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16 Best Beers For Michelada in 2024 [Unbelievable Finds]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: December 11, 2023

Who doesn’t love a tangy michelada cocktail? A summer staple and a brunch favorite, it’s the perfect blend of zesty, spicy, and bracingly refreshing. But, what really makes a michelada extraordinary? Well, the success of a michelada depends heavily on the beer you choose to mix in with the traditional lime, salt, and chili powder. Choosing the right beer might seem tricky, but don’t worry! I’ve donned my beer sommelier cap and dived deep into the world of beers, a scrumptious quest that led me to identify the best beers for michelada.

From traditional Mexican favorites to inventive new brews, these sixteen beers promise a different michelada experience each time, enabling you to find the perfect brew that resonates with your palate. So, let’s start our exploration into the world of michelada-friendly beers and explore how each one brings a unique spin to this classic cocktail. Let’s toast to good times and dive right in!

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16 Best Beers For Michelada (2024)

Best Beers For Michelada 2

Just like how every artist needs the right brush to create their masterpiece, every Michelada maker needs the ideal beer to whip up that impeccable, refreshing cocktail. Here, I’ve curated a list of the sixteen best beers that beautifully complement the savory explosion of a Michelada while adding their unique personality to the cocktail.

1. Interboro Finest Light Lager

Interboro Finest Light Lager - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

As a lover of light and crisp beers, the Interboro Finest Light Lager has always been a favorite of mine. With its smooth flavor profile and a relatively lower alcohol content, it’s all about keeping things light and comforting. This Brooklyn-based Lager brings a subtle bready feel followed by the kick of mild hops. When mixed into a michelada, it perfectly matches the strong flavors of tomato juice and hot sauce, cutting through their intensity and resulting in a cocktail that’s rich yet balanced. For those who love their michelada light, refreshing, and balanced, this beer is an excellent choice.

2. Bohemia Clásica

Bohemia Clásica - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

When you talk about Mexican beers, it’s hard not to mention Bohemia Clásica. For me, this beer takes me on a nostalgic trip right to the heart of Mexico every time I taste it. It offers an interesting combination of light barley malt blended beautifully with the bitterness of hops, leading to a slightly citrusy finish. The balanced bitterness of this beer pairs perfectly with the savory and sour tones of a michelada, showcasing a stunning balance of flavors and adding a robust depth to the cocktail. The result is a michelada that dances with a myriad of flavors on your tastebuds.

3. Sol Cerveza

Sol Cerveza - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

Sol means sun in Spanish, and Sol Cerveza brings all the sunny vibes right into your michelada. As a beer enthusiast, it’s delightful to find a brew that’s moderate in strength yet high on flavor. Sol oversees this balance masterfully. The beer itself is light and crisp with slightly sweet notes. The slight sweetness of Sol Cerveza, when combined with the tangy spice of a michelada, results in a cocktail that’s equal parts refreshing and enticing. This beer’s sunny presence makes it an excellent choice for a michelada on a hot summer day.

4. Corona Extra

Corona Extra - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

Corona Extra is a classic, and I love it for a reason. It’s light, crisp and has a delicately balanced flavor that makes it an excellent candidate for a barrel of flavors that is michelada. When you’re in the mood for a brew that doesn’t overpower the base but blends seamlessly with the tropical flavors of lime and spicy kick of hot sauce, Corona Extra emerges as a stalwart companion. This beer breathes new life into your michelada by adding a touch of sweetness, rounding out the acidic and tangy tones of this delightful drink.

5. Prairie Artisan Ales Pineapple Whip Treat

Prairie Artisan Ales Pineapple Whip Treat - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

If you’re up for a bit of a wild ride, the Prairie Artisan Ales Pineapple Whip Treat is a choice you can’t ignore. This beer is an exciting twist on traditional michelada beers. It’s a creamy, tropical delight infused with pineapple, vanilla, and marshmallow. I truly adore the fruity burst of flavor this beer brings to a michelada, creating a tropical paradise in my glass. The infusion of pineapple not only enhances the inherent tanginess but also supports the other savory flavors, providing an exotic twist to your regular michelada.

6. Sam Adams Light

Sam Adams Light - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

American beers have their charm, and Sam Adams Light emanates it gloriously. This beer is light, richly flavorful, and refreshing. The distinct citrusy notes along with a hint of malted barley and noble hops make it an appealing choice for a michelada. It’s always a joy to observe how superbly this beer interacts with the lime, tomato juice, and spices, creating a michelada that balances sweetness, bitterness, and sourness impeccably. It results in a cocktail that’s as refreshing as a summer breeze, leaving a satisfying lingering taste on your palate.

