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11 Best Low Sodium Bacon Brands [2024‘s Crispiest Delight]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: November 7, 2023

Finding the perfect balance between desirable flavor and maintaining a healthy diet can be a tricky endeavor, especially when it comes to bacon. The beloved, often-craved treat, bacon is known for its delicious ability to enhance any meal, from transforming your mundane lettuce-tomato sandwich to becoming the source of delight in your morning scrambled eggs. But with its traditionally high sodium content, it’s not typically the everyday indulgence for anyone carefully minding their diet.

However, what if I told you that you can still enjoy this breakfast staple in a healthier version? Yes, it’s true – Meet the best low sodium bacon options. These alluring alternatives are making a significant splash in the culinary world, allowing us to savor our beloved bacon without the hefty sodium content. So hold onto your taste buds, it’s time to navigate through the flavorful world of low sodium bacon.

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11 Best Low Sodium Bacon Brands of 2024

Best Low Sodium Bacon Brands of 2024

When it comes to bacon, health-conscious foodies often find themselves in a bind. How can one savor the delightful crunch and flavor without overdoing it on the sodium? Fear not, for I have curated a list of the 11 best low sodium bacon brands that beautifully marry taste and nutrition, guaranteed to tickle your fancies without any guilt.

1. Applegate Organics Hickory Smoked Bacon

Applegate Organics Hickory Smoked Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

When I first encountered Applegate Organics Hickory Smoked Bacon, I was struck by the packaging’s promise of a healthier option for one of my favorite treats. Not many food companies take the extra step to provide organic options, so this quality had me intrigued. Applegate claims this delightsome bacon is low-sodium, nitrate-free, and antibiotic-free. And honestly, it didn’t disappoint one bit.

Appearing in lovely thick slices, this bacon offered a simplistic yet pleasant presentation. Cooking it was a straightforward experience, and the pleasant sizzle as it hit the hot pan was music to my ears. This bacon didn’t shrivel drastically like some versions I’ve cooked in the past, and the resulting slices were meaty and generous.

On the first bite, there was an immediate burst of subtle smokiness, wonderfully complemented by the underlying sweetness inherent to premium pork. The saltiness was just right – not too little that it loses its bacon identity, and not too overwhelming that it drowns out the other flavors. Loaded with that all-important umami, it was a hit to the palate.

This lower-sodium bacon mapped a delicious terrain of flavor skyscrapers, a taste adventure that countered the common notion that healthy always equals bland. Plus, the knowledge that it housed significantly fewer nitrates and other additives boosted my satisfaction levels.

2. Butterball Lower Sodium Turkey Bacon

Butterball Lower Sodium Turkey Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

Butterball is a well-established brand that many of us are familiar with. Their take on a lower sodium bacon offering isn’t from the usual pork but rather, turkey. Yes, turkey bacon! If you haven’t tried it, Butterball Lower Sodium Turkey Bacon might just make a turkey lover out of you.

This turkey bacon rendered a delightful switch from the traditional, opening up a new dimension to my bacon consumption. With significantly lesser fat content than its pork counterpart, this butterball product makes for an enticing choice, especially for those of us on stricter diets.

Across the board, turkey bacon is generally leaner, but the butterball variant takes it a notch higher by reducing the sodium content. This combination yielded a lighter, less greasy, but equally satisfying bacon experience. The first taste, I recall, was a refreshing divergence from the norm.

One thing that impressed me was the crispy texture this turkey bacon achieved when cooked properly. It had an almost uncanny resemblance to pork bacon’s crispy happiness, minus the often-overwhelming greasiness. The flavor profile was well-rounded – smoky, slightly sweet, and with reduced sodium, it allowed the turkey’s natural flavor to sing through.

Having this turkey bacon reminded me that healthier alternatives need not mean slights in enjoyment. It may not be your classic bacon, but it certainly does a great job of filling up those bacon-sized cravings with less guilt and broader smiles.

3. Aldi’s Never Any Uncured Bacon

Aldi's Never Any Uncured Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

Aldi’s Never Any Uncured Bacon, a hidden gem in the vast bacon aisle, should be on every bacon connoisseur’s radar. As the name suggests, it’s uncured, making it a standout in my book. But it’s the delicate balance of taste and nutrition that makes this product truly shine.

