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30+ Best Sides For Brisket [2024‘s Fresh Picks]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: December 13, 2023

Brisket, the centerpiece of many delectable meals, is beloved for its tenderness and deep flavor. This culinary delight is a crowd pleaser, whether it’s a special occasion dinner or an average weekend get-together. However, even this sumptuous main dish is not complete without an array of side dishes that perfectly complement its unique taste. Thus, the struggle to decide on what to serve with your brisket is real. So let me help you out here as I unveil an assortment of the best sides for brisket that will take your feast to new heights.

Whether you’re looking for hearty comfort foods like creamy mashed potatoes and savory baked beans or fresh items like colorful salads and grilled vegetables, I’ve got you covered. The right sides can enhance the flavors of your brisket and make your meal even more memorable. So let’s dive in!

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Article Includes

Best Carb Sides For Brisket (2024)

Best Carb Sides For Brisket (2024)

When it comes to pairing brisket with the perfect carb-loaded side dishes, one has to take into consideration the various textures and flavors that complement this beautiful meat. These hearty sides usually have a role in balancing out the robustness of brisket’s taste, making the whole dish a satisfying culinary experience. Whether it be tangy baked beans or delicious biscuits, this selection of carbs makes a delightful partner in crime with your carefully prepared and mouth-watering brisket.

1. Baked Beans

Baked Beans - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Baked Beans are not only rich in flavor but also add a delightful contrast to brisket with their tomato-based sauce and touch of sweetness. There’s something deeply comforting about pairing a tender slice of smoky brisket with a spoonful of savory-sweet baked beans.

Preparing them can also be as straightforward or as complex as you desire – from adding smoked bacon, barbecue sauce, and brown sugar to simple canned versions jazzed up with spices. Regardless of how you prepare them, baked beans bring an often needed lightness against the boldness of your brisket.

2. Brisket Biscuits

Brisket Biscuits - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

When was the last time you paired your smoked brisket with warm Brisket Biscuits? If it’s been awhile or never at all then you’re missing out! These heavenly delights can soak up your briskets juices for an added punch of flavors.

Homemade biscuits are fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside and possess their unique balance between buttery and tangy borrowings from buttermilk or cream used in their preparation. Layer your biscuits with slices of juicy brisket and perhaps a smear of barbecue sauce for good measure – you won’t regret it!

3. Classic Cornbread

Classic Cornbread - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Classic Cornbread, whether served as muffins or slices, hits just the right spot when paired with brisket. It offers a subtly sweet counterpoint to the rich and savory flavors of your main entrée. Whipping up a batch of traditional cornbread isn’t an insurmountable task – simple ingredients like cornmeal, flour, sugar, eggs and milk get transformed into golden bricks of joy that perfectly match any kind of brisket, whether it’s doused in barbecue sauce or rubbed with a spicy-dry marinade.

4. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic Mashed Potatoes - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

If you’re looking for the perfect comfort food to pair with brisket, look no further than Garlic Mashed Potatoes. There’s something incredibly refueling about the combination of juicy brisket and creamy mashed potatoes infused with garlicky goodness.

The key secret to perfect garlic mashed potatoes? Don’t skimp on the butter! A generous helping can create a silky texture that complements your tender brisket effortlessly. To elevate this dish even further, roast your garlic in the oven first to bring out its sweet and mellow side. It would be a delightful surprise as you dig into your spoonful alongside some succulent brisket!

5. Decadent Mac n’ Cheese

Decadent Mac n' Cheese - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Now, for those ready to go all out on comfort food par excellence, nothing gets it done quite like Decadent Mac n’ Cheese. Highway pit-stops across America made this combination famous – succulent slices of smoky BBQ brisket stacked high atop a serving of homemade Mac n’ Cheese is everything one expects from an indulgent meal.

Can you picture gooey cheese melted all over hearty macaroni pasta? When it teams up with crunchy breadcrumb topping and gets served next to some mouth-watering brisket, all touch points on comfort food get genuinely explored. Whether it’s prepared baked or stove-top style, Mac n’ Cheese makes for a tasty contrast against well-rendered chunks of beefy delight!

Freshest Vegetable Sides For Brisket (2024)

Who said that hearty meat dishes can’t be balanced with some verdant vibrancy of fresh vegetables? The trick is to prepare veggies that offer a moreish contrast, both in taste and texture, to your sumptuous brisket. These options will not only bring diversity and brightness onto your plate but will also create a refreshing palate against the heaviness of the main entrée. From smoky grilled vegetables to vibrant slaws, these delightful veggie sides certainly stand their ground next to your scrumptious brisket.

