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39 Best Apple Juice Brands Ranked [Check 2024 Winner]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: October 18, 2023

Sipping on the best apple juice is like a detoxifying flush that also pleases the palate in the most delightful manner. The fresh aroma, the sweet-tart taste that tingles your taste buds, and the rejuvenating feel of a chilled glass of wholesome apple juice are simply incomparable.

But amid the sea of rows in the supermarket juice aisles, and the explosion of new brands every other day, how do you find the best apple juice that beckons right to your heart and refreshes your soul? The answer lies right here as I take you through my tried-tested-tasted list of the best apple juice brands that you definitely don’t want to miss.

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39 Best Apple Juice Brands Ranked As of 2024

Best Apple Juice Brands Ranked

Navigating through the crowded marketplace of apple juices can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a curated, handpicked list of the 39 best apple juice brands that have wooed my palate and are worth your attention.

1. Publix Apple Juice

Publix Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

As I took my first sip of Publix Apple Juice, I was immediately floored by its fresh and earthy taste. The juice is remarkably refreshing and has this distinct taste as if the apples were picked right from the orchard before being crushed into this bottle of serenity. The gentle sweetness hits the perfect balance, creating a delicious treat that isn’t too sugary.

What I acknowledge about Publix, aside from its supremely palatable apple juice, is its adherence to authenticity. You won’t find any artificial flavors, added sweeteners, or preservatives in this bottle of liquid sunshine, just undiluted apple goodness. Each sip exudes a freshness that lingers even after the drink is over, a testament to its quality.

Packaged in an easy-to-handle bottle, Publix ensures that your apple juice experience is not just flavorful but convenient too. When it comes to the price, Publix offers quite a steal! The balance between its cost, taste, and quality has made this juice a regular in my grocery cart. It’s just the refresher you need on a simmering summer day or even as a post-workout drink.

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxed brunch on a sunny weekend or need a quick juice fix on a bustling weekday, Publix Apple Juice slides in effortlessly. The burst of tangy sweetness satisfyingly enriches the food flavors. A glass of Publix Apple Juice can truly be your everyday potion for a refreshing start, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a soothing bedtime drink. I’ve even found it to be a fantastic addition to my smoothies and cocktails, adding a punch of freshness that can’t be ignored, clearly proving that Publix Apple Juice is perfect for just about any occasion or mood.

2. Nature’s Nector Juice

There are times when you yearn for something that lets you relish the sheer joy of the finest natural flavors. A drink unspoiled, unmasked devoid of any artificial facades, made purely, and simply with the freshest and juiciest of apples. That’s when I found Nature’s Nector Juice. This juice stands firm as my indulgent pick for the most flavorful and delightful apple juice, an absolute delight in a bottle.

Every gulp of Nature’s Nector floods the palate with a robust taste, crediting it to its prime and ripest apples. It’s hard to miss the premium-quality apples’ natural sweetness, which eliminates the need for additional sweeteners or flavor enhancers. It exhibits a tantalizing balance between sweet and tangy notes, with neither one overpowering, but instead complementing each other perfectly.

What sets Nature’s Nector apart isn’t just its top-notch flavor but its versatility. I have often used it as an ingredient in my home-baked apple muffins and apple pies, and the results have always been deliciously satisfying. Transforming ordinary desserts to extraordinary delights, Nature’s Nector works magic in the kitchen in addition to being a stand-alone refresher.

Nature’s Nector Juice, true to its name, exudes boldness and the fruit’s core essence. It offers an elegantly tasteful and rounded apple experience. Regardless of whether you’re an apple juice aficionado or a casual consumer, Nature’s Nector caters to all with its welcoming burst of taste and high-quality offering, paving its path to becoming a habit that you’d indeed cherish.

With healthful attributes, a delightful flavor profile, and an enchanting aftertaste that leaves you revitalized, Nature’s Nector presents itself as a finer indulgence in the world of apple juices. Whether to kick start my day or relax after a fulfilling dinner, the intoxicating Nature’s Nector Apple Juice always has me reaching for seconds!

3. Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice

Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

When it comes to a healthful and tasteful pick that caters to both adults and packed lunch boxes alike, Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice takes the crown. This juice, to me, feels like a well-curated ensemble of freshly squeezed apples packaged sleekly in a convenient box, ready to delight anytime, anywhere.

Being an organic superiority, Honest Kids ensures that their apples are grown without harmful pesticides or insecticides, thus maintaining the natural integrity of the juice. It is notably less sugary than other contenders in my juice journey, and the sweetness it holds comes straight from earth-grown apples, a feature I am sure health-conscious individuals would celebrate.

Its taste is pure, crisp, and remarkably like that of biting into a fresh apple. There’s a prominent sweet and slightly tart note that sings the song of a truly refreshing apple juice – a perfect balance that adds a perfect zing. Honest Kids’ consistency is commendable, their juice being viscid and smooth, yet light and clean on the palate, contributing immensely to the drinking experience.

