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14 Best Substitutes for Orange Juice in 2024 [Try Today]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: February 10, 2024

There’s no arguing that a glass of orange juice is a timeless classic. This bold and bright drink has been a star of breakfast tables worldwide for decades, even centuries. Yet, there comes a time when our taste buds could use a bit of adventure. Maybe you’ve developed an allergy, or perhaps you’re simply seeking something with less sugar. Whatever the reason may be, it’s always fun to switch things up a bit and explore the taste spectrum that Mother Nature has gifted us with.

In this vein, let us embark on a fascinating journey to discover the best substitute for orange juice that’s not just a perfect match in nutrition, but offers an abundant variety of flavors too. From the sweet tanginess of cranberry juice to the unexpected twist of buttermilk, there’s a universe of refreshing alternatives awaiting us. Let’s plunge right in!

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14 Best Substitutes for Orange Juice in 2024

Best Substitutes for Orange Juice in 2024

When it comes to refreshing beverages, nothing quite hits the spot like a chilled glass of orange juice. Its sweet, tangy flavor and satiating nature is something everyone appreciates. But there are days when you desire a change from the ordinary, and that’s where these impeccable substitutes come into play. Let’s dive into an ocean of flavorsome substitutes for orange juice, guaranteed to quench your thirst and satisfy your aromatic senses.

1. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

This vibrant, ruby-red fruit juice is an unbeatable substitute for orange juice. Its distinctive tart flavor paired with an underlying sweetness is the key to its extraordinary charm. Just like the orange, cranberries too boast of an impressive nutrient profile, packed with vitamins C, E, and K1, and a considerable amount of antioxidants. Furthermore, cranberry juice has been observed to have urinary tract health benefits, making it a great choice for health-conscious individuals. Whether you want to make a fizzy mocktail or a tangy salad dressing, cranberry juice works incredibly well. Offering a versatile flavor profile, it’s indeed a fantastic substitute that doesn’t compromise on taste or health.

2. Soda (Coke or Sprite)

Soda Coke or Sprite

Sometimes, all you want is a fizzy and sweet beverage, and nothing thrills more than a chilled can of classic Coca Cola or Sprite. These carbonated soft drinks, albeit laden with sugars, provide an excellent alternative when looking to replace orange juice in recipes that call for a sweet and slightly acidic component. They lend a characteristic flavor to dishes and drinks that you simply won’t find elsewhere. While this substitute is more suited for culinary use as opposed to a healthful morning beverage, it’s undeniable the novelty that a Coke or Sprite brings to the table.

3. Papaya Juice

Papaya Juice

One of the tastier and more exotic substitutes for orange juice is papaya juice. With its pleasant, tropical flavor and high nutritional value, it is undoubtedly a win-win option. Papaya is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, and brings fibrin, a beneficial enzyme known to aid digestion. Interestingly, the mellow flavor profile of papaya juice makes it mix harmoniously with other juices, thus it’s highly adaptable, be it in your breakfast smoothie or an exotic cocktail.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

A substitute like no other, apple cider vinegar (ACV), while unconventional, brings a unique punch to the plate. Notably used for its potent health benefits, like boosting metabolism and facilitating weight loss, ACV is also surprisingly versatile when it comes to flavoring dishes. Despite its strong, acidic taste, it can work magic in recipes that call for orange juice when balanced well with other ingredients. Just a small tip here: Begin with smaller quantities and adjust as per your preferences.

5. Lime Juice

Lime Juice

There’s nothing quite like the vivacious zing that lime juice offers. As a citrus cousin of oranges, limes provide a much sharper, more tangy flavor which can add a fresh spark to any dish or drink. Moreover, lime juice is packed with vitamin C, helping boost immunity. Whether it’s a zesty marinade for grilling or an energizing limeade on a hot day, lime juice is an excellent substitute for orange juice that never disappoints.

6. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice

Nothing screams ‘tropical delight’ louder than pineapple juice. This delightful bevvy encapsulates the essence of summer and relaxations like none other. The sweetness balanced with a slightly tart flavor makes pineapple juice a super-refreshing substitute for orange juice. Packed with a plethora of nutrients, such as Vitamin C and Manganese, this bright yellow juice offers several health benefits including improved digestion and boosted immunity. Moreover, its intrinsic sweet and tangy flavor brings a delectable twist to smoothies, cocktails, marinades, and even baked goodies.

7. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

If you’re looking to infuse that orangey goodness in your recipes while also bringing in a unique twist – enter Orange Marmalade. Sure, it’s not your classic ‘juice’, but when it comes to replacing orange juice in food recipes, orange marmalade can do wonders. Its robust bitter-sweet flavor and the jelly-like texture provide a delectable depth to sauces, marinades, baked goods and more. However, keep in mind, this one’s more suitable for culinary purposes than as a drink option.

8. Orange Liqueur

Orange Liqueur

For the adults seeking a sultry alternative to plain old orange juice, may I suggest Orange Liqueur? The intense, zesty flavor of this spirit does an excellent job of mimicking the citrusy tang of orange juice, making it perfect for cocktails or cooking. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you replace your morning OJ with a shot of liqueur, but for those dinner parties or romantic nights in, an orange liqueur can add some real zest and sophistication to your drinks and dishes.

9. Buttermilk


The inclusion of buttermilk on this list might seem odd to some, but hear me out. While buttermilk doesn’t quite resemble the fruity flavor of orange juice, it does offer a unique tanginess that can replace OJ’s citrus profile in certain recipes. High in proteins, low in fats, and full of probiotics, buttermilk is also a healthier option. Whether you mix it up in a smoothie or use it in baking, this creamy liquid offers a refreshing change.

10. Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit Juice

What better substitute for orange juice than another bright, tangy citrus fruit? Grapefruit juice offers an exciting flavor, slightly tart yet sweet, making it a thoroughly refreshing drink. Not only does grapefruit juice nourish our bodies with ample vitamins and minerals, but it also aids in weight loss and boosts immunity. Much like how you would use orange juice, grapefruit juice can join your breakfast table, liven up your salads, or even join the pool of ingredients for your dessert!

11. Meyer Lemon Juice

Meyer Lemon Juice

If you’re down for a tart option, then Meyer lemon juice could be your next favorite pick. Much sweeter and less acidic than regular lemons, Meyer lemons render a unique blend of sweet-tart flavors making it a commendable substitute for orange juice. These lemons are also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and have certain anti-inflammatory benefits. This vibrant citrus juice not only upgrades your lemonades but also brings a wonderful flavor to your cooking and baking experiences.

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12. Orange Extract


For a substitute that’s full of intense, concentrated orange flavor, look no further than orange extract. Produced by the oil from orange peels, this extract is used often in recipes to attain that signature orange flavor. Although not suitable as a beverage, orange extract is extensively used in baking, cooking, or whenever you want to introduce a burst of citrusy charm into your dishes.

13. Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Familiar yet effective, apple juice is a great stand-in for orange juice. Thanks to its mildly sweet and tangy tones, it mixes well in various recipes while adding a fresh, fruity note. Rich in vitamin C, potassium, and other nutrients, apple juice is both healthy and thirst-quenching. Beyond just a sippable drink, it blends well in sauces, smoothies, and baked goods, rendering a comforting flavor.

14. Orange Concentrate

Orange Concentrate

When you want something as close to real orange juice as possible, grabbing some orange concentrate might be your best bet. This frozen condensed version of orange juice packs all the flavors and nutrients of a regular orange juice but in a more concentrated form. A little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective option. It’s fantastic for those who prefer to have a more potent option on hand or can be diluted for a less intense taste. Mix it up in your morning smoothies, refreshing beverages, or heartwarming recipes, and enjoy the authentic taste of oranges with a stronger kick!

Tips for Choosing the Right Orange Juice Substitute

Every individual has their own unique tastes and dietary needs. Before you dive into the world of orange juice alternatives, take a step back and consider these tips.

  1. Consider Your Dietary Needs: If you have specific dietary restrictions – low sugar, dairy-free, or low carb, for instance – these needs should guide your substitute choice. For instance, if you’re managing your sugar intake, cranberry juice might not be the best choice due to its high sugar content. Whereas, apple cider vinegar would be a perfect fit.
  2. Take Into Account Your Recipe Requirements: The substitute you choose needs to align with the flavor profile of the dish you’re preparing. If you’re swapping out orange juice in a cocktail, a tart beverage like grapefruit juice or an orange liqueur could be a dramatic twist.
  3. Factor In Availability and Season: Depending on where you live, certain fruits might be hard to come by or may be expensive during off-seasons. Therefore, choose a substitute that is readily accessible and affordable.

Experiences and Recipes: Substituting Orange Juice

Experiences and Recipes: Substituting Orange Juice

When it comes to substituting orange juice, I’ve had a whirlwind of experiences. The learning process can be messy—I’ve had sauces that were more bitter than expected and cakes that didn’t rise as they should—but it’s nothing if not fun.

Here are a few recipes and substitute results worth sharing:

1. Pineapple Juice in Marinades

Subbing pineapple juice for orange juice in chicken or pork marinades adds a delightful tropical flair. It worked terrifically when I prepared a grilled chicken recipe—sweet, tangy, and utterly delicious.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar in Salad Dressings

Bold and incredibly versatile, apple cider vinegar is an amazing substitute for citrus juice in dressings. It packs a pleasing tangy punch that really lifts up green salads.

3. Buttermilk in Baked Goods

If orange juice was coming in the way of your perfect scones due to allergies or sugar content, buttermilk could be your next best friend. It offers the required acidity to react with baking soda and get that perfect rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m trying to cut down on sugar. What’s a healthier option to substitute for orange juice?

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great option if you’re trying to limit your sugar intake. Its tartness can mimic the tang of orange juice without any added sugars.

I’m allergic to citrus fruits. What non-citrus substitute would you recommend for orange juice?

Apple juice or cranberry juice are excellent non-citrus options that still offer a refreshing taste and plenty of nutritional benefits.

Is there a direct substitute for orange juice that won’t change the taste of my recipes?

Orange concentrate is, in essence, orange juice without the water content. It provides similar flavor but is more potent.

What’s the best substitute for orange juice when it comes to baking?

Buttermilk or Meyer lemon juice make great substitutes in baking recipes, due to their acidity and ability to mimic the chemical reactions of orange juice.

What can I use as a substitute for orange juice when making a cocktail?

Depending on the specific cocktail, lime juice, cranberry juice, or grapefruit juice make for great substitutes that maintain the citrusy freshness of the drink.


Embrace the endless possibilities that the vibrant world of fruit juices offers. The best substitute for orange juice is not just about finding a similar taste or matching nutritional profile. Rather, it’s an opportunity to experience new flavors, create innovative dishes, and maybe even discover your next favorite drink. Whether you choose a tart cranberry juice, an aromatic apple cider vinegar, or a bold grapefruit juice—the choices are only limited by your palate.

While the orange’s sweet citrus charm remains unbeaten, shaking things up with alternative substitutes could add an unexpected zest to your life. Dive into the sea of variety and relish the ripple of exciting flavors! Enjoy the journey, as each sip reveals a new story. Cheers to a juicy world of exploration and discovery!

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