I was a tad apprehensive, considering that curing usually contributes to the bacon’s overall flavor. However, Aldi proved me wrong. Straight out of the packaging, I observed that Aldi’s bacon appeared less fatty than what I’m used to. Yet, it held an enticing robustness that was altogether inviting.

Cooking was easy, resulting in uniform, crispy bacon strips. The taste was notably robust, a welcome surprise for an uncured bacon variant. Despite being low sodium, Aldi’s bacon had a savouriness that was just right – not too salty but with a comforting familiarity that says yes, this is bacon.

The absence of additives like preservatives made this bacon feel lighter and cleaner on the palate. The texture was delightful, with a satisfying chew to each bite. Remarkably, the reduction in sodium didn’t compromise the pork’s natural goodness, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

4. Oscar Mayer Lower Sodium Bacon Naturally Hardwood Smoked

Oscar Mayer Lower Sodium Bacon Naturally Hardwood Smoked - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

Oscar Mayer is a brand synonymous with quality and taste. Their Lower Sodium Bacon that’s Naturally Hardwood Smoked is no exception. The smoky aroma that wafted from the pan as it cooked was enough to make my mouth water in anticipation.

The bacon slices were hearty and thick, signaling a hearty bacon experience even before that first bite. And when I finally indulged, I was greeted with robust smoke flavors. The smokiness was genuine, pleasantly intense but not too overpowering, courtesy of the hardwood smoke used.

The sodium content was noticeably lower in comparison to regular bacon, but it didn’t detract from the overall taste. Rather, it let the pork’s real taste shine through, just as good bacon should.

The mix of smoke, pork, and the right touch of salt was a perfect combination. The bacon crisped up nicely, and each bite was a delightful experience, a testament to Oscar Mayer’s commitment to quality meats.

5. Farmer John Lower Sodium Bacon

Farmer John Lower Sodium Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

Farmer John Lower Sodium Bacon turned out to be an excellent find. With its promise of leaner, lower-sodium bacon, I couldn’t let it pass. This product didn’t have thick, fatty slices. Instead, its bacon cuts were lean and held less fat than its conventional counterparts.

As I cooked it, this bacon gave off the savory scent that we all love about bacon. It wasn’t as strongly scented as regular bacon varieties, perhaps hinting at its reduced sodium content. But, the mouthwatering aroma was there nonetheless.

It was lean and cooked to a satisfying crunch. Every bite was crisp and held a marked salty, smoky flavor, but not overwhelmingly so. Its light, crispy texture was something that I welcomed, a nice change from the often too-fatty, too-thick common bacon types. This bacon proved how less can indeed be more.

6. Market Pantry Lower Sodium Bacon

Market Pantry Lower Sodium Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

Market Pantry Lower Sodium Bacon is a notable mention in the marathon of low sodium options. This bacon brings a savory depth to your plate while keeping a check on sodium levels. As a lover of crispy, meaty bacon, I was intrigued by this seemingly perfect alternative.

From the get-go, the slices looked appealing with distinct stripes of fat and meat. They appeared thinner than regular bacon but had a uniform cut, making them ideal “crispers”. As I lowered the slices into a hot pan, the strips curled and browned uniformly, producing a sizzle that was music to my ears.

Upon my first bite, I tasted a good balance of smoky flavor, pork, and a mild saltiness. The bacon was crisp on the edges and had a satisfying chew in the thicker sections. The salt content was just right – enough to add flavor but not overpowering. For a balmy Sunday breakfast or a mid-week treat, Market Pantry Lower Sodium Bacon proves to be a winning choice.

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7. Great Value Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon

Great Value Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

Great Value Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon is a stand-out in the low sodium league. As a fan of hearty bacon strips, I was pleased to find this low-sodium version didn’t compromise on the thickness of their cuts.

Pouring the bacon into a sizzling greased pan, the bacon began to brown beautifully, while also releasing a delicious smoky aroma. The rich aroma, coupled with the sight of neatly layered meats crisping up, was nothing short of a culinary spectacle.

Upon tasting, the bacon offered a deep smoky, umami richness that was both wholesome and tantalizing. The blend of smoky, pork flavor, and subtle saltiness was a toothsome treat that just hit the spot. So, if you’re keen on quality bacon that’s lower in salt but big on flavor and meatiness, Great Value Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon is indeed a great value.

8. Smithfield Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon

Smithfield Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

The Smithfield Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon triumphs with its intricate blend of smoked hickory and choice cuts. It’s a perfect combination for those who love strong, robust flavors but are mindful of their sodium intake.

