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36 Best Dark Chocolate Brands Ranked 2024 [ndulge in Luxury]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: October 26, 2023

There’s simply nothing in the world that would quite match the stunning allure of a bar of fine dark chocolate. Harking from different parts of the globe, each boasting a unique charm, the diversity bound in this delectable delight cannot be overstated. Laden with antioxidants, promoting good health, and representing the decadent indulgence we all crave, the best dark chocolate is simultaneously a guilty pleasure and a superfood.

For those like me who live for that bitter-sweet symphony of tastes melting on your tongue, here’s your definitive guide to the world’s finest black gold, as I take the plunge into the enchanting realm of the best dark chocolate brands awaiting your discovery.

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36 Best Dark Chocolate Brands Ranked As of 2024

Best Dark Chocolate Brands Ranked As of 2024

Immerse yourself in the world of the 36 best dark chocolate brands, a collection where unparalleled flavors meet nutrition. Get set to embark on a flavorful journey around the globe, with every bite a testament to the delectable art of chocolate making. Ready to explore this bittersweet universe where taste, quality, and health mesh together in perfect harmony? Let’s dive right in!

1. 365 Whole Foods Market Dark Chocolate

365 Whole Foods Market Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Beginning its journey nestled in the flora-laden landscapes of South America, 365 Whole Foods Market Dark Chocolate is a temptation that’s hard to resist. This delightful chocolate brand quickly commandeers the senses with its exquisitely smooth, rich, and robust flavor profile.

An adventure for the taste buds, each bite reveals a richness of taste nuanced by an elegant simplicity. From the moment the packaging is unwrapped, a pleasant waft of cocoa strikes the senses, promising a thrilling taste journey. Upon indulging, expect a tantalizing instant of bitterness courtesy of the high-quality cocoa, an experience overwhelmingly synonymous with genuine dark chocolate. The initial bitterness then merrily mellows down to a creamy softness that leaves you craving for more.

As I let the piece of chocolate dissolve slowly in my mouth, the immediate sensation is a startling burst of pure, unadulterated chocolate flavor. There’s also a subtle hint of sweet undertones that follows, leading to an enjoyable aftertaste that lingers long enough to keep dark chocolate devotees like me content.

For health-conscious chocolate lovers, this dark chocolate – rich in antioxidants – is a sweet surprise. The role of antioxidants in promoting general well-being is widely acknowledged, endowing it with an allure hard to resist. So while ensuring you’re spoilt for choice, 365 Whole Foods Market offers your health a sweet deal by providing a variety of dark chocolate bars loaded with such health benefits.

Around the globe, this exquisitely luscious 365 Whole Foods Market Dark Chocolate has genuinely made its mark, dishing out a dangerously addictive dark chocolate experience that lures you into its sumptuous web, one chunk at a time.

2. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

As we journey further into the world of the best dark chocolate, your taste buds can’t dodge the sublime allure of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate. Born from the heart of a romantic Italian immigrant in 1852 in San Francisco, this is not just a brand; it’s an emblem of passion valorized in the form of dark chocolate.

And this passion echoes in every augment of the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate experience. A masterful symphony of sensory wonders, a single bite of this richly decadent chocolate, serenades you through a series of unique flavor notes.

The visual aesthetic itself is a hypnotic prelude to the enchanted taste journey ahead. The sheen, symmetrical squares imprinted with the iconic Ghirardelli logo did make me apprehensive, would the taste match the grandeur? The skeptical me was soon silenced.

Unwrapping the bar released an intense aroma, an intoxicating blend of cocoa, and a hint of vanilla. This is when I realized that I was in for a higher form of dark chocolate experience. The first bite speaks volumes about Ghirardelli’s commitment to balance. The initial bitterness is beautifully juxtaposed with a subtle creaminess, the chocolate melting slowly, revealing the profound depth of cocoa laced with the soft piquancy of vanilla.

Ghirardelli’s unique roasting technique – referred to as the ‘Ghirardelli Difference,’ ensures the cocoa’s full-bodied flavor is brought to the forefront, paying a finely crafted homage to the chocolate’s premium quality.

Persistently perfecting the formula, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate comes in a myriad of cocoa percentages, each variant allowing you to explore a new aspect of this delectable delight. From the 60% Cacao Evening Dream to the Twilight Delight with 72% cacao, each variant is a unique narrative of the brand’s cherished chocolate-making tradition refined over decades.

The journey through Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate is indeed like waltzing through the pages of a beautifully penned romance novel. With every unfolding chapter, you fall a little more in love, and when the final page is turned, Ghirardelli leaves behind an imprint, not just on your taste buds, but on your very soul.

3. Lily’s Premium Dark Chocolate

Lily's Premium Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Born from the ambition of finding a no-sugar sweet life, Lily’s dark chocolate is a harmonious blend of taste and wellness. When I stumbled upon this brand, I was overjoyed by the prospect of indulging in a guilt-free chocolate experience.

Unveiling Lily’s dark chocolate bar, I was engulfed by an enticing bittersweet aroma that was not too overpowering, but just right. The snap of breaking off a piece was music to my ears, an indication of its perfect tempering.

My first bite was an interesting surprise – a welcome blend of sweet and bitter. The bitterness of the high-quality cocoa beautifully intermingles with the sweetness brought by the Stevia, a plant-based sugar substitute. No added sugar might make chocolate lovers wary; however, with Lily’s, there is a perfect union of health and indulgence.

My fears of the aftertaste common with sugar alternatives were quickly dismissed. The chocolate left a memorable imprint without the lingering sweetness usually left by conventional chocolates. Mirroring its ethos of ‘Less Sugar, Sweet Life,’ Lily’s left me yearning for another piece in a quest to relish this unique concoction again and again.

