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22 Best Saltine Crackers Ranked 2024 [Total Game-Changer]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: November 7, 2023

The humble saltine cracker is a simple yet versatile pantry staple that has served as the unsung hero of snacking and a reliable comfort food in times of need. These light, flaky morsels have beautifully balanced taste and texture, making them suitable for everything from casual snacking to gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Yet not all saltine crackers are created equal, and finding the best saltine crackers can transform your eating experience from nondescript to truly noteworthy.

With countless options to choose from, I’ve embarked on the task of sharing my personal reviews to guide you through the diverse world of saltine offerings, to ultimately help you discover the perfect cracker that suits your palate, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the best saltine crackers, those that stand out for their texture, flavor, versatility, and, of course, their knack for making every bite just a little bit better. So, grab your favorite topping, and let’s get cracking!

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22 Best Saltine Crackers Ranked As of 2024

Best Saltine Crackers Ranked As of 2024

Evoking nostalgia and comfort, saltine crackers are a timeless favorite for many. From quiet afternoons with a cheese platter to flavor-packed party appetizers, these crunchy companions will never leave you stranded. By no means are all saltine crackers created equal, so join me on this flavor-filled expedition as I delve into the ranking of the 22 best saltine crackers and give my honest reviews on each one.

1. Great Value Saltine Crackers

Great Value Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Great Value Saltine Crackers have always been my go-to when I’m in the mood for a snack that is both economical and delectable. The economical nature of these crackers does not in any way diminish their exquisite quality. With each bite, I find myself transported to a world of flavor that is amplified by their ‘buttery taste’ and ‘hearty crunch’. Great Value Saltine Crackers differ from regular crackers in their ability to maintain their crispiness while being laden with toppings.

Pasta sauce, guacamole, even hearty chili – the impeccable ‘strength‘ of these crackers remains uncompromised. Without a doubt, they elevate any dish they’re paired with. Whether served as a side with your soup, topped off with cream cheese and a sliver of smoked salmon, or simply eaten straight from the box, they are perfectly satisfactory. For those of us with a penchant for midnight snacking guilt-free, their low sodium content and zero trans fats make them a healthier option. Their ‘versatility’, ‘superior quality’, and ‘budget-friendliness’ are what earn Great Value Saltine Crackers a permanent spot in my pantry.

2. Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers

Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Meet the classic cracker that most of us grew up munching on, the Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers. In my continual quest for the best saltine crackers, I find myself reaching out for a pack of Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers quite often. Their ‘light airy crunch’ and subtle ‘hint of salt’ provide a sublime flavor that manages to stand out in its simplicity. Every time, it’s a throwback to vivid memories of my childhood.

Paired with soups and chowders, the cracker complements the hearty warmth with such finesse; that it seems almost custom-made for it. It’s a ‘love at first crunch‘ kind of affair. The cracker’s substantial body retains just enough crunch without turning into a soggy mess when dipped in soup. Not only for soups and stews, but the crackers are delightfully satisfying as a standalone snack as well. For me, they are the embodiment of ‘comfort food‘, containing just the right balance of crispness and flavor.

These crackers rightfully earn their spot in my heart and my pantry with their ‘rich, wheaty flavor’ and ‘balanced texture’. The final seal of assurance comes from the brand Nabisco, a name I’ve grown to trust for quality and consistent flavor over the years. Added to their remarkable flavor and texture, their ubiquity makes them accessible to everyone, which earns them bonus points in their favor.

3. Premium Unsalted Tops

Premium Unsalted Tops - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

The third stop on my journey to find the best saltine crackers brings me to Premium Unsalted Tops. For people like myself, who have to keep a check on their salt intake, these crackers are a godsend. However, what truly sets these crackers apart in my eyes is that they are neither bland nor overtly starchy, despite the lack of salt. Instead, they boast a fresh, ripened wheat flavor that makes you crave more with every bite.

