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12 Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia [July 2024]

By: Neha Arya
Updated On: October 5, 2023

Navigating the sushi scene in Columbia, SC, can be somewhat of a never-ending adventure – particularly for those who simply can't get enough of those superbly rolled delicacies from the sea. If you're on the lookout for the "Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia" experience – one that combines the vibrant flavors of sustainably sourced fish, beautifully prepared rice, and artistically selected garnishes, your search might just come to a delightful end right here.

In this bustling city, a wealth of eateries promising endless sushi plates awaits, ready to whisk you away on a culinary journey to Japan right from the comfort of your cozy, Southern surroundings. So, are you ready to explore? Because I guarantee you, with every bite, you’re not only consuming sushi but also pieces of the world, each more tantalizing than the last.

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12 Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia (2024)

12 Best All You Can Eat Sushi Columbia SC

Feeling the urge for a sushi binge? Welcome to Columbia, SC! Home to an irresistible range of "All You Can Eat" sushi spots, it’s a city that spoils sushi aficionados with countless choices. From pressed sushi to expertly assembled rolls, our journey is guaranteed to make you fall in love with this Japanese delicacy all over again.

1. Miyo's

Miyo's - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

Stepping into Miyo's felt like embarking on a sweet escapade that takes one on a foodie adventure straight to the heart of Eastern Asia. I, for one, was utterly smitten by the atmospheric charm that beautifully complements the whole dining experience. But that's only a hint of the vibrant allure this place holds.

To be specific, the sushi was a whole other world. Each piece crafted meticulously by experienced and skillful hands, these tiny bites of Heaven had me hooked from the very first bite. Laced with balanced, heartwarming flavors that transcended far beyond just the habitual taste of soy sauce and ginger, it was pure bliss in every mouthful.

At Miyo’s, their all-you-can-eat sushi menu can only be described in one word - lavish. With an array of different sushi styles, there's undoubtedly something to suit everybody. What really captured my curiosity was how each roll tasted utterly unique, and yet, they all carried a distinct Miyo's signature – a perfect balance of freshness, texture, flavor, and visually appealing delicacy. It was clear that precision and a love for artistry translated into their cuisine.

Their sushi rolls were not limited to the classic Californian or spicy salmon but also included a myriad of luxurious takes on the traditional sushi, each more delicious than the last. The Dragon Roll, for instance, was full of tender eel and had a lovely sweet glaze that contrasted perfectly to the slightly salty sushi rice. The presentation of the sushi roll mirrored the dragon from which it got its name, making it appetizing to both the palate and the eyes.

Miyo's didn't just serve sushi, they served an experience. One where your imagination will be stimulated not only by the playful taste combinations but also by the beautiful arrangements and the peaceful ambiance. With each piece of sushi, I felt like I was discovering a whole new world of culinary artistry- and I loved every minute of it.

2. Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is another must-visit spot in Columbia, SC that serves up delectable all-you-can-eat sushi. Tucked away in a quaint corner of the town, the first thing that strikes you as you walk through their doors is the authentic Japanese ambiance. Bamboo-embellished interiors, low-set tables, and a warm glow diffused by lamps crafted from rice paper- you'll feel as if you've crossed oceans and landed straight into a traditional izakaya in Japan.

The real magic, however, lies in their sushi. If I were to sum up my entire experience at Kabuki's in just a single phrase, it would be- A symphony of flavors. The sushi is skillfully made with an array of ingredients sourced for their seasonality and quality. The chefs at Kabuki seem to almost have a sixth sense for complementing and contrasting flavors, creating an exquisite dining experience that leaves you craving for more.

From the delicate and subtle flavor of hamachi (yellowtail) prepared as nigiri, through the rich and creamy textures of their Dragon Roll, up to the crunch and pop that comes with the shrimp tempura roll – every single sushi style I indulged in was nothing short of a sensory trip that painted an intricately detailed picture.

