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34 Best Sugar-Free Candies of 2024 [Must-Try Sweet Delights]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: October 25, 2023

In today’s health-conscious world, many people are seeking alternatives to traditional treats that won’t compromise their dietary needs or health goals. Among these, the best sugar-free candies have emerged as a favorite choice for those with a sweet tooth but a desire to avoid the pitfalls of added sugars. These candies promise the same delightful burst of flavor and fun, without the unwanted calories and sugar spikes.

Whether you’re managing diabetes, watching your weight, or simply choosing a healthier lifestyle, these treats cater to everyone who refuses to give up on indulgence but wants it with a side of wellness. Dive in, and discover the sweetness that comes without the sugar!

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34 Best Sugar-Free Candies of 2024

Best Sugar-Free Candies of 2024

Diving into a bag of candies can feel like a guilty pleasure, especially if you worry about the sugar content. But what if I told you I’ve discovered a range of sweet treats that let you indulge guilt-free? Get ready to take notes as I share my guide to the 34 best sugar-free candies that will make your tastebuds sing while keeping your health goals intact!

1. Zollipops

Zollipops - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

If there was a candied wonderland, I believe Zollipops would certainly reign supreme. Not only are they tooth-friendly, but they also come in a variety of rich and tantalizing flavors. These ‘clean teeth pops’, as they are often called, were genuinely a toothsome revelation for me.

Let me take you through my first delightful encounter with Zollipops. The packaging is simple yet inviting, resonating with both young ones in search of a sweet delight, and adults looking for healthier candy alternatives. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect – could a sugar-free lollipop really measure up to my beloved, traditional sugary counterparts?

After unwrapping the first Zollipop, I savored the amazing blast of flavor that welcomed me. Completely sugar-free, yet remarkably sweet, the lollipop was an immediate hit in my books. In a day and age where candy often comes hand in hand with a side helping of guilt, I found Zollipops to be a refreshingly guiltless indulgence!

What really sets Zollipops apart, though, is the selection of flavors. It’s like a rainbow of palatable experiences, waiting to be embarked upon. From Cherry to Grape, Orange to Pineapple, and even a ravishing Strawberry – the collection is both exhaustive and delightful. For me, the sheer vibrancy of the flavors amplifies the overall excitement and pleasure that comes with enjoying a lollipop.

But Zollipops doesn’t stop at being a healthier candy alternative – there’s more to its tale. Each Zollipop is infused with xylitol, erythritol, stevia, and other natural ingredients. While these might sound like complex chemical compounds, they are in fact natural, tooth-friendly sugar alternatives. Studies have shown that xylitol and erythritol can even help reduce the risk of dental decay – a mighty plus point in my opinion.

The Zollipop experience seems to circle back to the joy of eating candy – the simplistic pleasure, the unadulterated bliss. So, whether you are watching your sugar intake, or simply looking out for a tooth-friendly alternative to teach your children about healthier choices, Zollipops are definitely a discovery to cherish.

2. Spry Sugar-Free Cinnamon Mints

Spry Sugar-Free Cinnamon Mints - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

On a chilly evening, there are few delights as heartwarming as the taste of cinnamon. The sensations it conjures are abundant – festive cheer, a cozy evening by the fire, the satisfaction of a hearty meal capped with a deliciously spicy dessert.

Therefore, when I stumbled upon Spry Sugar-Free Cinnamon Mints, I was immediately intrigued. Spry is a brand known for its commitment to natural, healthier sweets – but could they successfully capture the robustness of the cinnamon flavor in a small, sugar-free mint?

Intrigued, and having thoroughly enjoyed my previous sugar-free indulgence, I decided to take the plunge and bought myself a pack of Spry Sugar-Free Cinnamon Mints. The packaging, adorned with a fiery, red cinnamon stick, conveyed warmth, and the promise of a strong, spicy flavor which instantly aroused my expectations.

Upon popping the first mint into my mouth, I was greeted by an intense burst of cinnamon – robust yet not overpowering. It was enveloped with a subtle sweetness, creating a harmonious and delectable mixture of sweet and spicy. The most incredible part, however, was the lasting minty freshness that followed the initial burst of flavor. The abiding coolness left my mouth feeling refreshed and invigorated for hours after I’d savored the mint.

Even more admirable, these mints are sweetened with 100% xylitol, making them beneficial for oral health. Xylitol has been found to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth and help prevent dental cavities. So, while the Spry Cinnamon Mints make for an indulgent, warming treat, they also offer a helping hand toward dental health.

The lasting impact of the Spry Sugar-Free Cinnamon Mints is a testament to the potency of its flavors. In a way, it’s incredibly satisfying to know that such a tiny mint can pack such a powerful punch. A pack of these mints has become a staple in my bag, ready to offer that comforting, warming sensation, no matter where I am.

For those looking to combine the rustic allure of cinnamon with the convenience of a pocket-sized, sugar-free mint, Spry Sugar-Free Cinnamon Mints are the perfect choice. Elevate your taste experience and oral health simultaneously with this splendid balance of flavor and wellness. Remain minty fresh while enjoying the adventure of the warm, hearty cinnamon flavor – truly a journey best experienced firsthand.

3. High Key Chocolate Pearls

High Key Chocolate Pearls - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Just as delightful as their name implies, the High Key Chocolate Pearls have struck a perfect balance between healthy indulgence and sinful decadence, but without guilt. My first experience with this delicious treat completely caught me by surprise — not just because I fell for their quirky way of packaging, but also the rich, chocolaty explosion that followed.