Moreover, whether I’m sipping it with my favorite meal or enjoying it stand-alone, Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice is gratifying. The packaging is also travel-friendly, secured with a straw, an easy grab for on-the-go refreshment needs, summer picnics, or my little one’s school lunchbox.

4. 365 Whole Foods Market Organic Honeycrisp Apple Juice

The first thing that struck me when I tasted the 365 Whole Foods Organic Honeycrisp Apple Juice was its delightful flavor profile. Characterized by the unique sweetness and slight tartness of Honeycrisp apples, this juice stood out to me as a sure winner in the apple juice realm.

As an organic enthusiast, I was delighted to find that 365 Whole Foods sources its juice from organic Honeycrisp apples. As a result, there’s a distinctive, fuller, and more robust flavor that emanates through the juice, unlike any other.

Natural and delicious, the taste of this apple juice can easily be compared to biting into a fresh Honeycrisp apple. There’s an almost wine-like quality to the juice, a clean fresh sweetness, an underlying tartness, and a hint of honey, making it a refreshing experience every single time. The wonderful aftertaste that settles on the tongue is a reminder of this juice brand’s high quality.

Packaged in a glass bottle, the 365 Whole Foods Organic Honeycrisp Apple Juice preserves its purity and maintains its effervescence, making the drinking experience truly enjoyable. This apple juice has found a place in my heart, and I would highly recommend it to my fellow apple juice enthusiasts who believe in the quality and authenticity of organic products.

5. Tree Top Apple Juice

Tree Top Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

My tasting journey of apple juices led me to Tree Top Apple Juice. My taste buds relished the departure from the standard apple juice flavor that they were used to and instead enjoyed the perfect blend of sweet and tart flavors. What impressed me was the versatility of the juice and how it could become a refreshing beverage any time of the day.

Tree Top Apple Juice emanates a natural sweetness with a tangy hint that renews your palate, leaving you with a refreshing feel that lasts. It’s a perfect companion to your morning breakfast table or simply as a restorative beverage post an exhaustive day.

Every sip of this unfiltered apple juice guarantees a pure, natural, and celebratory taste experience. It’s lightly sweet, subtly tangy, not too heavy on the palate, and most importantly fresh. It tastes exceptionally like crisp, ripe apples plucked straight from an orchard – a remarkable feat for a commercially produced juice.

Packaged in a sturdy bottle, Tree Top Apple Juice’s superior taste and quality aren’t compromised during its shelf-life. All of these factors combined make Tree Top a worthy contender in my quest for the ideal apple juice, this brand balances quality, taste, and authenticity

6. Old Orchard Harvest Select Frozen Concentrate

Old Orchard’s Harvest Select Frozen Concentrate is not your typical apple juice. This frozen concentrated juice allows you to adjust the intensity of flavor to your taste, a feature that is unique and definitely appealing to me.

The taste is invigorating without being overwhelmingly rich, providing a conventional apple juice flavor spiked with a tangy twist that makes it incredibly refreshing. The shift towards a tart profile unpacks an interesting dimension and is a delightful shift from the oftentimes overpowering sweetness of apple juice.

One thing I love about this juice is the ability to control the strength of taste. I can add water according to my preference, making it a versatile take. Depending on my mood, I can opt for a full-bodied robust taste or a light, refreshing one, making it a unique offering in the world of apple juices.

Aside from its convenience, its taste, boasting a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness, makes it a great choice for anyone who enjoys a tangy, wholesome, and vitamin-rich beverage, ready to be personalized anytime, anywhere.

7. Bragg Organic Apple Cinnamon Refresher

Bragg Organic Apple Cinnamon Refresher - Best Apple Juice Brand

If you’re looking forward to tasting a healthy fusion packed with refreshing flavors, Bragg’s Organic Apple Cinnamon Refresher is what you should latch onto. This brand has sourced all its ingredients organically, keeping healthy living at the core of its offerings.

Immediately after opening the bottle, you experience a delightful aroma, a delectable mix of apple and cinnamon, conjuring images of a cozy winter evening. The delectable taste of fresh apples beautifully blended with the warmth of cinnamon makes this juice a refreshing and healthy delight in every gulp.

The organic apple juice offers a healthful base while a hint of cinnamon essence adds a world of character to every sip. The cinnamon is not overpowering but settles subtly, adding a sweet-spicy note that works in sync with the natural sweetness of apples. I particularly enjoy this for a refreshing change from the norm.

Bragg’s focus on organic ingredients is particularly appealing. The apples and cinnamon used are free from pesticides, offering not just flavorsome sips, but a cleaner choice without any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

8. Simply Apple Juice

Simply Apple, as the name indicates is plainly that – pure, 100% apple juice. As I took my first sip, I was impressed by its straightforward, uncomplicated, but deliciously satisfying taste.

