8 Best Church's Chicken Sauces of 2023 [Finger-Licking]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: September 13, 2023

At the heart of any good, home-style Southern fried chicken meal is the sauce. Church's Chicken Sauces take this truth to another level. Unmistakable in their flavor and charm, these sauces are the unsung heroes of the culinary universe. Whether it's elevating your fried chicken, adding a kick to your fries, or simply serving as a delightful dip, the right sauce can transform your meal into a beautiful symphony of tastes.

Today, let's put these accompaniments to our meals, specifically, the delicious variety of Church's Chicken Sauces, front, and center, and allow them to bask in the spotlight they truly deserve. Whether you're a fan of sweet, creamy, tangy, or spicy, Church’s Chicken has a sauce to delight every palate. Let's not wait further and dive right into the best church's chicken sauces!

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8 Best Church's Chicken Sauces of 2023

Best Church's Chicken Sauces of 2023

From sweet to spicy, creamy to zesty, Church's Chicken Sauces run the entire gamut of flavors. Here, we dive into the delightful world of these 8 best sauces that have become essential companions to our favorite Church’s Chicken dishes. Get ready to explore the tastes, textures, and tantalizing qualities of these unique sauces.

1. Honey BBQ and Honey Sauces: Sweet Delights

Honey BBQ and Honey Sauces - Best Church's Chicken Sauce of 2023

When it comes to sweet delights of sauce, nothing quite makes my taste buds sing like the delightfully sweet and smoky Honey BBQ Sauce at Church’s Chicken. The moment I dip into the dark-brown concoction, its aroma invokes the image of classic BBQ grills and smoky pits. A swipe of it with a juicy strip of chicken, and the delicate sweetness of the honey and the robust flavors of the barbecue hit me instantaneously.

The Honey BBQ Sauce has a way of smothering chicken tenders in its sweet yet subtly smoky embrace, giving them a sticky delicious exterior that leaves me licking my fingers in pure delight. The tang of the tomatoes used in the sauce is nicely offset by the sweetness of the honey making it an intoxicating nostalgic trip down Southern memory lanes. All in all, I’ve found it to be an irresistible addition to my meals.

The Honey Sauce, on the other hand, is an exercise in restraint. It’s lighter on the palate, boasting nothing more than the straightforward sweetness of pure honey. Unlike its BBQ cousin, the Honey Sauce has a simpler, fresher note that isn't weighed down by additional flavors. I find it perfect as a dip for fritters or even drizzled lightly over my fries, adding a sweet twist to my savory snacks.

Its fragrant sweetness that delicately unfolds on my palate manages to bring a note of surprise to my meal. It manages to be sweet without being overpoweringly so, and that in itself is a testament to its balanced flavor. It’s intriguing how this humble concoction can bring a new dimension even to the simplest of dishes, elevating it to a gastronomic delight.

Indeed, as sweet lovers' paradise, the Honey BBQ and Honey sauces are my top recommendations from Church’s Chicken. Whether it's the nostalgic smokiness of the BBQ or the fresh sweetness of the Honey sauce, both are sure to tickle your sweet tooth delightfully.

2. Honey Mustard: Comfort Food Essential

Honey Mustard - Best Church's Chicken Sauce of 2023

Let's talk about the delightful surprise hiding in every drop of Church's Chicken's Honey Mustard Sauce. It's as if someone perfectly captured the essence of comfort food and infused it into a sauce. On the surface, it may seem like a simple, unassuming dip, but once you've tasted it, there's a revelation of flavors that hit your taste buds with a pleasant jolt. Having tried it myself, I can confidently say that this sweet and tangy concoction will make you see your fried chicken in a different light.

The Honey Mustard sauce has a way of teasing out the best in whatever you pair it with. The balance between the subtle sweetness of honey and the strong kick of mustard is a match made in heaven. The zing of mustard is tempered just enough to be enjoyable rather than overpowering and when it intertwines with the sweet honey, it creates an unforgettable symphony of flavors in your mouth. One of the most fulfilling experiences I had was dipping a crispy golden chicken strip into the Honey Mustard sauce and letting the explosion of flavors whisk me away to my dreamy, comforting culinary space.

Another great thing about the Honey Mustard sauce is its versatility. Whether you're coating your chicken with it or using it as a sandwich spread, it has this phenomenal ability to bind all the other ingredients in a savory ensemble, transforming any meal into a robust treat. There's just something about its tangy and sweet flair that makes it an epitome of comfort food and a staple at every meal in my household.