The packaging is adorably attractive and fun to interact with – a perfect representation of the joy that awaits inside. The joyful anticipation grows as you’re greeted by the sight of tiny, pearl-shaped chocolates that are exquisitely delightful. But the true magic, I learned, is in tasting these miniature treats. The distinct crunch of the sugar-free chocolate shell, followed by the smooth, cocoa richness of the interior, fills your mouth with absolute pleasure, and quite justifiably, a little more.

What makes these chocolate pearls superior, in my view, is their commitment to health. Yes, they are sugar-free, but what really caught my attention was their high-fiber and low-carb content. The sweeteners used are both natural and keto-friendly – erythritol and stevia – making this a treat that aligns with various health-conscious diets.

My High Key Chocolate Pearl moment of the day has become something I yearn for when I’m in need of a quick, tasty pick-me-up — satisfying my chocolate cravings ever so delightfully, without rocking the health boat. Their size encourages portion control, and the experience they provide is one of sheer indulgence. It’s a small journey that takes me to a very happy place.

4. Lily’s

Lily's - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

The candy brand Lily’s is a name that has come to be synonymous with delicious, healthier alternatives to traditional candies and chocolates. What drew me towards Lily’s initially was their vast selection of sugar-free candies, from chocolate bars to baking chips. The richness of varieties and the delightful flavors Lily’s offers are impressive and tantalizing.

To my delight, their goodies lived up to the hype. The creaminess, rich cocoa flavors, and overall luxurious taste of their sugar-free chocolate bars are a real treat to the senses. The best part? All this pleasure comes without the sugar. Instead, these bars are sweetened with stevia, which has no effects on blood sugar levels and provides zero calories.

Each chocolate bar I tried offered a unique experience. From dark chocolate to milk, almond to coconut, I found myself enjoying every bite immensely. Given the variety of flavors and textures, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. They won me over with their commitment to creating sugar-free treats that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

The verdict? Lily’s sugar-free candies are in a league of their own, offering a wholly satisfying, guilt-free, and ultimately memorable chocolate experience. It’s a brand I’ve come to trust when my sweet tooth calls for a top-quality, sugar-free, indulgent treat.

5. Jolly Rancher Zero Sugar Hard Candy

Jolly Rancher Zero Sugar Hard Candy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Who doesn’t reminisce about the tangy goodness of Jolly Ranchers! The thrilling twist in this childhood favorite has been the introduction of a zero sugar version — allowing us all to revel in the excellently tangy and fruity hard candy, but sans the sugar that comes with the traditional Jolly Ranchers.

Can a Jolly Rancher without sugar deliver the same enjoyable, nostalgic experience, you ask? Surprisingly, the answer for me was a resounding yes! The Zero Sugar Hard Candy is a perfect replica of the original, bursting with the same irresistible fruity flavors and the oh-so-satisfying long-lasting hard candy experience.

An exciting array of flavors awaits your taste buds — Watermelon, Green Apple, and Cherry, to name a few. After trying them all, I can vouch that each is a perfect blend of sweet and sour, with authentic fruity flavors.

Jolly Rancher has without a doubt stayed true to their vibrant and enjoyable hard candy experience, minus the sugar. These treats are a tasty, guilt-free alternative to fulfill my hard candy cravings on a whim. It’s quite magical how the same exciting candy experience can be maintained but with so much less guilt involved!

Undeniably, Jolly Rancher Zero Sugar Hard Candy delivers all of the delights of the classic hard candy but offers a healthier twist as a delightful surprise. Next time you’re hankering for a fruity hardness, choosing the zero-sugar option will provide the taste you seek without the extra sweetness you may be trying to avoid.

6. Project 7 Low Sugar Red Licorice

Project 7 Low Sugar Red Licorice - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

If you’re anything like me, a well-rendered piece of licorice is an irresistible delight with nostalgic undertones. Project 7 Low Sugar Red Licorice has been a wonderful find on my candy exploration journey. These twists of red temptation not only nail the nostalgic licorice flavor but do so with reduced sugar content.

The charm of these delightful twists is their perfectly balanced tangy red berry flavor. A single bite sends a rush of this fruity goodness that weaves together a sweet, tart, and slightly smoky medley, effectively encapsulating the classic licorice experience. I found myself reaching out for more and more of these delicious twists. They hold their own as an impressive competitor in the movie snack category.

One of the best features is how Project 7 delivers the full flavor and satisfaction of licorice without the guilt that comes with high-sugar candy. Each serving has just one gram of sugar, and two grams of fiber, making the flavor journey this candy offers a mindful indulgence. The vibrant packaging doubles up as a promise of the exciting and delicious experience tucked inside.

7. Smart Sweets

Smart Sweets - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Smart Sweets is a brand that has created waves in the candy world with its innovative, healthier take on our beloved treats. For any connoisseur of gummy bears and such, the plant-based, low-sugar gummy bears by Smart Sweets need to be your next candy adventure.

As a fan of the chewy texture and sweet character of gummies, I approached Smart Sweets with a dose of curiosity and skepticism. Can anyone ever really recreate the soul of gummy bears while keeping the sugar levels in check?

I found the answer lies wonderfully in the affirmative. Chewy, fruity, and intensely satisfying – these gummy bears are everything you hope for and a little bit more. Each bag delivers a rainbow of flavors as enthusiastic and diverse as their colors.