1. Grilled Veggies

Grilled Veggies - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Grilled Vegetables are an excellent choice for those who wish to taste the flavors that come from cooking over an open flame. They add a unique smoky flavor without stealing the spotlight from your prized brisket. Plus, grilling brings out their natural sweetness while adding interesting charred bits.

The beauty of grilling vegetable lies in its versatility—zucchini, bell peppers, asparagus or eggplants—the list goes on for what you can throw on the grill. Just sprinkle them with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, then let them grill away.

2. Crunchy Coleslaw

Grilled Veggies - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Coleslaw is another standout side dish that pairs exceptionally well with brisket due to its cooling effect, adding a beautiful crunch and freshness contrast to your plate.

One cannot underestimate the impact of Crunchy Coleslaw paired with brisket! This old-time favorite has proven time and time again it’s worth its weight as a side dish powerhouse. The crunch of the shredded cabbage and carrots provides a satisfying textural balance against tender, juicy brisket strips.

You can experiment by adding different ingredients like apple cider vinegar for tanginess or honey for sweetness according to your preference!

3. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Another brilliant option are Brussels Sprouts, if you can roast them to perfection, they caramelized beautifully, giving them a sweet-toasty flavor with a crunch that is every bit capable of standing up to succulent brisket.

Their slight bitter edge gets delightfully tapered down when seasoned right and cooked properly – think balsamic glaze or even a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese. They become golden nuggets of joy that can be effortlessly eaten with bursts of brisket; making for soul-filling bites, each more stimulating than the last!

4. Roasted Root Vegetables

Roasted Root Vegetables - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

A side dish I’m personally fond of when serving a slow-cooked brisket is an assortment of Roasted Root Vegetables. Talk about something with rustic appeal and filling qualities – these vegetables radiate hearty warmth from the moment you set them on the table next to your brisket.

This could be any combo of root vegetables like carrots, beetroots, or parsnips roasted with olive oil, fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme until they’re crispy outside and tender inside. Their earthy flavors do wonders alongside the deep richness that only well-triggered brisket can provide! Go ahead; give these veggie options a try!

Best Salad Sides For Brisket (2024)

Best Salad Sides For Brisket (2024)

Aside from the dynamic duo of brisket and carbohydrates, a refreshing salad as a side dish can truly elevate your meal to new heights. Salads offer a crispy, fresh component that beautifully counteracts the rich flavors and textures of the slow-cooked meat. From traditional salads like Caesar and Greek, to tangy vinegary slaws or delightful potato salads, there’s a wide array of options waiting to adorn your plate beside that delicious hunk of brisket.

1. Classic Caesar Salad

Classic Caesar Salad - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

When it comes to salads which have stood the test of time, the Classic Caesar Salad ranks high on the list. This salad, with its refreshing crunch from Romaine lettuce, sharp flavor from Parmesan cheese and creamy finish courtesy of the classic Caesar dressing, makes for an ideal counterpart to a rich piece of smoked brisket.

The tanginess from its dressing cuts through the fattiness of your brisket while providing some texture variety in each forkful. Adding some garlic croutons into mix brings in extra dimension–a slight crunch with just enough sturdiness to hold up against both the beef and greens. The simplicity yet complete harmony of flavors is what makes this salad a brilliant sidekick for your hearty brisket.

2. Refreshing Greek Salad

Refreshing Greek Salad - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

If you’re craving something fresh and zesty with your hearty brisket meal, then the Refreshing Greek Salad is just what you need! Laced with ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, salty kalamata olives and creamy feta cheese crumbles bathed in a red wine vinegar-enhanced dressing – this salad introduces different levels of texture and flavor.

The bright acidity from tomatoes along with crispness of cucumbers make it refreshing while feta adds mellow creaminess giving your taste buds multiple experiences all at once. With this on your table, you’re inviting Greece to join your Texan brisket in the most delightful way!

3. Tangy Vinegar Slaw

Tangy Vinegar Slaw - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

A Tangy Vinegar Slaw is like the life of a BBQ party – cheerful and always welcome. This under-rated side offers a bright, vinegary contrast to the smoky flavor of slow-cooked brisket.