4. Heaven & Earth Divine Dark Chocolate

Heaven & Earth Divine Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Next on our list is the Heaven & Earth Divine Dark Chocolate. Coinciding with my personal inclination towards sustainability and ethical sourcing, this brand’s concept of fair trade and maintaining balanced biodiversity quickly grabbed my attention.

Once the wrapping came off, my senses were engaged by the dark, rich-looking bar of chocolate that promised an intense cocoa flavor. Breaking a piece was smooth, with a wholesome crack that resonates with well-made dark chocolate.

The initial taste of the Divine Dark Chocolate is bold and unapologetic. The high cocoa content is clearly distinguishable as it overwhelms the senses with its depth. As the chocolate began to melt, the bitter taste beautifully mellowed down to a pleasant sweetness. The rich undertones of fruits and spices highlighted the complex flavor profile of this dark chocolate.

I found myself appreciating the lengths Heaven & Earth have gone to ensure a balanced sweetness without compromising the intense cocoa flavor. The slightly warm and spicy finish was a refreshing change from the often too-sweet or too-bitter experiences I’ve had with some other brands.

5. Alter Eco Dark Chocolate

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Allow me to introduce you to a brand that marries the love for dark chocolate and Earth in a deliciously conscious bar – the Alter Eco Dark Chocolate.

As the thin layers of wrapping unfold, the chocolate greets with a visually smooth and glossy surface. The cocoa aroma is subtly sweet and doesn’t hit you instantly, inviting you gently into the tasting experience.

Upon biting into one of the perfectly sized squares, the firm snap displays excellent tempering that translates into a neat melt on the tongue. The initial taste catapults you into a pleasant dance of bitter cocoa and sweet cane sugar.

Alter Eco has mastered the delicate balance of sweetness within its depth of flavors. It unfurls a robust sequence on your palate, striking it with the perfect dark bitter and then soothing it with a gentle sweetness that doesn’t overpower. By abolishing the overly bitter taste often associated with dark chocolates, the brand has certainly won me over.

With their commitment to regenerative organic farming, they’ve managed to not only maintain the consistently soft, smooth texture of the chocolate but also display an effortless finesse in the recipe. Undoubtedly, Alter Eco Dark Chocolate tends to linger delightfully, not only on your taste buds but also in your mind!

6. Mojo Thins Dark Chocolate

Mojo Thins Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Stepping into the realm of lite and crispy chocolates, I present to you, Mojo Thins Dark Chocolate. What sets this brand apart is its dedication to catering to those seeking healthier snacking options without compromising the richness of real dark chocolate.

As I unwrapped the sleek packaging, I was met with thin, pentagon-shaped chocolate pieces, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and promising a unique textural experience. The nutty aroma instantly signaled the almond-studded artwork that lay inside.

Mojo Thins delivers an audacious crunch in every bite, quite different from the usual snap of a thick chocolate bar. The taste in itself is a beautiful marriage of bitter dark chocolate and the natural sweetness of almonds and coconut. The rich cocoa hits your palate first, followed by the unexpected but pleasantly surprising crunch of almonds. The surprise factor doesn’t stop there. The chocolate melts beyond the almonds and leaves a gentle hint of sweet coconut, redefining the experience of an evolving flavor profile.

Mojo Thins are a delectable treat that elevates the idea of a carefree yet healthy indulgence in the world of dark chocolate.

7. Divine Dark Chocolate

Divine Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

If you are a strong believer in cocoa power, you’re about to meet your next obsession, the ‘farmer-owned’ brand, Divine Dark Chocolate.

The chocolate bar unveiled itself with a gleaming surface and a resonating snap, a testament to the high cocoa solids it boasts. The segmentation of this bar is unique with small, narrow rectangular pieces, carving out a path of controlled serving size.

Initially, your taste buds are hit hard by the bitter taste, signaling the high cocoa content, but it soon mellows down into a melodious blend of sweet caramel undertones. Despite its high cocoa percentage, this chocolate doesn’t sting with excessive bitterness. Instead, its strong cocoa taste is impeccably counterbalanced with the right hint of sugar.

Trying the Divine Dark Chocolate was an effortless journey to explore the true essence of cocoa from Ghana. The intense flavor profile is balanced with a perfectly achieved texture, making it an experience that every dark chocolate enthusiast should indulge in at least once.

8. Hu Dark Chocolate

Hu Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Let’s dive deep into the world of organic and vegan-friendly options with Hu Dark Chocolate, pronounced as ‘hue,’ symbolizing “Food for Humans”. The brand prides itself in choosing health over industry norms, making it a sought-after option for those treading the path of clean eating.

Upon unwrapping the chocolate, my senses were excited by the inviting sheen of the bar—a clear indicator of its superior quality and fine tempering. It broke cleanly, boasting a wonderful snap, revealing a heart full of real cocoa at first glance.

As the chocolate hit my palate, it was evident that it was free of refined sugars. The sweetness of the organic coconut sugar complements the rich, bitter cocoa in such a symphony that it’s almost a revelation. It surprises me with its ability to maintain the desired sweetness with an organic sugar substitute.

Hu Dark Chocolate certainly breaks the stereotype, allowing chocolate lovers who follow a vegan lifestyle or prefer Paleo-friendly options a chance to indulge without an ounce of guilt. Accompanied by its smooth texture, the perfect balance of sweet and bitter leaves a pleasant, lingering impact, making this one a real winner in my eyes.

9. Godiva Dark Chocolate

Godiva Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Stepping into the luxury sphere of dark chocolates, the first name that rings a bell is none other than the renowned brand, Godiva. Beloved for its rich and creamy offerings, Godiva has always been a trailblazer in the world of premium chocolates.