Thanks to Smart Sweets, my gummy indulgences are no longer a guilty pleasure. These gummies are indeed smart – they are high in fiber, use non-GMO ingredients, and substitute sugar with plant-based sweeteners. The remarkably low sugar content (only 2 grams per bag) allows you to enjoy without any post-snack guilt following you. They make for an excellent snacking alternative when the cravings kick in.

8. Altoids Smalls Cinnamon Sugar-Free Mints

Altoids Smalls Cinnamon Sugar-Free Mints - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

If there were to be a household name in the kingdom of hard candies, Altoids would certainly be it. Reckoning their impactful flavor history, I was eager to try the Smalls Cinnamon Sugar-Free Mints version, and it was love at first taste.

Petite yet packed with sizzling cinnamon charisma, these mints make their power-packed presence known from the very first lick. The vibrant cinnamon sweetness is followed by an energizing wave of coolness, filling your mouth with a refreshing sensation. It’s like a wonderfully flavorful fiesta in every tiny mint.

When the sweetness comes from a sugar substitute, Sorbitol, it’s easy to enjoy these treats without the fear of a sugar crash. The adorable and handy tin that holds these crimson little wonders is incredibly convenient, easily fitting in pockets or small compartments, and makes for the perfect on-the-go treat. It’s notable how Altoids have managed to cleverly encapsulate their fiery cinnamon spirit into such delightfully small, sugar-free mints.

These tic-tac-sized sugar-free mints uplift your palate with their strong, spicy cinnamon flavor and make your breath smell pleasant. Whether you’re preparing for a meeting or about to go on a date, these little mints are just what you need for that added confidence boost. Savor them at your leisure, or share with friends – Altoids Smalls Cinnamon Sugar-Free Mints add zest and freshness to any situation.

9. Darrell Lee Sugar-Free Black Licorice

Darrell Lee Sugar-Free Black Licorice - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Let’s face it – licorice is one of those polarizing candy flavors that you either love or hate. Personally, I fall into the love category, and it means I’ve tried many variations of this treat – but the Darrell Lee Sugar-Free Black Licorice was a game-changer.

With its rich, deep flavor profile, this licorice delivers an authentic taste experience that is without compromise. From the first chew, all the notes of black licorice I find so intoxicating draw me further in – the distinct sweetness, anise’s subtle spice, and that slightly bitter edge that is the essence of this candy. Even without the sugar, Darrell Lee maintains a soft texture and a delightful and robust licorice taste in this sugar-free version. It’s this balance that makes it hard to stop at just one or two – or ten!

As I enjoy the satisfying pull of the licorice, the generous aniseed velvetiness leads me comfortably into the next bite, leaving my taste buds eagerly waiting. A softer, chewier texture strikes the ideal balance for licorice, ensuring a full infusion of the flavor with each mouthful.

10. Werther’s Sugar-Free Candy

Werther's Sugar-Free Candy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

For me, Werther’s Original has always held a nostalgic aura, reminiscent of a carefully guarded secret shared by the sweet tooth connoisseurs of earlier generations. When I came across their sugar-free line, I knew I had to give it a try.

Let’s start with Werther’s Sugar-Free Candy – the classic Butter Candies. As the familiar, creamy, buttery flavor unraveled with each bite, the sugar-free nature’s disbelief set in. It’s uncanny how similar these are to their sugared cousins! The indulgence is complete with the comforting creaminess and the gratifying hard candy bite. Wrapped in golden foil, these candies feel like little sweet gifts of joy ready to be opened.

Werther skillfully blends tradition and changing dietary preferences with this sugar-free candy line. They remain delightfully reminiscent of the original but with a healthier appeal.

11. Tara’s Handcrafted Sugar-Free Caramels

Tara's Handcrafted Sugar-Free Caramels - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Tara’s Handcrafted Sugar-Free Caramels are an artisanal treat that hits all the right notes for caramel lovers. As a connoisseur of classic caramel candies, I was curious to experience how a sugar-free version would fare, and boy, was I pleased.

These caramels marry the creamy decadence of traditional candies with the virtues of cultivated sweetening practices. The complexity of Tara’s confectionery shines through in each bite – meltingly soft with a deliciously chewy texture that carries the rich, buttery caramel flavor.

Each caramel piece carries a nostalgic echo of strolling down a vintage candy aisle. There’s something deeply satisfying about enjoying a delicacy that feels handcrafted and offers a cleaner, sugar-free profile. This doesn’t feel like a mere candy – it’s an indulgence, a pause in the day to savor and appreciate. And with zero sugar, it’s less of an indulgence and more of a guilt-free pleasure.

What strikes me the most is how these caramels satisfy the sweet yearning without being overpowering. This balance makes them perfect companions for those precious unwinding hours, over a book or a cozy movie night. From texture to taste, Tara’s Handcrafted Sugar-Free Caramels deliver a foolproof and winning candy experience.

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12. Dubble Bubble Sugar-Free Bubble Gum

Dubble Bubble Sugar-Free Bubble Gum - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

There are few candies in the world that evoke as many happy childhood memories as bubble gum, and Dubble Bubble is nostalgic in all its shapes and forms. Now, imagine my joy, as an adult, when I found out there’s a sugar-free option that captures all that joyous spirit without wreaking havoc on my diet.

The Dubble Bubble Sugar-Free Bubble Gum is every bit as fun and playful as the original version, just without the high sugar content. Bold and fruity, this bubble gum packs a powerful punch of flavor in each chew. I found it delightful how the initial burst mellows into a gentle, pleasant taste—perfect for blowing bubbles and enjoying a bit of whimsical fun.