With a clean label free of any artificial preservatives or additives, these crackers are indeed the ‘champion of the health-conscious’. Their anticipation-worthy crunch and satisfying mouthfeel do not disappoint. Whether used as a base for my favorite pimento cheese spread or dunked in a bowl of creamy tomato bisque – these crackers exhibit their ‘versatility and sturdiness’ admirably. Their lack of salt allows the flavors of the toppings or the soups they are paired with to shine through, making them a favorite in my household.

4. Premium Mini Saltine Crackers

Premium Mini Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

My next find happens to be the miniature version of the iconic Saltine cracker – Premium Mini Saltine Crackers. These bite-sized delights pack a punch well above their weight, stealing a piece of my heart with their ‘perfectly replicated’ taste and crumbly texture that matches their full-sized counterparts. But what makes them truly appealing, particularly for someone like me who is always on the go, is their size.

Dotted with a minimal amount of salt, they are delicious just as they are, straight out of the box. However, their small size makes them very adaptable, serving as a perfect addition to a bowl of chili or as a crispy garnish on a salad. Their ‘fun-size’ and ‘eating convenience’ make them a hit with kids and adults alike during parties or a quick snack in between meals. Their signature packaging ensures the freshness remains uncompromised, making them an undeniable contender in my search for the best saltine crackers.

5. Premium Whole Grain

Premium Whole Grain - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

My next discovery takes me to a healthier country – meet Premium Whole Grain Saltine crackers. They effectively take the traditional saltine experience up a notch with their added ‘nutritional quotient’. Created with a whole grain recipe, these crackers blend the goodness of grains with the classic saltine taste, thereby appealing to my health-conscious side.

The whole grains lend these crackers a subtle nutty flavor and a slightly denser texture, enhancing the overall snacking experience. Their malted barley flour component adds a new depth of flavor that compliments strong flavors like mature cheddar or peppery mayonnaise brilliantly. Their crispiness, slightly salted tops, and ‘holistic appeal’ make the Premium Whole Grain crackers a staple in my pantry. Whether stacked with pieces of fresh fruit, indulging in it with a hot bowl of soup, or just munching on them while binge-watching my favorite shows, these crackers serve their purpose and much more.

6. Westminster Saltines Crackers

Westminster Saltines Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Moving on, I would like to share my experience with the Westminster Saltines Crackers. These crackers offer a unique flavor profile, setting them apart from many others that I’ve sampled. Each piece delivers an ‘exceptional crunch’ and slight ‘buttery essence’ making them an excellent choice for entertaining guests or satisfying mid-afternoon snack cravings.

Hand-rolled, slow-baked, and made in small batches using a recipe dating back to the 1820s, these crackers show that there’s ‘’an art to making crackers’’. They are known for their ‘time-honored craftsmanship’ which is apparent in the full-bodied taste of these crackers. Especially with a bowl of soup or chowder, these crackers do more than just sit on the edge; they dive straight into the heart of the flavor, complementing and uplifting the experience like none other.

7. Signature Kitchen Saltine Crackers

Signature Kitchen Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Next on my list is Signature Kitchen Saltine Crackers, a popular house brand offering that proves supermarket brands can undoubtedly compete with more well-known labels. From the moment I bit into the cracker, the ‘clean and simple flavors’, combined with a ‘sturdy texture’, captivated my palate.

The neutral taste of these crackers makes them the perfect vessel for any toppings, from sharp cheeses to tangy jams. I also love how they retain their shape and texture when dunked into soups, crumbling just enough to mix in while leaving a ‘subtle crunch‘ at the end. Quite budget-friendly, I’ve found these crackers to be a reliable and satisfying choice for my everyday snacking and cooking needs.

8. Dux Saltine Crackers

Dux Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

One of the most unique saltine crackers I’ve come across in my journey has been the Dux Saltine Crackers. Originating from Colombia, these crackers boast a delectable, light texture unlike any other saltine cracker out there. They’ve got a ‘distinct smooth flavor’ that I find very pleasing. Almost like water crackers, but sturdier and with a subtle wheat taste.