Upon unveiling Godiva’s dark chocolate, I immediately felt the essence of the brand reflected in its shining surface and the captivating aroma that wafted out. The chocolate bar clinks, releasing a resonating sound upon breaking a piece, evidently making an instant impression of utmost quality.

When it comes to taste, the luxury aspect truly shines. The balance between sweet and bitter is executed with bravura, offering a smooth texture. Each bite reiterated the creaminess of the chocolate, enhancing the richness of cocoa, and resulting in an extremely satisfying and decadent experience. This gem from Godiva proves why this Belgian chocolatier has its revered spot in the chocolate industry.

10. Cadbury Dark Chocolate

Cadbury Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Moving to a brand that we’ve all grown up loving – Cadbury. Known for its smooth milk chocolate, Cadbury has also ventured into the dark chocolate world, leaving a mark with its accessible and relatable offerings.

Opening up my Cadbury Dark Chocolate bar, I was met with an alluring aroma of cocoa, stirring sentiments of nostalgic delight. The bar was divided into perfect squares, making portion control a breeze and offering just the right bite-sized chunks to devour.

Cadbury’s dark chocolate is smooth and chocolaty, with a strong sweetness that’s typical of the brand. The rich cocoa flavor is balanced by the sweetness, making it an ideal choice for those transitioning from milk to dark chocolate. Although the bitterness often associated with dark chocolates isn’t as prominent with Cadbury, it does provide an incredibly enjoyable, sweet, and straightforward cocoa flavor – a perfect introduction to the world of dark chocolates.

11. Chocolat Stella’s Dark Chocolate

Chocolat Stella's Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Venturing next into the Swiss Alps, I bring to the table Chocolat Stella. Known for their fine chocolate craftsmanship, their dark chocolate offering is a testament to the excellence and precision of Swiss chocolatiers.

Upon unwrapping the impeccable packaging, I noticed the smooth surface of the dark chocolate bar, indicative of its superior quality. The aroma promised notes of pure cocoa, teasing the palate even before the first bite.

As I took a bite of Chocolat Stella’s dark chocolate, it was like a mini trip to Switzerland. The flavor profile was complex, a symphony of cocoa-richness, balanced bitterness, and exquisite sweetness which all seemed to dance on my palate in perfect harmony. The smooth texture added to the wonderful experience, making it the epitome of indulgence and an exemplifier of the exceptional Swiss chocolate-making tradition. A bar of chocolate stella is definitely a passport to dark chocolate heaven.

12. Geneve Swiss Chocolate

Geneve Swiss Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

From the historical chocolate makers of Switzerland, the Geneve Swiss Chocolate is an experience worth immersing in. Known for the uncompromising quality of their chocolate, each bar of Geneve exemplifies Swiss precision and luxury.

The moment I unwrapped the Geneve dark chocolate bar, the scent of rich cocoa wafted out, instantly drawing me in. The craftsmanship was evident in the shiny exterior and neatly sectioned pieces, ideal for controlled, mindful indulgence.

When I bit into the chocolate, a surge of flavors burst in my mouth. The texture was creamy and the taste perfect; a well-balanced combination of bitterness, sweetness, and a hint of natural cocoa – quintessential characteristics of traditional Swiss chocolate. The chocolate rested lightly on the palate, gradually releasing the flavors with every passing moment, making the entire experience captivating and delightful.

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13. Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Dark Chocolate

Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Next is a champion of fair trade, Equal Exchange, a brand that not only sells high-quality chocolate but also ensures the welfare of the farmers and the environment. The chocolate itself reflects the brand’s sustainability ethos, making it a treat your conscience can enjoy as much as your palate.

As I unwrapped the Fairly Traded Dark Chocolate, the neat structure of the chocolate was visibly remarkable. The aroma was earthy, almost hinting at the raw, organic process it goes through.

The first bite was a revelation of sorts. The dark chocolate was intense, with a strong flavor of cocoa and a hint of bitterness. Different from the standard sweetness we associate with such treats, this unique flavor is a celebration of the traditional bitterness of cocoa, making it a great choice for hardcore dark chocolate lovers. With each bite of Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Dark Chocolate, you are supporting a brand that values its farmers, its customers, and the planet we all share.

14. Zevic Belgian Dark Chocolate

Zevic Belgian Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Hailing from the chocolate capital of the world, Belgium, Zevic dark chocolate stays true to the country’s famous chocolate-making tradition. The brand takes pride in its sugar-free dark chocolate, a bold and worthy contender in the sugar-free chocolate market.

Opening the Zevic dark chocolate, I was greeted with a pleasing smell of rich cocoa, promising a great taste experience ahead. The bar was smooth and glossy, neatly partitioned into bite-sized pieces.

From the first bite, the brilliant Belgian chocolate-making tradition was evident. Zevic’s Dark Chocolate was a melting pot of flavors – bitter, sweet, and savory – all coming together harmoniously to present a symphony of tastes. There was an element of creaminess present, and the zero-added-sugar aspect didn’t take anything away from its taste. Instead, it allowed for the true robust cocoa flavors to shine, making this gourmet treat a guilt-free indulgence, undeniably perfect for those keen on enjoying the pleasure of chocolate without worrying about sugars.

15. Tony’s Chocoloney Dark Chocolate

Tony's Chocoloney Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Exemplifying the perfect symbiosis of entrepreneurship and commitment to an ethical cause, Tony’s Chocoloney is the modern-day dark chocolate of choice. Their bold stance against child labor and the creation of deliciously exceptional dark chocolate makes them a standout.

Upon unwrapping the Tony’s Chocoloney dark chocolate bar, the aroma of cocoa entranced my senses. The bar was uniquely portioned, exciting me for the culinary adventure that lay ahead.

