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10 Best Gummy Bears [Healthy & Yummy 2024 Selections]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: January 2, 2024

Oh the joy of popping a juicy, colorful gummy bear into your mouth. Each bite brings back the carefree days of childhood, with its endless summer afternoons and lively birthday parties. But hold on to your sweet tooth, because this isn’t just about any gummy bear. We’re talking about only the best gummy bears on the market. These sweet tidbits burst not only with sugary goodness but also with nostalgia, evoking memories associate with simpler times. So, whether you’re a dedicated gummy bear lover or someone who casually indulges, we’re about to embark on a deliciously sweet journey filled with chewy delights. Buckle up and join the fun!

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10 Best Gummy Bears of 2024

Best Gummy Bears of 2024

Let’s be honest, this world is teeming with an impressive variety of gummy bears, and singling out the best of them all is quite the feat. Yet, as a self-proclaimed gummy bear aficionado, I’ve savored my fair share of these tasty morsels. So, sit back and relax as we dive into the chewy, flavorsome world of gummy bears and explore my handpicked favorites that truly shine in a candy bowl.

1. Great Value Gummy Bears

Great Value Gummy Bears - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

Arguably, providing the best bang for your buck, these little critters pack an incredible taste without dinging your wallet. Great Value Gummy Bears hit the perfect balance between a soft, chewable texture and the right amount of sweetness. It’s hard to resist reaching for another handful, be it movie night or mid-day snacking. The fruity assortment caters to different taste buds offering a myriad of flavors from strawberry to lemon. All in all, Great Value Gummy Bears are an affordable pleasure, perfect for any gummy bear enthusiast.

2. Signature Select Gummi Bears Candy

Signature Select Gummi Bears Candy - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

Personal preferences in sweets can be as diverse as night and day. Some crave the traditional, berry-infused tastes while others seek exotic or blended flavors. If you fall in the latter category, Signature Select Gummi Bears Candy is the right pick for you. Each bag of this delightful candy hosts a delightful mix of flavors – from the tanginess of orange to a surprising but mouthwatering kiwi. Plus, the chewiness of the texture and the juicy burst when you bite into one creates an experience that is near-addictive. Signature Select Gummi Bears aren’t just a candy; they’re a flavorful adventure unto themselves.

3. Haribo Goldbears Sour

Haribo Goldbears Sour - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

Who can resist the kick of a sour gummy bear? They add that extra zing to your everyday candy routine, perfect for those who love a little tang with their sweets. When it comes to sour gummy bears, Haribo Goldbears Sour expertly walks the tightrope between sugar and sour. Every bear is a fine blend of the classic sweetness that we all love, with an added sour sugar coating that jolts your taste buds in the most delightful ways. Add to this their perfectly chewy texture and iconic bear shape, and you’ve got a treat that delights nearly everyone.

4. Albanese Gummy Bears

Albanese Gummy Bears - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

Next on the list are Albanese Gummy Bears. These gummies are legendary for their authentic fruity flavors, derived from real fruit juices. These bears are not just sugary candies. Every bite takes you on a luxurious journey through a genuine fruit orchard. The taste of Albanese Gummy Bears is so exquisite that it feels like indulging in a premium gourmet experience. In terms of texture, it’s a perfect blend of soft and firm, making their chewiness satisfying. Each bag comes with a diverse collection of flavors like mango, strawberry, and wild cherry, adding a tropical twist to the classic candy. If you want to take your taste buds on an extravagant journey, these fruity little delights should be at the top of your list.

5. Haribo Goldbears

Haribo Goldbears - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

Arguably the heavyweights in the gummy bear world, Haribo Goldbears need no introduction. Though they recently celebrated their 100th anniversary, their popularity hasn’t waned a bit. Decade after decade, these classic treats consistently rank top-tier in the candy kingdom. What sets Goldbears apart is the distinct combination of yummy fruitiness with a hint of vanilla undertones. Goldbears strike an exceptional balance, not too sweet, not too bland, just right. Each color represents a different flavor, including apple, orange, and pineapple. Their precise, goldilocks-zone texture is perfectly chewy but not too firm. With their longstanding reputation and deliciously distinctive taste, the Goldbears are a staple for every gummy bear aficionado.