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7. Landshark Lager

Landshark Lager - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

Imagine sipping on a michelada on the beach, your feet buried in the sand, and the waves crashing in the distance. That’s exactly the vibe Landshark Lager brings to your michelada. Its light body, crisp feel, and a hint of malt sweetness make it a beer of my affection. The notes of grain and spicy hops of Landshark Lager bring an appealing depth to a michelada. It blends well with the cocktail’s zesty flavors, creating a michelada that sings of tropical vacations and endless beaches.

8. Modelo Negra

Modelo Negra - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

Why I love Modelo Negra? Well, it’s truly the dark horse when it comes to perfect beers for michelada. This Mexican Munich-style dunkel has the essence of slow-roasted caramel malts that furthermore renders sweet and creamy notes to the mix. When commingled with a michelada’s components, this beer brings a certain boldness, a certain character to the amalgamation. The savory and spiced flavors wrapped around this creamy sweetness is sure to take your michelada experience to unparalleled heights.

9. Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

In the quest for an ideal beer for a michelada, Modelo Especial never disappoints. This golden, full-flavored Pilsner-style Lager has a clean, crisp finish that’s incredibly refreshing. When poured into a michelada, it delivers an excellent balance that softens the cocktail’s tangy edge while preserving its unique flavor profiles. In each sip, I appreciate the refined smoothness and clear notes of this beer that match marvelously with the diverse flavors of a michelada.

10. Beachwood Brewing Dia de los Mangos

Beachwood Brewing Dia de los Mangos - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

For those looking to experiment with their michelada, Beachwood Brewing Dia de los Mangos is a quirky yet delightful choice. I relish this beer for its remarkable depth of flavor. The zesty mango and fiery habanero perfectly harmonize with the michelada’s tartness. This beer turns a michelada into a tropical symphony, making every sip a summery sensation. I guarantee that once you experience the exciting infusion of mango and spice, you’ll find it hard to switch back to a traditional michelada.

11. Sesión Cerveza

Sesión Cerveza - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

Light, crisp, and tantalizing, Sesión Cerveza is a Mexican-styled Lager that beautifully complements a michelada. I admire the way its flavor profile intertwines and mingles with the strong michelada ingredients. This beer imparts a desirable depth and complexity, delivering a zesty punch that enlivens the cocktail and extends its refreshing quality. In the end, a michelada with Sesión Cerveza promises a session of enjoyment with every pour.

12. 21st Amendment El Sully

21st Amendment El Sully - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

21st Amendment El Sully, a Mexican-style Lager, is an irresistible choice for a michelada. I enjoy the sweet corn and wheat flavors it brings to the table, rounding out the cocktail’s spice to perfection. El Sully not only extends the michelada’s unique taste but also energizes its spirit, offering a delectable blend that’s truly hard to resist. With every sip, I derive immense pleasure from its binding, suave, and hearty flavor profile that amplifies the customary michelada experience.

13. Sierra Nevada Sierraveza

Sierra Nevada Sierraveza- Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

I find the Sierra Nevada Sierraveza exceptionally crisp, refreshing, and satisfying for a michelada. This beer respects simplicity, sporting a balanced, light-bodied flavor that’s profoundly impressive. Its demure malt sweetness, coupled with soft hops and a frothy finish, marries splendidly with michelada’s depth. When Sierra Nevada Sierraveza leads in a michelada, it brings a delightful dance of flavors that captivates the palate, making a quintessential beer for michelada aficionados.

14. Firestone Lager

Firestone Lager - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

Firestone Lager, with its bright, clean flavor profile, enriches my michelada beyond measures. This beer has always caught my attention with its soft maltiness and the mild sweetness it emits. When combined with a michelada, it presents a delightful mix of flavors that not only impress the tongue but also inundates the senses. Firestone Lager, with its simple yet nuanced personality, imparts an extraordinary magic to your michelada that’s truly profound and riveting.

15. Cerveza Tecate

Cerveza Tecate - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

Authentically Mexican and supremely satisfying, Cerveza Tecate introduces a well-rounded flavor essence to the michelada. I am smitten by its remarkable combination of pale malts and slight bitterness. This beer, when poured into a michelada, syncs rigorously with the cocktail’s zestiness and heat, creating an experience that’s dynamic and replete with Mexican charm. A Tecate-based michelada is a testament to the sublime harmony that simplicity and flavor can achieve.

16. Pacifico Clara

Pacifico Clara - Best Beer For Michelada (2024)

Pacifico Clara, with its clear personality and refreshing demeanour, holds a special place in my heart as a michelada beer. This beer offers a dry, crisp feel with a touch of malty sweetness that perfectly befriends the michelada’s zest. Its characteristic smoothness and malt-nuance highlight the cocktail’s attributes in the most complimentary way, making it a compelling finale to your michelada beer journey.