The bacon strips were a visual treat, with alternating bands of meat and fat. As I started cooking, the smoky scent permeated the kitchen, eliciting sheer anticipation for the tasting moment.

The bacon was crisp and savory, showcasing the real taste of high-quality pork. The smoky hickory flavor was intense and complemented the natural pork flavor beautifully. The reduced sodium was a plus, letting the bacon’s true taste shine through. If robust flavors and lower sodium are what you’re after, Smithfield’s offering ticks all the boxes. Plus, the well-marbled slices are versatile enough to add a smoky punch to your salads, sandwiches, and soups.

9. Applegate Naturals Uncured Sunday Bacon

Applegate Naturals Uncured Sunday Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

Applegate Naturals Uncured Sunday Bacon is a hidden gem in the low-sodium bacon lineup. When it comes to bacon, I prefer wholesome, uncured, and hearty slices. And so, this variant was a delight.

The first thing that caught my eye was the thickness of the strips. They were beautifully cut and had just the right amount of fat-to-meat ratio. As I cooked, the aroma of bacon, a mix of smoke and meat, began to fill the room. It was a tantalizing preamble to the taste I anticipated.

Upon tasting, the bacon was flavorful – a solid mix of meatiness with a slight smoke and a subtle hint of sweetness. The lower sodium was barely noticeable, which I consider a real triumph. This bacon lends itself to numerous situations, from being the star of your breakfast to playing a crucial role in your evening salad. Applegate Naturals Uncured Sunday Bacon is a tasty, healthier choice one can’t overlook.

10. Boar’s Head Uncured Turkey Bacon

Boar's Head Uncured Turkey Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

For those searching for an alternative meat option to traditional pork, the Boar’s Head Uncured Turkey Bacon is an excellent low-sodium choice. As someone open to trying new flavors and healthier options, I gave this variant a try.

These turkey bacon strips appeared leaner but still gave a satisfying texture when cooked. The aroma while it cooked was a blend of meat and a hint of sweetness, quite different but pleasantly intriguing.

The taste was surprisingly bacon-like, savory with a fine balance of smoky and sweet. Furthermore, the lower sodium content makes it an attractive choice for those following a reduced salt diet. Whether you’re making a crispy, turkey BLT or just want to segue into healthier meats, Boar’s Head Uncured Turkey Bacon makes a convincing case.

11. Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon

Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon - Best Low Sodium Bacon Brand of 2024

Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon is a game-changer for vegan and vegetarian consumers, or even for those wanting to try something different. It’s a plant-based bacon alternative, and indeed, I was curious.

On the pan, the strips were unlike any traditional bacon I’ve ever cooked. They were thicker, and the crispy edges I’m used to weren’t quite there – but the smoky aroma certainly was.

On my first bite, I was met with the smoky, slightly spiced flavor profile reminiscent of regular bacon. While it wasn’t exactly like traditional bacon, this variant held its own. Gentle on sodium and cholesterol-free, Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon offers a unique, rewarding, and healthier “bacon” experience. It’s a worthy contender to try when looking for plant-forward choices.

How to Choose the Best Low Sodium Bacon for You?

When selecting the best low sodium bacon, there are a few important factors to consider:

  1. Taste: The foremost factor is, of course, taste. A low sodium product should still offer an appealing flavor, so keep your personal preferences in mind. Whether you enjoy a smoky, meaty, or slightly sweet flavor, there’s a low sodium bacon out there for you.
  2. Quality of Meat: Look for products that contain high-quality meat. Organic options are a good place to start as they often offer cleaner eating alternatives.
  3. Sodium Content: Even among low sodium bacons, the exact sodium content can vary. Always check the nutrition label to ensure it fits within your dietary restrictions or goals.
  4. Price: While not reflective of the taste, the price might affect your selection process. So consider your budget and the price per serving to find a balance between price and quality.
  5. Brand Reputation: Try to select a brand known for its quality and consistency. Reputed brands usually maintain high standards and deliver good quality products.

Why Switch to Low Sodium Bacon?

Why Switch to Low Sodium Bacon?

If you are wondering, “Why should I switch to low sodium bacon?” the answer lies in the heart of your health. Consuming high amounts of sodium is associated with a range of health risks.