Every mouthful is like biting into fresh apples, unadulterated and authentically fruity. It has an exquisite balance; the sugars aren’t overwhelming, and neither is the tanginess. The vibrant apple flavor is crisp, refreshing, and extremely comforting.

The texture is slightly thicker compared to most of its counterparts, making it seem even more wholesome. Packaged in a sleek, transparent bottle, it’s free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners which keeps the fresh and natural taste intact.

Have it chilled or mixed with other beverages, there is no direction where Simply Apple doesn’t blend well. In my book, it stands as a must-have for its simplicity, purity, exceptional taste, and of course, the love for everything ‘apple’.

9. Giant Apple Juice

Giant Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Giant’s Apple Juice definitely lives up to its name by being a “giant” in terms of flavor and quality. When I took my first sip, the taste was delicious and instantly brought a smile to my face. What struck me was the consistency of the flavor —sweet but not too sweet, with a refreshing tart aftertaste. Each sip tasted as good as the last, allowing for a steady and enjoyable drinking experience.

The natural sweetness, most likely sourced from the best-quality apples, suggests a product made without any artificial sweeteners. A gulp of this juice feels and tastes wholesome, and the velvety texture enhances the overall delightful experience.

Giant’s Apple Juice is not only delicious but also affordable, making it a popular choice for apple juice lovers like myself who appreciate quality at a reasonable price.

10. Capri Sun 100% Apple Juice

In search of a portable juice option? Don’t overlook Capri Sun 100% Apple Juice. The box packaging is perfect for on-the-go moments, like picnics, hikes, and lunch boxes. And it’s not only the packaging that’s impressive, the juice inside is just as appealing.

Every sip of this juice is filled with a punch of fruitiness, and the blend of sweet and tart is just right – not too sweet or too sour, just a beautifully balanced flavor. Plus, it’s made with 100% fruit juice, which I love because it offers an energizing kick to my day without any guilt.

Capri Sun’s Apple Juice is a big hit with my kids too! The fun packaging, coupled with the wonderful taste, makes it a crowd-pleaser.

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11. Great Value Light Apple Juice

Great Value Light Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

There are times when I want to enjoy the taste of apple juice without worrying about calorie intake. And it is during these times that I reach out for Great Value Light Apple Juice. It has a notably high flavour-to-calorie ratio, which is a big win in my book.

The taste is just right, without any compromise on the sweet, tart flavor present in the best-quality apples. The lightness of the juice doesn’t dilute the taste, instead, it helps to refresh and hydrate without feeling too heavy. Perfect to quench your thirst and silence your sweet cravings, this apple juice is a versatile addition to any daily routine.

12. Kroger Apple Juice

Kroger’s Apple Juice took me by surprise with its outstanding quality, taste, and affordability. It has a beautiful balance of sweet and tangy flavors that leave a delightful aftertaste. When you take a sip of Kroger Apple Juice, you simply can’t ignore the authenticity of the apple flavors.

Their commitment to sourcing only the best apples is clearly reflected in their taste. The juice boasts a fresh, pure apple flavor that will leave you refreshed. Plus, Kroger Apple Juice is a great source of vitamin C, which only adds to its numerous benefits.

Despite its high-quality taste, it comes at a very economical price, making it a staple in my home. It’s available in a host of packaging options, catering to all needs. Whether it’s a relaxed Sunday brunch, a quick midday refresher, or a spectacular party punch, Kroger’s Apple Juice is always a great pick.

13. Evolution Fresh Organic Apple + Greens Cold Pressed Juice

Evolution Fresh Organic Apple + Greens Cold Pressed Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Evolution Fresh Organic Apple + Greens Cold Pressed Juice unfolds an intriguing taste adventure with its unique combination of apple taste with fresh greens. This juice isn’t just an apple juice, it’s a nutrient-packed powerhouse! The idea of blending garden fresh and sweet apples creates a healthful, delicious, and revitalizing takeaway.

As soon as you open the bottle, the heady freshness hits you. A taste reveals a delicate balance between the sweetness of apples and a refreshing hit of greens. The crisp and cool flavors remind me of a fresh salad but with the delightful sweetness of apples. It’s like enjoying the best of both worlds in each sip!

This cold-pressed juice is definitely one of my preferred choices when looking to jazz up my juice consumption while taking a leap in nutritional content.

14. Minute Maid

A renowned name in the world of fruit juices, Minute Maid’s Apple Juice left an indelible impression on me with its unmistakably authentic juice profile. The aroma is immediately inviting, redolent with ripe apple whiffs, triggering an impatient wait for the first mouthful. And the taste does not disappoint.

The first sip takes you to a world full of sweetness, buoyed with a touch of natural tartness, creating a perfect symphony on your palate. It further astounds with a distinct freshness that hints towards their top-quality apples, oozing with health and flavor.

