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20 Best Starburst Flavors Ranked [Tastiest Trends of 2024]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: August 18, 2023

Imagine unwrapping a vibrant square piece of candy, feeling the anticipation rising as you catch a whiff of the fruity aroma enveloping it. You pop it in your mouth and as the candy melts away, a riot of flavor unfolds that takes you by surprise. This is the magic of the much-loved Starburst candies. With a variety of succulent, juicy fruit flavors, Starbursts have been a favorite amongst candy enthusiasts worldwide.

But amidst the palate party of all these fruity flavors, one often wonders, “Which is the best Starburst flavor?” Be it the tropical allure of the piña colada, the classic tartness of lemon, or the exotic taste of mango melon, each flavor holds its own unique appeal. Let’s set out together on this edible exploration and find out which Starburst flavor becomes the star of our flavor-filled journey.

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20 Best Starburst Flavors Ranked (2024)

16 Best Starburst Flavors Ranked

Unwrapping the riveting rainbow of Starburst candies, you’re confronted by a tantalizing palette of 20 distinct flavors. From the tongue-tingling tanginess of lemon lime to the bold burst of blue raspberry lemonade, each bite offers a unique experience. Join me as we delve into the flavor labyrinth of Starbursts, and uncover the 20 best Starburst flavors that have candy fans buzzing with excitement.

1. Starburst Mini FaveReds: A Berry Bonanza

Starburst Mini FaveReds - Best Starburst Flavor

Reds have always held a special place in the Starburst universe, and the Mini FaveReds bring together the most beloved of these in a compact form. Every piece offers a concentrated burst of berry flavors, ranging from the sultry sweetness of strawberries to the edgy tang of cherries.

The bite-sized candies allow for a quick flavor fix, with each piece delivering a consistent potency of taste. Their miniature size doesn’t compromise on the Starburst identity, making them perfect for those who love their flavor experience intense and immediate.

Starburst Mini FaveReds are a celebration of all things red, creating an irresistibly juicy berry explosion that will have you reaching for more.

2. Fruit Punch Starburst: A Flavor-Packed Blast

Fruit Punch Starburst - Best Starburst Flavor

As soon as you unwrap a Fruit Punch Starburst, you are greeted by a wave of fruit-infused aromas. Just one bite of the vibrant red candy and your taste buds are taken on a rollercoaster ride of diverse flavors. Laced with the tantalizing taste of summer fruits including apples, cherries, and strawberries, the Fruit Punch Starburst echoes the very essence of a refresher.

The sweetness hits first, a satisfying sugary rush that is the very embodiment of a delightful fruit punch. This is closely followed by the potent punch of cherry, bringing in an alluring tartness that adds depth to the flavor profile. But Starburst doesn’t stop here. The apple and strawberry notes weave in and out, offering a flirtatious sweetness that complements the cherry beautifully.

As the flavors meld together, your palate is brought to the heady climax of a rich, fruity explosion, reminiscent of sipping on a chilled glass of tropical fruit punch on a sunny afternoon. If you’re looking for a flavor that is bold, exciting, and quite literally packed with a powerful punch, the Fruit Punch Starburst may very well be the best pick for you.

3. Strawberry Banana: Exploring the Tropical Sensation

Strawberry Banana - Best Starburst Flavor

Imagine being transported to a tropical paradise with just one bite. That’s precisely the sensation that the Strawberry Banana Starburst has in store for you. Strawberry and Banana is a classic flavor combination, and Starburst takes it to a whole new level by encapsulating it into a deliciously chewy candy treat.

The first flavor that hits your palate is the sweet, juicy strawberry. It’s like biting into a fresh, ripe strawberry picked straight from a lush berry farm, and it plays the perfect introduction to the more exotic flavor that follows. As the strawberry begins to fade, the banana sweeps in, reminiscent of a sweet, perfectly ripened tropical fruit. This second wave of flavor gives the candy a smooth and creamy depth that pairs beautifully with the more sugary strawberry.

As you continue to savor the candy, the two flavors begin to tangle and twist, creating a mouth-watering dance that leaves you craving more. The Strawberry Banana Starburst is not just a candy, it’s a little tropical vacation packed into a brightly-colored square. It’s this unique and refreshing flavor journey that places it as a worthy contender for the best Starburst flavor.

