More Than Just a Delicious Beverage?

When it comes to Olipop's whimsical melange of flavors, Cherry Vanilla certainly merits a special mention. It's more than just audaciously delicious, it serves as an enchanted bridge connecting the simple joy of savoring a refreshment to a fantastically textured culinary experience.

An Exquisite After-Dinner Delight

The first sip of Cherry Vanilla transports you to a universe of contrasting sensations- it's not unlike tasting a sophisticated dessert. The tartness of cherry gracefully dovetails with the rich, comforting warmth of vanilla. This harmonious blend essentially converts your casual after-dinner sipping into a delectable dessert course.

A Nostalgic Journey Down Memory Lane

Interestingly, while I found myself relishing this exceptional blend, it served as a gently swaying time machine as well. The Cherry Vanilla flavor easily evokes feeling of a childhood spent cherishing those cherry soda pops and vanilla ice-creams. It takes me back to those sunny afternoons a spent savoring ice-cream sundae, making this Olipop variant more than just another beverage.

Pairing Opportunity with Foods

You will also be pleased to know that Cherry Vanilla offers a fantastic pairing opportunity with different foods. Whether it's a spicy BBQ, a hearty steak, or a delicious piece of chocolate cake, the profile of Cherry Vanilla complements and even enhances the flavors of these respective foods.

To give you an idea, here's a small table to illustrate the potential food pairings for Cherry Vanilla.

FoodWhy it Pairs Well
Spicy BBQContrasts and refreshes the palate with sweet cherry notes.
SteakVanilla base rounds off the bold flavors of the meat.
Chocolate CakeThe fizzy cherry notes provide balance to the richness of the cake.

So, intrigue your taste buds, and initiate a foray into the world of Olipop's Cherry Vanilla. You won't just find a delicious beverage, but a multi-faceted experience awaiting at the turn of the can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Olipop?

Olipop is an innovative beverage that reimagines the concept of soda. It is a healthy and delicious alternative to your traditional carbonated drinks. Packed with prebiotics, botanicals, and plant fiber, Olipop is designed to support your gut health, while still delivering the flavors that we all cherish about soda.

Where can I buy Olipop?

You can purchase Olipop online through their official website or through select retail stores. You can use their store locator on the website to find the closest store that carries Olipop.

Is Olipop a good substitute for regular soda?

Absolutely! Olipop is not just a healthier alternative to regular soda, but it also provides a unique and satisfying taste experience due to its variety of flavors. You can enjoy the nostalgic taste of soda without the excessive sugar and artificial ingredients.

Does Olipop contain any allergens?

All of Olipop's products are free of major food allergens. They do not contain dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, or gluten.

Why is Olipop a healthier choice?

Olipop has been designed to be a healthier soda. It contains only 2-5g of sugar per can, is high in fiber (9g per can), and packed with plant-based ingredients that support digestive health.

Which Olipop flavor is the most popular?

It's hard to choose a single flavor, as preferences can vary significantly. However, staples like 'Crisp Apple' and 'Vintage Cola' are perennial favorites. For the more adventurous, the distinctive flavor combinations of 'Cherry Vanilla' and 'Banana Cream' are worth a try.

How many calories are in each can of Olipop?

Each 12oz can of Olipop contains between 35-50 calories, depending on the flavor. It's a guilt-free indulgence you can enjoy without worrying about your calorie intake.

Does Olipop contain caffeine?

Some Olipop flavors do contain small amounts of naturally occurring caffeine. Among these are the 'Vintage Cola' and 'Cherry Cola' variants which have about 10mg of caffeine per can, approximately just 10-20% of the amount found in a standard cup of coffee.


Through the vibrant landscape of Olipop, I have discovered a treasure trove of flavors that go well beyond the conventional realms of soda. Each flavor weaves its own tale, melding traditional ingredients with an innovative edge. The best Olipop flavors offer not just a refreshing gulp, but an immersive experience that resonates with personal moments, nostalgic memories, or summer's unfulfilled cravings.

There's no magic formula for the perfect flavor, as it ultimately comes down to individual preferences. Yet, the intriguing selection from Olipop presents everyone with a chance to embark on a flavorful journey. Oh! And one last thing, don't forget to find your own favorite flavor. Trust me, it's an adventure in itself. Happy tasting!

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