When I wish for a tradition-inspired apple experience that’s unpretentious yet absolutely delectable, Minute Maid’s Apple Juice is my sure-shot go-to.

15. Welch’s Apple Juice

Welch's Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Welch’s Apple Juice wins hearts, and taste buds with its spectacularly vibrant apple flavour profile. A classic that’s been enjoyed for generations, the commitment to taste and quality is as fresh as ever.

Its perfect balance between sweet and tart sets it apart. I wouldn’t be mistaken to say that every gulp is like biting into a fresh, juicy apple, as the texture and aroma align themselves promisingly around this imagery.

The superior quality is unmissable, every sip delivers a robust, apple-driven core that’s refreshing and incredibly delightful. For occasions craving a touch of familiar comfort and unwavering taste, Welch’s Apple Juice has always been an excellent choice.

16. Honest Kids Organic ‘Appley Ever After’ Juice

Designed for the little ones but loved just as much by adults, Honest Kids Organic ‘Appley Ever After’ Juice is a true crowd-pleaser! Its taste, packaging, and nutritional balance are all distinctive and noteworthy.

The juice imbibed a robust apple flavor that tasted incredibly fresh and natural to me. The sweetness is subtle, bearing a strong mark of being a healthier alternative to sugary beverages. What wins my vote is that despite its measured sweetness, it doesn’t feel like anything is missing. Instead, the well-rounded taste brims with full-bodied apple flavors that add to its appeal.

What makes it a hit with children is the charming packaging, especially the name ‘Appley Ever After’, which stirs their imagination and interest. As a mom looking for a nutritious and appealing beverage option for my child, without the bite of added sugars, this apple juice fits the bill perfectly.

17. Lakewood Apple Juice

Lakewood Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

When I first tried Lakewood Apple Juice, I was immediately taken by its bold, luxuriously full-bodied taste. Every mouthful is akin to a sumptuous spree that lingers on the palate, leaving behind a flavourful memento.

While the taste of some apple juices can feel a bit muted or diluted, Lakewood’s juice bursts with intensity – the apple flavor is absolutely unmistakable! It’s an opulent ride that unfolds beautifully, showcasing a wonderful balance between sweetness and tartness. There’s a subtle, underlying note of earthiness, possibly a testament to their pesticide-free way of farming.

What adds to the experience is the phenomenal consistency of its quality. Every time I’ve tasted Lakewood Apple Juice, I’ve unfailingly noted the same richness of flavor, the same refreshing aftertaste, and the same luxurious experience of sipping into something unequivocally premium. An apple juice brand par excellence that goes beyond what’s expected and delivers an exemplary experience!

18. Market Pantry Apple Juice

On a particularly scorching afternoon, after a quick grocery run, I happened upon a bottle of Market Pantry Apple Juice. Based on an on-a-whim try, this has now turned into a staple that I religiously reach out for when a refreshing yet effortless pick-me-up is needed.

Fantastic in its refreshing simplicity, it delivers on its promise of a genuine apple juice experience. The playful interplay of sweet and slightly tangy flavors is delectably balanced, staying true to the essence of the fruit. The juice makes an enjoyable and light palate cleanser after meals or can be had anytime you fancy a refreshing drink.

Plus, the packaging is convenient too. Its resealable nature saves me the constant hustle of transferring it to another container. So, I get to sip my favorite apple juice at leisure without compromising on its freshness. Market Pantry Apple Juice, with its taste and ease, has been an unmissable addition to my juicing routine.

19. Langer’s 100% Organic Apple Juice

Langer's 100% Organic Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Langer’s 100% Organic Apple Juice rings true to its promise of an organic and hearty apple beverage. For a health-conscious consumer like myself, this was love at the first sip!

With a taste that’s pure, unadulterated, and incredibly delicious, I could experience apples in their most authentic form. There was no masking of flavors or artificial undertones. It’s one of those rare brands where natural and organic don’t mean compromising on taste. Quite the contrary, it claimed its spot among some of the most flavourful apple juices I’ve tasted.

Every serving delights the palate with its superbly executed balance between sweetness and acidity, and your conscience, with its impressive line-up of all-natural ingredients. It’s also gluten-free! All the more reason to indulge my juice cravings guilt-free.

20. H-E-B Apple Juice

A complete package of taste, affordability, and readily available- that’s H-E-B Apple Juice for you. A brand that believes in simplicity done right, it does more than just quench your thirst.

A single sip and my taste buds were taken on a whirlwind journey of candied sweetness cut through by the right hint of apples’ signature tartness. The resulting blend is smooth, engaging, and instantly refreshing. Every bottle tastes like it’s infused with sun-bathed orchard-picked apples, enhancing the feeling of drinking something wholesome and fresh.

Equally great for parties or a quiet break on a busy day, H-E-B’s ability to leave a distinctive trail of taste every time has made it a surefire hit on my apple juice list.