My first bite of this Dutch masterpiece was an explosion of smooth vanilla notes cushioned with powerful cocoa flavor. The taste was exceptionally creamy, with each mouthful a decadent experience of luxury. A hint of bitterness added sophistication, crafting a captivating balance in its flavor that llures both dark chocolate aficionados and novices.

16. Madécasse Dark Chocolate

Madécasse Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Madécasse transcends our usual association with dark chocolate as the brand breathes the soul of Madagascar – the only country in the world where cocoa is grown and chocolate is made. With an ethos committed to transforming lives and promoting sustainable farming, Madécasse is a champion in delivering an unparalleled gourmet experience.

The packaging of the Madécasse dark chocolate was vibrant and inviting, speaking volumes of the exotic splendor nestled within. As I opened the packaging, the rich perfume of cocoa engulfed my senses, a testament to the high-quality ingredients used.

The tasting journey began with subtle fruity undertones, reminiscent of ripe red fruits native to Madagascar. Distinct yet harmoniously married into the deep cocoa flavor, the taste journey beautifully echoed the ethos of the brand. Each bite was velvety and intense, unveiling layers of cocoa depth you wouldn’t imagine possible. It serves as an exquisite reminder of the power of excellent craftsmanship, prevailing ethical practices, and responsible farming in creating a truly remarkable dark chocolate.

17. Theo Organic and Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate

Theo Organic and Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

When it comes to enjoying guilt-free, delicious dark chocolate, Theo makes it effortlessly easy. The brand stands tall in sustainability, delivering organic, non-GMO, and fair-trade dark chocolate that’s just as kind to your body as to farmworkers and the environment.

The Theo dark chocolate bar, neatly portioned into squares, exuded a glossy and smooth sheen. The smell of rich cocoa compels you to dive into the tasting experience.

On my initial taste, I encountered rich, dark cocoa up front, balanced delicately by a hint of sweetness. The complexity of flavors continued to unfurl, creating an enchanting melange of fruity and spiced cocoa notes. The lusciously creamy texture with balanced bitter notes made consuming Theo’s dark chocolate a pure, luxurious treat – something a true dark chocolate enthusiast would appreciate.

18. Nepenthe Divine Dark Chocolate

Nepenthe Divine Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Nepenthe is a brand that promises an escape, a sweet reprieve from the routine with its divine dark chocolate. And it delivers satisfyingly on that promise!

When it came to tasting Nepenthe’s masterpiece, I was greeted by a scent that took over me entirely. The irresistible aroma of cocoa was a definite sign of grandeur to follow.

My first bite was an ode to cocoa, accentuated with depth and richness that only the finest of chocolates can bestow. The velvety texture traded off wonderfully with the natural bitterness of the cocoa, culminating in a taste that made it a dark chocolate of extraordinary caliber. On top of all that, the creamy and lingered, extending the decadent journey even after the last bite. For dessert lovers, Nepenthe offers up a dark chocolate that hits all the right notes.

19. Scharffen Berger Artisan Dark Chocolate

Scharffen Berger Artisan Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Scharffen Berger’s artisan dark chocolate takes taste enthusiasts on an exhilarating journey. Known for its detail-oriented manufacturing process and premium quality beans, the brand proves that paying attention to the smallest details pays dividends in delightful ways.

As I unwrapped the Scharffen Berger chocolate bar, the shiny dark mahogany bar, segmented into tiny squares, looked like a picture of finesse. The aroma was an enticing blend of roasted cocoa with a hint of fruitiness.

The tasting experience was quite unlike any ever. The chocolate was creamy, yet had a slightly grainy texture, a nod to the artisanal stone-grinding process it undergoes. The cocoa hit me in waves, beautifully balanced by the quintessential bitterness inherent in quality dark chocolate. Melting in my mouth, it left behind an aftertaste – an endearing mixed bag of winey, fruity, and nutty notes. This was indeed an edible work of art!

20. Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate

Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Hershey’s is an iconic American brand that has grown with generations. It’s unmatched in the comfort food space, and its Special Dark Chocolate is a staple in many households… mine included!

Before unraveling Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate, the familiar packaging already had my taste buds on alert. With the first whiff of this dark delight, I was met with a rich and inviting cocoa aroma.

The chocolate melted smoothly on my tongue, delivering a cascading symphony of flavors. It captures the familiar, yet invigorating fusion of cocoa’s bitterness with sugar’s sweetness, resulting in a comfortable treat one would find hard to resist. To me, the Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate isn’t exotic or extraordinary, but it’s reliably delicious. It’s the kind of chocolate I would reach for at the end of a long day, a testament to the comforting familiarity some may term as nostalgia.

21. Mast Dark Chocolate

Mast Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

The story of the Mast Brothers is one that emphasizes the respect for the craft and the attempts to preserve the authentic taste of cacao. The minimalistic, clean image of their dark chocolate packaging mirrors the simplicity they adhere to when it comes to their chocolate bars.

Upon opening my Mast Dark Chocolate, I was greeted by a simple yet inviting bar that immediately conveyed a sense of quality. The earthy aroma of the chocolate wafted through the air, subtly teasing my taste buds with what was to come.

Upon taking the first bite, it was clear to me that this chocolate was a testament to perfection in its simplest form. It offers a flavor palette that is richly layered yet not overwhelming. The dark chocolate has a strong cocoa punch that is balanced out by a sweetness that lingers long after the first bite. It’s a delicious example of how attention to sourcing and simplicity in production can pay off in taste.

22. Endangered Species Chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Chocolate that can satisfy your sweet tooth while contributing to a great cause? That’s exactly what the Endangered Species Chocolate offers. The high-quality chocolate bar is made even more appealing with the knowledge that a proportion of the profits go towards wildlife conservation.