4. Starburst Jelly Beans: The Ultimate Chewy Delight

Starburst Jelly Beans - Best Starburst Flavor

Venture into the realm of Starburst Jelly Beans and discover a chewy treat that maintains all the brand’s signature flavors but with an added delightful twist. Each Jelly Bean bursts with a vividness of taste that’s almost palpable, making every chew a mini-adventure.

The initial bite is soft, yet substantial, with the slight resistance giving way to a gelatinous heart that is the trademark of Jelly Beans. Their flavor is bold and intense. There’s a dynamic shift between the tanginess of citrus flavors and the delicate sweetness of berries. The multi-layered experience captures a harmony of tastes that swirl in your mouth, making the chewy core even more delectable.

If you’re looking for an upgrade from the classic Starburst, then the Jelly Beans variant is your prime pick, offering a splendid combination of chewiness, flavor, and sheer candy joy.

5. Starburst Gum: A Flavor That Lasts and Lasts

Starburst Gum - Best Starburst Flavor

Who says the Starburst experience has to be short-lived? With Starburst Gum, the iconic flavors now come in a chewable form that doesn’t lose its essence. It’s an endless voyage of taste that only amplifies as you continue to chew.

The initial sensation is a wave of familiar Starburst zest, but the magic lies in its persistence. The flavor doesn’t wane but keeps renewing itself, bite after bite. The intensity remains uniform, allowing you to relish the Starburst signature taste for an extended period.

For those who can’t get enough of the delightful Starburst taste and crave a prolonged experience, Starburst Gum provides the perfect solution.

6. Mango Melon: A Sweet and Tangy Starburst Experience

Mango Melon - Best Starburst Flavor

The Mango Melon Starburst offers a flavor experience that is as unique as it is delicious. With its startling blend of tropical sweetness and daring tanginess, it’s guaranteed to evoke memories of beach-side fun under the warm summer sun.

On your first bite, you are greeted with the distinctive taste of ripe mango. The sweet, slightly creamy flavor of this tropical fruit brings a hint of summer to your palate, creating a deeply satisfying sensation. The sweet mangoiness draws you in, making you feel like you’re biting into an exotic treat from a tropical island.

No sooner do you start to enjoy the sweetness, when the melon kicks in. It bursts through the mango, ripping through the sweetness with its refreshing tang, creating a complex, layered taste sensation that thrills your palate and keeps it guessing.

The more you chew, the more the two flavors meld together, creating a tangy-sweet flavor symphony that reverberates off your taste buds, leaving a lingering aftertaste that is both refreshing and comforting. The Mango Melon Starburst is a candy with an unusual yet delectable twist, making it a strong contender in the hunt for the best Starburst flavor.

7. Blue Raspberry Lemonade: A Cool Twist on a Classic

Blue Raspberry Lemonade - Best Starburst Flavor

Introducing the next contender in Starburst’s vibrant lineup, the Blue Raspberry Lemonade flavor. The sweet-tart combination of a blue raspberry paired with a zingy lemonade provides an intoxicating blend that challenges traditional candy norms. This Starburst flavor, which brings to mind a frosty mug of tangy lemonade with a handful of ripe blue raspberries, promises a tangy pop that certainly rivals all other fruit candies.

Candy enthusiasts will find the strong notes of tart lemonade that instantly hit the palate delightful. Just as the tartness starts to tingle your taste buds, the blue raspberry sweeps onto the stage, sweet and slightly floral. The two contrasting flavors battle for center stage, resulting in a harmonious explosion of bold fruit flavor that leaves you breathlessly reaching for another piece.

The magical charm of this vibrant blue candy lies in its uncanny ability to transport you to a hot summer day. Whether you’re reminiscing about picnics in the park or childhood trips to the candy store, the Blue Raspberry Lemonade Starburst is sure to inject a spark of excitement into your everyday snacking habits.

8. Cherry Cooler: The Cherries on Top

Cherry Cooler- Best Starburst Flavor

Starburst’s Cherry Cooler flavor is like a celebration of all things cherry, wrapped in a tempting little candy. For the cherry lovers out there, this candy provides an intense cherry experience that could possibly make it your top Starburst flavor.

The instant you unwrap it, your senses are assaulted by the unmistakable aroma of sweet, ripe cherries. Once you pop it into your mouth, the burst of super-charged cherry flavor is immediate and intoxicating. The sweet initial taste is delicately balanced by a subtle tart note that perfectly mimics the taste of biting into a freshly picked cherry.

