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29 Best Animal Crackers [2024‘s Exotic Flavors Ranked]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: November 30, 2023

For a quintessential snack that transcends age and geography, one need look no further than animal crackers. Delightful in their crunch, with an array of shapes straight from the zoo, these tiny treats never fail to put a smile on one’s face, whether you’re reaching into a lunch box or diving into a communal office jar. But, in the vast jungle of options, which ones emerge triumphant as the best animal crackers on the shelf? Read on as I set out on a tasty safari, navigating the snack aisle in search of the most flavorful, the most nostalgic, and the most fun animal-shaped cookies you can find. Whether you’re a lifelong devotee or a snacking newbie, prepare to discover your next favorite treat!

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Article Includes

29 Best Animal Crackers of 2024

Best Animal Crackers of 2024

Embarking on a tasting adventure, I bring you a rollicking ride through the world of animal crackers. Here, you’ll find a handpicked list of 29 best animal cracker brands that have charmed taste buds and won hearts across generations. Hold onto your inner child, as we are about to dive into a world of flavor filled with the most adorable, crunchy critters!

1. Annie’s Homegrown Bernie’s Farm Animal Cookies

Annie's Homegrown Bernie's Farm Animal Cookies - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

When it comes to organic snacks, Annie’s Homegrown is a brand that instantly pops into my mind. Having had their Bernie’s Farm Animal Cookies, I can confidently say that these truly live up to the hype. Of all the attributes that a cookie can possess, these have managed to combine a fun factor, health consciousness, and an extraordinary taste. These cookies are certified organic, which means they contain no artificial flavors or synthetic colors, something immensely appreciated by parents seeking nutritious snacks for their children.

One thing that sets Annie’s Bernie’s Farm Animal Cookies apart is their use of natural fruit and vegetable extracts to give the cookies their vibrant colors. The beet used for the red, the annatto for the orange, and the blueberry and carrot extracts for the blue cookies makes snack time a colorful adventure. Each pack contains a variety of fun farm shapes like barns, tractors, and different farm animals that can spark curiosity in children and even adults.

The taste is subtly sweet, with a hint of whole grain flavor that lingers in your mouth. The texture is just right – not too hard, not too soft. A satisfying crunch follows each bite. The resealable bag is a bonus, allowing for freshness every time you approach it. Annie’s Homegrown Bernie’s Farm Animal Cookies truly contribute to an ethical, wholesome, and joy-filled snack experience that sets the bar high for other animal crackers in the market.

2. Barbara’s Oatmeal Snackimals Cookies

Barbara's Oatmeal Snackimals Cookies - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

If you are in pursuit of a healthy, flavorful, and enjoyable snack that appeals to both kids and adults, look no further than Barbara’s Oatmeal Snackimals Cookies. Known for their commitment to providing healthier snack options, Barbara’s has a winner with these cookies.

Firstly, these animal crackers are made from whole grain oats. The health benefits of oats are well known, including aiding digestion and delivering heart-healthy fibers. This makes these cookies not only tasty but also beneficial to the body.

Secondly, these cookies come in a range of fun, recognizable animal shapes that kids adore. Lions, elephants, and pandas – there’s a mini-zoo waiting to be unveiled in every bag. As we know, a snack that looks fun often tastes better to a child’s palate.

Thirdly, these cookies are delicious. Crunchy and subtly sweet, with the familiar warming taste of oatmeal, they take your taste buds on a pleasing journey. Barbara’s Oatmeal Snackimals Cookies have a way of stirring up nostalgia too, reminding you of days when mom used to bake cookies at home.

These cookies come in different flavors like vanilla and chocolate chip, offering a variety to choose from. Be it for an afternoon snack or a treat for the lunchbox, Barbara’s Snackimals Cookies easily rank among the best animal crackers for their health-conscious ingredients, fun animal designs, and mouthwatering taste.

3. Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers

Stauffer's Original Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

There is a reason why original recipes withstand the test of time and Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers are a testament to this. These light, crunchy biscuits have an irresistible mildly sweet flavor that has made them a staple in many households.

An impressive aspect of Stauffer’s is their dedication to tradition. The animal shapes, which include lions, elephants, and horses, hark back to the circus-themed origins of animal crackers. I discovered that this not only makes snack time exciting but can also be a fun, educational opportunity, after all, every cookie is a mini zoology lesson!

