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15 Best Ginger Ales [See 2024‘s Unmatched Winners]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: December 14, 2023

Ginger ale: a staple for soothe-seekers, wellness worshipers, and soft drink aficionados across the globe, but with today’s array of options, how do you decide which one is the best ginger ale? Could it be the fizzy charm of a vintage ginger brew or the healthy touch of a modern, calorie-conscious one? Perhaps it’s the crisp refreshment from an established brand or the intriguing flavors of a new market entry. With each offering its distinct taste and a flavor profile, selecting the best ginger ale can indeed be a tantalizing journey of effervescent exploration.

So put on your taste-testing hats, because today we’re diving into the fizzy world of ginger ale to help you discover the best ginger ale for your perfect, thirst-quenching satisfaction. Let’s get bubbling!

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15 Best Ginger Ales (2024) Sip on Flavor, Health, and Tradition

Best Ginger Ales (2024)

Brace yourself for a whirling beverage voyage as we explore the realm of ginger ales. They’re not all the same. Whether it’s the classic flavor, the health benefits, or the time-honored tradition behind each brand, these ginger ales offer a unique experience for every sip.

1. Arizona’s Own Mesquite Ginger Ale

Arizona's Own Mesquite Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

For those looking for a taste of the wild, the Arizona’s Own Mesquite Ginger Ale is your perfect choice. This ginger ale boasts a unique blend of local ingredients, including honey, lime, and of course, mesquite. The smoky, slightly sweet flavor profile derived from these ingredients is unlike any you’ve tasted before in a ginger ale. With just the right balance of sweetness, a refreshing lightness, and a fiery ginger kick, this drink can easily transport you to the vast deserts of sunny Arizona. Whether you’re sipping it on a hot day or using it as a mixer for your favorite cocktail, this mesquite ginger ale is sure to add some dynamism to your taste buds.

2. Zevia Ginger Ale

Zevia Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Enter the world of healthier fizzy drink options with Zevia Ginger Ale. Made with Stevia, a natural, calorie-free sweetener, this drink promises a healthier alternative that doesn’t compromise flavor. This offering has a high appeal to calorie-counters and health enthusiasts, without delivering a too-sweet experience found in many other ginger ales. The fresh, crisp flavor profile combined with the satisfying fizz makes Zevia Ginger Ale a delightful accompaniment to your meals. Its minimalistic can design also adds to the modern, trendy appeal of the brand.

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3. Virgil’s Zero Ginger Ale

Virgil's Zero Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Virgil’s Zero Ginger Ale is a standout in the zero-sugar beverage category. It’s proof that you don’t need to rely on sugar for an amazing tasting ginger ale. This drink beautifully combines ginger extract, natural flavors, and monk fruit extract to deliver a sweet, zesty, and refreshing beverage that’s full of taste yet free of guilt. It’s the perfect alternative for those looking to cut back on sugar but still crave that classic, sparkling refreshment.

4. Sprecher Ginger Ale

Sprecher Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Take a journey back in time with Sprecher Ginger Ale. Born out of Wisconsin’s oldest craft brewery, this ginger ale blends a traditional brewing process with a careful selection of ingredients to create a deeply flavorful, satisfying, and unique ginger ale. Sprecher’s emphasis on quality and taste is evident in every sip, delivering a full-bodied, spicy kick with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s a classic ginger ale experience that harkens back to the golden age of soft drinks.

5. Dr. Brown’s Extra Dry Ginger Ale

Dr. Brown’s Extra Dry Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

If subtlety is what you seek, Dr. Brown’s Extra Dry Ginger Ale should top your list. This beverage distinguishes itself with a crisp and extra dry flavor that dances on your taste buds, creating a sense of refreshment without overpowering sweetness. Its lightly-hued golden color and pleasant aroma of fresh ginger enhance the experience. It’s a perfect complement to any meal, and an excellent mixer for cocktails. Every sip of Dr. Brown’s Ginger Ale evokes a feeling of lightness and satisfaction, making it an excellent refresher for any time of day.

6. Seagram’s Ginger Ale

Seagram's Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Seagram’s Ginger Ale has its roots firmly set in the annals of the soft drinks industry. Its time-tested recipe and constant attention to quality and taste have made it a staple in homes across America. The Seagram’s blend presents a robust ginger flavor with the perfectly balanced sweetness, creating a refreshing profile that is hard to resist. Whether it’s for quenching thirst, settling your stomach, or mixing your favorite drink, Seagram’s Ginger Ale has consistently proved to be a reliable and pleasurable choice.

7. Boylan Ginger Ale

Boylan Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Stepping into the world of Boylan Ginger Ale, there’s a tangy kick, followed by a fair share of quaint nostalgia. The old-school bottle design, coupled with the rich, bold ginger flavor, takes you back to the good old days. This traditional beverage is a distinguished choice for those who appreciate the bold and aromatic flavor of ginger without any preservatives or artificial colors. Each sip of Boylan Ginger Ale brings a rush of effervescence and a delectable sweetness that ends in a smooth, comforting warmth.