Done right, vinegar slaw can be crisp, sweet-sour and hinting at spiciness in its final taste profile. This is achieved by using combination of shredded cabbage and carrots as base before adding apple cider vinegar sweetness along with some cayenne kick. In addition, it gets better as it sits, giving you more reason to prepare ahead when hosting a hassle-free brisket dinner.

4. Countryside Potato Salad

Countryside Potato Salad - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Finally, there is always room for a tried-and-true favorite: the Countryside Potato Salad. Made with boiled potatoes coated in creamy mustard-mayo dressing, this salad brings comfort factor up several notches when served beside well-cooked brisket.

Add-ons like diced celery or pickles can add more structure while hard-boiled eggs provide richness along with bits of creaminess enhanced by the dressing it sits in. A sprinkle of paprika gives enough smokiness making this salad side complementary to your flame-kissed beef. Warm or chilled – depending on preference – potato salad remains an unpretentious yet impeccable side with your delicious brisket.

Best Appetizer Sides For Brisket (2024)

A brisket meal is an unforgettable experience. But just like any other great performance, it deserves a grand opening act. And that’s where appetizer sides come into play. In this section, we’ll explore some of the best mouth-watering appetizers to set your guest’s palate rolling before the main course.

1. Smoky Deviled Eggs

Smoky Deviled Eggs - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Whether it’s a casual backyard barbecue or a festive holiday meal, Smoky Deviled Eggs are always a hit to whet the appetite. To match with your brisket’s smoky flavor, these innocent-looking eggs pack a robust punch of flavor with smoked paprika and crisp bacon in the mix. It’s both an elegant and tasty starter to serve before diving into succulent slices of brisket.

You can prepare them relatively quickly – start by hard boiling some eggs while you prepare your brisket. Once boiled and peeled, slice them in half and scoop out their yolks. Here comes the fun part – mix those yolks with mayo, mustard, smoked paprika, salt & pepper to taste (maybe even add a splash of hot sauce if you feel daring). Pipe this mixture back into your egg whites garnishing with crisp bacon bits and voilà – smoky deviled eggs ready!

2. Crispy Onion Rings

Crispy Onion Rings - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Nothing beats the textural contrast that Crispy Onion Rings provide your juicy and tender brisket! A delicious starter that instantly fills your dining room with an irresistible aroma.

Preparing crispy onion rings is half artistry and half science in my book. You start by slicing onions into thin rounds before letting them soak up buttermilk infused with garlic powder, salt & pepper for extra flavor. These onion rings are then coated in flour mixed with cornmeal for ultimate crunchiness after their trips to boiling oil heaven.

Serve them hot alongside homemade dipping sauce or barbecue ketchup for a satisfying beginning before your brisket’s grand entrance!

3. Cheesy Queso Dip with Chips

Cheesy Queso Dip with Chips - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

For a Tex-Mex flair to your brisket party, look no further than Cheesy Queso Dip served with corn tortilla chips. This creamy and cheesy dip makes a perfect accompaniment to your smoky, juicy brisket.

The secret to successful queso: always use real cheese! Start with a basic roux of melted butter and flour then gradually add whole milk while stirring. In goes grated cheese (Monterey Jack, Cheddar, or even Velveeta for that smooth texture) until fully incorporated. A hit of diced tomatoes & green chilies (Rotel is my go-to) alongside spices brings heat and tang to the party.

Serve this fantastic dip warm alongside crunchy tortilla chips as guests arrive and just watch it disappear before the brisket heads table-ward! Enjoy the heavenly journey of brisket in diverse ways through these appetizing starters!

Unique Side Dish Ideas To Serve With Brisket (2024)

Unique Side Dish Ideas to Serve with Brisket (2024)

While there are many traditional options for side dishes when serving brisket, sometimes it’s fun to add some unique flair to your meal. Below are some distinctive side dishes that may not immediately come to mind, but they’ll surely impress your guests and complement your brisket perfectly. Keep reading to learn about these unique culinary creations!

1. Sweet Corn Pudding

Sweet Corn Pudding - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Imagine this: a delicately sugared corn packed in a custardy dish that’s topped with a light, bronzed crust. Yes, we’re talking about Sweet Corn Pudding; a masterpiece of flavors and one of the most unique sides for brisket you could consider serving.