The Endangered Species Dark Chocolate was a delight at first glance due to its unique packaging featuring endangered animals. The scent was a dark and delightful cocoa fragrance that promised exciting things to come.

The dark chocolate was rich and possessed an impressive depth of flavor. The high cocoa content came through magnificently and was complemented by a slight sweetness. The experience of consuming this chocolate was made even more enjoyable by the knowledge of the good cause that it supports.

23. Taza Stone-Ground Dark Chocolate

Taza Stone-Ground Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Taza’s dark chocolate decidedly stands out from the crowd with its unique stone-ground manufacturing process, lending an appreciable distinction to the texture. Produced in an authentic Mexican style, this chocolate treads the road less taken in the chocolate industry.

The single-origin cacao beans that Taza uses for their Stone-Ground Dark Chocolate give it a very pronounced cacao flavor. The aromas were earthy yet subtly sweet, teasing the nose with the delightful possibilities that lay within the bar.

As for the tasting, I was truly taken aback by the grainy texture and the depth of flavor that followed. The chocolate crumbled pleasantly in my mouth, releasing waves of complex cacao flavors, mingled with traces of nuts and fruits. This unusually crunchy and rustic texture, paired with a flavor that was bitter yet delectable, lives up to the hype that surrounds Taza Chocolate. For anyone looking to step out of their comfort zone, the Stone-Ground Dark Chocolate from Taza holds delightful promises.

24. Denali Premium Dark Chocolate

Denali Premium Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

There are chocolates, and then there’s the Denali Premium Dark Chocolate. A smart fusion of unique blends and exotic twists make this bar an exclusive treat for your taste buds.

The Denali Premium Dark Chocolate comes in a confidently simple and appealing package. The inhale of the delightfully earthy aroma tells you right away that you’re going to be treated to an uncommonly luxurious taste experience.

Upon tasting, the intensity of the cocoa strikes first. And just when you thought you had a handle on it, there’s a surprising note of flavor that hits you and takes your senses on a wild ride. The delicate balance between the sheer intensity of cocoa, the smoothness, and the innovative hints of exotic flavors makes the Denali Premium Dark Chocolate truly stand out. It’s the perfect pick for an adventurous palate yearning for a little change from the ordinary.

25. Camille Bloch Swiss Dark Chocolate

Camille Bloch Swiss Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Swiss craftsmanship and a long lineage of tradition – that’s what Camille Bloch Swiss Dark Chocolate stands for. More than just chocolate, it showcases a rich Swiss tradition of creating delightful chocolate bars made from high-quality ingredients.

Unwrapping the Camille Bloch Swiss Dark Chocolate, the immediate note that hits you is an inviting rich cocoa aroma; it entices you and promises deliciousness that you can hardly wait to relish. The elegant packaging itself is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering luxe experiences to its customers.

The first bite into the bar instantly underscores the brand’s promise of delivering flavors that are rich and creamy. Each bite is a seamless blend of taste, texture, and enjoyment. The strong note of cocoa, melted with a hint of sweetness, lays a strong foundation for this Swiss favorite. The creaminess, distinct taste, and rich, melt-in-the-mouth sensation beautifully play with your senses, making Camille Bloch Swiss Dark Chocolate a sinfully delectable indulgence.

26. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

When it comes to finding delights that don’t break your wallet, Trader Joe’s can always be relied upon. Their dark chocolate range, with a variety of cocoa percentages available, is no exception.

The packaging of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate is straightforward yet enticing. It gives you the feeling of honesty, of getting exactly what you see. And as soon as you open the bar, the aroma of robust cocoa just envelopes you.

The taste of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate is a delightful treat for every chocolate lover. The balance of sweetness and bitterness is beautifully crafted to sway your taste buds. It’s strong yet soothing, elegant yet affordable. It’s the winning combination of accessibility and quality that makes Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate a crowd favorite.

27. Beyond Good Dark Chocolate

Beyond Good Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Long hours at work or a tough day at school, when life delivers its punches, comfort is found in the simple pleasures of life – like savoring a bar of Beyond Good Dark Chocolate. This brand is so much more than just delicious chocolate, it’s a statement, a testament to the company’s commitment to ethical sourcing from the heart of Madagascar.

Beyond Good Dark Chocolate has an aura of subtlety about it, with packaging that is elegant and understated. As you open the exterior wrapping, the aroma of rich, intense cocoa flows out, flooding your senses with warmth and anticipation.

The first bite into Beyond Good Dark Chocolate is a ride into an avalanche of bold and intense flavors. The flavor is no-nonsense cocoa; a straightforward, clean taste that lingers long after you are done indulging. The aftertaste is long-lasting and satisfying, making every bite feel like a well-earned treat.

28. Bouchard Belgian Dark Chocolate

Bouchard Belgian Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

A trip to Belgium might not be in your immediate plans, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy a slice of their rich and vibrant culture. The Bouchard Belgian Dark Chocolate, with its high-quality ingredients and high cocoa percentage, brings Belgium’s chocolate heritage to your palate.

The packaging of Bouchard Belgian Dark Chocolate is as rich and charming as the treat that lies within, promising a luxurious journey for your taste buds. Your senses are welcomed by the aroma of premium cocoa as soon as you unwrap them.

The dark chocolate from Bouchard is about subtlety and elegance. The cocoa’s rich taste, the balance of sweetness and bitter notes, and the smooth melting sensation on your tongue make every bite an experience. Woven with the thread of passion and precision, it’s a timeless pleasure that never fails to delight.

29. Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Dark Chocolate

Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

In the realm of dark chocolate delights, the Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Dark Chocolate stands out – unafraid to be unique, bold, and a little daring. This brand invites you on a wild ride of exploring the entire cacao fruit, not just the beans.

