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12 Best Keto Friendly Breads [2024‘s Diet Game Changers]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: January 5, 2024

Navigating the keto diet can be a bit of a minefield, especially when it comes to finding substitutes for some of our most loved food staples – like bread. So imagine being able to enjoy a sandwich packed with everything you love, toast at breakfast, or just a simple slice of bread with butter for a quick snack. Sounds like a dream, right? But it’s actually achievable with the best keto friendly bread. Indeed, you can maintain your low-carbohydrate, high-fat regimen and still savor the fluffy, warmth of a perfectly baked bread. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best options available to keep your keto diet not only efficient but also appetizing.

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12 Best Keto Friendly Breads of 2024

Best Keto Friendly Breads of 2024

Embarking on the journey of a low-carb diet does not mean you have to say goodbye to bread. Whether you’re an ardent palatable delight adventurer or the more traditional butter-on-toast loyalist, there is always a keto-friendly option for you. Let’s take a look at some of these fantastic products.

1. Sola Bread

Sola Bread - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

This lightly sweet, golden loaf of goodness is a game-changer in the world of keto-friendly breads. While I love the delicate balance of sweetness and hearty wheat in Sola Bread, what really steals the show is its texture –soft and tender, even straight from the fridge, it’s reminiscent of the flavourful bread I used to indulge in pre-keto. Furthermore, with 3 grams of net carbs per slice, it makes a perfect option for a guilt-free sandwich. Chock full of fibers and proteins, this product brilliantly serves as a daily source of these required nutrients without compromising on your carb intake. Providing a taste so wonderful and a nutritional profile so promising, Sola Bread is an option you surely can’t dismiss.

2. Lakanto All-Purpose Bread Mix

Lakanto All-Purpose Bread Mix - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

Perfect for baking and versatile for various recipes, Lakanto All-Purpose Bread Mix tickles my taste buds just by its name. It uses almond, coconut, and oat fiber flour, which keeps the carb count low while delivering a high-quality texture and taste. It’s sweetened with monk fruit, which means you’ll indulge in a subtle sweetness without worrying about the added sugar. Not only does it make terrific bread, biscuits or muffins, but it’s also great for creating keto-friendly cinnamon rolls. With a carb count at only 1 gram net carb per slice, it has quickly become my safe harbor when I crave for a sweet, soft, and tender baked delight.

3. Thin Slim Foods Zero Net Carb Bread

Thin Slim Foods Zero Net Carb Bread - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

Thin Slim Foods Zero Net Carb Bread is a fantastic choice, especially if you want your bread to be zero-net carbs. This keto-bread is bold in flavor with a pleasing texture, making it a perfect substitute for traditional wheat bread. It offers a superb balance of taste and nutrition without moving an inch from its note of being zero-net carb. Moreover, its affordability and availability make it a go-to choice for many keto practitioners.

4. Carbonaut Seeded Bread

Carbonaut Seeded Bread - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

The rustic texture and nutty flavor from the carefully selected mix of seeds make Carbonaut Seeded Bread stand out among its peers. Seeded bread has always been my favorite and discovering a keto-friendly version was nothing short of ecstatic. At just 3 grams of net carbs per generous slice, this bread doesn’t merely satisfy; it delights. Its hearty, grain-like texture and a delightful seedy crunch make it perfect for my morning toasts. Allow yourself the pleasure of indulging in a delicious slice without straying from your health goals with this hearty keto-friendly seeded bread.

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5. Toufayan Bakeries Keto Pita

Toufayan Bakeries Keto Pita - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

Ever since I embarked on my keto journey, I have been on the quest for a great tasting, low carb pita bread. Then I found Toufayan Bakeries Keto Pita – a versatile, zero cholesterol, keto bread substitute that doesn’t disappoint. With only 3 grams of net carbs, I relish the luxury of incorporating my favorite Mediterranean dishes into my diet again. The feel and smell of this soft, doughy pita serve as an authentic reminder of traditional pitas, while still being true to your keto diet. From gyros to pockets filled with grilled vegetables, the possibilities with these keto bread products are endless.