The enduring cherry flavor lingers long after the candy has melted away, leaving you cherishing that delightful taste. If you’re after a bold, fruit-driven experience that doesn’t shy away from the flavor, the Cherry Cooler Starburst might just be your number-one pick.

9. Starburst All Pink Lollipops: The Ultimate Indulgence

Starburst All Pink Lollipops - Best Starburst Flavor

For fans who hold the pink Starburst close to their hearts, the brand presents the All Pink Lollipop. This lollipop is a monument to the enduring charm of the pink Starburst flavor, encapsulating its essence in a prolonged, delightful experience.

The lollipop opens with the iconic strawberry sweetness, lingering on the tongue and allowing you to savor the full-bodied flavor in its entirety. As you continue to enjoy, the taste deepens, giving you a rounded profile of what makes the pink Starburst so beloved.

Swirling it in your mouth brings forth waves of delectable strawberry goodness, which is both refreshing and familiar. The Starburst All Pink Lollipop is not just a treat; it’s a tribute to a fan-favorite flavor, offering an unparalleled candy experience.

10. Piña Colada Starburst: A Flavorful Tropical Vacation

Piña Colada Starburst - Best Starburst Flavor

If Paradise had a flavor, it would taste like Starburst’s Piña Colada flavor. This tropical treasure cleverly transplants the taste of the iconic summer cocktail into chewy candy form. Overflowing with pineapple and coconut goodness, every chew feels like a mini-getaway to a beach resort.

At first bite, the lush sweetness of ripe pineapple washes over your taste buds, filling your mouth with tangy fruitiness. Then comes the twist–the creamy, slightly nutty whisper of coconut that beautifully balances the pineapple’s tangy explosion. The interplay is as surprising as it is flavorful, a perfect mimic of the classic drink.

Savoring the cobination, it’s almost possible to hear the ocean’s ebb and flow and feel the sand between your toes. The ability of this sweet treat to whisk you away makes the Piña Colada Starburst a uniquely refreshing and tempting choice in the search for the best Starburst flavor.

11. Starburst Cherry Kiwi: A Unique Sweet-Sour Combo

Cherry Kiwi - Best Starburst Flavor

The Cherry Kiwi Starburst manages to balance two bold and contrasting flavors into a candy smaller than a coin. This small wonder introduces your palate to a whole new world of surprising textures and exotic flavors that play and mingle with tantalizing results.

When you unwrap this green and red candy surprise, you’re hit with the unmistakable sweet yet tangy scent of ripe cherries and juicy kiwis. Your first bite is a delightful punch of cherry flavor, followed by the tart undertone of the kiwi that makes your taste buds quiver with excitement.

The cherry and kiwi flavors, though contrasting, do a delightful flavor dance, twisting and twirling around each other in a way that is gorgeously complimentary. The candy seems to hum with vibrancy and life, filled with a zesty punch that makes for an unforgettable chew. The surprising and remarkable pairing of the Cherry Kiwi Starburst flavor may very well make it a top contender for the best Starburst flavor.

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12. Starburst Grape Slushie: The Classic Candy Remade

Grape Slushie - Best Starburst Flavor

Stepping into the arena next is the Grape Slushie Starburst, a genius flavor that redefines the classic grape taste we all cherish. This Starburst variation doesn’t just taste like a grape, instead, it captures the refreshing tanginess of a grape slushie that will make your taste buds sing.

As you unwrap the candy, the smell immediately transports you to a carnival, with the familiar scent of grape slushie wafting through the air. The first bite presents your palate with an intense burst of grape flavor, highlighted with a hint of icy coolness that perfectly mimics a slushie experience. The intense fruitiness combined with the slightest hint of cool mint indeed creates a flavor profile that is pure joy wrapped in a tiny candy package.

The Grape Slushie Starburst is a journey down memory lane, reviving memories of sunny summer fairs and the simple joy of sucking on a grape slushie. The combination of classic grape flavor with refreshed elements makes this flavor remarkably memorable.

13. Orange Starburst: Citrusy Sunshine in a Candy

Orange Starburst - Best Starburst Flavor

The classic Orange Starburst stands as a testament to the fact that sometimes, simple is indeed the best. Embodying the color of a setting sun, the orange flavor is a bright and refreshing citrus experience that promises a vibrant ride for your taste buds.