Texture-wise, they hit the spot with a satisfying crunch that isn’t too hard on the teeth. As for the taste, it’s the right balance of sweet and subtly salty. One could say that their simple flavor profile acts as their strength, making them a versatile snack that is scrumptious on its own, or paired with a dip, or even crumbled over a dessert.

The box packaging designs are reminiscent of old-fashioned circus train cars, adding to the nostalgic charm. Overall, with their reliable consistency in taste, versatility, and a respectful nod to tradition, Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers rightly deserve their standing on the roster of best animal crackers.

4. Office Snax Stauffer’s Bear Shaped Animal Crackers

Office Snax Stauffer's Bear Shaped Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

A variation on the classic, Office Snax Stauffer’s Bear Shaped Animal Crackers bring both playfulness and taste to snack tables. Shaped like adorable teddy bears, these crackers have managed to appeal to a wider demographic, making them a hit not just at children’s parties or school lunches but also in office snack jars and break out spaces.

When you bite into them, the first thing you notice is their pleasant crunchiness followed by a mild, subtly sweet flavor. The fact that they are trans-fat free and low in calories is a plus, making them a guilt-free indulgence during a mid-day office break or an evening snack at home.

Conveniently packaged in a resealable tub, these bear-shaped goodies not only ensure freshness with each serving but also ticks the box on practicality. You can take the tub along for picnics or road trips without the worry of the crackers turning stale.

Office Snax Stauffer’s Bear Shaped Animal Crackers delightfully prove that enjoyable snacks aren’t restricted to children. Sometimes, all it takes is a bear-shaped biscuit to bring out the child in you.

5. Gamesa Galletas Animalitos

Gamesa Galletas Animalitos - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

For those looking to explore international flavors, Gamesa Galletas Animalitos is a choice you won’t regret. Originating from Mexico, these animal biscuits have found fans far and wide because of their unique attributes.

Let’s start with the fact that these crackers come in wonderfully diverse animal shapes like dinosaurs, elephants, and tigers. The intricate designs will impress you and the kids will surely find their favorites among the animals.

Now, let’s talk about flavor. From the first nibble itself, these crackers have a rich, buttery flavor that makes you reach out for more. Each bite delivers a perfect crunch and the sweet, biscuity aroma is the proverbial cherry on top.

What makes Galletas Animalitos stand apart from most other animal crackers is their slightly thicker structure. This results in a more substantial bite and a fulfilling snack experience. All in all, Gamesa Galletas Animalitos more than qualify as a contender for the best animal crackers. They successfully blend fun, taste, and a touch of international charm in their small animal-shaped offerings.

6. Nabisco Barnum’s Animals Crackers

Nabisco Barnum's Animals Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Bursting with nostalgia and a touch of whimsy through every cookie, Nabisco Barnum’s Animals Crackers take a leading place in the world of classic snacks. Steeped in history, these cookies have a timeless charm that extends beyond their delightful taste.

Barnum’s Animals Crackers are uniquely stored in a brightly colored circus-themed box featuring classic cage car designs from bygone times – a captivating nod to their partnership with the Barnum and Bailey Circus. More than a container, the box is a trip down memory lane for adults and an enchanting trinket for kids, with a string attached so it can be carried around like a tiny suitcase.

As for the crackers themselves, they come in a variety of zoo animal shapes that will intrigue the little ones while satisfying the snacking needs of the older crowd. They are mild and gently sweet, with just the right amount of crunch to make snacking feel as a delightful treat.

The charm of Nabisco Barnum’s Animals Crackers lies not just in their delectable taste, but in the memories and smiles they create with their iconic box, the adventure of discovering different animals with each piece, and perhaps, the stories shared along with each bite.

7. Mother’s Frosted Circus Animal Cookies

Mother’s Frosted Circus Animal Cookies - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Combining vibrant visuals, a crunchy bite, and fun experiences, Mother’s Frosted Circus Animal Cookies are truly a snack lover’s dream. Taking a spin on the classic lineup, Mother’s offers frosted animal cookies that take snacking to a new level of excitement.

This version comes covered in a colorful, delectable frosting, enticing you from the moment you lay your eyes on them. Be it the pretty pink or the striking white frosting, each cookie is jazzed up with multi-colored sprinkles, making every piece an attention-grabber.