For me, the highlight was the Chef's Japanese Special Sushi Roll. Adorned with fresh fish, this roll was a brilliant display of colors that tasted even more spectacular than it looked! Each bite was exploding with various flavors- tanginess from the pickled ginger, creaminess from the avocado, and the sweet, rich flavor from the beautifully fresh fish. It was obvious that each ingredient had been chosen carefully, with every slice and dice calculated accurately for maximum effect.

Kabuki isn’t just about sushi- it's sushi done right. It's about finding creativity amid tradition, awe-inspiring attention to detail, and an unequivocal passion that elevates a simple dish to something truly mesmerizing. Whether you're a seasoned sushi lover or someone eager to dip their toes in the fascinating world of sushi for the first time- Kabuki is your one-stop destination for all things sushi!

3. Jasmine Buffet

Jasmine Buffet - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

Upon walking into Jasmine Buffet, I was welcomed by a warm and friendly atmosphere. The well-thought-out layout and the lively vibe promised a wholesome dining experience, and I wasn't disappointed. Jasmine Buffet boasts an all-you-can-eat sushi offering that is impressive in variety and quality.

Prior to tasting the sushi, my eyes were feasting on the fantastic array laid out in a buffet format. Magnificently presented and delicately portioned, the sushi was a blend of traditional and innovative. The exquisite craftsmanship of the sushi chefs is quite evident, and the result is a smorgasbord of sushi that stimulates, satiates, and even surprises.

Their special Philadelphia roll was quite the show-stopper, delicately rolled, each bite was a burst of harmonious flavors - the lightness of the rice, the softness of the fresh salmon, and the creamy richness of the cream cheese was pretty much the perfect marriage of flavors. And don't even get me started on their nigiri, which takes you on an oceanic journey with every bite, thanks to the freshest piece of fish used and the perfectly seasoned sushi rice.

Jasmine Buffet is undoubtedly an excellent spot to indulge your sushi cravings. The sheer variety and commendable execution, combined with the warm, welcoming atmosphere, make this buffet stand out and certainly worth a visit.

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4. Sushi One

Sushi One - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

Then there was Sushi One, a place where sushi isn't just food, it's an art. The sushi here is a compendium of flavors and impressions, rather, a whole sensory experience. Trust me when I say that the chefs at Sushi One aim for much more than merely filling your bellies. Their inventive fare will thrill your taste buds and amaze you with unique concoctions, all enhanced by a charming ambiance.

What specifically caught my attention was how fresh every component was - from the bursting-with-flavor salmon to the tangy rice, right down to the perfectly ripe avocado used in their rolls. My personal favorite here has to be the Volcano Roll - one bite and it erupts with flavor, the heat of the sriracha playing beautifully against the creamy crab meat filling.

But it's not just about the classics here. They also served up some unusual yet intriguing combinations like the South Carolina roll, which was a delightful meander from the familiar to the extraordinary. The roll, teeming with shrimp tempura, and cream cheese, and topped off with mango salsa, was a mix of sweet, savory, and crunchy textures - all played in perfect harmony, creating a symphony of flavor in my mouth.

Sushi One stands out for me as an embodiment of creativity within the art of sushi-making. It's a place where flavors dance in your mouth, and your taste buds sing, taking you on a sensory trip on a sushi wave that is both beautifully familiar and exquisitely new.

5. Red Sake

Red Sake - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

If there's one place where I truly indulged my sushi cravings in the heart of Columbia, SC, it was Red Sake. Walking into the restaurant, I was greeted by the unique fusion of traditional Japanese decor and a modern, chic atmosphere. The ambiance coupled with the pulsating energy of the place immediately set me into a mood of culinary exploration.

And believe me, I wasn't disappointed. Their all-you-can-eat sushi menu filled me with anticipation, and the variety they offered was simply mind-boggling. The first bite was a revelation of sorts. Never before had I tasted a sushi roll filled with such a symphony of flavors, complemented by the crunch of tempura and the melt-in-your-mouth sashimi.