Whether topped with a piece of chocolate or used as a base for cream cheese and smoked salmon, they balance out the flavors impeccably. Their ‘undemanding flavor profile’ makes them great for a quick snack with a cup of tea or as an accompaniment to spicy dips. Their “slightly exotic” twist makes them a crucial and unique part of my cracker repertoire.

9. Saladitas

Saladitas - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Moving onwards in our journey, let’s talk about Saladitas. These crackers have their roots in Mexico and they aren’t your typical saltine crackers. The first thing I noted about them was their ‘unique thinness’ which gives these crackers a light, airy texture. They are “delicately crispy”, like a cross between a traditional saltine and a flatbread cracker.

Sprinkled with just the right amount of salt, they provide a ‘lightly salted palate‘, making them a delightful pairing with fresh salsa, guacamole, or just a chunk of Colby Jack cheese. My personal favorite way of enjoying them is with some mashed avocado on top. The flavor combo is divine! For those looking for a departure from the usual saltine experience, Saladitas would make a perfect choice.

10. Kraft Nabisco Premium Original Saltine Cracker

Kraft Nabisco Premium Original Saltine Cracker - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Kraft Nabisco Premium Original Saltine Crackers are the traditional saltine crackers many of us grew up eating and for a good reason. The ‘classic taste and texture’ of these saltines is relatable, evoking a sense of nostalgia whilst still offering something delicious.

With a crisp, pleasant crunch that isn’t too hard or too flaky, their texture is hard to fault. The flavor is similarly balanced, offering a ‘mild, slightly salty taste’ that complements the toppings. They are durable enough to withstand being smothered with hearty toppings, making them perfect for creating fancy hors d’oeuvres. Apart from pairing well with pastes and spreads, these crackers also ‘butter up‘ beautifully, augmenting their ever-green appeal.

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11. Kroger Saltine Crackers

Kroger Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Finally, I’ll share about my experience with Kroger Saltine Crackers. Kroger’s house brand doesn’t disappoint with their offering, demonstrating that great taste can come at a ‘reasonably modest price‘.

These crackers have a ‘full-bodied flavor’ that’s slightly closer to whole grain, making them pair perfectly with soups, chowders, and stews. Their ‘stentorian crunch’ is undeniably satisfying whether straight out of the package or soaked in your favorite broth. As a bonus, these crackers also make an excellent base for cracker crumbs in cooking, adding a fantastic ‘crisp, toasted flavor’ to your meatloaf or casserole. As far as house-brand saltines go, I can confidently say that Kroger Saltine Crackers is one to keep on your radar.

12. Shoppes on the Avenue Lance Saltines Crackers

Shoppes on the Avenue Lance Saltines Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

The Shoppes on the Avenue Lance Saltines Crackers is yet another great addition to any pantry. They strike a near-perfect balance between a ‘buttery flavor and a light, airy crunch’, delivering a mouthful of yumminess with each bite.

These crackers are perfect when you need a quick and satisfying snack. Their size makes them ideal for a quick munch. Furthermore, their ‘robust flavor’ stands out particularly when paired with cheese or lathered with a generous helping of peanut butter. A good crunch with a simple flavor profile sure to please most palates, Shoppes on the Avenue Lance Saltines Crackers are just right for a light snack.

13. Lance Saltines Crackers

Lance Saltines Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Lance Saltines Crackers, on the other hand, seem to speak the language of simplicity. A true classic, these crackers offer a ‘satisfying crunch and just the right hint of salt’. They are perfect companions during those unexpected moments of nausea or heartburn offering a comforting blandness.

Their texture is crisp, and they do not quickly crumble under the pressure of toppings. They allow the flavors of your chosen spreads to seep through delightfully. And besides, who doesn’t love the convenience of those individually wrapped servings? Portable and perfectly sized, Lance Saltines Crackers are a reliable bet whenever snack time comes around.