  1. Blood Pressure: Excess sodium intake is directly linked to high blood pressure, a precursor to heart disease and stroke. Reducing your sodium intake can help keep your blood pressure levels within a healthier range.
  2. Heart Health: Eating less sodium can also benefit your broader cardiovascular health. High sodium diets are associated with a higher risk of developing a range of heart-related conditions.
  3. Kidney Health: Sodium plays a crucial role in fluid balance in your body. High sodium can put a strain on your kidneys and contribute to kidney disease.

For all these reasons, making a switch to low sodium bacon can be a beneficial move. It allows you to enjoy the deliciousness of bacon without risking your health. So why not make the switch and relish the taste you love, but in a healthier package? Your body will thank you!

How to Cook Low Sodium Bacon to Perfection?

Low sodium bacon can bring a burst of flavor to your breakfast table or dishes that require a hint of smokiness. However, it’s worthwhile ensuring you cook it to perfection to enjoy this healthier alternative at its best. Here are a few tips:

  1. Start With a Cold Pan: Place your bacon in a cold pan before turning up the heat. This allows the fat in the bacon to gradually render out, leaving you with a crispier end product.
  2. Choose Your Cooking Method Wisely: Different cooking methods can highlight different aspects of the bacon’s taste. For a softer texture, try baking your low sodium bacon in an oven at around 400°F (200°C) for 15-20 minutes. If you prefer your bacon a bit more crispy, the stovetop is your friend. Cook over medium heat, flipping occasionally, until it reaches your desired level of crispiness.
  3. Drain on Paper Towels: Once cooked, let the bacon drain on some paper towels. This will absorb any excess fat and helps the bacon to maintain its crisp texture.
  4. Season to Taste: Low sodium bacon allows you more control over the saltiness of your food. Feel free to add a light sprinkle of sea salt or kosher salt after cooking if you find the sodium content a little too low for your taste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is low sodium bacon just as tasty as regular bacon?

Absolutely! Many manufacturers have mastered the delicate art of creating bacon that is rich in flavor but lower in sodium. The best low sodium bacon options provide that hearty, smoky taste that we all love, even without the extra salt. It’s all about the right balance of savory flavors and careful preparation.

How does turkey bacon compare to pork bacon in terms of sodium content?

Typically, turkey bacon has less sodium compared to regular pork bacon. However, it’s always important to check the nutritional information on the packet as sodium levels can vary between brands. Even among turkey bacon, there are low sodium options that contain less salt than standard versions.

Can I find organic options for low sodium bacon?

Yes, many brands offer organic low sodium bacon options. For example, Applegate has a range of organic, hickory smoked, low sodium bacon that is both tasty and healthier.

Is there any plant-based low sodium “bacon” available?

Indeed, brands like Sweet Earth offer Benevolent Bacon, their version of plant-based bacon, which is a low sodium alternative.

Can I buy low sodium bacon online?

Yes, several online grocery retailers and specialty food sites sell low sodium bacon. Look for reliable sites that stock reputable brands.

How can I cook with low sodium bacon?

You can use low sodium bacon the same way you would use regular bacon. Whether it’s in a sandwich, part of a breakfast spread, or used as a garnish in salads and soups, low sodium bacon is as versatile as its regular counterpart.

Why is sodium bad for you?

In excess, sodium can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. It’s essential to moderate sodium intake to maintain good health.

What are some brands that offer low sodium bacon?

There are various brands that offer low sodium bacon. They include Applegate, Butterball, Farmer John, Market Pantry, Great Value, Smithfield, and more.

Is low sodium bacon more expensive?

This can vary by brand and store, but generally, low sodium bacon is comparably priced to regular bacon. The peace of mind that comes with making a healthier choice can certainly be worth a few cents difference, if any.


So there you have it, folks. Your love for bacon doesn’t have to come with a side of guilt or worry about high sodium content anymore. With an abundance of low sodium options in the market, you can easily incorporate this delicious treat into a balanced diet. From organic to turkey, uncured to hickory smoked, we are at a convergence of taste and health like never before. It’s indeed an exciting time for all the bacon lovers out there.

So go ahead, indulge in your favorite bacon and continue your health journey undeterred. Enjoy every crispy, hearty, savory bite of your bacon, without the pinch of extra sodium. Happy Eating!

Food Lover and Storyteller 🍽️✨ With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, Shivani brings her culinary adventures to life through evocative words and tantalizing tastes. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to share the magic of flavors with fellow enthusiasts.
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