6. Base Culture Original Keto Bread

Base Culture Original Keto Bread - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

As we all know, the backbone of a good sandwich, toast, or even French toast is quality bread. Base Culture Original Keto Bread has had my back in this sector from the start. This gluten-free, grain-free, and low-carb bread have been my reliable companion for my weekend brunches. With a sturdy texture and a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, this keto bread has proven to be quite the revelation on my taste buds. Moreover, its organic and non-GMO ingredients seal the deal, making it a worthy contender in the keto bread market.

7. Great Low Carb Bread Co. Low Calorie Bagels

Great Low Carb Bread Co. Low Calorie Bagels - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

There are few things in life as comforting as a warm, toasty bagel, and thanks to the Great Low Carb Bread Co, the dream is a reality, even on a keto diet! Their Low Calorie Bagels have paved the way for an incredibly satisfying, keto-friendly way to enjoy the bagel experience. Besides being high in protein and fiber, this innovative bread substitute comes in at just 2 net carbs per bagel. This allows me to bring back those tasty bagel sandwiches to my breakfast routine without fretting about breaking the keto rules. Every guilt-free bite of these soft, flavorful bagels is a testament to the brilliance of creativity in the kitchen.

8. Primal Kitchen Protein Keto Wraps

Primal Kitchen Protein Keto Wraps - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

To encapsulate the delights of a wrap within the bounds of a keto diet may seem like a trial. But with Primal Kitchen Protein Keto Wraps, it’s absolutely doable. These wraps have revolutionized my lunch menu, offering a protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited option that tastes just as good as conventional wraps. Convenient and delectable, these soft, flexible wraps certainly hit the spot when I’m yearning for a quick, tasty meal. With a sum of just 3 grams of net carbs and high protein content, they have unquestionably become one of my favorite keto-friendly bread substitutes.

9. Kroger CarbMaster Wheat Bread

Kroger CarbMaster Wheat Bread - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

Kroger CarbMaster Wheat Bread has been a game changer in my keto diet plan. With a mere 4g net carbs per slice, it provides a healthier alternative to my everyday sandwich cravings. Boasting a texture similar to traditional wheat bread and a slightly sweet hint of honey, it checks all the right boxes for bread lovers. It’s begun to replace conventional wheat bread not only in my sandwiches, but also in my morning toast and occasional French toast cravings. As an added bonus, its affordability and availability further elevate its status in my list of best keto friendly breads.

10. Unbread

Unbread - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

Unbread, a gluten-free, grain-free flatbread, has enthralled me ever since I first tasted it. It perfectly serves as an alternative for buns, making for delicious and healthy burgers without any guilt. Moreover, with 5 grams of net carbs and packed with fiber and healthy fats, Unbread’s versatility in pizza bases or as simple toast is simply impressive. Its convenience and neutral flavor profile make it a must-try in the world of keto friendly breads.

11. Lewis Bakeshop Healthy Life Keto Bread

Lewis Bakeshop Healthy Life Keto Bread - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

In the quest for keto-friendly bread, I came across Lewis Bakeshop Healthy Life Keto Bread, and it has been a delightful revelation. Its lightly toasted texture bears a striking resemblance to traditional bread. With 5 grams of protein at 5 net carb per slice, it makes a wonderful base for sandwiches, French toast, and all my favorite snacks. Its balanced flavor and soft texture blend seamlessly with any recipe, making it a versatile element in my keto kitchen.

12. Julian Bakery Keto Thin Bread

Julian Bakery Keto Thin Bread - Best Keto Friendly Bread of 2024

The Julian Bakery Keto Thin Bread is my final pick in this list. It’s the perfect choice for those who like thin, well-sliced bread that’s also keto friendly. This zero net carb bread, with high protein and fiber, offers a deliciously satisfying bite that’s great for toasts, sandwiches, and even just a quick snack. The texture is firm enough not to fall apart, and the flavour is neutral but satisfying. This bread has easily become a key player in my keto meal plan. Its taste, texture, and nutritional benefits continue to impress, serving as a reminder that a diet can be both healthy and enjoyable.