14. Publix Saltine Crackers

Publix Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Now, let’s talk about Publix Saltine Crackers. These are your ‘go-to comfort crackers’. With a ‘good asphalt crunch with every bite’ and a lightly salted palate, these crackers offer a familiar and welcoming flavor profile. They’re also quite absorbent, making them compatible teammates to soups – especially, in my opinion, a hearty tomato soup.

Even as a standalone snack, they remain satisfying and filling, providing a reliable alternative during those wee hours when nothing else seems tempting. All in all, Publix Saltine Crackers is a timeless favorite – a snack so simple, yet so delightfully delicious!

15. Savory Saltine Seasoning

Savory Saltine Seasoning - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

The Savory Saltine Seasoning cracker is a sensory explosion. With a mouth-tingling mix of seasonings, these are not your typical vanilla-flavored saltine crackers. They offer a dynamic burst of flavor with every bite, setting them apart from their competitors.

The seasoned flavor is bold enough to be enjoyed on its own. But if you’re a fan of adding dips or toppings, they pair excellently with mild cheeses or creamy dips, allowing the zesty flavors to shine through. The sturdy texture resists sogginess, making them perfect for hearty dips or even robust soups. With Savory Saltine Seasoning, every snack time becomes a gastronomic adventure.

16. Clover Valley Saltine Crackers

Clover Valley Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Clover Valley Saltine Crackers delivers what every saltine cracker lover craves – that simple, uncomplicated flavor with a classic sturdy texture. Providing a good crunch that holds itself even after dunking in soups or stews, these crackers are consistent winners.

They can easily slide into your breakfast table spread or your evening snacking routine. The versatility and reliability of these crackers come from their neutral taste profile, letting them play the roles of both sophisticated canapé and comforting snack with equal elan. Your perfect pantry companion, the Clover Valley Saltine Crackers, don’t need frills to impress!

17. Kellogg’s Crackers

Kellogg's Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Kellogg’s brings a unique twist to the saltine cracker world. Leaning away from the traditional salty taste, these crackers have a hint of sweetness that sets them apart. While they are a tad thicker than your average saltine, they still maintain a pleasing crunch.

The added sweetness makes them perfect for pairing with cream cheese or fruity jams, providing a different yet pleasing take on the saltine experience. Each bite is a blend of that classic flaky texture with an unexpected touch of sweetness. Kellogg’s Crackers proves that venturing outside the salt zone can indeed be a cracker of an idea!

18. Zesta Saltine Crackers

Zesta Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

Zesta Saltine Crackers bring to the table a trifecta of taste, texture, and appeal, sure to make them a staple in your pantry. These robust crackers are full of flavor, with a hearty snap that fills each bite with satisfaction. The aromatic scent and appealing salty flavor give them a distinct characteristic, making them what I would consider an exceptional cracker.

Aside from their delightful taste, Zesta Crackers are notably economical, making them a great value for any budget-conscious consumer. Whether you’re dipping them in your favorite soup or using them as a crunchy topper in salads, these cracker offerings present a palate-pleasing experience that’s friendly on the wallet.

19. Ritz Crackers & Premium Saltine Crackers

Ritz Crackers & Premium Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

There is no arguing that Ritz Crackers have made a notable mark in the cracker industry. The original Ritz cracker is deliciously rich and buttery, creating a unique blend between tender and crunchy. When combined with the Premium Saltine Cracker, the result is this incredibly flavored cracker option that’s rather irresistible.

Lightly salted, each cracker delivers that crave-worthy crunch with a touch of gentle flakiness. This pairing of Ritz and Premium Saltine offers a balanced taste that pairs beautifully with nearly any topping or dip, making it an excellent accompaniment to any meal.

20. Krispy Saltine Crackers

Krispy Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

From the first bite, Krispy Saltine Crackers are appealing, slightly thicker than your average saltine, yet wonderfully flaky with a satisfying crunch. Their flavor profile is neutral, delivering a classic taste that pairs well with a variety of toppings and dips.