6. Joyride Zero Sugar Sour Fruit Gummies

Joyride Zero Sugar Sour Fruit Gummies - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

In our quest to find the best gummy bears, we also take into account the health-conscious amongst us. Enter Joyride Zero Sugar Sour Fruit Gummies, not your standard candy. Indeed, these gummies are paving the way to healthier alternatives. But don’t let the “zero sugar” tag fool you. These bears boast a surprising amount of taste. You’re treated to a mix of fruity flavors, all with a sour twist. The soft chew further enhances your snacking experience, offering a delightful respite for your taste buds. Their no-sugar-added factor is a blessing for anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake. Overall, Joyride gummies are an excellent combination of delicious and health-conscious indulgence.

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7. SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears

SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears offer a balanced blend of wholesomeness and fruity deliciousness. These yummy treats refuse to compromise on flavor while staying committed to staying low on sugar. These bears are high in fiber and naturally-sweetened, making them the perfect guilt-free snack. The thing about SmartSweets is they go far beyond just sweetness; the taste adds dimension. There is a noticeable tangy aftertaste that gives these gummies a characteristic kick. Let’s just say, once you start munching, it’s challenging to stop.

8. Lily’s Gummy Bears – Sweet Fruity Friends

Lily's Gummy Bears - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible variety of gummy bear, we introduce you to Lily’s Gummy Bears – Sweet Fruity Friends. Their secret lies in the combination of flavors that doesn’t just stop at fruity tang. Coupled with the natural sugar subs, they create a delectable symphony that is suited for any candy lover. The right amount of chewiness seals the deal by providing the familiar, satisfying gummy bear experience.

9. Sweet Smiles Gummi Bears

Sweet Smiles Gummi Bears - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

Sometimes simplicity beats complexity, a philosophy Sweet Smiles Gummi Bears truly champion. These gummy bears keep it classic, maintaining the traditional, undeniably addictive gummy bear flavor we all know and love. They manage to do a lot with a little, just your basic gummy bear done exceptionally right. The bears tout a range of classic flavors, from cherry to lemon, in a harmonious blend that continuously hits the spot.

10. Kroger Gummi Bears

Kroger Gummi Bears - Best Gummy Bear of 2024

Finally, Kroger Gummi Bears earn their spot on this list by magnificently balancing taste, texture, and value. They follow through the well-loved, fruity gummy bear tradition making them a crowd favorite. The texture hits the sweet spot between hard and soft, adds to the chewing pleasure. Besides, their cute bear shape and colorful appeal make them a treat for the eyes too!

Why are Gummy Bears so Irresistible?

Without a doubt, gummy bears have secured a special spot in the hearts (and tummies!) of many candy lovers. But why are these tiny bear-shaped candies so irresistible? Much of their appeal lies in their simple yet brilliant design. Each gummy bear is a delightful blend of chewy texture and vibrant fruity flavors that merge to create a party in your mouth. Moreover, their tiny stature makes it easy to indulge in moderation – or go wild and have a handful, I’m not judging!

Another key to the gummy bear’s charm is their universal appeal. Gummy bears are loved by kids and adults alike, making them a perfect treat for all ages. They’ve also became trendy in confectionery creations, such as beautiful gummy bear cakes, in cute gummy bear earrings, and even in modern gummy bear art!

And of course, you can’t talk about what makes a gummy bear irresistible without discussing its nostalgic charm. For many of us, gummy bears bring back memories of happy childhood days and carefree joy. It’s impossible to deny the magic these tiny, sweet treats hold.

Quality vs Quantity: A Comparison of High-End and Budget-Friendly Gummy Bears

Quality vs Quantity: A Comparison of High-End and Budget-Friendly Gummy Bears

When it comes to choosing the best gummy bears, people tend to debate between quality versus quantity. And it’s certainly a delicate balance.

On one hand, high-end gummy bears like Albanese and Haribo Goldbears have earned their esteemed reputation through impeccable quality. They offer bursting flavors, chewy yet soft texture and a refreshing aroma that distinguishes them from the rest. They are often more expensive but each gummy bear is a luxury in your mouth, making the price worthwhile.

On the other hand, budget-friendly gummy bears such as Great Value Gummy Bears and Signature Select Gummi Bears Candy prove that you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a good gummy bear treat. Yes, they might not have the same gourmet flavor profiles or exquisite texture as their high-end counterparts, yet, they still offer delicious fruity flavors and ample chewy enjoyment for a fraction of the price.

Choosing between quality and quantity ultimately boils down to personal preference. Whether you go high-end for luxurious indulgence or choose quantity for a cost-friendly sweet treat, what truly matters is the joy each gummy bear brings when it hits your taste buds. Isn’t that the sweetest magic of all?

