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Does KFC Have Grilled Chicken? [2024 Menu Breakdown]

By: Neha Arya
Updated On: October 28, 2023

Strolling down the street, the unmistakable aroma of spices hits your nostrils, drawing you towards a familiar sight - the comforting red and white logo of a KFC outlet. Mouth watering, you find yourself contemplating the most iconic menu item of this global fast-food chain - its lip-smacking, crispy fried chicken.

But your health-conscious mind nudges you, 'Is there a grilled option?' It's quite surprising that amidst its buckets of fried goodies, many KFC enthusiasts are unaware of the existence of a potentially healthier poultry variant in the vast KFC menu. And that raises the question that leaves even the most loyal Kentucky Fried Chicken fanatics pondering - Does KFC have grilled chicken? If you've been struggling with this query, then you've come to the right place. Buckle up as we embark on a culinary expedition to uncover the truth about grilled chicken at KFC.

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Does KFC Have Grilled Chicken in 2024?

Does KFC Have Grilled Chicken in 2024?

Yes, KFC does indeed serve grilled chicken. The iconic fast-food chain, renowned for its crispy fried chicken, surprisingly features a grilled chicken variant on its vast menu. But how is it that so many of us are oblivious to its existence?

The root of this mystery seemingly lies in the powerful influence of the long-standing global popularity of KFC's fried chicken. KFC's Original Recipe, with its 11 secret herbs and spices, has seared a mark in the hearts (and tastebuds) of chicken lovers worldwide. So overpowering is its fame that it tends to mask the mention of other menu items, like the grilled chicken.

The availability of grilled chicken often varies, subject to local supply and demand. Some KFC outlets may not offer it on a regular basis, limiting its visibility to the average customer. The primary reason for this variability could be attributed to the grilled chicken's lower demand, in stark contrast to the iconic fried chicken - the global bestseller of KFC.

The grilled chicken at KFC is typically served as a part of KFC's Kentucky Grilled Chicken meals. It is seasoned and slow-grilled to juicy perfection, promising a delicious alternative to the usual fried variety.

If you're a fan of grilled fare, this revelation indeed reads like exciting news. But don't celebrate just yet. There's a lot more to know about this lesser-known menu item. So, let's dive in to uncover more about KFC's grilled chicken!

Flashback: When Did KFC Introduce Grilled Chicken to Their Menu?

The answer isn't as convoluted as one might think. The fast-food giant, KFC, introduced grilled chicken to its menu back in the year 2009. Yes, right - it's been over a decade since that fateful moment when KFC decided to venture beyond fried and sway into the territory of grilled. They named their juicy new offering, Kentucky Grilled Chicken. The introduction of grilled chicken was a strategic move aimed at catering to the increasingly health-conscious segment of quick-service restaurant customers.

So, what posed the need for this addition? You might wonder why a restaurant chain that had built its brand reputation and vast global empire on the signature fried chicken would entail such a dramatic shift. We owe it largely to the rising popularity and awareness of healthier food options among consumers. There was a growing call for lower-calorie, fat, and carb meals. The noteworthy fast-food industry responded to accommodate this new wave of health and fitness trends.

The Big Launch and Reception

KFC made a big splash with the launch. They ran a successful debut campaign and even offered free pieces of grilled chicken in their US stores, attracting large crowds. For a while, the grilled chicken outpaced even the traditional fried variant in sales. Most importantly, it stood up as a finger-lickin’s good response to the modern consumer's desire for healthier fast-food alternatives.

To this day, KFC's Thrilled Chicken has a dedicated fanbase. It doesn't match the colossal popularity of the original fried chicken, but it indeed adds a unique, smoky flavor to the KFC menu. Personally, I have often been torn between the love for the golden crispy exterior of their classic fried chicken and the succulent, smoky richness of the grilled variant. But, I must admit, the latter often wins the match for being a guilt-free indulgence.

KFC's official website provides ample information about the availability and nutrition facts of their grilled chicken, with pertinent viewership discretion advised for individuals keeping a vigilant eye on their calorie intake!

Secrets in the Kitchen: How Does KFC Cook Their Grilled Chicken?

Secrets in the Kitchen: How Does KFC Cook Their Grilled Chicken?

Unveiling the secrets of the KFC kitchen, let's delve into the making of their tantalizing grilled chicken. Now, KFC is quite tight-lipped about the exact recipe, however, some details are generally known. First off, their chicken receives a hearty soaking in a beautiful marinade. This special mix of seasonings penetrates deep into the chicken, imparting that unique KFC taste from the inside out. Once well-seasoned, the chicken is slow-roasted and grilled to a tender, juicy perfection.