One specific dish that stood out was the Godzilla Roll. With a daring combination of shrimp tempura and spicy tuna on the inside with a generous topping of avocado and spicy mayo, it was a roll fit for a king. The delicate balance of flavors harmoniously orchestrated a symphony in my mouth, which kept me coming back for more.

For those with a milder palate, the Rainbow Roll was an absolute delight. It was a vibrant kaleidoscope of fresh fish and veggies on top of a refreshing California roll. Each bite offered a different taste, thanks to the diverse choice of toppings.

Red Sake left a deep impression on me. It's a place where your stomach can take a trip to Japan without your passport! If you're a sushi lover like me, trust me, you wouldn't want to miss out on this place.

6. Little China Buffet

Little China Buffet - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

Next, I ventured into Little China Buffet tucked away in the streets of Columbia, SC. Though it appeared modest from the outside, the moment I stepped foot inside, I knew I had discovered a hidden gem. Adorned with traditional Chinese decor and with Mandarin music softly playing in the background, I was immediately transported to a street in Beijing.

But what truly stood out was their all-you-can-eat sushi. Manufactured to perfection, the sushi was a tribute to traditional Chinese flavors. From the crunch of the cucumber to the melt-in-your-mouth salmon, every ingredient tasted fresh and brought its unique savor.

Their Dragon Roll was a revelation. I could taste the succulent eel and the crunchy shrimp, generously enrobed with a layer of avocado that lent a creamy texture to every morsel. It was a roller coaster of flavors and feelings that left me longing for more.

But if you're a purist, like me, your heart will surely skip a beat over the simple yet delightful Tuna Roll. The freshness of the tuna married perfectly with the vinegared rice, resulting in a classic roll that redefined authenticity for me.

Not just for the sushi, but for the whole experience, Little China Buffet is a place I would recommend to anyone who appreciates authenticity. This quaint little restaurant is a treasure trove of surprises that promises to satiate all your sushi cravings.

7. Inakaya Japanese Restaurant

Inakaya Japanese Restaurant - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

My next stop on this tantalizing sushi trail was none other than the renowned Inakaya Japanese Restaurant. Stepping into Inakaya, I was immediately struck by the striking elegance of the interiors, seamlessly blending a modern sensibility with traditional Japanese design to create an utterly inviting atmosphere.

And then came the sushi. A testament to the expert craftsmanship of sushi craftsmen from the Land of the Rising Sun, each roll that I savored was flavor-packed and beautifully plated. Their all-you-can-eat sushi menu was my culinary playground, and it was a palatable journey I'll never forget.

One of my top picks from Inakaya's alluring menu was the Dynamite Roll. Filled with crispy, tempura-battered shrimp and topped with spicy tuna and mixed sauces, it was an explosion of flavors that left me craving more.

For those who prefer a subtler palette, the Spider Roll is the way to go. Delicately crunchy soft shell crab combined with cucumber, avocado, and sushi rice, creates an enjoyable sensation with every bite.

Trust me when I say, that Inakaya is more than just a restaurant. It's a trip to Japan where you get to experience the masterful artistry of sushi making and indulge in some good old comfort food. So, if you’re ready to savor every bit of your sushi cravings, Inakaya Japanese Restaurant is the place to be.

8. Blossom Buffet

Blossom Buffet - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

Despite its subtly sophisticated exterior, Blossom Buffet turned out to be a haven of ‘all-you-can-eat sushi' offerings! Once inside, I marveled at the tastefully done décor and the comforting ambiance that lent a relaxing feel to the place, further enhancing the dining experience.

But the highlight of Blossom Buffet, without a doubt, is the all-you-can-eat sushi. The buffet spread was a feast for my eyes, filled to the brim with an assortment of sushi that would make any sushi aficionado's heart skip a beat.

Among the many taste-bud awakening options, the Red Dragon Roll undoubtedly stole the show. With a delectably rich texture and an exciting combination of spicy tuna and avocado, it was a mouth-watering marvel.

If you lean towards a more traditional taste, the Philadelphia Roll, with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber, is a classic choice that never under-delivers.