The frosting adds an extra layer of sweetness to the classic animal cookie, making it a delightful treat for sweet-toothed snackers. Their texture, too, strikes the right note – crunchy but with a slight yielding softness thanks to that creamy frosting layer.

It’s impossible to ignore the joy these circus-themed cookies can bring to any gathering, whether it’s a child’s birthday party or a casual social occasion. With their playful appearance and a delightful crunch, Mother’s Frosted Circus Animal Cookies indeed redefine what a quintessential animal cracker can be.

8. Gerber Graduates Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers

Gerber Graduates Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

When it comes to introducing young children to solid foods, Gerber Graduates Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers prove to be both a healthy and fun choice. These bite-sized edibles help children transition to solid foods while ensuring they still get their nutritional needs met.

The crackers are slightly larger, accommodated by young fingers perfect for practicing fine motor skills. Each box is a mixed bag of safari animal shapes – instantly transforming snack time into a fun, educational spin by introducing children to different animals. A faint hint of cinnamon adds to their appeal, making them a fragrant and delicious snack.

The addition of graham gives the crackers a lightly sweet, wholesome flavor that is loved by children. They are not overly sweet and have a good crunch without being too hard for young teeth, striking the perfect balance.

The best part is that Gerber Graduates Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers are free from any artificial flavors and synthetic colors. This healthy aspect makes them an ideal option for mindful parents looking for a snack that serves learning, fun, and nutrition, all in one box.

9. Stauffer’s Chocolate Animal Crackers

Stauffer's Chocolate Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Add a sprinkle of chocolatey indulgence to your snack time with Stauffer’s Chocolate Animal Crackers. The fun-filled shapes of animals with a rich chocolate flavor offers a delightful snack for those with a sweet tooth.

The animal crackers provide a deep, cocoa-infused taste that’ not at all overwhelming. Similarly, the texture is a blend between a conventional cookie and a cracker, leading to a uniquely delectable bite. Each cracker carries the imprint of an animal, adding an element of fun and surprise.

Whether you want to distribute them at parties, pack them in your children’s lunch-boxes, or simply want a sweet treat for yourself, Stauffer’s Chocolate Animal Crackers is a cracking choice!

10. Trader Joe’s Organic Animal Crackers

Trader Joe's Organic Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

If you are always on the hunt for natural, organic alternatives to your favorite snacks, then you should look no further than Trader Joe’s Organic Animal Crackers. As part of this renowned brand’s commitment to providing healthier treats, these animal crackers are the perfect blend of taste and nutritional value.

The crackers are molded into adorable animal shapes, with each one holding a delightful crunch. Dressed in a light golden brown color, these safari-themed bites are captivating to the eyes, a testament to their organic roots.

These crackers due to their organic nature, bring a unique twist to the classic animal cracker flavor. The taste of Trader Joe’s Organic Animal Crackers is less on the sweet side, just enough to complement their crunchy texture.

Trader Joe’s Organic Animal Crackers are a great option for people with dietary restrictions, vegans included, as they are dairy-free and egg-free. Every bite of these deliciously wholesome animal crackers reaffirms that snacks can be tasty and healthy.

11. 365 Whole Foods Market Frosted Animal Cookies

365 Whole Foods Market Frosted Animal Cookies - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

When the luxurious touch of frosting couples with the wholesome appeal of organic ingredients, you get the 365 Whole Foods Market Frosted Animal Cookies. Each cookie from this box bears the holistic approach Whole Foods Market champions, making every bite a delicious triumph of mindful snacking.

The animal-shaped cookies are frosted and bedecked in a fun rainbow of sprinkles, created with all-natural, vegetable-derived coloring. This vibrant appearance adds to the fun of using the cookies as party treats or school snack box fillers for kids.

The cookies deliver a satisfying crunch and a delicate sweetness that complements the smooth frosting. The addition of the frosting adds a luxurious edge to the robust animal crackers, making them a joy to munch.

With the 365 Whole Foods Market Frosted Animal Cookies, you not only enjoy a visually appealing, dessert-like snack but also benefit from the thoughtfully selected, organic ingredients that go into every cookie. This commitment to quality makes these cookies stand tall among the rest as a joyful, guilt-free indulgence.