21. Allen’s Apple Juice

Allen's Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

For those of us who enjoy an unexpected twist to the conventional, Allen’s Apple Juice offers a wonderful palate adventure. Distinctly memorable about this juice is the tart undertone that beautifully punctuates the natural sweetness of the apples.

The fresh, unfiltered juice retains a hint of the tang characteristic of certain apple varieties, lending an exceptional freshness to the taste. This tartness, coupled with a degree of sweetness that’s just right, strikes a fantastic balance and breaks the run-of-the-mill profile commonly encountered in apple juices. It’s a delightful diversion from the typically overly sweet juices and is an absolute treat to the taste buds.

22. Martinelli’s Gold Medal Unfiltered Apple Juice

Stepping into luxury with apple juice was never as delightful until I sampled Martinelli’s Gold Medal Unfiltered Apple Juice. This golden elixir straight off the apple orchard has made it quite a revered spot on my juice shelf.

As soon as you pop open the bottle, you are greeted with a delightful aroma of fresh apples that instantly strikes a chord of anticipation. Each sip feels so much like a bite into a crisp, fresh apple that you’d barely believe it’s the juice you’re drinking and not an apple you’re eating! Such is the purity and robustness of its flavor, all credit to the unfiltered process that retains the hearty nature of apples.

Martinelli’s truly creates a charmingly rustic yet elegantly refined juice experience that is unmatched and consistently satisfying.

23. Member’s Mark Apple Juice

Member's Mark Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Delicious apple juice need not always be an expensive choice. My journey brought me to Member’s Mark Apple Juice, a stellar brand that clearly shows you can relish fantastic apple juice without burning a hole in your pocket.

Though modestly priced, it doesn’t compromise on the taste or quality, making it extremely value-for-money. The brand consistently serves a refreshing, sweet, and tangy beverage that makes for an enjoyable experience.

On top of being delicious, it’s wholesome too. It’s made from 100% juice with no added sugar or preservatives – a great healthy choice that meets my budget considerations.

24. Old Orchard Healthy Balance Diet

While I love a refreshing glass of apple juice, it’s equally important to me that it aligns with my fitness goals. That’s where the Old Orchard Healthy Balance Diet Apple Juice steps in. It’s my trusty companion when I wish to enjoy a refreshing fruit drink, without worrying about the caloric content.

A great low-sugar and low-calorie option, it still manages to pack in that wonderful apple sweetness that a great apple juice needs. The healthy balance blend may be lighter in calories, but it’s not light on taste, or entertainment to the palate without weighing you down.

For health-conscious juice aficionados or those watching their sugar intake, Old Orchard serves an appetizing concoction that allows you to savor apple juice while staying on track with your diet.

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25. Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice

Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Adding a touch of sparkle and fizz to the fruit juice scenario is the delightful Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice. Perfect for times when you want to celebrate or simply elevate your ordinary meal to a festive feast, this juice strikes the perfect chord.

The bubbles lend a lively kick to the juice, taking humble apple juice to a whole new level, making it an ideal, non-alcoholic alternative for toasts and cheers. What stands out is Martinelli’s signature robust apple flavor with a delightful effervescence that truly sets apart this sparkling beverage from regular juices.

26. Wellsley Farms Apple Juice

When you take a first sip of Wellsley Farms Apple Juice, a wave of freshness and invigoration hits your tongue. It has such a pure apple flavor; it feels like each gulp is freshly squeezed from a ripe, crisp apple.

Not too sweet, not too tart, this juicy delight ticks all the boxes for a classic apple juice that’s loved by all. It’s apt for any time of the day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and its taste and quality never fail to impress. It’s the one I reach out for when I crave for an apple orchard experience in a glass.

27. Kirkland Signature Apple Juice

Kirkland Signature Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Kirkland Signature Apple Juice manages to capture the very essence of what makes a brilliant apple juice – natural taste, a brilliant balance of sweet and tart, and a refreshing finish.

Featuring 100% juice from concentrate, Kirkland replicates the rich, intense flavor of ripe apples to perfection. It’s a juice that delivers on taste, aroma, and value. Each gulp reminds you of biting into a succulent apple, all while being tucked in a convenient, easy-to-pour-from bottle. It’s a daily go-to beverage that appeals to my taste and respects my budget alike.

28. Mott’s 100% Apple Juice

Easily one of the most recognized names in the juice landscape, Mott’s 100% Apple Juice reaffirms the age-old saying, “Old is indeed gold!”. No matter how many different brands or variants I try, nothing seems to replace the comfortable, familiar taste of Mott’s.

The signature sweetness, mixed with just the right amount of tanginess, is consistent in every bottle. There’s a certain nostalgia that seeps in each sip which tributes to Mott’s rich heritage. It’s a delightful, thirst-quenching treat on a hot day or a comforting choice during cold months. Mott’s apple juice has consistently been an emblem of great quality and unbeatable taste.