Making your way through Blossom Buffet’s sushi spread is like embarking on a dreamy aquatic exploration, with each sushi roll offering a unique taste sensation of the ocean’s finest offerings. So, if you’re a sushi lover who appreciates a well-curated spread, Blossom Buffet is not to be missed.

9. Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

At first glance, Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar exudes a sense of charm that is hard to resist. As I stepped in, I was greeted with a warm welcome and a delightful ambiance, a perfect setting to indulge in some delightful sushi feast.

Sakura's all-you-can-eat sushi buffet and their à la carte offerings are a complete treat for sushi enthusiasts. To call it a feast would be an understatement as their offerings catapult you to an ocean of flavors with each bite.

The Rainbow Roll was an absolute standout. With its enticing colors from the varied assortment of fresh fish atop a roll of juicy crab and avocado, it was a celebration of flavors and textures.

Who can forget the classic and deliciously tender Salmon Nigiri? Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as they say, and this humble sushi dish justifies that statement with its simple yet power-packed flavor.

Whether a sushi connoisseur or an experimenting newbie, Sakura offers a diverse collection of sushi that meets every taste palate. Take my word, Sakura is not just about sushi; it’s an entire sushi experience waiting to be explored!

10. Tsunami Vista

Tsunami Vista - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

I was instantly enamored by the modern and stylish architecture of Tsunami Vista. Its cool oceanic themes and lively atmosphere made me surrender my cravings to the irresistible sushi offerings that this place is famous for.

Every sushi roll that I tried from the diverse all-you-can-eat sushi menu was an amalgamation of carefully selected ingredients, assembled with precision and finesse by their seasoned chefs.

Their signature Volcano Roll was an eruption of flavors. The boldness of the spicy crab, the tangy essence of tobiko, and the contrasting coolness of cucumber made it a rockstar dish!

Another rave-worthy sushi was the simple yet delicious Tuna Nigiri, with its immaculately cut slab of ruby-red tuna, perched elegantly atop a mound of perfectly seasoned sushi rice.

Tsunami Vista is definitely the place to go if you wish to experience a gourmet sushi experience, where equal importance is given to both quality and quantity. There’s something for everyone at Tsunami Vista, so dive in and treat your taste buds to a tsunami of flavors!

11. Flaming Grill & Supreme Buffet

Flaming Grill & Supreme Buffet - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

Next, I made my way to the Flaming Grill & Supreme Buffet, a place that quickly became synonymous with my unabated sushi fascination. The warm, inviting ambiance fused with an array of Oriental decor elements made for an intriguing setup.

Here the all-you-can-eat sushi stations take center stage. The wide assortment of sushi rolls, beautifully presented and generously filled, was nothing short of a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Their house favorite, the California Roll brimming with crab, cucumber, and avocado, held its ground with a perfect balance of flavors. The roll was a testament to the underlying simplicity and authenticity, a beautiful reassurance that sometimes, a classic is truly the best.

Another memorable dish was the Twisted Tuna Roll. The flavorsome combination of spicy mayo-drizzled tuna, jalapenos, and cream cheese created a subtle, tangy punch, leaving you longing for another piece.

Flaming Grill & Supreme Buffet is a great paragon of ‘All You Can Eat Sushi Columbia SC’. Here, the sushi rolls aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but lip-smackingly delicious as well! Regardless of your sushi preferences, this eatery is sure to serve your sushi cravings and some more!

12. Eastern Buffet

Eastern Buffet - Best All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia

The last stop on my sushi trail of excitement, the Eastern Buffet fit snugly into the heart of Columbia's bustling dining scene, bringing a delightful culmination of my sushi voyage in the city.

Even the most seasoned sushi lover will be taken aback by the sheer variety presented in the all-you-can-eat sushi spread. Each item is prepared with an artisan’s sincere dedication, inviting visitors to embark on a culinary trip to the East.

The Pacific Roll was my personal favorite, boasting a unique combination of flavors. The mildly sweet taste of shrimp, and the tangy burst of fresh mango, contrasted wonderfully with the sushi rice and seaweed wrap, creating a truly tropical treat.