Krispy Crackers ensure that each bite is an enjoyable experience, offering a blend of texture and taste that is delightful on its own and also outstanding as the base for canapés or served alongside soup and salad. The essence of a great saltine is elegantly simple, and Krispy meets the mark with its delightful rendition.

21. Premium Original Fresh Stacks Saltine Crackers

Premium Original Fresh Stacks Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

The delightful twist on the classic saltine brought to us by Premium Original Fresh Stacks Saltine Crackers is not just fresh. It’s refreshingly convenient. These crackers deliver taste, texture, and freshness, with the added bonus of smart packaging.

Each cracker is fresh, lightly salted, and comes with a satisfactory crunch that you can enjoy at any time of day. The defining characteristic? Their convenience. The crackers are neatly packaged in small, manageable stacks making them easy to reach if you’re on-the-go or if you simply want to control portions.

The Fresh Stacks also maintain their crispness and freshness, prolonging the life of your crackers. There’s nothing like reaching into a box of crackers, only to find they’ve gone stale. Thankfully, these innovative little stacks keep every bite as fresh as the first.

22. Keebler Zesta Saltine Crackers

Keebler Zesta Saltine Crackers - Best Saltine Cracker 2024

On the quest to discover the best saltine crackers, the journey is incomplete without a nod to Keebler’s delightful offering—Zesta Saltine Crackers. And let me tell you, they’re zestily divine! Deliciously flaky, they promise an enticing combination of classic saltine taste and a well-rounded flavor that is designed for both children and adults alike.

Distinctly light and crispy, they are perfect for someone who enjoys a delicate, airy crunch. However, they’re hearty enough to load up on your favorite jams, cheeses, or meats.

The Keebler brand is well known for its quality and consistency, and its Zesta Saltine Crackers are no exception. The crackers are also packaged in a usable, well-sealed box, assuring freshness from the first cracker to the last. Whether you’re looking for a late-night snack, a companion to soup, or something to satisfy that salty craving, a Keebler Zesta Saltine Cracker can be the hidden gem in your cracker selection.

Why Saltine Crackers are a Pantry Must-Have?

Saltine crackers are a versatile and essential addition to any pantry. Here’s why:

  1. Versatility: Saltine crackers are indeed the jack-of-all-trades in the cracker world. Perfect on their own, topped with cheese, or dunked in soup, these crackers wear many hats and wear them well.
  2. Easy on the Stomach: Known for their soothing properties, they can assist when we’re feeling a bit under the weather. Their mild flavor and satisfying crunch make them an easy snack during upset stomachs.
  3. Perfect Light Snack: Saltine crackers are a great healthy and light snack. They can curb hunger pangs without adding too many calories to your diet.
  4. Always Satisfying: Few things are as uniquely satisfying as the crunch of a saltine cracker. The texture adds a delightfully crispy element to your meals.

How to Choose the Best Saltine Crackers?

Choosing the best saltine crackers can be a daunting task, with so many options available. Here are a few factors you should keep in mind:

  1. Crunchiness: In the world of saltine crackers, crunch is king. It should have a satisfying snap when you bite into it, but not so tough that it’s hard to chew.
  2. Saltiness: A slight sprinkle of salt can elevate the otherwise plain cracker. Consider this if you’re someone who loves a salty kick.
  3. Ingredients Used: Look for crackers that use whole grains, minimal added sugars, and heart-friendly oils. Ensure they are free from preservatives and high fructose corn syrup.
  4. Packaging: Opt for brands that offer individually packaged servings, especially if you travel frequently or like to pack them as a part of your lunch.
  5. Value for Money: Finally, consider the cost. Premium doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes, more affordable brands offer crackers that are equally delicious and of high quality.

Remember, choosing the ‘best’ is subjective. What matters most is that they meet your personal flavor, health, and lifestyle needs. Happy snacking!

How to Store and Keep Your Saltine Crackers Fresh?

