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22 Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavors Ranked (2024) Trendy Picks

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: May 31, 2024

Stepping into the vibrant world of seltzers, one brand that stands out amidst the bubbly crowd is none other than Bud Light. Casting a spell with its exciting and diverse catalog of flavors, Bud Light’s seltzers have garnered a massive following of ardent fans. From invigorating fruity mixes to smooth, refreshing renditions of classic drinks, their seltzers have claimed their rightful place in the heart of beverage enthusiasts.

Now you might find yourself wondering, which among these are the best Bud Light Seltzer flavors? Well, let’s embark on this flavorful journey together and discover what hidden treasures this impressive lineup holds, as we explore the refreshing, fruity, and ever-so-tantalizing world of Bud Light Seltzer. buckle up; you’re in for a flavorful adventure.

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22 Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavors Ranked (2024)

Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavors of 2024

Discover the top-notch flavors among Bud Light’s seltzer range that have been delighting taste buds and dominating charts. Each one brings a unique twist to the classic spritz seltzer experience. So, shall we dive in?

1. Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Falling squarely into the “dessert in a can” category, Bud Light’s Apple Crisp seltzer is a delightful surprise. The distinct aroma of fresh, juicy apples immediately followed by the cozy warmth of cinnamon makes this flavor hard to resist. It’s the equivalent of a delightful apple pie turned seltzer. The sweet-tart combination of apples coupled with the sweet spice makes it a perfect choice for holiday gatherings or autumn picnics.

2. Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon Mojito - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Unmistakably refreshing, the Watermelon Mojito seltzer from Bud Light is like a tropical vacation in a can. This drink marries the light, summery sweetness of ripe watermelon with the complex, minty freshness of a traditional mojito. Picture yourself sipping it by the poolside or under a beach umbrella, and you’ve added a dash of summer to even the gloomiest of winter days. Popping the tab releases a bouquet of fragrant watermelon notes, promising a flavorful journey ahead.

3. Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

If you need something light and refreshing, the Lemon Lime seltzer comes to your rescue. Infused with quintessential lemon and lime flavors, Bud Light does a stellar job balancing the tartness and sweetness perfectly. Unlike many other seltzers out there, this one avoids the mistake of being overly perfumed, opting instead for a subtler, more authentic zest bouquet.

4. Citrus Platinum

Citrus Platinum - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Breaking the stereotype of seltzer drinks, Bud Light’s Citrus Platinum is a bold and adventurous choice. Reminiscent of a bright sunny day, the aroma of zesty oranges and tangy grapefruit hits you as soon as you crack open the can. It carries an alluring haze of tropical citrus, a melody of flavors that are heightened by the bubbly effervescence of the seltzer. The finish is clean and crisp, leaving you invigorated and ready for the next sip.

5. Wildberry Platinum

Wildberry Platinum - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

For those of you seeking an exquisite flavor experience, Bud Light’s Wildberry Platinum seltzer is the perfect pick. It combines the sweetness of ripe strawberries, the tartness of raspberries, and the distinctive flavor of blackberries that puts your tastebuds on a wild ride. Possessing quite an intricate personality, this seltzer is perfect for special occasions, or when you just need to give your day a much-needed twist.

6. Mango

Mango - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Bud Light’s take on the popular Mango flavor is sure to transport you to a tropical paradise. As soon as you open the can, a rush of fresh, sweet, and juicy mango aroma wafts up to greet you. This flavor promises you a sip of the Caribbean in every sip, and it doesn’t disappoint. It encapsulates summer vibes to perfection, making it a crowd-pleaser, ideal for BBQs, beach outings, or just lounging around in the sun.

7. Black Cherry

Black Cherry - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

There’s something inherently comforting about the classic Black Cherry. Bud Light’s foray into this ever-popular flavor is a testament to their commitment to delivering quality seltzers. The Black Cherry seltzer distinguishes itself with a deep, reaching flavor profile that’s both satisfyingly sweet and intriguingly tart. It also carries the nostalgia of sipping on a cherry soda on a hot summer afternoon, a memory many of us hold dear.

8. Classic Lime Margarita

Classic Lime Margarita - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Stepping away from the traditional, Bud Light’s Classic Lime Margarita seltzer combines your love for cocktails and seltzers in a distinctive fusion. With a bold lime punch upfront followed by a subtle salty tang, it recreates the classic margarita experience in a light, bubbly form. Offering a Mexican vacation in your backyard, this flavor is an absolute hit at parties or casual get-togethers.

9. Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Unleashing your ​inner child, Bud Light’s Blue Raspberry seltzer is a charming throwback to your favorite childhood candies. The irresistible sweetness of raspberries blended with a slightly tart afternotes offers an unexpected but exciting twist to the seltzer world. Additionally, this flavor holds its own in terms of being a refreshing beverage choice on a hot day, with its chilly blue shade delivering an extra dose of cool.

10. Lemonade

Lemonade - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

The Lemonade flavor from Bud Light hits all the right notes. It starts with a sugar-sweet entry point, accompanied by a fierce lemony zing just as real lemonade does. It’s a classic drink with a bubbly twist, making it a top choice for those who appreciate refreshing simplicity. Ideal for pool parties or casual drinks on the porch, Bud Light’s Lemonade seltzer makes a robust case for being a staple in every seltzer fan’s fridge.

11. Grapefruit

Grapefruit - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

If you’re looking for a tangy twist, then Grapefruit-flavored Bud Light Seltzer is your go-to. Infused with the punchy, bitter-sweet tang of fresh grapefruits, this seltzer captures the essence of the bold fruit in a delightfully fizzy form. This particular blend is vibrant and adds an invigorating sensation to your taste buds with every gulp. The Grapefruit Seltzer from Bud Light is certainly deserving of much more recognition than it gets. It’s the right choice for those who love a kick of zest in their beverages.

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12. Peach Lemonade

Peach Lemonade - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

The synergy between the soft sweetness of peaches and the tangy punch of lemons is what grants the Peach Lemonade flavor its truly invigorating character. This flavor strikes a perfect balance between sweet and tart with its fusion of these two flavors. It’s a refreshing burst of summer in your mouth that takes traditional lemonade to a whole new level with its unique twist. Perfect for a warm afternoon, Bud Light’s Peach Lemonade Seltzer is a dose of picnic vibes packed away in a can.

13. Hard Soda Cherry Cola

Hard Soda Cherry Cola - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

The Hard Soda Cherry Cola Seltzer helps you relive the joy of childhood sips with an adult spin. Bringing together the bold, fruity goodness of cherries with the classic flavor of cola, Bud Light has achieved an impeccable balance in this seltzer. It’s smooth yet spirited, with a cherry hint perfectly complementing the bolder cola profile. Whether you’re catching the game on a Sunday afternoon or adding some cheer to your mid-week catch-ups, Hard Soda Cherry Cola sure makes a delightful choice.

14. Classic Cola

Classic Cola - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Crafted to perfection, the Classic Cola flavor presents a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Each sip of this flavor packs a punch with its balanced blend of sweetness and acidity, echoing the best aspects of your favorite classic cola. It’s the perfect companion for a sunny day out or to bring the unique magic of cola to a cozy evening indoors. Grab a can of Bud Light’s Classic Cola Seltzer and you’ll be reminded as to why cola has always remained a classic in the world of drinks.

15. Mango Mai Tai

Mango Mai Tai

Mango Mai Tai is an outstanding offering from Bud Light that takes you on a tantalizing tropical trip with its taste. The world-renowned Mai Tai cocktail gets a Mango twist that results in a tangy delight. It’s the ideal flavor for those who seek a fruity, exotic, and complex blend. Thus, Mango Mai Tai from Bud Light stands as a testament to the brand’s creativity and craftsmanship in delivering a rich and unique seltzer flavor.

16. Orange Soda

Orange Soda - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Next up is the nostalgic Orange Soda flavor. This fizzy wonder will easily transport you back to the carefree summery days of your childhood. The vibrant citrus splash, balanced by light sweetness, is reminiscent of a traditional orange soda but with a decidedly grown-up twist. Perfect for those sun-soaked afternoon get-togethers, an Orange Soda Bud Light Seltzer is sure to be a crowd-pleaser adding just the right amount of fun and sophistication to those endearing memories.

17. Summer Ice

Summer Ice - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Ah, Summer Ice! Named fittingly, it is like a cooling breeze on a hot summer day. This flavor offers a subtle fruity profile that hints at freshly cut watermelon and tangy berries. With its light, subtly sweet flavor and exhilarating fizz, it’s the perfect thirst quencher on a sizzling day. For those yearning for a beverage that captures the quintessential summer in a can, Bud Light’s Summer Ice is the seltzer for you.

18. Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

The Strawberry Daiquiri flavor is another masterclass from Bud Light that captures the pure essence of its inspiration – the classic daiquiri cocktail. It’s packed with the juicy sweetness of strawberries coupled with a subtle tart note, making it an instant hit amongst drinkers. Every sip is a celebratory memento of the timeless cocktail, but lighter, crisper, and undeniably refreshing. Whether it’s for a barbeque party along the poolside or an evening relaxing on your porch, the Strawberry Daiquiri brings about a festive spirit on any occasion.

19. Blood Orange Platinum

Blood Orange Platinum - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Blood Orange Platinum is a premium flavor from Bud Light Seltzer’s Platinum series. The scent alone, with its rousing citrus notes, invites you into an intoxicating journey. The taste follows suit, presenting a bolder, richer profile compared to the usual orange flavor. It is assertive yet balances its sweet-tart profile with brisk carbonation and a clean finish – a harmonized symphony in a can if you will. Blood Orange Platinum ascends the ordinary seltzer experience to another level and is perfect for those special evenings when an ‘ordinary’ drink just won’t cut it.

20. Retro Tie Dye Twisted Berry

Retro Tie Dye Twisted Berry - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Encapsulating the essence of wild strawberries, tart raspberries, and subtle hints of dragon fruit, Retro Tie Dye Twisted Berry is a harmonious blend of unique tastes. What strikes me most about this flavor is its audacious approach to delivering a memorable seltzer experience. With every sip, it transports you to a vibrant summertime festivity where fruits and fun reign supreme, all while maintaining a balanced, light body that Bud Light Seltzers are renowned for. Retro Tie Dye Twisted Berry is your bottle of summer fun, wrapped in an intriguingly colorful package that is as visually appealing as the drink is tasty.

21. Cherry Limeade

Cherry Limeade - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Bold, tart, and refreshing perfectly describe the Cherry Limeade Bud Light Seltzer. The moment you pop open the can, the inviting aroma of ripe cherries greets your nostrils, immediately engaging the senses. As the liquid dances on your tongue, the tartness of lime cuts through the sweetness of the cherry, delivering a flavor that screams nothing but freshness. This well-balanced act between sweet and tart makes Cherry Limeade a go-to choice for anyone yearning for a bold yet refreshing beverage. The finish is clean, leaving behind a lingering taste of cherry bliss and lime zest.

22. Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola - Best Bud Light Seltzer Flavor

Last but certainly not least, the Cherry Cola flavor is an elegant homage to a timeless classic. The beautifully intertwined flavors of cherry and cola bring a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The flavor manages to capture the rich essence of Cola, only to heighten it with the vibrant notes of cherry. The beautiful medley of sweet cherries and classic cola create a slightly tangy, vibrant, and delightfully fizzy experience. This Bud Light Seltzer is a celebration of a classic, serving up a refreshing new riff on the traditional cola flavor. The mix is neither too sweet nor too tart – the Cherry Cola strikes the perfect balance for an indulgent, thirst-quenching treat.

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Why Are Bud Light Seltzer Flavors Different from Other Seltzer Drinks?

When it comes to the arena of spiked seltzers, Bud Light has successfully secured its unique place. What makes Bud Light Seltzer flavors more distinct than other seltzer drinks is their commitment to using natural flavors. Other drinks often fall preys to artificial sweetening and synthetic flavoring that can give them a somewhat artificial taste.

In contrast, Bud Light Seltzers are crafted with a unique 5-step filtration process, ensuring that the final product captures an authentic, crisp flavor profile. Whether it is the sprightly Citrus Platinum or the all-time favorite Watermelon Mojito, every sip gives you the pure essence of these flavors, making its seltzers truly a delight for the taste buds.

Moreover, this brand stuns the seltzer enthusiasts with its rich variety of flavors. The bold Black Cherry, zesty Lemon Lime, exotic Mango, refreshing Classic Lime Margarita, and fun Blue Raspberry are just a few examples from their comprehensive lineup.

Additionally, each can of Bud Light Seltzer is gluten-free and contains practically zero sugar. Their commitment to offering a healthier yet exciting drink that doesn’t compromise on flavor is what sets Bud Light Seltzer apart from other beverages in the market.

How to Pair Food With Your Favorite Bud Light Seltzer Flavor?