The fittingly named Classic Roll, an Eastern Buffet special, with just sushi rice and sushi-grade Tuna, was a tribute to the delicacy’s Japanese roots. Simplicity at its best, the Classic Roll is a gentle reminder that sometimes less is more.

Eastern Buffet is a must-visit for sushi fanatics who love to lose themselves amid an eclectic selection of delicious sushi rolls. It offers a memorable experience, a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary sushi making. So, if you're ready to say 'Oishī' after every bite, this is your sushi paradise!

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How to Choose the Perfect All You Can Eat Sushi Place in Columbia?

Choosing the ideal 'all you can eat' sushi venue may seem daunting, especially with Columbia's growing culinary scene that offers a wealth of options. But worry not, I’m here to help make the decision-making process easier!

Deciding Factors

First and foremost, every great menu starts with quality ingredients. It's vital to look for restaurants that prioritize freshness and quality. Chatting with the sushi chef about where they source their fish or how often they receive deliveries can give you a sense of how much consideration goes into their ingredients.

Choose sushi spots that pay attention to the decor and atmosphere. An intimate setting can elevate your dining experience to another level, creating an authentic Japanese ambiance thanks to nuances like soft lighting, minimalistic interiors, and background music.

Ambience and Service

Your preferred sushi spot should boast a welcoming atmosphere with attentive and knowledgeable service staff—those who can guide you through the menu, maybe offer some suggestions based on your preferences. A sushi restaurant that excels in service can make you feel like you're a special guest, which enhances your dining experience.

Varied Menu Offerings

'menu diversity' also plays a significant role. A good sushi restaurant will offer a variety of sushi styles, from classic rolls to innovative variants. For instance, Miyo's, a sushi spot in Columbia, SC, acquires a special place on everyone's list with their wide assortment of sushi. There's nothing like the excitement of a new combination of flavors to surprise your palate!

Try to seek out a location that caters to all palates and diets. From mild, savory flavors to spicy, bold ones, and options for vegetarian or allergic customers, a varied menu can be refreshing.

Watch out for restaurants with menus that are long enough to provide variety but not so overwhelming that it sacrifices the quality of each dish.

Why 'All You Can Eat' Sushi in Columbia is a Must-Try Experience?

Why 'All You Can Eat' Sushi in Columbia is a Must-Try Experience?

If the above reasons haven't yet convinced you, allow me to dive deeper into the concept of 'all you can eat' sushi and illustrate exactly why it's an experience that every sushi lover or culinary thrill-seeker must have on their bucket list.

Unique Flavors

Offering a chance to taste a wide array of sushi creations, the 'all you can eat' sushi experience in Columbia, SC, is an exciting journey of flavors. Each sushi offering brings with it a fresh and unique flavor profile—zones that will take your palate on an exciting culinary adventure. With a myriad of options to discover, you're sure to encounter something that triggers new taste sensations with every visit.

Benefits of Fresh Ingredients

Columbia's sushi scene highly values fresh, high-quality ingredients which make a world of difference to your sushi experience. Fresh fish has a delightful texture and flavor that's leagues apart from its not-so-fresh counterparts. It's no secret that the fresher the ingredients, the more delightful the sushi.

Restaurants like Red Sake in Columbia consistently uphold this principle, serving up sushi made from premium ingredients that elevate your dining experience into memorable realms.

Evolving Culinary Scene

Columbia's culinary landscape is evolving, with a surge in sushi venues that persistently strive to reinvent sushi. The city's 'all you can eat' sushi spots place a strong emphasis on creativity, crafting sushi delicacies that blend traditional sushi concepts with contemporary culinary influences.

Through innovation, sushi eateries are constantly pushing boundaries, ensuring the 'all you can eat' sushi experience remains a thrilling affair and a must-try for everyone! Columbia, SC, is gearing up to become an exciting sushi hub in the US’s southern part, promising an experience that's an absolute delight.