How to Choose the Best Gummy Bears?

When it comes to choosing the best gummy bears, there are several factors to consider. Depending on your preferences, some gummy bears might seem more appealing than others. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Flavor – The flavor of a gummy bear can make or break your candy experience. Some brands offer a wide array of fruity flavors, while others stick to the classic favorites. Classic flavors include cherry, orange, lemon, and apple. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, there are also brands that offer tropical or exotic flavors. Taste and see what suits best with your taste buds.
  • Texture – Gummy bears should be just right in consistency. Not too hard that it takes forever to chew. Nor too soft that it doesn’t give the classic gummy chewiness.
  • Ingredients – Check the packaging to ensure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients used. If you’re following a certain diet or lifestyle, look for gummy bears marked as gluten-free, low-sugar, or vegan.
  • Brand Reputation – As a consumer, you have the power to support brands that align with your values. Many candies – including gummy bears – have been linked to controversial practices like child labor in their supply chains. Make sure to support brands that are known to be ethical.
  • Price – Not all gummy bears are priced similarly. Depending on the brand and the quality of ingredients, some may be more expensive.
  • Packaging – A small detail that gets overlooked often is the packaging. Some brands use easily resealable packages, ensuring your gummy bears stay fresh.

The Future of Gummy Bears: Trends to Watch

The Future of Gummy Bears: Trends to Watch

The gummy bear market is not immune to trends. Many are looking for healthier alternatives to satisfy their sweet cravings, leading to the rise of low-sugar and zero-sugar gummy bears. Companies like Joyride Zero Sugar Sour Fruit Gummies and SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears specialize in this type of candy. Even more, there’s a rising demand for vegan gummy bears, made without the gelatin that’s typically found in regular gummy bears.

Another interesting trend to watch is the advent of CBD-infused gummy bears. As the market for cannabidiol (CBD) products continues to grow, gummies have become a popular way to administer this cannabis-derived compound.

Finally, gummy bear manufacturers are getting creative with the aesthetic. There are now gummy bears that glow in the dark, gummy bears that change colors, and more. The future of gummy bears looks both fun and delicious. So, let’s keep our eyes open for the next big trend in this sugary sector!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular brands of gummy bears?

Some of the most popular brands of gummy bears include Haribo Goldbears Sour, Albanese Gummy Bears, and Great Value Gummy Bears.

Why are Haribo Goldbears considered some of the best gummy bears?

Haribo Goldbears have been enjoyed across the globe for their unique fruit flavors, sweet and tart balance, and a pleasing chewy texture, making them a top choice for many gummy bear enthusiasts.

Are there sugar-free gummy bear options available?

Yes, several brands offer sugar-free gummy bears for those who prefer a healthier option. For instance, Joyride Zero Sugar Sour Fruit Gummies and SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears are alternatives with less sugary impact.

Which brand offers the best value for money when it comes to gummy bears?

Great Value Gummy Bears provide a good balance of quality and affordability, thus making them an excellent choice for those looking to get the best bang for their buck.

Where can I buy the best gummy bears?

You can find these tasty treats at your local grocery store, convenience store, or online retailers like Amazon.

Are there vegan gummy bears?

Yes, companies such as SmartSweets offer vegan gummy bears in their product line-up.

Are there any unique flavors of gummy bears?

Alongside the traditional fruit flavors, some brands serve up a unique assortment of flavors. For instance, Albanese Gummy Bears are known for their diverse spectrum of tropical and berry flavors.

Can adults enjoy gummy bears too?

Absolutely! While often associated with children, gummy bears are a fun snack that casual and serious candy lovers of all ages delight in. Plus, gourmet gummy bears are widely available for the refined adult palate.


Aren’t gummy bears just a whimsical treat? Having explored everything from their irresistible charm to the high-quality variations, we can surely understand why these squishy sweets have secured a soft corner in our hearts. They serve as a delightful blast from the past, carrying us back to simpler and sweeter times. Each of the gummy bear brands we’ve looked at has its own unique merits, making them top candidates in their own right.

Whether it’s the juicy explosion of Haribo Goldbears or the sugar-free sweetness of Joyride, no craving goes unsatisfied. Ultimately, the best gummy bears come wrapped in not just delicious flavors but also sweet memories. Keep this guide handy the next time you’re looking to indulge, and remember, there’s always room for a little more sweetness in life!

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