The Blue Stripes packaging is vibrant and intriguing, hinting at the unconventional surprise inside. Sometimes, the simplest of things can bring the greatest pleasure – and that palpable sense of anticipation is one of them.

The taste of Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Dark Chocolate is as distinctive as its design. The bold flavors and the unique textures create a layered taste experience. It’s not just chocolate, it’s an exploration – of taste, of creativity, of venturing beyond the familiar. And that’s what makes Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Dark Chocolate distinctly special.

30. Jacques Torres Signature Dark Chocolate

Jacques Torres Signature Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

All dark chocolate enthusiasts know that a true measure of chocolate begins at the hands of its master, and few carry as much endorsement as Jacques Torres. Crowned as “Mr. Chocolate,” Torres’s exceptional knowledge and love for cocoa are wrapped into every bar of this signature series.

Jacques Torres Signature Dark Chocolate immediately draws attention with its minimalistic, yet elegant packaging that tastefully conveys craftsmanship. Upon unwrapping the bar, the sturdy snap of the chocolate, combined with the aroma of quality cocoa, instantly sets the tone for the impending indulgent journey.

The taste of this dark chocolate is a symphony of carefully balanced flavors. The careful selection of top-notch ingredients allows for a dark chocolate that is bold yet velvety, smooth, and rich with a tantalizingly creamy mouthfeel. It carries a finish that doesn’t rush but rather lingers, ensuring every note leaves an impression. This unpretentiously luxurious indulgence truly encapsulates the experience that separates artisanal chocolate from the rest.

31. Chocolove Dark Chocolate

Chocolove Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

If poetry could manifest into a chocolate bar, it would undoubtedly be the Chocolove Dark Chocolate. Made from the finest cocoa, elegantly packaged, with a love poem tucked inside each wrapper, this is a chocolate bar that touches your heart as much as it delights your tongue.

Upon unwrapping the rustic, inviting package, you’re greeted with a tantalizing aroma fusing cocoa and vanilla, teasing your senses and heightening the anticipation. The snap of crisp, premium dark chocolate as you break a piece is music to the ears of all chocolate aficionados.

The taste, dare I say, is pure poetry. With a balanced flavor profile and a texture that gracefully melts in your mouth, Chocolove Dark Chocolate is a truly romantic experience for your tastebuds. The carefully acquired cocoa, Rainforest Alliance Certified, sings in harmony with the sweet and bitter notes in a melody that dances on your palate. The richness of flavor, the creaminess, the feeling of it slowly melting in your mouth – it’s a narrative of love in every bite.

32. KetofyDark Keto Friendly Dark Chocolate

KetofyDark Keto Friendly Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

The idea of dark chocolate being a keto-friendly snack may sound like wishful thinking. However, KetofyDark turns this dream into a sweet reality. Tailored to meet the needs of the ketogenic diet, this dark chocolate offering is an excellent low-carb treat that doesn’t compromise on taste.

KetofyDark Keto Friendly Dark Chocolate’s packaging assures you of its commitment to health without losing the essence of true cocoa flavor. The robust aroma of dark chocolate that greets you upon unwrapping is enough evidence of this brand’s serious affair with cocoa.

Each bite of KetofyDark is a revelation. The higher fat content and low net carbs ensure that they fit perfectly into the keto regimen. Still, the truly impressive feat is how they’ve managed to uphold the genuine rich, sumptuous taste of dark chocolate. The slightly bitter cocoa perfectly balances a hint of sweetness to produce an extraordinary taste that lingers, inviting you for more. It’s truly a perfect blend of health and indulgence that showcases innovation and love for cocoa cuisine.

33. Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

For some, it’s the rich, exotic taste of dark chocolate that matters the most. For others, principle precedes everything else, including taste. However, with Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate, one doesn’t have to choose between adhering to their principles and surrendering to their taste buds.

This dark chocolate is every ethical consumer’s dream come true. From its commitment to organic produce to its dedication to ethical, sustainable sourcing practices, Green & Blacks is a brand that doesn’t just delight your senses but also eases your conscience. The elegant, green packaging mirrors this commitment to the environment and signifies the brand’s dedication in choosing the eco-friendly path in delivering mouth-watering dark chocolate.

One would think that the taste might be compromised when so much focus is put into upholding principles. Yet, each bite of Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate expertly dispels that thought. This dark chocolate is an intense flavor journey, starting with a powdery feel that quickly morphs into a smooth, creamy, melting sensation that fully covers your taste buds. The taste is an intricate combination of fruity and nutty undertones, the result of a unique blend of Trinitario cocoa beans hand-harvested from various locations. It’s safe to say, that when you open a pack of Green & Blacks, you’re not just tasting chocolate; you’re experiencing a global journey.

34. Bogatchi Dark Chocolate

Bogatchi Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

There are certain things in life that make being indulgent absolutely worth it. Bogatchi Dark Chocolate is certainly one of those things. Made in India with a mix of national pride and global chocolate-making proficiency, it traces its roots to the sun-kissed cocoa plantations of Kerala, a beautiful Indian state known as much for its scenic beauty as its vivid flavors.

Bogatchi stands out on the shelf with its enticing packaging that not only captivates the eye but also assures of an exotic journey ahead. Once the wrapper is pulled back, a tantalizingly glossy dark chocolate bar emerges, radiating the rich cocoa aroma to awaken your senses.

And then comes the tasting- the first bite of Bogatchi dark chocolate sets in motion a roller-coaster of flavors that are as diverse as India itself. The chocolate bears a bittersweet top note that transitions into a nutty middle tone, all enveloped in a rich background of premium-quality cocoa imported from around the world. It’s not only the exquisite balance of sweet and bitter flavors, but it’s the element of surprise- the addition of exotic spices and a touch of traditional Indian ingredients that makes every bite an excitement-filled experience.