Still full of elasticity and flavor, this sugar-free version maintains Dubble Bubble’s classic texture, perfect for achieving those big, satisfying bubbles. Each piece offers an expressive burst of excitement, and the flavor longevity pleasantly surprised me. Whether you’re on a long drive or just looking for a midday pick-me-up, Dubble Bubble Sugar-Free Bubble Gum does not disappoint.

13. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Zero Sugar

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Zero Sugar - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Now here’s a name that needs no introduction. Hershey’s has become synonymous with chocolate in minds worldwide, bringing joy and comfort to its simplistic, yet unrivaled, milk chocolate bars. As a fellow chocolate enthusiast, it was a joyous day for me when I discovered Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Zero Sugar.

Packed in the familiar Hershey’s packaging, the first bite is like stepping into an old photograph – rich, comforting, and full of sweet nostalgia. Beneath the iconic Hershey’s wrapper, I found the same smooth, creamy chocolate I’ve loved since childhood, brilliantly bereft of any added sugar. Each bite was a perfect balance of cocoa and milk, with a light melty texture that worked harmoniously, enchanting my taste buds.

Truth be told, I struggled to notice any stark difference between this sugar-free version and the traditional Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar. The taste offers the same familiar sense of comfort, minus the added calories from sugar. If you’re missing your favorite childhood candy but watching your sugar intake, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Zero Sugar brings your beloved treat back on the menu.

14. Russell Stover Sugar-Free Pecan Delight

Russell Stover Sugar-Free Pecan Delight - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Pecan and chocolate – a match made in candy heaven. Russell Stover’s Sugar-Free Pecan Delights infuse the best of this iconic flavor combo into a satisfying sugar-free sweet indulgence. My first encounter with these felt like a classy spin on the traditional pecan candy – a matrimony of creamy caramel, crunchy pecans, and luscious chocolate, all with zero guilt!

I was spellbound by the decadent chocolate layer as it seamlessly mingled with the texture of the caramel and pecans. The softened, chewy caramel complementing the snap of the pecans creates the perfect symphony of textures in each bite. As for the taste, it was simply divine. The smoothness of the chocolate, coupled with the earthiness of the pecans and the rich intensity of the caramel results in a trifecta of flavor in one little treat.

If, like me, you appreciate the beauty of balance in a candy, Russell Stover Sugar-Free Pecan Delight is sure to become a quick favorite. Its seamless blend of textures and flavors is guaranteed to unveil new facets of taste with every bite.

15. Werther’s Original Sugar-Free Caramel Hard Candies

Werther's Original Sugar-Free Caramel Hard Candies - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Once upon a time, the name Werther’s was equivalent to the rich, indulgent classic Caramel Hard Candies that always seemed to spark joy. The same flavorsome experience can now be enjoyed sugar-free! When I first discovered Werther’s Original Sugar-Free Caramel Hard Candies, I knew right away that my sugar-free journey was about to get sweeter.

The marriage of full-bodied buttery caramel and the subtleness of ocean salt, covered beautifully in a flavored blanket with just the right concentration of sweetness, is impeccably encapsulated in each candy. The long-lasting taste on the palate is the same original Werther’s taste that instantly takes me back to my childhood. The nostalgia of the classic candy, without the extra calories, is a consumer’s dream come true!

Werther’s Original Sugar-Free Caramel Hard Candies deliver an indulgent experience of savoring a creamy caramel, anytime, guilt-free. As a handy companion to savor on a rainy day, nursing during a long meeting, or as a sweet treat after dinner, these candies instantly bring joy to any given moment.

16. Stevita Naturals Hard Candy

Stevita Naturals Hard Candy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

In the natural food panorama, Stevita Naturals Hard Candy is as good as it gets. During my exploration of sugar-free candies, these took me by surprise. Pleasantly flavored with organic stevia and juice concentrates and refreshingly liberated from artificial sweeteners, they are a perfect example of a healthier choice in the candy land.

Imagine hard candies dissolving gradually in your mouth, bursting out with a rich blend of naturally sweetened flavors that are long-lasting and well-balanced. Each candy emerges as a star and intensifies as you journey through it, swirling around your mouth like a sweet symphony. In a world where we’re becoming more conscious about our food choices, Stevita Naturals is a beacon of hope delivering sweet indulgence minus the sugar.

The Stevita Naturals Hard Candy experience is much more than just candy. It’s a morally rewarding endeavor knowing you’re indulging in a confectionery that respects nature, supports fair trade, and subscribes to sustainable practices. It’s an elating feeling to savor natural goodness, knowing that it contributes to a healthier you.

17. Asher’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Candy

Asher's Sugar-Free Chocolate Candy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Asher’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Candy was an unexpected win during my sugar-free journey. From a family-run chocolate factory that dates all the way back to 1892, these highly indulgent, sugar-free treats are crafted with the love that only four generations of chocolatiers can bring to candies.

The rich, velvety texture of the chocolate alone is enough to get a person smitten. Paired with a variety of fillings, it becomes clear that these candies were meticulously designed with the chocolate connoisseur in mind. Acquiring a pack of these heavenly crafted candies feels like getting an exclusive pass to a flavor extravaganza.

In each Sugar-Free Chocolate Candy from Asher’s, there’s an exquisite balance of flavors – meticulously crafted, with an elegant blend of chocolate finesse that provides a beautiful, indulgent experience. The attention to detail – from the selection of cocoa beans to the exquisite handmade craftsmanship in creating these delicate yet complex flavored candies – shows through in every decadent bite.