12. Market Pantry Animal Crackers

Market Pantry Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

The Market Pantry Animal Crackers are a proof that enjoyable snacks don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. These affordable, delightful little treats manage to strike a balance between great taste and pocket-friendliness.

Each box hosts an interesting variety of animal shapes, adding a fun element to every munching session. Regardless of whether you’ve always harbored a fondness for giraffes, lions, donkeys, or any other zoo animal, you’re sure to find your favorite among these.

When it comes to taste, the Market Pantry Animal Crackers are delicately crunchy with a composition that’s not overly sweet. Their mild palette makes them a versatile snack. Pair them with your morning coffee, sprinkle them over your ice-cream, or enjoy them right out of the box, these animal crackers blend well with almost anything.

If you’re keeping a close watch on your budget, the Market Pantry Animal Crackers will appeal to you, proving that great-tasting snacks don’t need to be expensive.

13. Kroger’s The Wild Side Animal Cookies

Kroger's The Wild Side Animal Cookies - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Unleashing the flavourful power of the wild, Kroger’s The Wild Side Animal Cookies create an exciting snacking scene that reminds me of vibrant jungle adventures. These cookies are mindfully crafted to tie-in the fun of zoos and the deliciousness of cookies into an invitingly appealing confectionery.

The animal cookies come in a variety of forms, replicating the fascinating creatures of the wild such as bears, elephants, and lions. These vivid shapes add an immersing experience to your snack time, sparking your imagination of a playful safari tour.

The taste of Kroger’s The Wild Side Animal Cookies brings a uniquely satisfying zest to your taste buds. It effortlessly blends a hint of sweetness and a satisfying crunch, creating a melody of flavors.

Kroger’s adventuresome take on the conventional animal cookie brings a wild twist, providing a delightful snacking experience that’s hard to resist.

14. Kinni Kritters Gluten Free Animal Cookies

Kinni Kritters Gluten Free Animal Cookies - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

For those with gluten sensitivity, finding a snack that suits your dietary needs can often be a tough quest. Kinni Kritters offers a perfect answer to this challenge with their Gluten-Free Animal Cookies, aligning sustainability and taste into a wholesome snacking experience.

The animal-shaped cookies come in delectably crunchy bites with a variety of endearing animal figures to entertain you. They journey beyond the traditional realm of animal cookies, catering to those who often feel left out due to dietary restrictions.

The flavor of these cookies is a delightful surprise. Despite being free from gluten, the Kinni Kritters Gluten-Free Animal Cookies do not compromise on taste. They offer a light, soothing sweetness along with a rich texture, proving that gluten-free foods can be just as delicious.

Kinni Kritters Gluten Free Animal Cookies let you munch on a mindful snack that values dietary needs, proving that gluten-free is far from bland and boring.

15. Member’s Mark Animal Crackers

Member's Mark Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Top-notch taste and value-for-money come together in the perfect blend known as the Member’s Mark Animal Crackers. Exclusively available through Sam’s Club, these delightful snacks are not to be underestimated.

Their relatively larger size compared to many conventional animal crackers ensures that they pack more crunch and flavor in every bite. Each package holds a plethora of different animal shapes, ensuring both an exciting and tasty snacking escapade.

The Member’s Mark Animal Crackers present a subtle sweetness that doesn’t overshadow the classic biscuit flavor instead, they complement each other beautifully. The end result is a taste that is comfortingly familiar yet distinct enough to stand out.

If you’re looking for a snack that can cater to every member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, the Member’s Mark Animal Crackers manage to hit that sweet spot with ease.

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16. Austin Zoo Animal Crackers

Austin Zoo Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

A trip to Austin Zoo is an adventure of its own, but when you can take that adventure home in the form of delicious snacks – that’s simply hard to beat! The Austin Zoo Animal Crackers are both a fun and educational snack that both children and adults can enjoy.

With an assortment of interesting animal shapes to unravel, every bite is a mini tour around Austin Zoo. The animal shapes are perfect conversation starters, making snack time also a chance to learn more about different animals.

Taste-wise, the Austin Zoo Animal Crackers offer a mild sweetness and a satisfying crunch. They aren’t overpoweringly sweet, which makes them the perfect nibbles to accompany your morning or afternoon beverages.

If you’re seeking a snack that fuels fun and learning about animals, the Austin Zoo Animal Crackers are the ideal choice.