8. Vernors Ginger Ale

Vernors Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Dubbed as ‘The Original Ginger Soda’, Vernors Ginger Ale carries a significant legacy behind it. Its brand loyalists swear by the strong, exceptional ginger flavor and its rich, creamy carbonation. Its unmistakable boldness and the distinctly effervescent qualities have won over fans over generations. The unique taste is an acquired one but promptly hooks those who dare to try. Vernors Ginger Ale is not just a beverage; it’s an institution that’s loved its way into our hearts.

9. Zia Ginger Ale

Zia Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Zia Ginger Ale is where modern desires meet traditional flavors. Known for its refreshing taste and pleasing ginger zing, this ginger ale marries simplicity with sophistication. Infused with refreshingly zesty elements, Zia Ginger Ale is gently sweetened to perfectly balance flavors and create a revitalizing experience. Whether you’re lounging in a backyard party or cozying up with a book on a lazy afternoon, Zia is a befitting companion that can make any moment feel instantly special.

10. Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale

Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale deserves a toast for bringing luxury to the humble ginger ale. This brand takes exquisite to a new level with its high-quality ingredients and remarkably balanced flavors. The ginger comes from the Ivory Coast and India, imparting an unmissable freshness and depth to the drink. The perfect amalgamation of natural sweetness, spiciness, and effervescence make this drink not just a beverage, but an experience—making ordinary occasions feel like special celebrations.

11. Q Ginger Ale

Q Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Offering a wrench from the norm, Q Ginger Ale delivers a bold, yet sophisticated ginger flavor that commands attention. This ginger ale is crafted with organic ingredients, providing a reassuringly natural, fresh, and dynamic experience. A sip of Q Ginger Ale is a ride of exciting ginger zest, a dash of sweetness, and a satisfying carbonated finish. It’s the ideal drink when you’re in the mood for something exotic, unique, and incredibly refreshing.

12. Schweppes Ginger Ale

Schweppes Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Schweppes Ginger Ale has managed to retain its popularity over the years through its consistently satisfyingly crisp quality. This classic ginger ale with its distinctive bubbly character, relishing ginger taste and a hint of sweetness creates a refreshing harmony for your palate. It’s been a faithful companion for many in fighting nausea or simply providing a comfortable, soothing sensation on a tiring day.

13. Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Canada Dry Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

If there’s a name that strikes an instant chord with ginger ale lovers, it’s Canada Dry Ginger Ale. This iconic brand is applauded for its subtle, yet distinct, ginger flavor, which is perfectly balanced by a mild sweetness. The Canada Dry experience is of tranquillity, refreshment, and an unmistakable fizz, making it an all-time favorite crowd-pleaser.

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14. Reed’s Real Ginger Ale

Reed's Real Ginger Ale - Best Ginger Ale (2024)

Reed’s Real Ginger Ale is the go-to choice for those seeking the powerful healing benefits of real ginger. Each can is packed with 2000 mg of real ginger, and this high concentration helps soothe the stomach and relieve nausea. It is more than just a beverage—it’s a unison of taste, health, and authenticity.

15. 365 by Whole Foods Market Ginger Ale

365 by Whole Foods Market Ginger Ale

365 by Whole Foods Market Ginger Ale is an affordable luxury that doesn’t skimp on quality. This ginger ale carries the right balance of ginger, sweetness, and bubbles to offer a delightful experience. It’s a no-fuss, simple, and widely accessible option for any ginger ale lover. Being a Whole Foods brand product, 365 Ginger Ale also comes with the assurance of no artificial colors or preservatives.

How Ginger Ale Became America’s Beloved Beverage?

Ginger ale, with its refreshing fizz and revitalizing ginger kick, has been etched into the heart of America’s beverage history. Its aromatic spice, melded with a signature sweetness, has timeless appeal, evolving from a curative potion to a beloved soft drink.

The Birth of Ginger Ale

The birth of ginger ale traces back to Ireland in the mid-1800s, where it was thought to aid digestion and ease stomach discomfort. However, it wasn’t until the drink sailed across the ocean to America that it truly began to sparkle. The golden ginger ale, produced by American apothecaries in the mid-19th century, was a robust, intense brew. However, this recipe remolded over time and eventually transformed into what we now know as the ‘dry’ ginger ale.

The transition was in part due to Canada’s beloved doctor and chemist, John J. McLaughlin, who introduced a lighter, fizzier version – The ‘Canada Dry Ginger Ale’, during the early 20th century. This was far less intense and offered a more refreshing experience, which led to its instant popularity.

Ginger Ale: America’s Soft Drink Darling

The Prohibition era in America was a period when alcoholic beverages were banned, leading to a surge in the popularity of non-alcoholic beverages like Ginger Ale. It was a charming alternative to strong spirits and its versatility led to creative cocktail concoctions – giving it an enduring allure among the masses. Today, the ginger ale industry continuously innovates, exploring flavors and styles to maintain its cherished status among American consumers.