3. Spicy Mayonnaise: Turning the Heat Up

Spicy Mayonnaise - Best Church's Chicken Sauce of 2023

Finally, for those who thrive on a bit of spice, Church's Chicken has something right up your alley—their Spicy Mayonnaise sauce. As a fan of food with a fiery touch myself, I was excited to give this one a try, and let me tell you, it was a thrilling experience.

The Spicy Mayonnaise is not just your run-of-the-mill mayonnaise with a touch of heat to it. No, Church's Chicken takes their creamy, classic mayo and injects it with a kick of chili that catapults this humble condiment to the next level. It's got the indulgent creaminess that mayo lovers cherish but with a notable spicy undertone that leaves your taste buds tingling and your lips smacking.

Pair this with some crispy chicken tenders, and you've got yourself an exhilarating chicken experience that is bound to heat up your meal, literally and figuratively speaking. When I first dipped a piece of golden chicken into the Spicy Mayo, I was taken aback by the immediate burst if spice nestled within the smooth creaminess. I could immediately taste the fiery warmth on my tongue and as I swirled the sauce around, the soothing creaminess of the mayonnaise enveloped my palate, creating a nicely balanced culinary moment, one that heat seekers like myself could relish.

Trust me, whether you are a spice aficionado or someone who simply enjoys a bit of kick in their food, Church's Chicken's Spicy Mayonnaise is a must-try. It is bound to leave you with a palate-pleasing food memory, something that reflects the interplay of fiery warmth and soothing creaminess.

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4. Mayonnaise and White Gravy: Velvety Richness

Mayonnaise and White Gravy - Best Church's Chicken Sauce of 2023

Moving on from the sweet repertoire of Church's Chicken sauces, let’s delve into the creamy and velvety richness of Mayonnaise and White Gravy. Each with its distinct character, these sauces proved to be a hearty and indulgent addition to my fried chicken meals.

The magic of Mayonnaise lies in its sheer creamy simplicity. When perfectly chilled, it holds the power to turn an ordinary piece of chicken into something exceptional. But what makes Church's Chicken's mayo stand out for me is its balanced creaminess that doesn't overpower the natural flavors of the chicken. Whether spread on a sandwich, dolloped on a salad or used as a classic dip, the Mayo manages to add a layer of rich, silky flavor that complements, rather than competes, with the other ingredients.

On the other hand, the White Gravy is a distinct entity in itself, carrying a heavier and richer profile, with a divine pepper punch. It feels like a warm Southern hug that transforms a simple breaded chicken or a biscuit into a deliciously comforting dish. The thick, milky sauce swirled over hot chicken creates a mouthwateringly good image—a sight that promises the comfort of home-cooked meals, and the love of Grandma’s cooking. This Church's Chicken exclusive offers an effortless blend of mellow flavors and comfort wrapped in a rich, creamy blanket.

Throughout my tasting experience, I’ve found that these two creamy Church's Chicken sauces—Mayonnaise and White Gravy—have a way of making even the simplest meals feel a tad more indulgent, adding a layer of velvety richness that leaves you craving for more.

5. Creamy Ranch: Tangy Heaven

Creamy Ranch - Best Church's Chicken Sauce of 2023

What's a fried chicken meal without a sidekick of a zesty and creamy dip? Prepare to fall head over heels for the dreamy Creamy Ranch sauce offered at Church's Chicken. As someone who enjoys the cooling zest of a good ranch, this has fast become one of my favorites.

The Creamy Ranch sauce at Church’s Chicken is arguably as exceptional as the chicken itself. From the first bite, it engulfs your palate in an avalanche of creamy goodness with a tangy aftertaste that lingers on your tongue long after you've swallowed the delicious morsel. The ranch pairs beautifully with any fried delight, cutting through the decadent grease and balancing out the flavors exquisitely.

Not too heavy on the palate, the Creamy Ranch sauce's light, creamy texture blends beautifully with the cool tanginess that it is known for. No matter how much you slather onto your chicken, it never overpowers the prime flavor of your delicacy. Instead, the subtle hints of richness make the fried goodies taste even more delectable, adding an extra layer of texture and flavor to every mouthful.

In my opinion, a rich drizzle of this Creamy Ranch over fresh veggies or as a dip for warm, crunchy tenders is an ode to life's simple pleasures. The way this sauce melds with the chicken, potatoes, or even salads showcases its unassuming versatility and its ability to enhance a meal's overall flavor experience. If you’re a fan of the good-old ranch with an added depth of flavor, Church's Chicken's Creamy Ranch is genuinely uncanny, and giving it a skip would be missing out on a rich gastronomical treat!