Though not an immediate go-to choice for many, corn pudding is an old-fashioned classic that has the dual power to surprise and satisfy in equal measure. Its inherently sweet flavor is contrasted by a hint of saltiness, which results in an intent sidekick to your savory brisket.

2. Texas-style Pinto Beans

Texas-style Pinto Beans - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

When speaking about all things brisket, you might find yourself traveling down south – specifically Texas, where BBQ isn’t just food; it is something akin to religion! And with any mouthwatering Texas-style beef brisket comes their legendary Texas-style Pinto Beans.

Packed full of flavors thanks mainly to seasonings like cumin and chili powder, then simmered slow and long with chunks of bacon or ham hock; these beans transform into something magical by the time you dock them next to your slice of juicy brisket. This is undoubtedly soul food at its finest!

3. Spicy Jalapeño Cornbread

Spicy Jalapeño Cornbread - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Ever thought about pairing your oven-roasted or smoky BBQ-ed brisket with something a little adventurous? How about trying some Spicy Jalapeño Cornbread alongside?

As an exciting twist on the classic, adding jalapeños brings a whole new dimension of taste and texture. It doesn’t detour much from regular cornbread but adds just enough kick to be memorable. The light heat from the jalapeños complements the rich flavors of your brisket.

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Comfort Foods That Complement Brisket (2024)

Comfort foods and brisket are synonymous with cozy nights in, backyard barbecues, and festive celebrations. Certain memorable dishes provide next-level culinary comfort and satisfaction alongside brisket. Want to know what they are? Read on for our top picks!

1. Southern-style Green Beans

Southern-style Green Beans - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Southern-style Green Beans cooked long and slow until tender, make an ideal comfort-food companion for robust briskets. No crisp-crisp veggie crunch here; these green beans are all about softness, loaded with flavors coming from bacon or ham hock with which they’re slowly stewed.

What you get is a dish teeming with traditional Southern charm, emitting homey vibes that will remind you fondly of your grandmother’s cooking – a perfect pairing for the nostalgic appeal of your luscious brisket!

2. Creamy Scalloped Potatoes

Creamy Scalloped Potatoes - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Everyone knows potatoes work well as brisket sides – let it be mashed, fried or roasted but when aiming for ultimate comfort food, one shouldn’t overlook Creamy Scalloped Potatoes.

Imagine thin slices of potatoes bathed in a creamy sauce seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and a hint of garlic topped off with generous amounts of cheese before getting baked golden! Now envision cutting into these layers alongside your tender slice of beef – delicious deal sealed.

3. Savory Baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Savory Baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

While Mac ‘n’ Cheese was mentioned earlier as an excellent carb side marvelously suited to beef brisket’s rich flavors – it deserves another shout-out under the banner of comforting sides! More specifically, we’re talking about Savory Baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

Think al-dente macaroni mixed with perfectly seasoned cheese sauce till it’s clinging onto every pasta curve. Then further topped with extra cheese, perhaps some breadcrumbs too for good measure before getting baked till it’s all bubbly hot and the top is golden crisp. Served right alongside your perfectly executed brisket? Absolutely divine!

Healthy Side Options For A Well-Rounded Brisket Meal (2024)

Healthy Side Options For A Well-Rounded Brisket Meal

While hearty and rich sides like mashed potatoes and mac n ‘cheese are delightful with brisket, sometimes it’s nice to have lighter side options. Mixing in some healthier sides can balance your meal perfectly without leaving you feeling too weighed down. These healthier choices are not lacking in flavor or satisfaction, though. Let’s take a walk on the garden side as we explore colorful and robustly flavored healthy sides for your tender brisket.

1. Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Salad

Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Salad - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

A Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Salad is a vibrant, flavorful, and crisp side that pairs excellently with the savoriness of brisket. The combination of charred vegetables with creamy mozzarella cheese brings out a smoky-sweet flavor that goes exceptionally well with both BBQ and slow-cooked brisket.

Grilling these veggies not only enhances their flavor but also makes them beautifully tender while keeping them nutritious. Sprinkle some fresh herbs like basil or mint and drizzle over a tangy vinaigrette dressing to give this salad an extra punch that echoes pleasantly with the hearty taste of brisket.

2. Sauteed Kale with Garlic and Lemon

Sauteed Kale with Garlic and Lemon - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Sauteed Kale with Garlic and Lemon delivers a colorful, nutrient-rich contrast to the succulent piece of meat that is your brisket centerpiece! The crispy edges of kale mingle splendidly with the soothing profile of sauteed garlic.