Few brands manage to bring out an international appeal whilst preserving their originality. In a world of increasing globalization, Bogatchi Dark Chocolate is a delightful reminder that culture and tradition carry a flavor of their own. Taste it once, and I bet you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

35. Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate

Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

Anyone even remotely acquainted with the world of chocolate will attest, that there’s something inherently magical about Swiss chocolate. And when that Swiss chocolate boasts Lindt’s seal of quality, the taste can transport you to an altogether different dimension. Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate lives up to its name, delivering a taste that isn’t just good but truly excellent.

The beauty of Lindt dark chocolate lies in its simplicity. It’s an ode to the chocolate purist; with no frills or unnecessary embellishments. Just silky, smooth dark chocolate that melts in your mouth, providing a sensory pleasure that lingers even after the last bite. The Swiss pedigree stands for high-quality, decadent chocolate, and Lindt Excellence does not disappoint. Every bite is a sensory journey that starts with cocoa and sugar harmoniously folded into a gourmet delight.

But the real game changer is not just the chocolate itself, but the range of cocoa percentages it offers. Whether you’re a dark chocolate novice starting at 50% cocoa or a hardcore fan who prefers the hard-hitting 99% variety, Lindt has you covered. It’s a testament to their chocolate-making mastery that no matter what percentage you choose, the balance of flavor remains impeccable. It’s this commitment to delivering a superior taste experience that sets Lindt’s Excellence above the rest.

36. Butlers Dark Chocolate

Butlers Dark Chocolate - Best Dark Chocolate Brand 2024

The beauty of chocolate lies in its ability to transcend boundaries. While Swiss chocolate often takes center stage, it’s time we shone the spotlight on the understated gem that’s the Irish chocolate-making tradition. And when it comes to Irish chocolate, few can match the grandeur and sophistication of Butlers.

Butlers is not just about chocolate; it’s about history, tradition, and a family’s intrinsic love for creating something memorable. With an accuracy that reflects almost a century’s worth of experience, Butlers creates dark chocolate that effortlessly combines decadence with convenience.

Wrapped up in luxuriously sleek and minimalistic packaging, a bar of Butlers Dark Chocolate speaks of elegance and class, making it an ideal choice of gift for any chocolate lover. As you unwrap the chocolate, you’re greeted with the sight of an immaculate and glossy dark chocolate bar. The irresistible aroma of cocoa wafts up, setting the stage for the taste experience to follow.

Butlers Dark Chocolate is a journey of taste, meticulously crafted to provide an explosion of flavor from the first heavenly bite to the lingering aftertaste. The chocolate is rich, luscious, and carries a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. It’s dark, but not overwhelming; sweet, yet not too sugary. As it melts in your mouth, Butlers leaves behind a trail of satisfaction and contentment.

From the allure of the packaging to the taste that truly defines what dark chocolate should be, Butlers has perfected the art of creating divine dark chocolate worthy of appreciation by even the most discerning palates. It serves as a testament to the dedication put in by multiple generations of the Butler family to give the world a taste of Irish pride – an experience worth savoring again and again.

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How to Choose the Best Dark Chocolate?

Choosing the best dark chocolate is akin to selecting a fine wine, an experience that caters to your personal palate while also acknowledging important factors such as quality, ingredients, and ethical sourcing. Let’s explore a step-by-step approach to making a more informed decision.

Look for the Cocoa Percentage

The cocoa percentage basically refers to how much of the chocolate bar comes directly from cocoa beans. Generally, a higher percentage denotes a darker, more intense chocolate flavor.

  • Cocoa < 50%: These are for those who prefer just a hint of darkness to their chocolate–not too sweet, not too bitter.
  • Cocoa 50 – 70%: This is the sweet spot for most people, perfectly balancing sweetness with that intense dark chocolate flavor.
  • Cocoa 70 – 90%: These bars are for the dark chocolate connoisseurs who celebrate that intense, bitter kick.
  • Cocoa 90% and above: These are seriously intense and not for the faint-hearted! Note that the flavor can be somewhat of an acquired taste.

Check for Added Sugars

Dark chocolate inherently has a bitter taste, and to make it more appealing to the masses, many manufacturers add sugars. Ideally, sugars should not be listed as the first or second ingredient in the bar.

Ethical Sourcing and Certifications

When selecting your chocolate, it’s also worth considering the ethical implications. Look for seals that indicate fair trade practices, organic ingredients, or direct trade relationships with cocoa farmers.

Why Opt for Dark Over Milk Chocolate?

Why Opt for Dark Over Milk Chocolate?

Dark chocolate and milk chocolate may come from the same cacao bean, but they’re worlds apart in terms of taste, health benefits, and even ethical considerations.

Health Benefits

For starters, dark chocolate has significantly more cocoa, usually a minimum of 35% and as high as 100%, compared to milk chocolate’s average 10-20%. This higher cocoa content translates to a richer nutritional profile, offering minerals like iron, copper, magnesium, and manganese. Dark chocolate is also packed with antioxidants, which help fight off harmful free radicals.

On the other hand, milk chocolate contains more sugar and dairy products, which can increase calories and reduce the overall nutrient density. It’s noteworthy that while consuming dark chocolate can have health benefits, moderation is key as it’s still a form of sweet indulgence.

The Dark Chocolate Taste

Darker chocolates provide a more complex flavor profile with diverse notes ranging from fruity to floral, earthy, nutty, or even spicy. Milk chocolate, while delicious, usually provides a more uniform taste dominated by sweetness from sugar and the creaminess of milk.

A More Ethical Choice

Dark chocolate generally has a more ethical edge over milk chocolate, mainly because it requires fewer ingredients and is more likely to be vegan. You’re also more likely to find dark chocolates that are fairly traded or organically produced, as the audience for dark chocolate is often more environmentally and ethically conscious.