Right from the moment you unwrap it, your senses are awakened by the zesty smell of vibrant oranges. Your first bite into this candy presents a bold and sweet citrus hit, mingling with a subtle tang that keeps you reaching for more. Each chew becomes a whirlwind tour through an orange grove, with the juicy and intense orange flavor staying true from start to finish.

The Orange Starburst gives you a burst of sunshine no matter the season, with its refreshing flavor staying consistent, making it a steadfast contender for the best Starburst flavor.

14. Lemon Lime Starburst: A Tangy Burst of Flavors

Lemon Lime Starburst - Best Starburst Flavor

Our next flavor excursion happens with the Lemon Lime Starburst. This dynamic duo of citrusy sweetness is full of zesty surprises, delivering a refreshing tangy-sweet combination that’s straight out of a gourmet candy shop.

Upon unwrapping this candy, the heady aroma of lemon-lime hits you immediately. The first bite unveils a strong lemon flavor that’s as authentic as biting into a ripe, juicy lemon. Just as you start acclimating to the tangy lemon twist, the lime steps in, adding in an extra citrus layer that doubles the zest effect. The result is a bold tartness balanced out by a slightly sweet undertone, making for a mouth-watering, invigorating experience.

The Lemon Lime Starburst is essentially a citrus carnival in candy form, making it an exciting and daredevil option in your pursuit of the best Starburst flavor.

15. Starburst Swirlers: A Fusion of Flavors

Swirlers - Best Starburst Flavor

Enter the distinct category of Starburst Swirlers. Pushing the boundaries of flavor dimension, Swirlers step up to the plate offering not one, but a blend of two beautiful flavors in one stick. This fruit chews evolution is an innovation that creates a whirlpool of taste sensations like no other, and adds an enticing spin to the Starburst experience.

Each stick of candy strikes a perfect balance between two flavors, blending them into a swirling carnival of taste that dances around your tongue. Biting into a Swirler is different from a standard Starburst: It’s like diving into a fusion flavor pool where each flavor enhances the other, giving your taste buds a supremely flavorful treat.

The distinctiveness and complexity of the Swirlers make them a standout contender in the race to crown the best Starburst flavor and offer an exciting change for the Starburst aficionado craving for something a bit more adventurous.

16. Watermelon Starburst: A Splash of Summer

Watermelon Starburst - Best Starburst Flavor

Now let’s take a moment to dive into the delightful world of Watermelon Starburst, the essence of summery fun encapsulated into one tiny piece of candy. Perfectly replicating the refreshingly sweet taste of ripe, juicy watermelon, this flavor stands as a fan favorite.

As you unwrap a piece and let it slowly melt in your mouth, a refreshing watermelon wave washes over your senses. The unmistakable taste of watermelon is sweet with a hint of tang, and this delightful flavor explosion transports you to a sunny afternoon, making you feel as if you are biting into a refreshing slice of watermelon.

The Watermelon Starburst is indeed a flavorful summer holiday wrapped in candy form. With its distinct summer vibes, it tops the charts in the battle for the best Starburst flavor.

17. Lemon Starburst: Sour Yet Sweet

Sour Yet Sweet Lemon Starburst - Best Starburst Flavor

Are you a fan of the bold, tart flavors? If yes, the Lemon Starburst is your perfect match, providing a perfectly sour-sweet interplay that’s impossible to resist. It’s a flavor profile that separates the risk-takers from the crowd, with the strong tart taste of lemon mounting a beautiful offensive on your taste buds.

A burst of pure lemon essence greets you as soon as you unwrap this candy. The taste is a precise mimicry of biting into a lush lemon, with the right amount of sourness and a fitting sweet undertone. It’s a yin-yang scenario that’s tangy yet soothing, setting your taste buds on a merry roller coaster ride.

The Lemon Starburst with its power-packed punch of flavor is a bold contestant in the search for the best Starburst flavor.

18. Classic Cherry: The Original Starburst Staple

Classic Cherry - Best Starburst Flavor

The original, quintessential flavor that has stolen many hearts – the Cherry Starburst. It’s the classic pick, impeccably balancing tartness and sweetness, creating a luxurious taste that leaves you reminiscing about the nostalgic days of first discovering Starbursts. The bright red foil exterior screams excitement and the cherry-themed adventure that awaits inside does not disappoint.