29. Juicy Juice Apple Juice

Juicy Juice Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

True to its brand name, Juicy Juice Apple Juice is juicy! The rich flavor and vibrant taste of apple juice make the experience truly one-of-a-kind. The overall mouthfeel is pleasing, offering a consistent balance of sweetness and a tangy kick.

The aroma lures you in, and with the first sip, you’re whisked away, engulfed in a wholesome apple-flavored embrace. It’s the kind of juice kids savor with glee, and adults can’t resist a second helping.

30. Tropicana Refreshing Apple Juice

Steeped in quality and imbued with a burst of flavors, each gulp of Tropicana Refreshing Apple Juice offers an incredible apple-y treat. It has a distinct taste profile, setting it apart in the vast array of supermarket apple juices.

The Tropicana apple juice sports the right balance of sweetness, coupled with a refreshing, vibrant character that revitalizes your senses and uplifts your mood. It’s perfect for the times when you need an energy jolt or simply wish to relish the delightful earthy flavors of ripe, crunchy apples.

31. North Coast Organic Apple Juice

North Coast Organic Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

North Coast brings to the table a remarkable apple juice that strikes the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and crisp. One taste of North Coast Organic Apple Juice and you can tell the apples in this one have been organically grown and nurtured with care.

Steeped with the natural goodness of the best quality apples picked from the North Coast, every gulp is a testament to a well-crafted juice that’s organic and pure. This is the kind of juice you savor – enjoying flashbacks of sunny orchard days with each sip.

32. Sunrype Apple Juice

Sunrype Apple Juice is an exciting and invigorating beverage that wakes up your tastebuds in the best possible way. Light and fresh, every gulp transports you to pristine apple orchards.

Its vibrant sweet taste is both refreshing and memorable. It’s easy to fall in love with its simplicity. Whether it’s served chilled on a hot afternoon or as a breakfast beverage, SunRype apple juice always hits the spot and lingers on your palate in the most pleasing way.

33. Simple Truth Organic Apple Juice

Simple Truth Organic Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

What wins me over about Simple Truth Organic Apple Juice is the simplicity and authenticity of its apple flavor. It tastes just like what apple juice should – sweet, slightly tangy, and oh-so-refreshing!

Simple Truth delivers a tantalizing mouthfeel that’s as close to eating an apple as a juice can get. Satisfyingly rich and exceptionally smooth, this apple juice has captured the essence of what makes this fruit universally loved in a bottle.

34. Red Jacket Orchards Fuji Apple Juice

Red Jacket Orchards Fuji Apple Juice stands in a league of its own. The harmony of sweet and tart flavors from Fuji apples is simply matchless. This unfiltered apple juice gives a hearty depth to the flavor profile, complemented by a visually appealing cloudy appearance.

Every sip of Red Jacket Orchard’s juice is like biting into a crisp Fuji apple – natural and vibrant. It’s perfect year-round – as a summer cooler or as a comforting winter beverage. A final note: its beautiful bottle makes for a perfect gift, a basket of joy from nature’s bounty.

35. RW Knudsen Organic Apple Celery Cucumber Juice

RW Knudsen Organic Apple Celery Cucumber Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Tired of classic apple juice and craving a twist? RW Knudsen Organic Apple Celery Cucumber Juice is a delicious concoction that feels like a nutritious salad in a glass but with a delightful, natural sweetness from the apples.

Combining the goodness of celery and cucumber only elevates the overall experience. It’s an innovative mix that adds a fresh dimension of flavors. The sweetness of the apple balances the slight bitterness of celery and the neutral tone of cucumber. It’s rehydrating, detoxifying, and delicious- a favor to your taste buds and health alike!

36. Essential Everyday Apple Juice

The Essential Everyday Apple Juice, just as the name suggests, is ideal for everyday use. It successfully merges quality with affordability. Its fresh, light, and round-the-day taste is an instant hit in my household.

Whether it’s for the morning breakfast routine or an evening drink, Essential every day is an all-rounder and my safe bet. Its taste is uncomplicated yet satisfying, leaving you refreshed and satiated after every swig.

37. Santa Cruz Organic ‘Sensible Sippers’ Apple Juice

Santa Cruz Organic 'Sensible Sippers' Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Santa Cruz’s Sensible Sippers is a real game changer when it comes to portion sizing and child-friendly servings. The typical sweetness of apple juice is flawlessly captured in these small cartons, that are both kid-approved and loved by adults alike.

The light-bodied, smooth juice has a pleasant hint of acidity that amplifies its refreshing nature. It’s a balanced blend of all that I seek in my everyday apple juice – revitalizing, nourishing, and absolutely tasty. The convenience of the individual servings makes it one of my top picks for on-the-go refreshments.