The beauty of Bud Light Seltzer lies not only in its impressive variety of flavors but also in the fact that they can perfectly complement your food. Here are some food pairing ideas:

  • Watermelon Mojito pairs well with light summery dishes. Think grilled shrimp, fresh salads, and watermelon feta plates.
  • Apple Crisp is a fantastic company to your Thanksgiving dinner. The savory turkey, sweet cranberry sauce, and fluffy mashed potatoes beautifully balance the sweet and crisp notes of this flavor.
  • The bright Citrus Platinum complements spicy foods. Try it with spicy chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, or spicy tuna rolls.
  • Enjoy the dense and rich flavor of Black Cherry with chocolate desserts or a plate of soft cheese.
  • Classic Lime Margarita is excellent with Mexican cuisine. Tacos, nachos, or a bowlful of spicy guacamole are splendid choices.
  • Pair Blue Raspberry with a basket of fish and chips or even with your breakfast pancakes drizzled with syrup. Its light, fruity flavor will have you reaching for more.

The diversity in Bud Light Seltzer flavors allows for endless food pairing possibilities. Whether it’s a cozy dinner at home or a thrilling party, choosing your preferred Bud Light Seltzer flavor and pairing it with your all-time favorite food will undoubtedly elevate your dining experience.

Where to Buy Your Favorite Bud Light Seltzer Flavor?

Where to Buy Your Favorite Bud Light Seltzer Flavor?

Whether it’s the luscious taste of Mango Mai Tai or the intriguing blend of Retro Tie Dye Twisted Berry, finding where to purchase your favorite Bud Light Seltzer flavor is easy as pie.

First and foremost, Bud Light Seltzer is readily available in many local supermarkets. Places like Walmart, Costco, and Kroger usually have a wide selection of flavors, and they often offer the best deals. Just stroll down their drink aisle, and you’ll find charm in the array of colorful cans staring back at you.

For those who prefer online shopping, Bud Light Seltzer is just a click away. Reputable online liquor stores such as Total Wine and Drizly often stock different Bud Light Seltzer flavors. Amazon also offers an assortment of these bubbly beverages set for delivery right at your doorstep.

Restaurants and Bars

Another great place to get your Bud Light Seltzer fix is at local restaurants and bars. Not only is this a fun way to sample different flavors, but it also provides a wonderful pairing experience with meals or snacks.

Quick Tip for Buying in Bulk

If you’re planning a party or just want to stock your fridge, you can order your seltzers in wholesale quantities directly from the Bud Light website. They have mixed flavor packs alongside individual flavor packs, giving you plenty to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many flavors does Bud Light Seltzer offer?

Bud Light Seltzer boasts an impressive array of flavors. From traditional tastes like Lemon Lime and Grapefruit to more adventurous ones like Retro Tie Dye Twisted Berry and Mango Mai Tai, the list is continuously evolving.

What is the alcohol content in a Bud Light Seltzer?

Bud Light Seltzer contains 5% alcohol by volume, which is similar to many traditional beers.

How many calories are in a Bud Light Seltzer?

A 12 oz serving of Bud Light Seltzer contains 100 calories, making it a lighter alternative to many other alcoholic beverages.

Which Bud Light Seltzer flavor is most popular?

While individual preferences vary, some of the most popular flavors include Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, and Mango. However, limited edition flavors like Watermelon Mojito and Apple Crisp have also received rave reviews.

Is Bud Light Seltzer gluten-free?

Yes, all flavors of Bud Light Seltzer are gluten-free, making them a suitable choice for people with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet.

Can I drink Bud Light Seltzer if I’m on a keto diet?

With only 2 grams of carbs per serving, Bud Light Seltzer can fit into a keto diet. However, as with any alcoholic beverage, moderation is key.


Undeniably, Bud Light Seltzer has a flavor for everyone’s palate. With such a wide spectrum of flavors, ranging from the comforting Apple Crisp to the adventurous Retro Tie Dye Twisted Berry, the choice is all yours. Whether you are into classic flavors or keen on trying something new, you’ll find that each can is a novel experience waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy them as they are or mix them in fun cocktails, these seltzers are versatile and full of surprises. Take a sip, let the bubbles tickle your tongue and enjoy the explosion of flavors that embody the essence of Bud Light Seltzer. After all, flavor is an adventure, and Bud Light ensures the journey is a thrilling one every single time!

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