6. Smoky Honey Q Sauce: A Blend of Sweet and Smoky

Smoky Honey Q Sauce - Best Church's Chicken Sauce of 2023

As someone who revels in unique flavors, I admit to being a little intrigued when I first came across the Smoky Honey Q sauce at Church's Chicken. True to its name, this sauce is a marriage of sweet honey and smoky barbecue flavors, creating a tantalizing experience that dances on your palate.

Each spoonful of this captivating sauce offers an array of tastes. The sweetness of the honey hits first, enveloped in a subtly tangy kick that gives way to the deep, smoky undertones of the barbeque. The result? A burst of complex flavors that never fails to satiate.

This Smoky Honey Q Sauce is a flavor trip around the culinary world! It is a delightful accompaniment to pulled chicken or pork, where the layered flavors of the sauce beautifully complement the juicy tenderness of the meat. When slathered generously on your meal, the harmonious symphony of sweet, tangy, and smoky simply sends your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of deliciousness.

My absolute favorite way to enjoy this sauce? As a glaze for chicken, both fried and grilled. The combination of crisp coating of the chicken combined with the smooth, smoky sweetness of the Honey Q sauce is an absolute delight!

7. Ketchup: The Classic Companion

Ketchup - Best Church's Chicken Sauce of 2023

Let's shake hands with the evergreen mate to our chicken strips and nuggets - Church's Chicken's Ketchup. Who hasn't reveled in the glorious combination of crispy, golden fries and a hearty squeeze of classic ketchup? However, Church's Chicken doesn't offer just any regular ketchup. It’s a tangy, slightly sweet delight that makes every bite of your meal irresistibly delectable.

The Ketchup at Church's Chicken is basic, but definitely a classic. Its rich tomato flavor, coupled with the perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess, complements the hearty crunch of Church's signature fried chicken or even their homestyle fries. Dipping a hot, crisp piece of golden chicken into this splendid mix, you encounter the perfect marriage of flavors - something that truly ignites your taste buds into a swing dancing of delight. It’s a simple pleasure that never goes out of fashion.

Despite its simplicity, the syrupy sweetness and tanginess of Church's Chicken's ketchup strike a chord with any devout food explorer. The delightful balance of acidity and sugar accentuates the flavors of your meal without overshadowing them, which is simply an art in itself.

8. Creamy Jalapeno: Experience the Creamy Heat

Creamy Jalapeno - Best Church's Chicken Sauce of 2023

Brace yourself for an unforgettable taste treat with the Creamy Jalapeno sauce from Church's Chicken. A fusion of creamy richness and fiery jalapeno, this sauce is truly the embodiment of zest and zing.

When I first tried this sauce, I was surprised by how marvelously the creaminess of the sauce balanced the fiery jalapenos. Each dip guarantees an explosion of flavors that really hit the spot if you're someone like me, who loves a little kick to their meals.

I find this sauce to be a perfect partner to spicy wings. The hint of heat from the jalapenos marries well with the spice of the wings, successfully creating a flavor party in your mouth.

Its uniquely creamy texture and spicy flavor also make it an excellent dip for any crunch-coated delicacy; the juxtaposition of the smooth sauce against the crispiness of your snack only enhances the experience. As a delightful dichotomy of potent heat and soothing creaminess, the Creamy Jalapeno sauce is without a doubt, a taste sensation to savor!

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Why You Should Try Church's Chicken Sauces?

Church's Chicken Sauces are more than just an add-on to your meal; they are a celebration of diverse flavors that truly amplify your dining experience. Here's why you should try them:

Variety Catering to all Taste Buds: Church's Chicken has crafted a sauce for every flavor profile. Craving something sweet? The Honey BBQ sauce is made for you. Fancy something rich and creamy? White Gravy or mayonnaise could be your go-to. Feeling like a burst of heat? The Spicy Mayonnaise or Creamy Jalapeno might just hit the spot.

Adds Character to the Meal: Every sauce from Church's Chicken adds a signature character to the meal, enhancing it far beyond a simple chicken dish. The tangy Honey Mustard, for example, adds an unexpected zing to your chicken, making every bite exciting.

Enhancing the Dining Experience

The sauces' sheer diversity and range imply that they can transform any ordinary meal into a culinary delight. It's almost like having a new dining experience each time you pair your chicken with a different sauce.

How Church's Chicken Sauces Elevate Your Meals?

How Church's Chicken Sauces Elevate Your Meals?

Any regular meal can ascend to gastronomical heights, thanks to Church's Chicken Sauces. Here's how they elevate your meals:

Versatility in their Use: These sauces aren't just for your chicken. They can enhance the flavor profile of many other dishes too. The Ranch can be a great dip for your veggies, while the Ketchup pairs beautifully with your fries. Smoky Honey Q sauce can transform a simple sandwich into a delightful meal, and the mayonnaise can be used to create rich, creamy pasta.