38. Sprouts 100% Fresh Pressed Apple Juice

Sprouts has a simple but effective approach to apple juice that’s all about freshness. Sprouts 100% Fresh Pressed Apple Juice is truly just that – fresh and delicious.

Each sip of Sprouts apple juice brings an essence of orchard-fresh apples and a subtle sweetness that gently entices your palate without overwhelming it. The juice is of a clear, light amber color and offers a clean, refreshing finish. The bold taste of apples shines through the lightly sweet, crisp taste, making it a go-to beverage for any apple juice lover.

39. Trader Joe’s 100% Apple Juice

Trader Joe's 100% Apple Juice - Best Apple Juice Brand

Trader Joe’s 100% Apple Juice has managed to bag a superior place in my heart with its authentic, and delightful apple flavor. It’s a comprehensive portfolio of flavors, that packs a sweet-yet-tangy punch and appeases your apple cravings to the fullest.

The juice has a wonderful aroma that instantly reminds you of a sprawling apple orchard. The clean and natural juice with no artificial sweeteners is a crowd-pleaser, making it an easy pick for parties and gatherings. The balance it strikes between pulpy and smooth textures, along with its high-quality taste, is a testament to the careful selection and perfection of Trader Joe’s.

How to Choose the Best Apple Juice for You?

Choosing the best apple juice can seem a bit overwhelming, given the numerous brands and options out there. Although personal taste is paramount, there are a few other key factors you should consider.

  1. Taste Preferences: Key to selecting any beverage, your apple juice should have a pleasing tango of sweetness and acidity that appeases your palate. Some prefer it sweet, and others like a more tart profile.
  2. Health Consciousness: Certain brands sell their apple juice with no added sugar, catering to consumers who prefer a healthier variant. Some also offer low-calorie alternatives for those who wish to limit their caloric intake.
  3. Organic vs Conventional: Many consumers today have grown conscious of the environmental and health implications of their choices, reflected in their preference for Organic produce over conventionally grown. Organic apple juices tend to have residues of fewer harmful pesticides.
  4. Added Sugars or Pure Fruit Content: Labels such as 100% juice indicate that they’ve used only fruit juice and no added sugars or flavors, providing a more natural taste and nutritional profile.
  5. Price: The cost of the juice may also be a determining factor for some. It’s worth noting that higher-priced juices aren’t always necessarily better.
  6. Brand Availability: Some brands may not be available in your local supermarket or in your geographical location. Online shopping could be an avenue for finding these brands, but shipping conditions and cost can play a role.

How to Incorporate Apple Juice in Your Diet for Maximum Health Benefits?

How to Incorporate Apple Juice in Your Diet for Maximum Health Benefits?

Apple juice, replete with vitamins and minerals, is a beneficial addition to your diet. Here are a few ways you can incorporate it to extract maximum health benefits:

  1. Breakfast: Start your mornings with a refreshing glass of apple juice. It not only hydrates you after a long night of sleep but also kickstarts your metabolism.
  2. Apple Juice Smoothie: Make a fruit smoothie using apple juice instead of yogurt or milk. Opt for balanced combinations like apple-banana or apple-carrot-cucumber.
  3. Salad Dressing: Create a unique salad dressing using apple juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a touch of honey. It’s deliciously sweet, tangy, and healthy!
  4. Healthy Snack: Often between meals, we tend to nibble on unhealthy snacks. Replace those cravings with a glass of apple juice paired with some almonds or walnuts.
  5. Meal Accompaniment: Enjoy your homemade pizza, pasta, or loaded vegetable sandwich with apple juice instead of soda. It’s healthier and just as satisfying!

Incorporating apple juice in such ways is bound to amplify your dietary routine. However, remember to maintain a balanced intake as apple juice does contain natural sugars. Remember, the secret to a healthy lifestyle is moderation.

Why Apple Juice is the Perfect Companion for Every Season?

Apple juice has a special knack for being surprisingly flexible, making it the perfect companion for every season. Here’s why:

Spring Awakening

As we bid adieu to winter and welcome the freshness of spring, apple juice can be a refreshing drink to accompany the sunshine. Be it a picnic outdoors, a barbeque party, or a beautiful day in the garden – a tall, chilled glass of apple juice can enhance your enjoyment and add a dash of health and hydration.

Summer Retreat

During the sweltering heat of summer, it’s vital to stay hydrated. Apple juice comes in as a delicious, thirst-quenching treat. Serve it with a handful of crushed ice, and you have an instant homemade apple slushie.

Autumn Comfort

With fall comes the sweet wind of comfort and tranquility. Imagine sipping a warm apple cider on a chilly autumn day – it’s an incredible comfort drink that not only warms up your body but also soothes your soul.

Winter Nourishment

Winters call for something a bit more comforting and warm. A neat trick is heating apple juice with a bit of cinnamon and cloves, which not only provides warmth but also immunity-boosting nutrition during cold days.