17. Barnum’s Original Animal Crackers

Barnum's Original Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

History, nostalgia, and snacking fuse together in the iconic Barnum’s Original Animal Crackers. With roots directly linked to the Barnum & Bailey Circus, they have defined the flavor of childhood for countless generations.

Packaged in the instantly recognizable circus box with a string handle, every box of these animal crackers is a ticket to a joyous, nostalgic circus trip. They bear the charisma of the golden circus era that stretches far beyond being a delightful cookie, symbolizing a timeless classic that transcends generations.

When you bite into a Barnum’s Original Animal Cracker, you’ll be met with a familiar crunch and a comforting, lightly sweetened flavor. They present a taste that has remained consistently enjoyable, living up to their well-deserved reputation.

Whether you’re reminiscing on your childhood treats or introducing them to your children, the Barnum’s Original Animal Crackers continue their reign as an undeniably loved classic.

18. Stauffer’s Iced Animal Cookies

Stauffer's Iced Animal Cookies - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Cookie craving meets the fun of a zoo walk with Stauffer’s Iced Animal Cookies. The delightful icing, variety of shapes, and delectably crunchy texture make each snack an appealing event on its own. Coupled with Stauffer’s long-standing reputation for taste and quality, they are sure to be a hit!

The first thing you’ll feel as you bite into one of these adorable iced animals is the crunch of the cookie, followed swiftly by the buttery sweetness of the icing. The flavors blend eerily well, creating a harmony between sweet and salty that leaves you craving another bite. Mix these with milk, and you have yourself the perfect snack for any time of the day – or night.

The variety of animal shapes adds a dose of excitement, making each cookie a little adventure. Whether it’s a lion, tiger or bear – Stauffer’s Iced Animal Cookies boast a unique charm that sets them apart from standard cookies, encapsulating everything we love about animal crackers.

19. Wellsley Farms Animal Crackers 62 Oz

Wellsley Farms Animal Crackers 62 Oz - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

If you’re after a classic taste derived from a trusted brand, look no further than Wellsley Farms Animal Crackers. Contained in a massive 62-ounce container, these crackers provide an exceptional value for money without compromising on flavor.

Wellsley Farms brings an array of zoo and farm animals to the snacking table, each with a delicate sweetness and alluring vanilla essence. Crunchy without being too hard, they have a texture that is pleasing even for younger snackers with sensitive teeth.

Whether you’re planning a party, looking for an everyday snack option or simply feel like wandering down the memory lane, this whopping jar of Wellsley Farms Animal Crackers is the perfect solution. You can treat yourself or your loved ones to a nostalgic, classic snack that never gets old, reminding us snacks don’t need to be expensive to be delicious!

20. Kirkland Organic Crackers

Kirkland Organic Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

For conscious consumers seeking high-quality, organic snacks, Kirland’s Organic Animal Crackers may just be the perfect choice. Crafted with organic ingredients and free of unnecessary additives, these crackers embody a commitment to cleaner eating without forsaking flavor.

Kirkland has precisely zeroed on a taste that is not too sweet, landing on a balance that delivers a pleasingly mild flavor. Right from the first bite, each cracker delivers a gratifying crunch that is a love letter to traditional animal crackers.

The animal shapes included are both adorable and educational, making them a great option for young ones learning about animals. So whether you’re packing a school lunch, setting out snacks at a party, or simply fueling an afternoon at home, Kirkland Organic Animal Crackers deliver wholesome indulgence with a feel-good factor.

21. Beeq Animal Crackers Peanut

Beeq Animal Crackers Peanut - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Equal parts adorable and delicious, Beeq Animal Crackers bring a uniquely oriental flavor profile to the world of animal-shaped treats. These crackers, popular in South East Asia, are known for their satisfying crunch and delicious peanut flavor.

As you open the pack, the aroma of peanuts wafts to your nostrils, foreshadowing the delicious snack you’re about to enjoy. Each bite into the pancake-shaped animal cracker reveals a subtle peanut flavor that’s not overwhelming but perfectly balanced. The crackers are neither too dense nor overly light on the palate, striking an ideal balance that marries crunchiness and airiness.

The shapes of these crackers add yet another layer of fun to this snack. From elephants to dolphins, snacking time turns into an exciting guessing game, equally loved by children and adults.