Using Unique and Complex Flavors: Each Church's Chicken sauce combines multiple flavors, adding complexity and depth to your meals. For example, the Creamy Jalapeno blends the fiery taste of jalapenos with the soothing creaminess of a rich sauce, creating a perfect balance that adds pizzazz to any dish.

Perfect Companion for Different Meats

Not only are these sauces magnificent with chicken, but they can also be paired incredibly well with an array of meats. Try the Honey BBQ with pulled pork, or the Spicy Mayonnaise with grilled shrimp, and experience a whole new layer of flavors.

So if you wish to introduce intensity and exploration to your regular meals, Church's Chicken Sauces aren't just an option—they're an absolute must!

How to Pair Your Meals with Church's Chicken Sauces?

When it comes to pairing food with sauces, balance is the key. Understanding your meal and the flavor profile of the sauce you are choosing can jazz things up and take your dining experience to a new high. Let's explore how to do just that with the versatile Church's Chicken Sauces.

Staple Comfort Foods

For your staple comfort foods like fried chicken and chicken wings, Honey BBQ and Honey Mustard are great choices. Their harmonious blend of sweetness and tanginess complements the savory flavors found in these comfort food staples.

Seafood Foods

When enjoying seafood, a hint of spice can turn the dish around. The Spicy Mayonnaise from Church's Chicken adds just enough heat to your seafood without overpowering its delicate flavors.

Fried Sides

Now, who does not love fried sides with a delicious dip? Your fries, onion rings, or cheese sticks would love the traditional company of Ketchup or try something different with a Creamy Jalapeno sauce.

Roasted Meat

Roasted or grilled meats can be beautifully paired with Smoky Honey Q Sauce. The sweet and smoky flavors meld well with the charred and earthy notes from the roasted meats.

Just remember, sauces are there to complement your meal, not to compete with it. So always be considerate of the flavors of your main dish while choosing a sauce.

Why Church's Chicken Sauces are a Must-have in Your Pantry?

Why Church's Chicken Sauces are a Must-have in Your Pantry?

Haven't we all had days when what we are eating seems bland and unexciting? Well, that's when your pantry hero comes to the rescue! Yes, I am talking about the varied Church's Chicken Sauces. Stocking up these versatile sauces in your pantry can instantly transform your homemade meals into vibrant gourmet dishes.

Instant Upgrade

Firstly, they can be an instant upgrade to your instant meals. Make a bowl of ramen your late-night gourmet with a dash of Honey BBQ, or spread Honey Mustard on your sandwich for a delightful lunch break at work.

Add a Zing to Your Regular Meals

Normal weekday meals need not be boring anymore. Add Spicy Mayonnaise to your grilled chicken breasts for a weeknight thrill, or drown your fluffy mashed potatoes in a generous serving of White Gravy for a silky, comforting treat.

Diversify and Experiment

Last but not least, with a treasure trove of Church's Chicken Sauces, your creativity in the kitchen has no bounds. Use them as a marinade, dressing, glaze, or simply dip. It's a truly delightful way to experiment and add unique flavors to your regular meals.

So, keep your pantry stocked with these versatile masterpieces, and you'll be just a few steps away from turning every meal into a delightful feast.

How Do Church's Chicken Sauces Add Excitement to Your Taste Buds?

One of the greatest joys of food exploration is discovering new and exciting flavor profiles. Church's Chicken sauces offer exactly that - an adventure for your taste buds. Each sauce, with its unique taste, introduces a new layer of delight to your meals.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Honey BBQ and Honey sauces are a joy to behold - a sweet-savory dance of flavors that makes each bite more thrilling than the last. The subtle smokiness of the BBQ becomes a tantalizing surprise, hidden beneath the sweet guise of honey in the Smoky Honey Q Sauce.

If you're the adventurous type who craves food that packs a punch, the Spicy Mayonnaise and Creamy Jalapeno are right up your alley. The fiery undertones of spice in these sauces take you on an unforgettable heat-filled journey that adds an enticing edge to your meal.

Craving something creamy and smooth? The White Gravy, Mayonnaise, and Ranch deliver a velvety symphony that caresses your palate, enhancing the food's taste without overpowering it.

And let's not forget the timeless classic, *Ketchup! It's a versatile companion that feels like an old friend, comforting you with its familiar taste, yet never boring.

Why Church's Chicken Sauces Are Perfect for Any Occasion?

Why Church's Chicken Sauces are Perfect for Any Occasion?

Every meal, every occasion, needs a trusty companion that can uplift its taste and make it special. Church’s chicken sauces accomplish this with finesse, enabling them to perfectly fit into any occasion.