Why ‘No Sugar Added’ Apple Juice is a Healthier Option?

Why 'No Sugar Added' Apple Juice is a Healthier Option?

In today’s world, where we are more conscious and skeptical about our food and drink choices, the phrase ‘no sugar added’ often catches our eye on product labels. But why is it a preferable option, especially when it comes to apple juice?

It’s All Natural

The first reason, quite simply, is the health benefit. ‘No sugar added’ indicates the product contains only the natural sugars present in the fruit itself, which are coupled with fibers, slowing down the sugar absorption process in your body.

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Unlike drinks with added sugar, naturally, sweet apple juice won’t cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels. The body breaks down natural sugars gradually, leading to more stabilized body energy levels.

Fewer Calories

If you’re keeping an eye on your caloric intake, choosing ‘no sugar added’ apple juice is a wise decision. By skipping the extra sugars, you’re substantially lowering your caloric intake but not compromising the taste.

Better for Your Teeth

There’s another unexpected advantage – it’s better for your dental health. The lack of added sugar reduces the risk of tooth decay, promising you not just a healthier body, but also a healthier smile!

Apple juice, as we see it, is a versatile drink that’s suitable for every season and a diverse range of lifestyle choices. Whether you’re sipping it fresh on a sunny spring day or pouring a ‘no sugar added’ variant for health reasons, it delivers consistent delight and wholehearted nutrition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is apple juice so popular?

Apple juice’s popularity boils down to its great taste which both children and adults love. Not only is it refreshing, but it is also rich in significant nutrients like Vitamin C and antioxidants, which are excellent for overall health.

What’s the difference between apple juice and apple cider?

Apple juice and apple cider are often misconstrued as the same. However, the key difference lies in the process of refinement. While apple juice is typically pasteurized and filtered, giving it a clear, lighter appearance, apple cider is raw, unfiltered, and may appear cloudy as it contains some pulp and sediment.

Which one is healthier, apple juice or orange juice?

Both apple and orange juice have their unique nutritional profiles, and the healthier choice depends on what nutrients you’re looking for. If you’re seeking high Vitamin C content, then orange juice is the go-to. On the other hand, apple juice is lower in sugar and calories and packs a more robust punch of hydration, making it an equally healthy option.

Is drinking apple juice as beneficial as eating an apple?

While apple juice is a delicious way to enjoy the fruit’s flavor, it’s not a complete substitute for eating a whole apple. The juicing process often strips away fiber and some beneficial nutrients present in the apple’s skin. However, juice does offer hydration and some nutrients, making it a convenient and gratifying source of fruit intake.

Do all apple juice brands taste the same?

No, not all apple juice brands taste the same. The flavor can vary drastically between brands based on factors like apple variety, the method of production, the concentration, and whether or not other ingredients are added.

What should I be looking for on the apple juice label?

When scanning an apple juice label, look for ‘100% Juice’, ‘No added sugar’, and ‘Organic’ claim if you prefer organic products. Make sure to also check the nutrient facts panel for a clear understanding of what you’re drinking.

Is apple juice concentrate healthy?

Apple juice concentrate is essentially regular apple juice with the water removed. This means it is higher in sugar and calories per volume, so it’s important to use it sparingly. When reconstituted correctly, it can resemble regular apple juice, albeit at times with slight degradation in taste and nutrient content depending on the processing and storage conditions.

How much apple juice should one consume in a day?

Moderation is key when it comes to drinking apple juice, due to its sugar content. Though it depends on individual nutritional needs, typically, one serving (1 cup or 8 ounces) per day is recommended for most people.

Are there any side effects to drinking too much apple juice?

While apple juice is healthy, consuming it in excessive amounts can lead to weight gain due to its high sugar content. It can also lead to diarrhea or indigestion for some individuals, particularly if consumed in large quantities.

Can apple juice be given to infants?

Yes, apple juice can be given to infants, but it’s advisable to wait until the baby is at least a year old before introducing any kind of juice. Even then, it should be diluted (1 part juice to 10 parts water) and given sparingly to prevent a preference for sweet beverages from being developed. Always consult a pediatrician before introducing new food items to your child’s diet.


There’s undeniably a world of apple juices out there waiting for your exploration. Indeed, the journey to discovering your favorite apple juice can be as unique and personal as your palate. Each brand has its distinct personality, presenting a symphony of flavors that narrates a story of the orchards from where it originates. Whether it’s the rich full-bodied goodness from Lakewood, the pleasantly refreshing old-fashioned delight from Mott’s, or the organic purity from North Coast, there’s a lot that captivates the senses.

So, the next time you stroll through the supermarket aisles or browse online for apple juices, you’ll know there’s an exciting world beyond just exercise in hydration. Remember to let your taste buds lead the way, trust the health goals you pursue, and take delight in the small sips of joy that life presents. Here’s to good health and high spirits, one glass of apple juice at a time!

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