Why the ‘Best Ginger Ale’ Differs From Person to Person?

Why the 'Best Ginger Ale' Differs From Person to Person?

Choosing the ‘best ginger ale’ isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. Each person’s taste buds are an individual universe of flavor preferences. Therefore, the ‘best’ ginger ale often depends on personal preferences rather than a unanimous consensus.

The Journey of Taste Discovery

The journey of taste discovery is incredibly personalized. Some may prefer a mellow, sweet brew, while others crave the sharp, gingery kick of a spicier blend. The best ginger ale isn’t about universal acceptance, rather it’s about satisfying personal preferences and exploring new flavor terrains.

The Choice Spectrum

On the choice spectrum, ginger ales are like stars in the sky — each one is unique, and what shines brightest depends on who’s looking. To some, the best ginger ale might be one that packs a potent ginger punch while others might veer towards a more subtle and refreshingly sweet offering. Premium craft ginger ales with exotic ingredients and artisanal brews that emphasize traditional methods also have a devoted following. So the tag of the ‘best’ ginger ale is, in many ways, subjective and lends itself to the exciting world of taste exploration.

How to Pair the ‘Best Ginger Ale’ with Your Meals?

“What’s for dinner?” is a common question. But how often do we ask, “What’s the perfect drink to accompany it?” Pairing the ‘best ginger ale’ with your meals clusters delightful flavors, enhancing your dining experience.

Selecting the Best Ginger Ale for Different Cuisines

Pairing the right ginger ale with your meal can make a world of difference. A crisp and dry ginger ale like Canada Dry harmonizes well with spicy Asian cuisines, contrasting the heat and providing a refreshing palate cleanse. On the other hand, a sweeter and more robust ginger ale like Reed’s Real Ginger Ale perfectly complements hearty BBQ dishes as it can hold up to the bold flavors.

Incorporating Ginger Ale into Recipes

Ginger ale also works wonders as an ingredient in various recipes:

  1. You can use it to marinate and tenderize meats, adding a touch of sweetness and a hint of spice.
  2. It operates as a great ingredient for deglazing your pan when making sauces.
  3. Ginger ale in desserts? A definite yes! Ginger ale cake or ginger ale apple pie, anyone?

As you can see, pairing the ‘best ginger ale’ with your meals or incorporating it into your recipes can significantly uplift your gastronomical journey. So, next time you plan a meal, don’t forget to pop open a bottle of this fizzy delight!

Cuisine or RecipeRecommended Ginger Ale
Spicy Asian DishesCanada Dry
BBQ DishesReed’s Real Ginger Ale
Marinades, Sauces, DessertsExperiment with your favorite ale!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a ginger ale “the best”?

The “best” ginger ale can be quite subjective, often based on individual preferences. However, an ideal ginger ale usually contains high-quality ingredients, boasts a balanced flavor, and provides a good blend of ginger’s spiciness and the drink’s sweetness.

How does ginger ale differ from ginger beer?

While both drinks are flavored with ginger, ginger beer tends to be less carbonated and spicier than ginger ale. Also, ginger beer is a fermented drink while ginger ale is a carbonated beverage made from water and ginger.

What are the health benefits of ginger ale?

Ginger, the primary component of ginger ale, is known for its medicinal properties. It can help soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation, and may help fight the flu and common cold.

Is ginger ale good for digestion?

Yes, ginger ale can help soothe digestive discomfort, and is often used as a home remedy for nausea and vomiting.

Can diabetics drink ginger ale?

While ginger ale can be a healthier alternative to other sugary soft drinks, it’s important to select those that are sugar-free or lower in sugar.

What food pairs well with ginger ale?

Ginger ale pairs well with a variety of foods due its refreshing and balancing flavor. It’s great with spicy foods, grilled meats, salads, and even some desserts.

Is ginger ale a good mixer for cocktails?

Yes, ginger ale is a popular addition to many cocktails for its effervescence and mildly spicy yet sweet flavor. It pairs well with whiskey, vodka, and rum.

Can children drink ginger ale?

Yes, children can drink ginger ale. However, as with any sweetened beverage, consumption should be moderated to avoid excessive sugar intake.

Is ginger ale gluten-free?

Most brands of ginger ale are gluten-free, but always check the label to be sure, as there can be small differences between brands.


In essence, the quest for the best ginger ale is a tale of personal preferences and adventurous trials. Be ready to allow your palate to experience a symphony of flavors – some traditional, others pleasantly surprising, and yet others that promise a healthful twist. Remember, the ideal ginger ale may not just be the one that tops the charts but the one that bubbles up to your individual taste. So, as you sip through this effervescent landscape, may you find the ginger ale that not only quenches your thirst but also delights your taste buds. Cheers to your fizzy journey!

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