The lemon juice brings in bright citrus notes providing a flavor break between bites of luscious beef. Apart from being flavorful, this sauté is packed full of nutrients – vitamins A, K, C along with minerals making it as nourishing as it is tasty!

3. Quinoa and Vegetable Medley

Quinoa and Vegetable Medley - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

To round off our tour through healthy sides, let’s talk about Quinoa and Vegetable Medley. Quinoa, with its mild nutty flavor, adds a delightful texture and is an excellent source of protein. Combined with a variety of colorful veggies – bell peppers, corn, peas or whatever your fridge offers – this dish becomes a treasure trove of flavors.

Drizzled with a light dressing of olive oil, lime juice and herbs it makes the perfect coupling with brisket. It looks appealing on the plate and gives your palate a pleasant break between indulgent forkfuls of meaty pleasure!

Best Breads To Accompany Brisket (2024)

Bread and brisket make one fine duo! Good bread serves many purposes – it can be a vessel carrying mouth-watering pieces of brisket to your mouth; it can step in as mop cleaning up delicious stray juices off the plate; and finally it can be just the right kind of hearty filling addition to your plateful of barbecue delights!

1. Buttery Yorkshire Pudding

Buttery Yorkshire Pudding - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Britain’s contribution to the world of exceptional bread pairing for beefy goodness, Buttery Yorkshire Pudding, has stood the test of time and geography! The slight crispness that greets you as you tear into it is followed by soft sponginess that melts in your mouth.

Its mild profile makes room for brisket’s intense flavor to shine while itself providing moments of joy! It might require extra effort than just getting store-bought breads but once you see how beautifully they puff up golden brown in oven’s heat – all efforts are instantly rewarded!

2. Garlic Cheese Breadsticks

Garlic Cheese Breadsticks - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Next up – Garlic Cheese Breadsticks! The chewy texture coupled with aromatic bits of garlic and generous sprinkling of cheese is just too irresistible not to drag through some sauce before making its way into your eager mouths.

These breadsticks usually disappear at an alarming rate from feast tables so ensure abundant availability to leave everyone satisfied. Homemade or purchased from your favorite local bakery, they always make a splendid pairing with brisket feeding into the rich meal just right!

3. Moist Cornbread Muffins

Moist Cornbread Muffins - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Let’s not forget Moist Cornbread Muffins! In America’s South, cornbread and beef share a tradition decades old. The slightly sweet edge and moist crumb of cornbread muffins goes well with smoky brisket transforming each bite into a concert of delightful culinary sensations.

Slather some butter on warm muffin, place a piece of juicy brisket atop and what you have is an appetizer that sets the mood right for foodie extravagance due to unfold!

Tasty Sauces That Pair Well With Brisket in 2024

Tasty Sauces That Pair Well With Brisket in 2024- Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

What’s a perfectly smoked or roasted brisket without the complementary zing of a tantalizing sauce? The right sauce complements the meat’s richness, adding depth and bringing out its best flavors. So, let’s embark on a saucy journey where every bite of your hearty brisket explodes with delectable flavors.

1. Zesty Barbecue Sauce

Zesty Barbecue Sauce- Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

There’s nothing quite like coupling your juicy, tender brisket with a Zesty Barbecue Sauce. This rich and tangy concoction is part sweet, part smoky, and all parts delicious! Brush it liberally over your brisket for that traditional BBQ flavor, or serve it on the side for dipping.

Great barbecue sauces come in an array of styles depending on regional variations – from the tangy vinegar sauces in North Carolina to deeper, molasses-based renditions found in Kansas City. Regardless of which you choose, this classic pairing never disappoints!

2. Tangy Horseradish Sauce

Tangy Horseradish Sauce - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

For those who like a bit of kick to their side sauce for brisket, Tangy Horseradish Sauce is an excellent choice. It’s pungent yet creamy profile cuts through the richness of the beef brisket and adds an unexpected but welcome flavor dimension.

Creating a homemade version is straightforward – just combine a tablespoon or two of horseradish with mayonnaise or sour cream. You can personalize it by adding extra ingredients like lemon zest and dill!

3. Peppery Beef Au Jus

Peppery Beef Au Jus - Best Sides For Brisket (2024)

Simplicity has its place at the dinner table too! If you’re keen on savoring the natural taste of your well-cooked brisket but wouldn’t mind some gravy on standby – our friend Peppery Beef Au Jus answers that call.