How to Store and Keep Your Saltine Crackers Fresh?

Let’s be honest, no one wants a stale cracker. After all, the beauty of a saltine cracker lies in its crunch. So, how do you keep your saltine crackers fresh and crisp? The key is in the way you store them.

First and foremost, ensure that the crackers are kept in an airtight container. Once oxygen reaches the crackers, they start losing their crunch. Invest in a good quality airtight container or use resealable bags to keep your crackers at their peak.

Always remember to seal the container or bag promptly after using the crackers. It’s easy to forget this step, especially when you’re in a rush, but remember that even a moment’s exposure to air can affect the freshness of your saltine crackers.

For longer storage, you can store the crackers in the refrigerator or freezer. Cool temperatures slow down the process causing food to go stale. However, bring them back to room temperature before serving, as this enhances the taste and texture of the cracker.

Lastly, you could also use a food dehydrator if you have one. By removing moisture, you can extend the life of your saltine crackers even further. But remember, it’s not a one-size-fits-all guideline. The optimal storage method depends on the moisture content of the cracker, the local weather, and personal preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are saltine crackers healthy?

While they are not packed with nutrients, saltine crackers are low in calories and fat. Versions that use whole grain or are low in sodium can be healthier options and provide more fiber. It is always best to check the nutritional information on the packet.

What are some top brands for saltine crackers?

Some of the top brands for saltine crackers include Nabisco’s Premium Saltine, Keebler’s Zesta, and the Great Value brand from Walmart. Other favorites include brands like Signature Kitchen, Kroger, and Lance.

Can I use saltine crackers for cooking and baking?

Absolutely! Saltine crackers can be crushed and used as breading for chicken or fish, or as a crunchy topping for casseroles. They’re also a mainstay in recipes for sweet treats like cracker candy and pie crusts.

Why are saltine crackers often eaten during sickness?

Saltine crackers are light and bland, so they’re easy to tolerate, especially during illnesses that involve nausea or a loss of appetite. They can also help absorb acidity and settle the stomach.

How do I store saltine crackers?

To keep the crackers fresh, store them in a cool, dry place sealed in their original packaging. Once opened, try to use them within a week for the best taste and texture.

What’s the difference between regular and mini saltine crackers?

The only difference is the size. Mini saltine crackers are a smaller version of regular ones, making them perfect for snacking or for children. They still have the same light, crispy texture and mild flavor.

Do saltine crackers have different flavors?

While the classic saltine cracker is plain with a light salt topping, there are variations available on the market flavored with ingredients like cheese, multi-grain, unsalted, seasoned, and whole wheat.

Can I eat saltine crackers if I’m on a special diet?

It depends on the diet. Saltine crackers are low in fat and sugar, but they are made with white flour and contain gluten, so they might not be suitable for gluten-free diets. There are salt-free versions available for those on low-sodium diets. Always check the nutritional information.


After scarfing down mountains of crackers during numerous snack breaks, and testing each brand with a mood of diligent commitment, I can certify that finding the best saltine crackers comes down to personal preference. The world of saltine crackers is as diverse as it is delightful, from the subtly salty to the outright gourmet, each with its own unique character that brings joy to our taste buds.

Whether you are curling up with a comforting bowl of soup, munching on a quick snack, or assembling an elegant cheese platter, the right saltine cracker can elevate your culinary experience. True, the humble saltine may be a small part of your kitchen pantry, but its role in our daily lives is as significant as it is satisfying.

So, if you haven’t already, step out of your comfort zone and try a new brand of saltine crackers. Experiment with different textures, explore varied flavors and indulge in the simple pleasure that these bite-sized wonders bring. After all, the journey to finding your perfect saltine cracker might be filled with delightful surprises and undoubtedly delicious moments along the way. Happy munching!

Food Lover and Storyteller 🍽️✨ With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, Shivani brings her culinary adventures to life through evocative words and tantalizing tastes. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to share the magic of flavors with fellow enthusiasts.
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