The taste: pure cherry wonderland. As the candy wrapper unveils, the heady aroma of cherry embarks us on a fruity roller-coaster experience much akin to biting into a plump, ripe cherry. The tart-sweet experience is devilishly addictive.

The goodness of a Cherry Starburst is an emblem of the candy’s excellent reputation, standing tall as a strong contender for the best Starburst flavor.

19. Strawberry Starburst: The Berry Best

Strawberry Starburst - Best Starburst Flavor

Without an iota of doubt, the Strawberry Starburst is a bountiful punch of strawberry goodness well deserving of the title of the “Berry Best” amongst the Starburst flavors. A candy that perfectly encapsulates the essence of biting into a heavenly ripe, juicy strawberry.

Along with the sweetness, subtle tart undertones present an irresistible tanginess that melts in your mouth creating a flavor profile that’s wildly popular. But what truly sets strawberry apart is its delectable berry aftertaste that lingers on, a delicious reminder of the Starburst escapades.

The vibrant punch and intriguing complexity of Strawberry Starburst make it a top contender in the quest for the best Starburst flavor.

20. Strawberry Watermelon: A Dual Fruit Delight

Strawberry Watermelon - Best Starburst Flavor

The fusion of strawberry and watermelon in the Strawberry Watermelon Starburst is like a delightful symphony, an unmatchable harmony of two beloved fruits. The candy catapults you straight into the heart of a summer picnic, with visions of devouring ripe strawberries and juicy watermelons becoming a sweet reality.

The first bite itself is a revelation: an initial surge of the strawberry’s sweetness intertwined perfectly with the rejuvenating taste of watermelon. A flavor-packed ride that guarantees an orgasmic oral experience.

The ingenious pairing makes the Strawberry Watermelon Starburst an absolute must-try and a clear participant in the race of finding the best Starburst flavor.

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How Starburst Flavors are Decided? The Creation Process Behind the Candy

How Starburst Flavors are Decided? The Creation Process Behind the Candy

Starburst, a beloved candy brand known for its sweet and tangy fruit flavors, crafts each of its flavors with precision and a deep understanding of what makes a candy truly enjoyable. The creation process for each flavor is nothing short of fascinating.

Firstly, the team at Starburst meticulously shortlists an array of fruit flavors that appeal to a broad audience. They then start the laborious task of developing each of these flavors in their labs. The process involves pairing the right natural and artificial flavoring agents to mimic the chosen fruit’s taste accurately. This list is whittled down through several rounds of taste tests, ensuring that the final flavor profile achieves a delicious balance between sweetness and tanginess. This is the part where Starburst’s signature chewy texture is considered, ensuring it complements each flavor perfectly.

With the flavor essence finally tailored, the next step involves bold experimentation. At times, Starburst decides to delves into the realm of fusion flavors such as Strawberry Banana and Blue Raspberry Lemonade, skillfully compressing two distinctive flavors into one small candy!

Why Starburst Flavors Taste So Authentic?

Why Starburst Flavors Taste So Authentic: Unveiling the Secret

With a multitude of fruity flavors in their selection, Starburst has a knack for recreating authentic fruit flavors in candy form that leave you astounded. But what’s the secret behind this authenticity?

A major factor in what makes Starburst Flavors taste so real is their devotion to quality ingredients. Starburst candies are made with real fruit juice, a fact they proudly proclaim on their packaging. This addition of fruit juice not only enhances the vibrancy of the flavors but also lends a natural sweetness that’s both satisfying and reminiscent of biting into the fruit itself.

Another component that contributes to their authentic taste is the careful leveraging of both natural and artificial flavors. Natural flavors are derived directly from fruits, while artificial flavors are synthesized in labs. When used in conjunction, they create a detailed, rich flavor profile that is inescapably close to the real thing.

Lastly, the addition of citric acid is a key element in Starburst’s flavor authenticity. This compound imparts a zesty tang – as in real fruit – thereby adding a layer of complexity and balance to the overall flavor profile.

In the words of our favorite Willy Wonka: “Candy is dandy, but the secret to perfecting it, is indeed a fascinating confectionery adventure!” To try this confectionery masterpiece yourself, visit Starburst’s official website.

Why Strawberry Banana May Be the Best Starburst Flavor?

Why Strawberry Banana May be the Best Starburst Flavor? A Flavor Examination

If you’re a fan of the unexpected, the fusion of Strawberry and Banana might just win you over as the best Starburst flavor. Just think about it – this is the only flavor that gives you the taste of two different fruits at once, a tag team for your taste buds!

