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18 Best Kettle Chips Flavors of 2024 [Crunchy Delights]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: April 10, 2024

Who can resist the satisfying crunch of potato chips, each mouthful exploding with flavor? And when it comes to flavors, say no more! Kettle chips rise above the ordinary and offer a gourmet snacking experience that is hard to beat. My mission today is to take you on a captivating journey, exploring the best kettle chips flavors.

From simple classics to diverse pairings and exotic infusions, kettle chips offer a world of flavors that gratify your taste buds in the most indulgent ways. The unique cooking method gives them an authentic and unforgettable crunch, making it perfect for a casual snack or the star of a party. Your adventurous quest for flavor town starts right here!

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18 Best Kettle Chips Flavors of 2024

My Favorite Kettle Chips Flavors of 2024

Prepare for a flavor-packed journey as we reveal, in no particular order, the eighteen best kettle chip flavors. These are handpicked based on their unique taste profiles, popularity, and personal favorites.

1. Buffalo Bleu: Unleashing the Spicy and Creamy Delight

Buffalo Bleu - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Craving the kind of heat that makes your taste senses do a little dance? Buffalo Bleu might just be your perfect partner. This fiery flavor combines a spicy buffalo kick with the rich, creamy notes of bleu cheese to create a palatably delightful dichotomy that is hard to resist. The heat level is balanced, making it enjoyable for those who appreciate a good hot chip but don’t fancy the “mouth on fire” experience. The bleu cheese complements the buffalo heat perfectly, rounding off the flavor with a tangy, creamy flair. So, if you’re someone who enjoys a bit of heat – and let’s not forget the cheese – Buffalo Bleu could be your next favorite snack.

2. Honey Dijon: A Sweet and Tangy Flavor Invasion

Honey Dijon - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Up next, we have an absolute classic, Honey Dijon. The perfect amalgamation of sweet honey and tangy dijon mustard creates an enchantingly unique flavor profile that will entice almost any snack lover. Upon the first bite, the sweetness of honey pleasantly greets your palate, followed by a robust wave of tangy dijon that keeps you going for another chip, and then another. The balance is exquisite! Honey Dijon offers a flavor exploration that combines two unlikely partners to create an odd yet exciting culinary symphony.

3. Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper: A Simple Classic with a Twist

Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Don’t mistake simplicity for lack of taste. Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper kettle chips prove just that! This quintessential flavor combination brings the classic chip experience to another level. The fresh, coarsely ground black pepper provides a sharp hint of heat that sets a striking contrast to the subtle flavor of sea salt. These chips are a reader-friendly, crunchy, and highly addictive offering for pepper lovers. All in all, they are a perfect choice for those who prefer keeping things straightforward yet delightfully tasty.

4. Sea Salt & Vinegar: Embracing Contrasts

Sea Salt & Vinegar - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

The tang of vinegar paired with the calming kindness of sea salt speaks volumes in the flavor department. Sea Salt & Vinegar kettle chips are a palate party where the brininess of vinegar and the subtle hit from sea salt come together in flavor-filled matrimony. The triumphant piquancy of vinegar is mellowed by the salt, offering a balanced taste you’ll come back to, time and again. These chips present a whirlwind of flavors where contrasts dance harmoniously, providing a unique and flavorful snacking experience.

5. Korean BBQ: A Spicy, Savory Party in Your Mouth

Korean BBQ - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Now on this list, we have the genre-defying flavor of Korean BBQ. This kettle chip flavor is a ride on the wild side, bringing together the sweet, savory, and spicy flavors that define Korean BBQ. The hit from the sweet and smoky BBQ is met with a wave of spice, which when combined, elevate your snack game beyond conventional borders. If you love flavors that toe the line between sweet and spicy, Korean BBQ kettle chips will become a regular on your snack menu.