18. Taffy Town Assorted Lite Sugar-Free Taffy

Taffy Town Assorted Lite Sugar-Free Taffy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Once I stumbled upon Taffy Town’s Lite Sugar-Free Taffy, my regard for taffy was fortunesly realigned. The beautiful selection of tantalizing flavors, all wrapped in charming pastel hues, rendered me as excited as a child in a candy store.

Each taffy piece held a surprise, an inviting swirl of flavors – from the classic tang of raspberry to the cooling comfort of vanilla. The variety of fruity flavors kept my palate on a constant, delightful journey of discovery. It felt like I was adventuring through a flavor wonderland where every exciting twist and turn unveiled a new enchanting taste.

The chewy texture and the perfect sweetness level were spot-on. The fact that it was sugar-free was a delightful bonus, allowing me to indulge without the guilt. Taffy Town’s Assorted Lite Sugar-Free Taffy set a new standard in my candy repertoire – an ongoing love affair that only grows with each delightful morsel enjoyed.

19. Tom & Jenny’s Classic Soft Caramels

Tom & Jenny's Classic Soft Caramels - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Next up in my journey to a healthier sweet tooth were soft caramels handcrafted by the sweet love story of Tom & Jenny. The second I relished in my first piece, it was crystal clear that these were not just ordinary caramels.

The caramels were a delightful revelation of a balanced taste profile – not overly sweet, but just sweet enough to satisfy my craving. Each piece was soft, chewy, and perfectly balanced in its caramel flavor, leaving a pleasantly charming aftertaste.

The beautiful, heartwarming story of Tom and Jenny, who started by crafting these delights to help a family member enjoy sweets without worrying about cavities, was refreshing. Knowing that the exceptionally tantalizing candies were created with such a sweet intention not only made the candies taste better but also left me with a warm feeling inside.

20. Twizzlers Strawberry Twists Sugar-Free Candy

Twizzlers Strawberry Twists Sugar-Free Candy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Oh, the joy of Twizzlers! The classic chewy, twisty candies that speak directly to my heart. It was, therefore, incredibly satisfying to experience the nostalgia of these all-time favorites in a sugar-free version.

The moment I opened the pack, the familiar burst of strawberry aroma hit me. The Twizzlers Strawberry Twists Sugar-Free Candy had the same vibrant red hue and twisty fun of the regular version. The first bite confirmed that the familiar strawberry flavor was indeed intact, setting off a celebration in my taste buds.

The slight tartness of the strawberry provided an amazing edge to the sweetness, creating a perfect balance without losing sight of its healthy composition. The added bonus? It’s low on calories too. It was a triumphant experience to enjoy every twist of the classic Twizzlers without fretting over sugar content.

21. Lakanto Sugar-Free Chocolate Truffles

Lakanto Sugar-Free Chocolate Truffles - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Unlock the secret to guilt-free indulgence with Lakanto Sugar-Free Chocolate Truffles. For those who admire the finesse of the French confectionery tradition, this sugar-free delight truly takes the cake.

Smothered in rich, silky chocolate, the Lakanto sugar-free truffles were a dream come true. The sweetness from the monk fruit was cleverly balanced, providing a satisfying bite without the lingering aftertaste commonly associated with artificial sweeteners.

The truffles are also amazingly low in carbs and glycemic index, making them a friendlier treat for people on a Keto diet. As a bonafide chocoholic seeking a healthier alternative, Lakanto’s truffles were nothing short of a revelation. It’s remarkable how the right balance of ingredients and flavors can deliver a mouthful of happiness sans the guilt.

22. Solely Organic Mango & Guava Whole Fruit Gummies

Solely Organic Mango & Guava Whole Fruit Gummies - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Taking a delicious detour into the realm of gummy candies, Solely Organic’s Mango & Guava Whole Fruit Gummies caught my attention. The idea of a flavorful tropical experience without the usual guilt trip hooked me instantly.

The delightful chew on these gummies unveiled a truly magical encounter. Fresh, fruity, and balanced with just the right amount of sweetness, the flavor made my eyes light up. The aftertaste was pleasantly juicy, with the mango and guava’s authentic flavors making a delightful appearance.

I couldn’t help but appreciate the responsible sweetening approach adopted by Solely. Besides being sugar-free, the gummies use only organic whole fruits to create a remarkably guiltless candy experience. I marveled at the harmony of flavors and textures and the wholesome healthiness they packed in each gummy.

23. MiiRO Peanut Butter Cups

MiiRO Peanut Butter Cups - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Next on my list is undeniably one of the most intriguing was MiiRO Peanut Butter Cups. As a fervent fan of the classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter, I was thrilled to come across this sugar-free treat.

MiiRO’s peanut butter cups are also dairy-free, gluten-free, and crafted from entirely natural goodies. This was like a hallelujah moment for all folks with a sweet tooth seeking healthier yet delicious options.

The first bite into these cups was mesmerizing. The smooth creamy peanut butter huddled cozily within the dark chocolate shell, and the flavor dynamics played wonderfully on my palate. It was a riot of glorious textures – the contrasting crunch of the chocolate against the smooth peanut butter was heavenly.

The nutty sweetness of the peanut paired joyously well with the naturally sweetened chocolate. It’s hard to believe such a delightful dessert could be sugar-free. Its success lies in its simplicity and the quality of its plant-based ingredients. Each bite was a testament to the magic that ensues when incredible flavors come together with mindful ingredients.