22. Happy Snacks Animal Crackers

Happy Snacks Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

With a name that brings joy, Happy Snacks Animal Crackers do not disappoint when it comes to delivering fun and tasty snacking experiences. Available in cheerful animal shapes, these crackers are light, delicious, and serve as fantastic party-favors.

The first thing you’ll notice about these crackers is their appealing aroma – slightly sweet, with a hint of vanilla. The next is their taste, a pleasingly mild sweetness that keeps you reaching back into the bag for more. And let’s not forget the crunch that accompanies every bite, making these crackers truly living up to their name.

From school lunches to birthday parties, Happy Snacks’ offering is versatile. The delightful design and taste are sure to bring smiles to faces, true to their brand name.

23. Barbara’s Chocolate Chip Snackimals Cookies

Barbara's Chocolate Chip Snackimals Cookies - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

For those who crave a shot of cocoa in their animal-fueled snack escapades, Barbara’s Chocolate Chip Snackimals Cookies are a winner. They’ve captured the essence of a traditional chocolate chip cookie and shrunk it down to an adorable, animal-shaped size.

These cookies are characterized by a hearty crunch, a pleasing mouthfeel, and a notable depth of flavor. With each bite, the taste of semi-sweet chocolate chips meets with a subtle undertone of butter and vanilla, creating a symphony of flavors that echoes the best attributes of a classic chocolate chip cookie.

Barbara’s dedication to providing better-for-you snack options doesn’t stop at taste, though. These cookies are made with whole grains, are non-GMO and are suitable for vegans, proving that enjoyment and healthful choices can harmoniously coexist.

24. Austin Zoo Animal Crackers Original

Austin Zoo Animal Crackers Original - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Tying in with one of the most renowned zoos in the USA, Austin Zoo Animal Crackers Original combines the classic taste of animal crackers with an educational element for children.

Each animal cracker is crafted meticulously, delighting not just the palate but also the eyes. The shapes range from elephants and lions to kangaroos, turning snack time into an enjoyable learning session.

In terms of flavor, these crackers stick true to the classic sweet, slightly buttery taste that animal crackers are loved for, while boasting a crunch that feels just right – not too hard, not too soft.

Beyond the delightful taste and educational aspect, Austin Zoo Animal Crackers also excel in assuring parents of their quality. They’re low in fat and contain no trans fats, making them a healthier alternative in children’s snacks.

25. Keebler Animals Crackers

Keebler Animals Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

If you’ve grown up with Keebler products, you’ll feel a wave of nostalgia upon opening a pack of Keebler Animals Crackers. The iconic elf-baker brand brings its magic to the world of animal crackers, turning an everyday snack into a lovable zoo-like experience.

The first thing you’ll notice is the slightly sweet, rich aroma that’s distinctly Keebler. Each cracker is thin yet sturdy, delivering a substantial crunch with every bite, followed by an inviting flavor, courtesy to the careful baking process.

From giraffes and elephants to cats, Keebler Animals Crackers run the whole gamut of the animal kingdom, adding fun to your snack time.

26. Goldfish Crackers Big Smiles

Goldfish Crackers Big Smiles - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Dive into the cheesy ocean of taste with Goldfish Crackers Big Smiles. Shaped like cute little goldfish, these cheddar crackers are big on flavor, turning snack time into a delightful adventure under the sea.

As soon as you open the bag, you’re greeted by an unmistakably cheesy aroma, making your mouth water in anticipation. Upon the first bite, you sink into a crunchy exterior followed by a rich, cheesy filling that’s guaranteed to keep you hooked.

Having a delightful taste is one thing, but these crackers also make sure to stand out with their sparkling design. The product comes in a vibrant, colorful packaging, with every goldfish cracker featuring a big, happy smile. As the name suggests, Goldfish Crackers Big Smiles doesn’t just offer a snack, they offer a moment of joy.

27. Wild Jungle Animal Crackers

Wild Jungle Animal Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Wild Jungle Animal Crackers allow you to discover the thrill of safari adventures right at your snack table. These bite-sized treats carry the unparalleled experience of a jungle exploration, making you feel nature’s call in every nibble.

From monkeys and lions to elephants, these crackers take you on a fun taste-trip with a variety of animal shapes that are both detailed and tasty. Serving these at a party or kid’s gathering could usher a roar of excitement.