How to Store Dark Chocolate to Keep It Fresh and Flavorful?

When storing dark chocolate, a few key factors ensure its quality, texture, and flavor remain intact. Here’s how you can best store your favorite indulgence:

  • Ideal Temperature: Dark chocolate is best stored at a temperature between 60 to 70°F (15 to 21°C). A temperature lower or higher may lead to a bloom, where the cocoa butter separates and crystallizes, leading to a white or grey surface. While it’s safe to eat, it doesn’t look and taste its best.
  • Proper Humidity: Maintain a relative humidity of less than 50% when storing dark chocolate. High humidity can cause the chocolate to absorb moisture and form a sugary crust.
  • Avoid Sunlight and Odors: Direct sunlight can cause your dark chocolate to melt or discolor. Also, chocolate can absorb strong odors, which may affect its flavor. Hence, it’s better to keep it in a dark, odor-free place.
  • Wrap it Right: To prevent chocolate from drying out or absorbing moisture, wrap it tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. For even better protection, you can store them in an airtight container.

Why Opt for Vegan and Organic Dark Chocolate?

Why Opt for Vegan and Organic Dark Chocolate?

With the increasing awareness about health and the impact on the environment, vegan and organic dark chocolates are gaining popularity. Here’s why you might want to consider these options:

  • Dairy and Animal Product Free: Vegan chocolate is free from dairy and any animal-derived ingredients, making it suitable for those with lactose intolerance, vegan dietary preferences, or milk allergies.
  • Purity of Ingredients: Organic dark chocolates have no added pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. These chocolates are made from coffee beans grown using organic farming methods that ensure the soil’s fertility and help reduce pollution.
  • Better Nutrient Profile: Organic dark chocolate tends to have more antioxidants, as the cacao is grown in its natural and nutrient-rich environment.
  • Environmentally-Sustainable: Organic farming practices and the avoidance of animal products have significant benefits for the environment, including reduced energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water pollution.

While it’s easier to indulge in the everyday, readily available chocolates, opting for organic and vegan chocolates is a step towards better health and a more sustainable planet. Whether enjoying a piece of dark chocolate on your own or sharing it with loved ones, remember that good chocolate is not only about taste, but it also reflects the care for our planet and its people. A truly exquisite chocolate experience is an ensemble of quality ingredients, ethical sourcing, loving preparation, and mindful consumption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dark Chocolate Considered Healthier than Other Types of Chocolate?

Dark chocolate is often touted as a healthier option because it contains a higher concentration of cocoa, and as a result, more health-boosting antioxidants. It is also generally lower in sugar and may have less dairy than milk chocolate.

How Much Dark Chocolate Should I Eat Daily?

As a general guideline, one to two squares of high-quality dark chocolate per day is a reasonable portion. However, it will vary based on individual health needs and dietary preferences. Always consult your doctor or nutritionist.

What are the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate is rich in valuable minerals like iron, magnesium, and zinc. It also contains potent antioxidants known as flavonoids and polyphenols which can help protect your cells against damage. Studies suggest it can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, boost heart health, and even lift mood.

Does Dark Chocolate Contain Caffeine?

Yes, dark chocolate contains small quantities of caffeine. However, the amount is generally much lower than the caffeine content found in coffee, tea, or cola drinks.

Why Do Some People Prefer Dark Chocolate?

Taste is subjective and varies from person to person. However, people who prefer dark chocolate often appreciate its complex flavor profile – it’s rich, intense, and slightly bitter, with the depth and character that milk chocolate usually lacks. It’s seen as a more mature or refined choice.

How is Dark Chocolate Made?

Dark chocolate is crafted from the cocoa bean. It involves a series of steps including harvesting, fermenting, drying, roasting, and grinding the cocoa beans into a paste known as a chocolate liqueur. It is then combined with fat (cocoa butter) and sugar. Unlike milk chocolate, no milk solids are added.

What Does ‘Percentage of Cocoa’ Mean on Dark Chocolate Bars?

The ‘percentage of cocoa’ on a dark chocolate bar represents the total percentage of the product weight that comes directly from the cocoa bean itself. This includes the cocoa solids and cocoa fats present in the bar.

Are All Dark Chocolates Vegan?

Most dark chocolates are naturally vegan as they consist mainly of cocoa and sugar, but some might add animal derivatives such as milk fats or butter, especially in lower percentage bars. Always check the ingredients to ensure they comply with your dietary needs.

What Does Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Mean?

Fair trade is a certification given to products, including dark chocolate, that ensures the farmers and workers producing the cocoa have been paid a fair and stable price. It also confirms that they work under safe and decent conditions.

Can I Use Dark Chocolate for Baking?

Absolutely! Dark chocolate can provide a deeper, more complex flavor to baked goods, making it perfect for a variety of recipes – from decadent cakes to chewy cookies. Just ensure to adjust the sugar in your recipe as dark chocolate is less sweet than milk or semi-sweet varieties.


Diving into the world of the best dark chocolate is a journey of revelation, from discovering the art of crafting these cocoa masterpieces to exploring the complex flavor profiles hidden in each bite and understanding the profound health benefits that come along. It’s clear that these chocolates are much more than simple treats. They represent a diverse tapestry of global traditions, ethical practices, and exquisite tastes. More importantly, they serve as a testament to the fact that something as delightful as chocolate can also be a source of wellness and sustainability.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift, a health-conscious snack, or the ultimate gourmet experience, there’s a dark chocolate out there that’s just right for you. So, why wait? Let’s embark on this exciting journey and savor the dark, delectable universe of the world’s best dark chocolates!

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