24. Chick-O-Stick Sugar-Free

Chick-O-Stick Sugar-Free - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Feeling nostalgic? Let’s step into a time portal, for a second, back to the good old days with Chick-O-Stick Sugar-Free. This nostalgic treat brings back all those cherished childhood memories while keeping it sugar-free.

The moment I took a bite into the Chick-O-Stick, it invoked a sense of pure nostalgia with its crunchy, peanut butter, and toasted coconut blend. More impressive was how the candy managed to keep its integrity, texture, and flavor, even in its sugar-free version.

The first bite offered a delicate crunch that melted blissfully into a smooth nuttiness, followed by the pleasing sweetness of coconut. It’s the sort of candy that sticks with you, quite literally. What I loved about this candy was its ability to achieve that perfect balance of sweet and savory, all the while keeping it sugar-free.

25. Reese’s Zero Sugar Minis

Reese's Zero Sugar Minis - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Next up are Reese’s Zero Sugar Minis, which I must say, have done a commendable job showcasing that sugar-free can be synonymous with tasteful indulgence. The peanut-butter lovers’ classic Reese’s cups – this time sugar-free, yet every bit as delicious.

The delightful pairing of chocolate and peanut butter is indeed etched deep into the DNA of the candy universe. These new zero-sugar miniatures are a testament to this combination’s timeless charm.

From the first bite, the cups presented a familiar, welcome burst of flavor. The rich depth of the chocolate worked wonderfully alongside the creamy peanut butter. I found it impressive how, despite the absence of sugar, Reese’s Zero Sugar Minis still offered the same satisfying taste experience, indicating that sometimes it’s the simple things that matter.

26. Choc Zero Keto Bark

Choc Zero Keto Bark - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

The next gem on my list is the Choc Zero Keto Bark – a delightful symphony of dark chocolate elegantly studded with almond bits. I was intrigued by the whole idea of a ‘Keto Bark’, which signaled the promise of a rich, decadent, and keto-friendly chocolate treat.

The bark is elegantly crafted with utter precision, resulting in a neat, sleek slab of polished dark chocolate dotted with almonds. The visual appeal is enough to prepare your taste buds for a royal treat.

Upon taking the first bite, a smooth wave of rich dark chocolate washed over my palate, followed by a delightful crunch from the almond bits interspersed within. The chocolate was deeply satisfying, with a pleasing undercurrent of bitterness that is characteristic of dark chocolate, and the almonds’ crunch contrasted well, providing a surprise element in every bite.

Kudos to Choc Zero for creating a keto-friendly candy experience that gives no quarters on taste. This beautiful bark demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that a sugar-free lifestyle can still contain its fair share of indulgent treats. It’s a great reminder of why we first fell in love with chocolate, all those years ago – each bite is a mini-celebration of rich, chocolatey goodness.

27. Valor Milk Chocolate With Almonds Sugar-Free

Valor Milk Chocolate With Almonds Sugar-Free - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Valor Milk Chocolate With Almonds presents an enticing opportunity to relish the tranquil delight of smooth milk chocolate sprinkled with crunchy almonds. This is a treat that takes a classic, indisputably divine flavor combination and presents it in an appealing sugar-free format.

My first taste of the Valor Milk Chocolate bar was an indulgent swoon into a pool of smooth, creamy chocolate. The chocolate melted luxuriously on my tongue, punctuated by the delicate crunch of almonds. The balance between the creaminess of the milk chocolate and the almonds’ crisp freshness added depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile.

What made this candy stand out was the ingenious use of maltitol as a sweetener. Although maltitol is sugar-free, it does an exceptional job emulating the natural sweetness of sugar, almost blurring the line of differentiation. To my surprise, the absence of sugar didn’t diminish the chocolate bar’s lip-smacking appeal at all.

28. See’s Sugar-Free Butterscotch Little Pops

See's Sugar-Free Butterscotch Little Pops - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Rekindling the joys of childhood treats, See’s Sugar-Free Butterscotch Little Pops package a familiar, sweetly aromatic burst of butterscotch in a sugar-free miniature candy. The little pops stood out to me as an interesting variation in sugar-free candies—especially for those of us who appreciate the old-school charms of butterscotch.

Upon unwrapping a Little Pop, I was immediately greeted by a whiff of comforting, creamy butterscotch aroma. This was not the overpoweringly sweet scent often associated with artificial butterscotch flavoring, but rather, a subtle, mellifluous note that was pure olfactory delight.

Tasting the candy was like stepping into a memory packet of beautifully carefree times, punctuated by the joy of relishing butterscotch candies. The unmistakable flavor notes of butter, cream, and brown sugar unfolded charmingly on my palate.

29. Brach’s Sugar-Free Star Brites Peppermint Candy

Brach's Sugar-Free Star Brites Peppermint Candy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

I rarely can resist a refreshing peppermint candy–it’s an instant palate cleanser and breath freshener. Imagine my joy when I found Brach’s Sugar-Free Star Brites Peppermint Candy, which promises all the delights of a traditional peppermint candy, but with no sugar!

Unwrapping a Star Brite, the instantly recognizable peppermint aroma playfully teased my senses. Bits of peppermint oils are mixed into the candy during production, which amp up the freshness factor.

The candy’s vibrant, addictive peppermint taste was an instantaneous pick-me-up—a delightful fusion of cool freshness and a hint of sweetness. These candies are the perfect treat for on-the-go or after-dinner mints.

30. Too Tarts Sugar-Free Spray Candy

Too Tarts Sugar-Free Spray Candy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Engage all your senses with Too Tarts Sugar-Free Spray Candy. This playful, interactive candy is a break from the traditional candy designs, offering a fun, spray format that’s bound to excite both kids and adults alike.