Why Opt for Keto Friendly Bread?

Persuading the die-hard bread lovers to give up their favourite food is just as massive a task as trying to hike up Mount Everest wearing flip-flops – nearly impossible. Bread, for many, is more than just food; it’s a way of life. Can you genuinely imagine a life without the heavenly smell of toasty goodness in the morning or the comforting warmth of a fresh bread roll at dinner? I don’t think so.

So the answer to why opt for keto friendly bread is simple – satisfaction. Satisfaction that you are not denying yourself or feeling deprived. Keto friendly breads allow you to stick to your dietary goals without missing out on your beloved food. They are typically made from almond flour, coconut flour, or other low-carb ingredients that keep you in the ketogenic state. Plus, these bread alternatives can be just as delicious as regular ones.

How to Choose the Best Keto Friendly Bread?

How to Choose the Best Keto Friendly Bread?

Choosing the best keto friendly bread might seem overwhelming, considering the numerous options now available. Here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Check the Carbs Content: The first thing to look at is the net carbs on the nutrition label. Net carbs are the total carbohydrates minus the fiber. The lower the net carbs, the less it’ll impact your keto diet.
  • Look for High in Fiber: Bread high in fiber is a good choice because it can help keep you feeling full, which in turn, helps to control your appetite.
  • Make Sure It’s Grain-Free: Grains are high in carbs, so make sure the bread you’re choosing is made from grain-free flours like almond or coconut.
  • Avoid Added Sugars: Just because you’re on a keto diet doesn’t mean you should be eating foods with added sugars. Always take a second to check the ingredients – avoid bread that has added sugars.
  • Go for Whole, Natural Ingredients: Rather than a long list of unpronounceable ingredients, aim for breads with shorter ingredient lists and items you recognize as clean, whole foods.

Remember meticulously looking at labels to make the best choice for your keto diet is worth the few extra minutes in the bread aisle. Choosing the best keto friendly bread not only ensures you stay on track with your diet but also guarantees a satisfying mealtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes bread keto friendly?

Bread is keto friendly when it’s made with ingredients that are low in carbohydrates. This often involves substituting traditional flours with alternatives like almond or coconut flour, flaxseed meal or other nut flours.

Can I eat as much keto bread as I want and stay in ketosis?

Keto breads are made to be lower in carbs, but they do still contain some. It’s important to remember portion control and consume them in moderation to maintain your ketosis state.

Where can I find the best keto friendly breads?

The best keto friendly breads can be found in health food stores, supermarkets, and online. Some specialty stores also carry unique choices.

Is Sola Bread good for keto diet?

Yes, Sola Bread is a reliable choice for the keto diet. It contains reduced carbs, high protein, and fiber.

Is all keto bread gluten-free?

Not all keto breads are gluten-free. While many keto bread recipes use ingredients that are inherently gluten-free, it is essential to check the packaging or recipe to ensure.

Are keto breads expensive?

The prices of keto bread can vary based on the ingredients used and brand. They might be slightly more costly compared to regular bread due to the specialized ingredients needed.

Can I make my own keto bread?

Yes, you can. There are numerous keto bread recipes available that use simple, easy-to-find ingredients, such as the Lakanto All-Purpose Bread Mix.

Is Julian Bakery Keto Thin Bread a good option?

Julian Bakery Keto Thin Bread is indeed a solid choice for those on a keto diet. It’s organic, packed with fiber, and does an excellent job in mimicking the texture and taste of regular bread.


Each keto bread option discussed in this article brings its unique flavor, nutrition, and range of use to the table, enhancing your keto-friendly kitchen pantry. Whether you’re a fan of seeded bread or have a weakness for bagels, there’s something for everyone on this list. Remember, being on a keto diet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the joy of indulging in your favorite baked goods.

With the right choice, such as the best keto friendly bread, your journey towards health and wellness need not be a dull one. Enjoy tucking into your next keto-friendly sandwich! Your taste buds, and your waistline, will thank you for it. Don’t let your diet dictate the bounds of your culinary exploration; the world of keto bread awaits!

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