The sugary flavor, reminiscent of traditional animal crackers, paired with the crisp crunch, makes Wild Jungle Animal Crackers a delightful sensory experience that adults and children alike enjoy to the fullest.

28. Marjack Stauffers Bear Jug Crackers

Marjack Stauffers Bear Jug Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Mixing taste and fun in one compact package, Marjack Stauffers Bear Jug Crackers have carved a niche in the world of animal-shaped snacks. The crunchy, sweet crackers take the shape of cute little bears, offering a snack that’s as fun to play with as it is to eat.

The bear jug packaging is an absolute hit with kids, making these crackers an excellent choice for children’s parties or as a regular snack to brighten your child’s day. Once the treats are gone, the jug can serve wonderfully as a storage container or a toy for children to play with.

Every Marjack Stauffers Bear Jug Cracker packs a punch of deliciousness, carrying the classic Stauffer’s taste we know and love. Balanced, lightly sweetened, and immensely crunchy, these crackers are terrific at satisfying cravings!

29. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar Crackers

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar Crackers - Best Animal Crackers (2024)

Do you sea what I sea? Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar Crackers aren’t your average animal crackers. Shaped like tiny goldfish and oozing with a rich, savory cheddar flavor, these aquatic-themed crackers serve as the perfect snack for any time of the day.

Each goldfish-shaped cracker offers a satisfying crunch followed by a burst of cheesy flavor, making you want to reach for more. Despite the simplicity, these crackers have gained a worldwide fandom for their finger-licking taste and their playful, innovative design.

Ideal for parties, school events, or as part of lunch, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar Crackers reassure that snacking can be both delicious and fun.

How to Select the Best Animal Crackers for Your Snack Time?

How to Select the Best Animal Crackers for Your Snack Time

When it comes to selecting the best animal crackers for your snack time, there are a few important things to consider.

Understand the Nutritional Value

Take some time to consider the nutritional content of the crackers. Brands like Kinni Kritters Gluten Free Animal Cookies or Trader Joe’s Organic Animal Crackers focus on providing a healthier alternative with natural ingredients and no added artificial preservatives or colors.

Flavor Preference

Animal crackers are not just plain anymore. From the simple, classic sweetness of Barnum’s Original Animal Crackers to the unique peanut flavor of Beeq Animal Crackers Peanut, there’s a spectrum of flavors to explore and enjoy.

Fun Factor

Of course, it wouldn’t be animal crackers without the delightful shapes. Whether you prefer Stauffer’s traditional assortment of animal designs or more specific shapes like Office Snax’s bear-shaped snacks, picking crackers with designs that appeal to you can significantly increase the “fun factor” of your snack time.

Packaging Design

The packaging can also play a part. For instance, crackers packed in a reusable tub like those from Marjack Stauffers Bear Jug Crackers offer practical storage, while others in distinctive packaging, like Nabisco Barnum’s Animal Crackers, catch the eye and add a bit of whimsy to your snack shelf.

How to Incorporate Animal Crackers into Fun Recipes?

Animal crackers aren’t just for straightforward snacking; they can be quite a fun ingredient to incorporate into various recipes.

Animal Cracker Sundae

Add some crunch to your sundae by sprinkling it with crushed animal crackers. The Mother’s Frosted Circus Animal Cookies would be perfect, adding both a sweet crunch and a pop of color.

Trail Mix Addition

Include Goldfish Crackers Big Smiles into your custom trail mix for an exciting shape amongst the usual nuts and dried fruit.

Creative Cupcake Topping

Crush Stauffer’s Chocolate Animal Crackers and sprinkle them on top of your freshly frosted cupcakes, giving them a chocolatey, crunchy texture.

Safari Themed Bento Box

Add crackers like Wild Jungle Animal Crackers for an educational and thematic lunch box. Pair with sandwiches, fresh fruits, and yogurt for a balanced meal.

Party Parfaits

Layer yogurt, fruit, and Market Pantry Animal Crackers for a delicious and easy-to-make parfait, perfect for parties or as a delightful dessert.

These are just a few examples of how you can make snack time a fun and delicious adventure with the best animal crackers. The possibilities are truly infinite, so let your imagination lead the way!

Why Gluten-Free Animal Crackers are Gaining Popularity?