The unique spray design had me curious right from the start. I found that each press of the spray head delivered a jolt of intense, tangy fruit flavor. It was a burst of exhilaration inside my mouth – the kind that only a truly delicious candy can provide.

The best part was the control over the intensity of flavors depending on how much you sprayed, allowing me to choose just how much tangy zest I wanted at a given moment. To add to that, the candy comes in several fruity flavors, making every spray a unique experience.

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31. Dr. John’s Watermelon Candy

Dr. John's Watermelon Candy - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Dr. John’s Sugar-Free Watermelon Candies are the perfect summer treat! These delicious candies pack the fresh, luscious taste of ripe watermelons right into your pocket. Rejoice in the heartwarming taste of summer at any time of the year.

As I unwrapped one of these lovelies, I was greeted with the fresh, fruity scent of watermelon. The candy itself is beautifully colored like a real watermelon, with a green outer layer and a pink inner core, giving a visual delight before even tasting it.

When I finally tasted the candy, my taste buds were thrilled with a sweet, slight tang and supreme watermelon taste. Made with natural flavors and colors, it was like a bite-sized, pocket-portable replica of the real fruit. What more, you ask? Well, they’re sugar-free, adding one more reason to love them!

32. Atkins Endulge Chocolate Coconut Bar

Atkins Endulge Chocolate Coconut Bar - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

Nothing instills a sense of tropical nostalgia quite like the irresistible combination of coconut and chocolate. Atkins Endulge Chocolate Coconut Bars capture this unforgettable pairing in a lusciously rich sugar-free treat that transports you right to a sun-soaked beach with each bite.

On the first bite, I was immediately reminded of my favorite coconut-filled chocolate bars. The moist, chewy coconut center is enrobed in a thick layer of indulgently dark chocolate. It’s a treat that keeps your taste buds engaged and happy, with the desiccated coconut’s texture contrasting beautifully with the smooth chocolate.

It’s not just the exquisite taste, but also the fact that these bars are low in sugar & carbs, high in fiber, and packed with good, healthy fats. They’re perfect for those seeking a satisfying sweet treat but are mindful of their sugar and carb intake.

33. Kerr’s Light Chocolate Mints No Sugar Added

Kerr's Light Chocolate Mints No Sugar Added - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

The culmination of two glorious flavors, chocolate and mint, never fails to create culinary magic. Kerr’s Light Chocolate Mints are no exception, and the fact that they are sugar-free makes them a sublime choice for those looking to enjoy sweets responsibly.

As I unwrapped the neat and elegant packaging, I was met with a smooth chocolate mint, inviting in its simplicity. The first bite introduced a pleasantly firm texture that soon yielded to reveal a sweet, minty coolness. The play of the subtle chocolate and refreshing mint notes on my taste buds was an absolute delight.

Kerr’s Chocolate Mints are a fantastic after-dinner treat, ready to cleanse your palate and leave a lasting, refreshing taste behind. Having them with no added sugar is a blessing especially if you are trying to keep an eye on your daily sugar intake.

34. Zero Sugar York Peppermint Patties

Zero Sugar York Peppermint Patties - Best Sugar-Free Candy of 2024

The classic York Peppermint Patty is an undeniable favorite and holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. These beloved candies have now evolved into a sugar-free edition, intending to satisfy everyone’s candy cravings while providing a guiltless pleasure.

The rich aroma of dark chocolate and a hint of cool mint was my first introduction to the sugar-free Peppermint Patties from York. This unmistakable scent was followed by the satisfying sensation of biting into the candy, experiencing a crunch from the dark chocolate coating, followed by a burst of cold, refreshing peppermint filling.

Bit by bit, the combination of the bold dark chocolate and the invigorating peppermint played a symphony on my tongue. The fact that I could savor this lovely treat without worrying about the sugar content made the experience even more fulfilling. If you are a fan of the classic York Peppermint Patty, you shouldn’t miss out on trying their equally delectable sugar-free variety.

How To Choose The Best Sugar-Free Candies?

Choosing the best sugar-free candies may seem daunting, particularly with the vast assortment available in the market today. Here are some pointers I’ve realized that can guide you:

  • Ingredients: When choosing a sugar-free candy, the first place to start is the ingredient list. Look for candies made with healthy, safe sugar replacements like Stevia, Erythritol, or Xylitol. Avoid candies with artificial sweeteners which may not be good for your health in the long run.
  • Taste: Of course, the most crucial factor when picking a candy is the taste. There’s no point in eating a candy that you don’t enjoy. I prefer brands that offer sugar-free candies that taste just as great as their traditional counterparts.
  • Brands: Personally, I lean towards brands committed to health and well-being, ones that use natural ingredients and are transparent about what goes into their products.
  • Dietary Restrictions: If you follow any specific dietary lifestyle like Keto, Paleo, or are Vegan, look for candies that align with your diet.
  • Dental Health: It is well-known that sugar intake can negatively impact dental health. Hence, some candies are specially designed to be teeth-friendly, such as ones sweetened with Xylitol which even helps reduce plaque.

Why Consider Opting for Sugar-Free Candies in Your Diet?

Why Consider Opting for Sugar-Free Candies in Your Diet?