One fascinating fact is that the beloved fast-food chain uses a patented process called "Oven Roasted" to cook their grilled chicken. KFC's "Oven Roasted" process sees their chicken being cooked in high-tech, self-basting ovens, resulting in a tender, juicy piece of chicken that is evenly cooked with a perfect smoky, grilled crust. Now, isn't that mouth-watering?

Counting the Nutrition: How Many Calories Are in KFC’s Grilled Chicken?

As we relish the unmatched flavors, one can't help but wonder, how many calories are in KFC’s grilled chicken? For those counting their calorie intake or just plain curious, a piece of KFC's Oven Roasted grilled chicken is surprisingly lean. According to the nutritional information provided on the official KFC website, a single piece of grilled chicken (drumstick) contains about 90 calories, with 4g of fat, 10g of protein, and zero carbohydrates.

Part of chickenCaloriesFat (g)Protein (g)Carbs (g)
Drumstick (Grilled Chicken)904100

A more comprehensive nutritional profile can be found on their website, but it's safe to say that KFC's grilled chicken is a great, lower-calorie option for those looking to satisfy their fast-food cravings while maintaining a balanced diet. So you can go ahead, and relish every bite without any guilt pangs.

Fried or Grilled: How Does KFC’s Grilled Chicken Compare to its Fried Chicken?

Fried or Grilled: How Does KFC’s Grilled Chicken Compare to its Fried Chicken?

First, let's discuss the prodigy of KFC, their Fried Chicken. This sonorous crunch as you sink your teeth into it, the delectable spices harmonizing with well-cooked chicken - it's a culinary orchestra within your mouth that makes it so endearing to millions worldwide. The KFC fried chicken, as you probably know, is an art in itself. It's washed, breaded, pressure fried, and finally seasoned with those famous, secret 11 herbs and spices - tantalizing, right?

But here's when the plot thickens. Introducing, the KFC Grilled Chicken. It separates itself from its fried counterpart unapologetically. The chicken is marinated and seasoned in a mix very similar to the original recipe, but instead of being cloaked in flour and deep-fried, it's slow-grilled to perfection over an open flame. The result? Tender, juicy chicken that's bursting with flavor. Imagine your favorite roasted chicken but with a surprising KFC twist.

Both variants have their charm. The fried chicken is indulgent and finger-licking good, while the grilled chicken offers a lighter, possibly healthier alternative without compromising on taste.

So, is it a showdown between the grilled and fried versions? On the contrary, I'd say. It's more about fulfilling different cravings, accommodating varying taste demands, and of course, catering to a wider audience - a testament to KFC's innovative prowess.

Grilled Goodness: How to Order Grilled Chicken at KFC?

Haven't tried KFC's grilled chicken yet? Well, you're in for a taste adventure. But let's first navigate how to order this lip-smacking goodness. The process is pretty much the same as you would order anything else from KFC.

Here's a step-by-step guide for the uninitiated.

  1. Walk into your nearest KFC outlet, drive up to a drive-thru, or log onto your favorite food delivery app. In the U.S., you can directly order from KFC's official website.
  2. Navigate to the 'Chicken' category or type 'grilled chicken' in the search box. You should be able to see the options available.
  3. Choose your preferred option - you can get the grilled chicken by itself, as part of a combo with sides and a drink, or in a family bucket.
  4. Confirm your order by proceeding to the payment portal. If you're placing an order online, you would need to specify your delivery address and payment method.
  5. Wait for a little while, and soon enough you'll be digging into your grilled chicken!

Remember, availability may vary, and it's always a good idea to check with your local KFC about the grilled chicken option.

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Choices A Plenty: What Options Are There for KFC Grilled Chicken?

Choices A Plenty: What Options Are There for KFC Grilled Chicken?

So you've taken the plunge and decided to spritz up your KFC routine with some grilled chicken. But what options does KFC offer for their grilled chicken meals?

  1. Individual Meals: You can always go for the individual meal consisting of 1, 2, or 3 pieces of grilled chicken, along with sides and a biscuit.
  2. Family Meals: For a family affair, you have options like the 8 piece meal, 12 piece meal, or even the 16 piece meal, inclusive of juicy pieces of grilled chicken, large sides, and buttermilk biscuits.
  3. Fill Up Meals: Craving for more variety? KFC's fill up meals delivers a piece of grilled chicken, your choice of sides, a cookie, and a drink for a satisfying meal.
  4. Buckets: Much like the traditional KFC fried chicken, you can also score a bucket full of mouth-watering grilled chicken.

Do remember, availability varies with location and the KFC website is the best place for the most accurate details. It appears like a grilled chicken lover's paradise at KFC, doesn't it?