Why Gluten-Free Animal Crackers are Gaining Popularity?

In recent years, gluten-free eating has expanded beyond a dietary requirement for those with celiac disease to a choice made for general health and wellness. As a result, the demand for gluten-free products, including animal crackers, has soared. Let’s delve into why this trend is growing and how some brands are stepping up to meet the demand.

The Rise of Gluten-Free Eating

First and foremost, there’s a growing awareness of gluten intolerance and celiac disease. In an effort to cater to these dietary restrictions, many brands are introducing gluten-free variations of traditional snacks, including animal crackers. Apart from accommodating dietary constraints, gluten-free diets are perceived to offer a host of health benefits, including improved digestion and energy levels.

Moreover, going gluten-free has also become a lifestyle choice for many who find that cutting gluten helps in weight management and maintaining better energy levels throughout the day.

Brands Embracing the Trend

As the demand for gluten-free options accelerate, many manufacturers are stepping in to fill the gap in the market. Brands like Kinni Kritters are leading the charge with their range of gluten-free animal crackers. They prioritize health without compromising on the fun – the cookies are still in those inviting animal shapes kids adore! Also, they have made a remarkable effort to ensure that their gluten-free cookies maintain the same taste, crunch, and satisfaction as their traditional counterparts.

More and more brands are following suit, understanding that the increasing popularity of gluten-free animal crackers is a trend that’s here to stay. Whether it’s responding to dietary constraints or catering to health-conscious consumers, gluten-free animal crackers are on the rise, bringing joy to snack time in a way that fits everyone’s lifestyle!

Here’s a quick look at some popular gluten-free animal crackers available on the market.

Gluten-Free BrandNotable Feature
Kinni KrittersExcellent taste, fun shapes
Trader Joe’s OrganicUses organic ingredients
Whole Foods MarketFrosted for added fun

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of animal crackers?

The origin of the animal cracker dates back to the late 19th century in England, where they were initially crafted and produced as a Christmas novelty, and then exported to the United States. It was the National Biscuit Company, now known as Nabisco, that popularized the snack in the U.S. with its release of Barnum’s Animals Crackers in 1902.

Are animal crackers a healthy snack option?

While animal crackers are often a hit with the kids and nostalgic for adults, it’s important to remember they are, at their heart, a sweet snack. Some brands offer more health-conscious versions, using organic or gluten-free ingredients, but as with any treat, these should be enjoyed in moderation.

How should animal crackers be stored?

For maintaining the freshness and crunch of your animal crackers, it’s best to store them in an air-tight container, in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight or moisture can negatively affect the texture and taste of the crackers.

What is the appeal of animal crackers for kids?

Apart from their sweet flavor and satisfying crunch, animal crackers serve as a form of edutainment. The varied animal shapes can captivate children’s imaginations and stimulate their knowledge about different animals.

How are animal crackers used in recipes?

Animal crackers can be crushed and used as a biscuit base in cheesecakes or pies, added whole for a quirky decoration in cakes and cupcakes, or even mixed into trail mixes and snack boxes for a delightfully sweet element.

What are some popular animal cracker brands?

Some of the most loved and recognized animal cracker brands include Nabisco’s Barnum’s Animals Crackers, Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers and Trader Joe’s Organic Animal Crackers. For gluten-free and organic options, brands like Kinni Kritters and 365 Whole Foods Market offer tasty alternatives.

Are there different flavors of animal crackers?

Traditionally, animal crackers have a sweet, mildly vanilla taste. However, you can now find a variety of flavors in the market like chocolate, cinnamon, honey, and frosted versions from different brands.

Where can I buy animal crackers?

Animal crackers are widely available at grocery stores, supermarkets, and online marketplaces. Shopping online allows you to explore a plethora of brands and flavors, and often offers deals and discounts. Just remember to check the ingredients and nutrition content to ensure you pick the best one for your needs.


And there we have it, folks! An exciting journey through the wild, wonderful world of animal crackers. Who knew that such a simple snack could offer such a diverse range of options? Whether you’re after organic ingredients, gluten-free alternatives, or just a fun, tasty snack, there’s an animal cracker brand out there made just for you. These crunchy treats prove that the snack world doesn’t have to be a jungle. With a little bit of guidance, you’re on your way to snacking bliss in no time. Happy munching!

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