Vibrant barbecues in the summer, cozy family dinners, and even semi-formal dinner parties - you name it, there’s a sauce for it! The Honey BBQ is a summertime favorite, its sweet-smokey notes forming the perfect alliance with grilled meats. The Creamy Jalapeno or the Spicy Mayonnaise complements spicy wings on game nights, creating a taste sensation that's hard to resist.

For those formal family dinners, or when you host friends, the subtle White Gravy or Mayonnaise can be a lifesaver, adding richness without overwhelming the palate. You would be surprised at how a simple blob of Ranch can instantly turn a plate of crudities into a fancy hors d'oeuvre.

And, of course, any children's party would be incomplete without the evergreen Ketchup. It's the one sauce that we can safely say is universally loved by children and adults alike!

Thus, whether it’s a casual lunch date or celebrating those festive moments, Church's Chicken sauces have got you covered. Not only do they capture the essence of each occasion just right, they create a whole new experience and ultimately, make every bite feel like a celebration!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular Church's Chicken Sauce?

Church's Chicken offers a variety of sauces, each with its distinct charm. However, the Honey Mustard sauce is a considerable fan favorite due to its perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors.

How can I use Church's Chicken Sauces at home?

Church's Chicken sauces are not just for fried chicken. You can use them in plenty of dishes at home. Drizzle them over salads, use them in sandwiches or burgers, or as dips for a variety of snacks. They can instantly upgrade your meals and snacks with their unique flavors.

Are all Church's Chicken Sauces spicy?

No, not all Church's Chicken sauces are spicy. Although options like Spicy Mayonnaise and Creamy Jalapeno do have a kick to them, you'll find a range of flavors from sweet Honey and Honey BBQ to the classic Ketchup and tangy Ranch.

Can I buy Church's Chicken Sauces from their stores?

Yes, most Church's Chicken outlets offer their sauces for sale. However, availability may vary from one location to another. You might also find them on certain online grocery platforms.

Why is the Smoky Honey Q Sauce so popular?

The Smoky Honey Q Sauce is popular for its unique blend of sweetness from honey and the smoky flavor of barbeque sauce. This sauce pairs especially well with pulled chicken and pork, but its layered flavors can enhance any meal.

What is the Creamy Jalapeno sauce at Church's Chicken like?

The Creamy Jalapeno is a delicious fusion of rich creamy sauce and the fiery flavor of jalapeno. If you're someone who loves spicy food, this sauce can be an absolute delight. It's perfect as a dip for spicy wings or even a spread on your sandwich.

How does the Honey Mustard sauce at Church's Chicken taste?

The Honey Mustard sauce at Church's Chicken is known for its perfect balance of sweet and tangy. It has the sweetness of honey undercut by the potent kick of mustard, making it a popular pick among customers.

Is the Ranch sauce at Church's Chicken the same as any other Ranch sauce?

Like any Ranch sauce, the one at Church's Chicken too is creamy with a hint of tanginess. However, its flavor profile has been specifically designed to complement its fried chicken and fries, making it a tad different from your regular ranch sauce.

How should I store Church's Chicken Sauces at home?

Once opened, it is best to store Church's Chicken sauces in the refrigerator to maintain their quality and freshness. Ensure the cap is sealed tightly to prevent exposure to air.

What kind of food does the White Gravy pair well with?

The White Gravy at Church's Chicken is a versatile sauce. Creamy and rich, it pairs well with mashed potatoes, fried chicken, biscuits, and just about any dish that could use a bit of added moisture and flavor. It's one of those sauces that can comfortably find a place in any meal.


After slurping, dipping, and pouring my way through Church's Chicken Sauces, one thing has become utterly clear - these are more than just condiments. With their deeply complex and layered flavors, they manage to enhance and uplift the dishes they are served with, creating a harmony of flavors that resonate beautifully with each bite. Church’s array of sauces not only brings variety to our plates, but also allows us to tailor our meals to match our mood, the weather, or even the whim of the moment.

They infuse a sense of excitement into our everyday meals, making each day different from the last. It is the power of these sauces, their ability to transform, elevate, and add depth to food that defines the joyful, multi-sensory, and personal experience of eating at Church's Chicken. Indeed, it's time to sauce up your food and life with best Church’s Chicken sauces - because every good dish deserves an equally delectable sauce!

P.S: Remember, the sauce is not just the sidekick to your food hero but a marvellous hero in its own right.

Food Lover and Storyteller 🍽️✨ With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, Shivani brings her culinary adventures to life through evocative words and tantalizing tastes. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to share the magic of flavors with fellow enthusiasts.
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