Whether it's about the unique patented grilling process or the wide variety of meal choices, the KFC grilled chicken delivers on all counts. That's what makes it more than just a healthy alternative to the much-loved fried chicken. So next time you swing by or order from KFC, don't forget to give this a try!

Health First: Is KFC’s Grilled Chicken Gluten-Free?

Health First: Is KFC’s Grilled Chicken Gluten-Free?

With an increasing number of people being diagnosed with celiac disease or resisting gluten for various health reasons, the pressing question that arises is – "Is KFC's Grilled Chicken Gluten-Free?"

Now, I could simply give you a yes or no answer, but I believe it's more enlightening to understand why this matters in the first place. When someone who is gluten intolerant ingests gluten, it can trigger an immune response that is not unlike an allergic reaction – discomfort, bloating, and serious health complications in the long run.

Grilled Chicken and Gluten - The Inside Story

Surprisingly to some, the grilled chicken offering at KFC could very well be a beacon of hope for those seeking gluten-free options under the red and white banner.

Why, you might ask?

To start with, grilling as a cooking method naturally does not include any gluten. Gluten is a protein found predominantly in wheat, barley, and rye. Unless grilled chicken is marinated or seasoned with something containing gluten - which KFC claims not to - it should, in theory, be gluten-free.

However, one can never be too careful when it comes to dietary restrictions. KFC's official website provides a dedicated page to nutrition information and allergens that are present in their food products.

As of my last inspection of their nutrition guide, although the original recipe and extra crispy chicken contain wheat (and thereby, gluten), the grilled chicken is listed as wheat and gluten-free.

Reality Check – Things to Keep in Mind

Despite the positive outlook, there are aspects you should keep in mind while considering KFC's grilled chicken a viable gluten-free option.

  1. Cross-Contamination Risk: Despite the chicken itself being gluten-free, the risk of cross-contamination at a busy kitchen like KFC's is undoubtedly high. Regardless of the precautions, the chicken could still potentially come into contact with gluten during preparation or serving.
  2. Recipe Changes: While the current grilled chicken recipe at KFC appears not to contain gluten, recipes can and do change. It's essential to regularly check KFC’s official allergen statement or speak directly to the outlet's manager to confirm the present status.
  3. Different Countries, Different Recipes: Remember that food regulations, ingredients, and recipes can vary by country. What is gluten-free in the US may not be gluten-free in Canada or the UK.

So, while KFC’s grilled chicken seems to be a succulent savior to those on a gluten-free diet, my advice would be to proceed with caution. Like they say – better safe than sorry! The last thing anyone wants is a bout of gluten-triggered discomfort after a delightful meal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does KFC still sell grilled chicken?

Yes, KFC still sells grilled chicken, but the availability might vary depending on the location. Some outlets may not carry it due to local preferences or logistical issues.

How does KFC's grilled chicken taste?

KFC's grilled chicken boasts a distinct smoky flavor that comes from its unique grilling process. It's well-seasoned and tender, giving your tastebuds a deliciously different experience from their traditional fried chicken.

Is the grilled chicken at KFC a healthier option?

Yes, grilled chicken at KFC is generally a healthier option compared to fried chicken as it contains less fat, fewer calories, and lower sodium levels. However, it's important to check their nutritional information for detailed comparisons.

What goes best with KFC's grilled chicken?

KFC's grilled chicken pairs perfectly with a variety of sides, like mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, corn on the cob, or potato wedges. Many customers also enjoy it with a classic biscuit.

Can I order KFC's grilled chicken online?

Yes, you can order KFC's grilled chicken online. However, availability depends on the specific KFC location you choose for delivery or pickup.

Can vegetarians eat KFC's grilled chicken?

No, vegetarians cannot eat KFC's grilled chicken because it is made from poultry. KFC does offer some vegetarian-friendly sides and salads, but the main entrées are primarily meat-based.

Can I find KFC's grilled chicken at any KFC outlet worldwide?

The availability of grilled chicken at KFC outlets varies greatly. Not all KFC restaurants around the world carry grilled chicken. It's best to check with your local KFC restaurant or their online menu to confirm availability.


Navigating the menu at KFC, we've found ourselves confronted with an interesting question - does KFC have grilled chicken? Indeed, hidden beneath the towering layers of crispy fried delights, there lies the option for a more health-friendly grilled chicken. Versatility is the hallmark of KFC and it becomes clear that their grilled chicken is yet another feather in their cap.

Whether or not this lesser-known menu item will one day rise to the popularity level of its fried counterparts is yet to be seen. But for now, all the health-conscious foodies and KFC lovers out there, you do have a delicious and savory grilled option waiting for you. So, on your next visit, why not give their grilled chicken a shot and taste the difference for yourself? After all, it's never too late to embark on a new culinary adventure!

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