The soaring popularity of sugar-free candies is no accident, primarily since the advantages of reducing sugar intake are increasingly apparent. Here are a few reasons why opting for sugar-free candies in your diet makes sense:

  • Reduced Caloric Intake: Sugar is a significant source of empty calories in our diet. By opting for sugar-free candies, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without the added calories.
  • Dental Health: Reduced sugar intake also means less likelihood of dental issues such as cavities and tooth decay. As mentioned earlier, some sugar-free candies are even beneficial for dental health.
  • Blood Sugar Levels: Regular candies can cause sugar spikes and crashes that mess up your energy levels and mood. Sugar-free candies can provide a healthier alternative, especially for those with diabetes.
  • Healthier Lifestyle: It might seem incredible that candy can contribute to a healthier lifestyle, but that’s what sugar-free candies can do. They allow you to satisfy your sweet cravings in a more health-conscious manner, aligning with your wellness goals.

How Sugar-Free Candies Cater to Different Dietary Needs and Preferences?

In today’s food-centered world, the needs and preferences of the population are not homogeneous. It varies from person to person and diet to diet. However, this is not an insurmountable hurdle for the candy industry; rather, it is a thriving opportunity.

A Sweet Treat for Diabetics

One of the significant dietary needs addressed by sugar-free candies is the need to maintain stable blood sugar levels. High levels of sugar are a considerable constraint for individuals grappling with diabetes, yet the yearning for sweets doesn’t just disappear. That’s where sugar-free candies come as a boon. By using sweeteners with a low glycemic index, they provide a sweet and satisfying experience without causing a dangerous blood sugar spike.

Assisting Weight Management Goals

Additionally, for those striving for weight management, lowering sugar intake becomes an influential factor in achieving their goals. An overconsumption of sugar can easily lead to weight gain. Sugar-free candies, having fewer calories, can cater to the sweet cravings without piling on unnecessary calories, hence aiding in weight management.

Aiding Digestive Health

Looking at people with unique dietary preferences, sugar-free candies may contain prebiotic fibers that act as nourishment for gut-friendly bacteria. Such fibers, like inulin or other soluble fiber, can aid digestion and improve overall gut health.

Catering to the Keto Community

Increasingly popular diets such as the ketogenic diet, emphasizing low-carb intake, have necessitated the availability of low to zero-sugar treats. Brands like Choc Zero Keto Bark cater specifically to this need, keeping the carb count low.

Meeting the Needs of Vegans

On the other hand, the vegan community, which avoids any animal-derived ingredients, can find some excellent options in the sugar-free candy sphere. Many sugar-free candies use plant-based ingredients and are vegan-friendly, like the Solely Organic Mango & Guava Whole Fruit Gummies.

Sugar-free candies are more than just a health-conscious sweet treat. They are a testament to the candy industry’s adaptability, meeting the diverse needs and preferences of today’s consumers. From diabetics to fitness enthusiasts, from those with specific dietary preferences to children and adults alike, sugar-free candies have something sweet to offer everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a candy ‘sugar-free’?

Sugar-free candies are usually sweetened with natural sweeteners or sugar substitutes instead of regular sugar. This can include sweeteners like Stevia, erythritol, maltitol, xylitol, or natural fruit juices.

Are sugar-free candies safe to eat?

Yes, sugar-free candies are generally safe to consume. However, if they are sweetened with sugar alcohol, it’s recommended to eat them in moderation as they can cause digestive discomfort in some individuals.

Do sugar-free candies help with weight loss?

While sugar-free candies aren’t a magic bullet for weight loss, they can fit into a balanced, calorie-controlled diet as they usually contain fewer calories than their sugar-laden counterparts.

Can diabetics eat sugar-free candies?

Yes, people with diabetes can enjoy sugar-free candies as they do not significantly impact blood sugar levels like regular candies. However, they should still be consumed in moderation.

Are sugar-free candies good for dental health?

Some sugar-free candies can be beneficial for dental health. Certain types of sugar substitutes, like xylitol, can help kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, potentially reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Do all sugar-free candies taste different compared to regular candy?

Not necessarily. Many sugar-free candies today can replicate the sweet taste of regular candy quite closely. Yet, as different sweeteners can have unique aftertastes, there may be subtle differences in taste.

How many sugar-free candies can I eat in a day?

The amount of sugar-free candy you can eat daily depends on a variety of factors, such as your overall diet, physical activity, and personal health goals. Although they’re healthier than regular candies, it’s essential to consume them in moderation.

What are the potential side effects of eating sugar-free candies?

Some individuals may experience digestive discomfort, such as bloating or diarrhea, after consuming large amounts of sugar-free candies—especially if they’re sweetened with sugar alcohols.

Can sugar-free candies fit into a keto diet?

Yes, sugar-free candies can be a part of a keto diet. However, it’s important to check the ingredients to ensure they don’t contain hidden carbs or sweeteners that can knock you out of ketosis.


The realm of sugar-free candies is a testament to the evolving tastes and demands of consumers who do not want to compromise on their health or their taste buds. The best part is that these candies don’t just cater to health buffs but anyone who wants to indulge without an overload of sugar. Whether you are someone who wants to pursue a healthier lifestyle, a parent who wants to provide healthier candy options to kids, or a diabetic who wants to enjoy the sweet life without risks, these fantastic sugar-free candies open up a whole new world of delightful choices.

Embark on this sugar-free journey, and discover a healthier, tastier route to your favorite sweets. You might be surprised at just how much these sugarless counterparts satisfy your cravings, and you might even find a new favorite or two among them! For those who love to indulge a sweet tooth, it’s exciting to discover that reducing sugar doesn’t mean reducing pleasure! So let’s not just reduce sugar but beat it, one sugar-free candy at a time.

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