This sauce is light yet incredibly flavorful, made from the brisket drippings and made vibrant with a dash of pepper. It enhances the brisket’s flavor profile without overpowering it, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Mouthwatering Desserts To Serve After Brisket (2024)

What better way to end a hearty brisket meal than with a sweet and satisfying dessert? Whether you’re into traditional pies or more indulgent fare like creamy cheesecakes, there’s something to please everyone. Here are some delightful desserts that make the perfect sweet ending to your smoky, savory dinner.

1. Sticky Pecan Pie

Sticky Pecan Pie

In keeping with our Southern-inspired theme, what could be more fitting than a slice of Sticky Pecan Pie? Buttery and rich, this ultimate comfort food dessert consists of toasted pecans combined with an irresistible filling of sugar, corn syrup, butter and eggs inside a flaky pastry crust.

The pie’s caramelised top layer contrasts against its soft interior for a texture party on your palate. When accompanied by vanilla ice cream or whipped cream – it’s total dessert bliss!

2. Creamy New York Cheesecake

Creamy New York Cheesecake

Few things in life provide the level of satisfaction you get from indulging in a good serving of Creamy New York Cheesecake after feasting on phenomenal brisket. This world-renowned dessert style offers pure essence of rich cream cheese embedded on top of a graham cracker crust that’s hard to beat.

Elevate its taste by adding sauce toppings like fresh strawberries or dark chocolate ganache if you’re feeling adventurous! Trust me; this choice leaves no room for disappointment!

3. Luscious Chocolate Cake

Luscious Chocolate Cake

Lastly but definitely not the least is our favorite – Luscious Chocolate Cake . This decadent treat is perfect for rounding off your hearty meal on an indulgently sweet note. A good chocolate cake hits all the right spots with its rich, fudgy flavor and a moist, tender crumb.

Whether you’re signing up for a classic layered chocolate cake or a molten chocolate lava cake – you and your guests are bound to be falling head over heels in love with this selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some classic side dishes to serve with brisket?

Classic side dishes often served with brisket include baked beans, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and cornbread.

What goes well with barbecue brisket?

Barbecue brisket pairs exceptionally well with sides like mac ‘n’ cheese, grilled veggies, or a refreshing coleslaw.

Should I go for sweet or savory sides when serving brisket?

Both! It often depends on personal preference but combining sweet and savory flavors can really enhance your meal.

Are there any unique sides for brisket that I can try?

Absolutely! You might want to try something like jalapeño cornbread, Texas-style pinto beans, or even sweet corn pudding.

Can I serve salad as a side for brisket?

Yes! A crisp and fresh salad makes a great counterpoint to the rich flavors of the brisket. Consider classic Caesar salad or a tangy vinegar slaw.

What types of bread can be served with brisket?

You can try different bread varieties including classic cornbread, biscuit rolls, or garlic cheese breadsticks.

Are there any healthy sides for a brisket meal?

Certainly! Make your meal wholesome with grilled eggplant and zucchini salad, sautéed kale with garlic and lemon, or a quinoa and vegetable medley.

Which sauces work best with smoked beef brisket dishes?

Barbecue sauce is often a favorite as it enhances the smoky flavor of the meat. A tangy horseradish sauce could also uplift the taste of your smoked beef brisket.

Do I always need to serve sides with my Brisket dish for dinner?

While it’s not essential to always have sides when serving Brisket, they do complement it well, providing a variety of textures and flavors.

What dessert should I serve alongside brisket?

You could choose something that matches the heartiness of your meal, like a pecan pie or a New York cheesecake. A rich chocolate cake might be the perfect end to your feast!


And with that, we’ve unveiled a cornucopia of the best sides for brisket. From warming carb-laden comfort foods to vibrant and fresh vegetables, there’s certainly something to satisfy every palate at your table. Whether you prefer classic condiments or unusual accompaniments, these side dishes are bound to take your brisket meal from delicious to unforgettable.

Remember, the magic is in balancing the heavy meaty flavors of the brisket with lighter, complementary side dishes. Keep exploring until you discover your perfect combination! So next time you’re firing up that BBQ for a mouth-watering brisket, don’t forget to jazz things up with some of these remarkable sides. Happy cooking and bon appétit!

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