DIY Michelada: Mastering the Perfect Mix at Home

Once you’ve found your perfect beer match from our fantastic selection of 16 above, you’re one step closer to making a spectacular Michelada. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Making a Michelada is not just about mixing beer with other ingredients – it’s about the perfect blend, the right amount of flavor, and, of course, what you like. I am going to take you on a step-by-step journey that will transform you into a Michelada maestro. So, buckle up, because we are about to dive into the unique world of this delightful Mexican cocktail.

Step 1: Prepping Your Glass

Start off by taking your favorite glass, spread some lime juice around its rim before dipping it into some salt for that signature salt-rim effect. Got a craving for something extra spicy? Mix some chili powder into your salt. Yes, really! It will give your Michelada a fiery kick that leaves your taste buds tingling.

Step 2: The Perfect Mix

Now for the heart and soul of a Michelada – the mix. A basic one includes a dash of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Maggi sauce, and some lime juice. These should be mixed together in your salt-rimmed glass, forming the base of your Michelada.

Step 3: Introducing the Star of the Show: Your Beer

Next, pour your favorite beer (chosen from our list, naturally) into the glass. The key is to add it gradually, stirring it now and then to equally distribute the taste into the cocktail. At this point, if you prefer a spicier cocktail, don’t hesitate to add an extra dash of hot sauce!

Step 4: Ice, Ice, and more Ice!

Pop a few ice cubes into your glass after the beer is well mixed. Micheladas are best served cold, and the ice will make sure your cocktail remains chilled.

Step 5: The Grand Finale – Garnishing!

Last, but certainly not least, is the crowning glory: the garnish. A classic Michelada usually only requires a lime wedge. But who says you have to stick to just one garnish? If you fancy, add a celery stalk, a cucumber slice or even a spicy shrimp! Go on, get creative with it!

That’s it! You’re now a master of the Michelada. Whether you crave a traditional Modelo Especial Michelada or you wish to venture into unknown territories with a Firestone Lager Michelada, just remember to stay true to your taste buds. After all, the best drink is the one you enjoy the most!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What beer is typically used for a Michelada?

Traditionally, a light and crisp Mexican lager like Modelo Especial or Tecate is used. However, the choice of beer can ultimately influence the flavor, so feel free to experiment until you find a blend that suits your taste.

Can I use a non-Mexican beer for my Michelada?

Absolutely! While it’s traditional to use a Mexican lager, the beauty of a Michelada is that you can use any light beer. Beers like Sol Cerveza, Sam Adams Light, and even Interboro Finest Light Lager make excellent options.

I prefer a fruitier flavor. What beer should I use for my Michelada?

If the fruitier tang is your thing, try using beers like Prairie Artisan Ales Pineapple Whip Treat or Beachwood Brewing Dia de los Mangos for a refreshing spin on your Michelada.

What is the alcohol by volume (ABV) I should look for in a beer for a Michelada?

This really depends on your personal preference. Typically, beers used for Micheladas have a moderate ABV, ranging between 4-6%.

Can I use a dark beer for my Michelada?

While light beers are generally preferred for their crisp taste, don’t be afraid to experiment with a dark beer like Modelo Negra. It can add a rich, deep flavor to your Michelada.

Is it difficult to make a Michelada at home?

Not at all. A Michelada is a simple cocktail of lime, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and beer, served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. It’s easy to make at home.

Is there added sugar in a Michelada?

No, unlike many other cocktails, a traditional Michelada does not contain added sugar.

Is Michelada a popular drink in Mexico?

Yes, it’s popular in Mexico and is a classic hangover cure too!

Does a Michelada taste like a beer still?

While the light beer used in a Michelada lends a definite beer taste to the cocktail, the lime, sauces, and salt rim add a tangy twist.

Can I use an ale for my Michelada?

The choice of beer for a Michelada depends on your personal taste. If you enjoy the flavor of ales, feel free to use it for your Michelada. Sol Cerveza can be an excellent choice if you’re looking for an ale.


After cruising through our beer-filled journey, it’s clear that the right brew can truly elevate your Michelada experience. Whether you’re a stickler for tradition and lean towards the classic Mexican beers or you’re a bit daring and open to more whimsical options, there’s no shortage of choices. Remember, every beer carries a unique signature that can bring a new layer of depth to your Michelada. Just ensure you find the one that perfectly aligns with your taste buds, and you’re all set for a delightful adventure. Enjoy the journey of exploring, experimenting, and most importantly, savoring every single sip. Cheers to creating unforgettable Micheladas!

Beverage Explorer and Tastemaker 🍻🥃🍷 Aman's quest for liquid delights knows no limits. From hoppy brews to aged spirits, he uncovers the tales behind each sip. His eloquent descriptions and accessible insights make every drink an adventure worth raising a glass to.
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