With all the factors mentioned above, don't you think it's high time you dropped by one of the fabulous 'All You Can Eat' sushi restaurants in Columbia, SC? Trust me; it will be worth every bite!

Why Sushi Lovers are Flocking to Columbia, SC for All You Can Eat Options

Why Sushi Lovers are Flocking to Columbia, SC for All You Can Eat Options

When it comes to relishing an exceptional sushi experience, Columbia, SC is dishing out some pretty stiff competition in the South. But what exactly is it that's drawing sushi aficionados to this part of the USA?

The first and foremost factor is the increasing quality of offerings. Columbia has seen a surge in restaurants prioritizing high-grade sushi. The level of craftsmanship poured into each roll, from the meticulous slicing of fish to the artistic arrangement, reflects the city's commitment to offering an authentic sushi dining experience. Ingredients are sourced sustainably and are on par with what you might find in top sushi restaurants across the globe.

The competitive pricing is an undeniable draw for sushi lovers. Columbia's all you can eat sushi restaurants, despite excelling in quality, don't sting your wallet hard. This affordable indulgence is hugely appealing to both local food enthusiasts and tourists alike. It allows them to delve deep into sushi exploration without the price being a deterrent. You can enjoy a wide array of sushi options, ranging from traditional rolls to modern fusion styles without breaking your budget.

Moreover, the authentic Japanese experience offered by Columbia's sushi spots is one to cherish. Nestling somewhere between tradition and innovation, they deliver an immersive, one-of-a-kind sushi-eating adventure. From warm miso soup served as a preamble to the feast to an impressive lineup of sushi rolls, a visit to any sushi eatery in Columbia assures a deeply satisfying journey to the heart of Japanese culinary traditions.

Whether you're looking to relish a laid-back sushi dinner or planning to set up a lunch meeting, the prospect of unlimited sushi at an affordable price, coupled with the impeccable blend of authenticity and innovation, is indeed an irresistible charm that Columbia, SC proudly offers to every sushi lover out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for All You Can Eat Sushi in Columbia, SC?

Each restaurant offers different pricing for their All You Can Eat Sushi. The prices typically range from $20 to $35 per person.

Does every sushi restaurant offer an All You Can Eat option?

No, not every sushi restaurant in Columbia, SC offers an All You Can Eat option. It's recommended to check the restaurant's website or make a phone call ahead of your visit.

Do any of these places serve vegetarian sushi options?

Absolutely! Many sushi places in Columbia, SC offer an abundant variety of vegetarian rolls in their All You Can Eat Sushi.

If I can’t finish my order, can I take it home?

Generally, leftovers from an All You Can Eat Sushi cannot be taken home. This is to prevent waste and keep the costs reasonable for everyone.

What are the peak hours for these sushi places?

Peak hours can vary, but most places are busiest during dinner time between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

How fresh is the fish at all these sushi places?

The freshness of fish at these sushi places is top-notch. Columbia SC sushi spots maintain high standards for the quality of their ingredients.

Can I make reservations for All You Can Eat Sushi?

Most restaurants would allow you to make reservations, but it's best to check with them first.

Is the staff at these sushi places knowledgeable about the menu?

Yes, the staff at these sushi restaurants are generally well-versed with the menu and can guide you through your sushi journey.

Is premium sake served at these All You Can Eat Sushi places?

Yes, most sushi places in Columbia, SC serve a variety of premium sake that pairs well with sushi. It can be a phenomenal addition to your dining experience.


So there you have it! Now you know what makes Columbia, SC a haven for sushi lovers. Whether you're up for exploring innovative sushi rolls or want to savor the taste of authentic traditional flavors, there's something here to cater to all your sushi cravings. As you navigate through the amazing sushi scene that this city has to offer, you can expect a delightful fusion of aesthetics, palate, and culture wrapped in each roll.

So, don't hold back! Polish your chopsticks and savor the chance to indulge in the 'All You Can Eat Sushi' experience that Columbia, SC has in store for you. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

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