Strawberry alone as a flavor is a timeless classic that’s loved by many. From Parfait to Popsicle, it has been a favorite go-to flavor, adding a touch of freshness and sweetness to any product. The Starburst Strawberry flavor stands tall as a testament to this tradition, charming the taste buds with every juicy bite.

Then comes Banana – smooth, creamy, with a robust sweetness. The flavor may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to candies, but there’s no denying the unique flavor profile it brings to the table.

Now, imagine these two distinct tastes coming together in one candy. The powerful sweetness of strawberry blended seamlessly with the creamy ripeness of the banana. It’s essentially like having a scrumptious smoothie but in the form of candy – truly an unbeatable combination. This duo could very well race ahead of the single-flavor Starbursts and take the crown for the best flavor.

Starburst Flavor Combinations: How to Get Creative With Your Candies?

Starburst Flavor Combinations: How to Get Creative With Your Candies?

If you’ve found yourself growing a little predictable with your Starburst choices, it’s time to get creative and explore some intriguing flavor combinations.

  1. Strawberry and Lemon: This one is a tried and true combination in the culinary world, and it works just as well in the world of candies. The ever-loved strawberry’s sweetness is beautifully complemented by the tartness of lemon, hitting just the right balance. It’s a rollercoaster of taste – sweet, then sour, and totally satisfying.
  2. Orange and Cherry: Now, this might sound a little out of the box, but trust me, it’s definitely worth a try. The citrusy freshness of orange intermingling with the robust flavor of cherry is absolutely delightful. It’s like a perfect holiday punch, but in your pocket.
  3. Lime and Watermelon: On a hot day, what’s more refreshing than a thirst-quenching watermelon and lime drink? Why not recreate that refreshing magic with Starburst flavors? Pair a watermelon and lime Starburst together for a rejuvenating flavor burst that tastes like summer.
  4. Mango Melon and Cherry Kiwi: If you’re feeling adventurous, give this four-fruit cocktail a go. The tropical sweetness of Mango Melon pairs surprisingly well with the sweet and sour combo of Cherry Kiwi. It’s a full-blown tropical party in your mouth!

Before settling for one or two favorite flavors, give these combinations a try – you might just find your next go-to Starburst mix. After all, half the fun of eating Starbursts comes from finding new flavor combinations and expanding your sweet horizons!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the original Starburst flavor?

The original Starburst flavors are Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, and Cherry.

How many Starburst flavors are there?

There are a multitude of Starburst flavors, including but not limited to, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Banana, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Mango Melon, Cherry Cooler, Piña Colada, Cherry Kiwi, Grape Slushie, Lemon Lime, and Strawberry Watermelon.

Is there a difference in taste between the different colored Starburst candies?

Yes, each color of Starburst candy corresponds to a different flavor. For example, red is traditionally a cherry flavor, and pink is usually strawberry.

What is the most popular Starburst flavor?

While it can depend on individual taste, it’s often reported that pink, or strawberry flavor, is the most popular.

Are there any unique or limited-time Starburst flavors?

Yes, Starburst occasionally releases limited-edition flavors or unique combinations such as Starburst Swirlers which combine two flavors in one candy.

Can I buy a pack of just my favorite Starburst flavor?

Yes, Starburst does offer packs that are single-flavor, allowing you to fully indulge in your personal favorite.

Are Starburst candies gluten-free?

Yes, all Starburst candies sold in the U.S. are gluten-free.

Are all Starburst flavors vegan?

No, while Starburst candies in the U.S. do not contain any animal-based gelatin, they do contain non-vegetarian food glaze derived from shellac, which is made from the secretions of female lac bugs.

How many calories does each Starburst candy contain?

Each Starburst candy contains about 20 calories.


Through this sweet exploration of Starburst flavors, it is clear that these candies offer a marvelous medley of delectable tastes. They carry the power to transport your senses on a wonderful, fruity journey. Each flavor, unique in its charm, compels us to enjoy more, making it challenging to crown one as the best Starburst flavor.

The ultimate choice lies with individual preferences, as some may prefer the tropical tones of Piña Colada or Strawberry Banana, while others may find the classic citrus zing of Orange and Lemon more appealing. The delicious debate continues and adds to the delightful Starburst experience. So next time you reach for a Starburst, remember, every flavor is a winner in its own unique way!

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