6. Backyard BBQ [Best for BBQ Lovers]

Backyard BBQ - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Backyard BBQ kettle chips are not just a snack; it’s a whole experience. From the very first bite, it’s clear that these aren’t your typical potato chips. The sneaky sweetness hits you first, closely followed by a dance of smokiness and heat that just keeps building. These chips embody every element of a classic barbecue – the tang of the sauce, the smoky char from the grill, and the slight sweetness of caramelized meats.

The best part? It’s all coated on extra-crunchy kettle chips that balance out the intense flavors and provide a delightful texture to the proceedings. Whether you’re reminiscing about summer family cookouts or looking to spice up your snack routine, Backyard BBQ chips are the way to go.

7. Korean BBQ [Best for BBQ Lovers]

Korean BBQ - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Next up is the Korean BBQ flavor, a fusion mix that showcases the magic that can happen when East meets West. The allure of Korean BBQ kettle chips lies in their magical blend of sweet, savory, and spicy moments. For those unfamiliar with Korean BBQ, it often involves grilling meat – usually beef, pork, or chicken – that’s been marinated in a distinctive mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and pepper.

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8. Chili Lime [Best Chili-Based Kettle Chips Flavors]

Chili Lime - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Chili Lime takes you on a ride that is nothing short of an exciting flavor fiesta. Imagine this: a bag of Kettle Brand chips, every single piece featuring the exotic tanginess of lime matched with the fiery kick of chili. Each bite gives a punch of flavor that is both spicy and refreshing. The citrusy edge marries well with the heat from the chili, creating a balance that will have you reaching for more. Trust me, once the spice kicks in, you’re not putting that bag down. This isn’t your everyday chip flavor. Chili Lime is the bite that keeps on giving, taking you through waves of flavor that are hot, tangy, satisfying, and moreish.

9. Chile Verde

Chile Verde - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Next on the list is Chile Verde, a zesty green chili flavor that transports you straight to the Southwest. It comes with a medium heat that slowly builds up, creating a well-rounded, moreish taste. Each crunch packs a punch, releasing an intense combination of flavors – tangy, slightly sweet, and perfectly spicy. It is like having a big hearty bowl of chile verde stew compacted into a delicious, crunchy chip. What’s not to love about that?

10. Jalapeño

Jalapeño - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Jalapeño Kettle Chips are for those who enjoy heat and flavor in equal measures. These chips strike just the right balance of spice and savoriness. There’s an initial burst of flavor followed by a pleasant heat that doesn’t overwhelm the palate. The spice is there, without a doubt, but it doesn’t take away from the great taste of the chip. Moreover, the thickness and crunch of the chip add to the experience, making every bite profoundly delicious. Indulging in this dreamy dance of flavors, it’s tough to resist the temptation of the Jalapeño Kettle Chips. After all, who doesn’t love a nice fiery finish to their snack?

11. New York Cheddar [Best Cheesy Kettle Chip Flavor]

New York Cheddar - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

If you’ve ever ventured into the world of cheese, you may have encountered the indulgent delight of New York Cheddar. Bold, sharp, and robust – this flavor emulates the same characteristics of its cheese counterpart. Each snack bite whirls you into a creamy whirlpool of tangy cheddar, artfully balanced by the earthy, rustic potato base of the chips. The smooth cheese flavor lingers on our taste buds, leaving us longing for another bite. Truly a must-try for any cheese lover!

12. Spicy Queso

Spicy Queso - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

The Spicy Queso flavor skillfully combines three thrilling attributes: cheese, spice, and crunch. The warmth of the queso is tempered by the tingling spicy notes that follow, making it a delightful flavor dance. Each chip is dusted with a mouthwatering blend of spices and real rich cheesy flavor. It’s a vivacious flavor explosion that elevates your snacking experience to a new level of excitement.

13. Dill Pickle

Dill Pickle - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

There’s a new way to enjoy the much-loved tanginess of dill pickles – in chip form! The Dill Pickle kettle chip is one such unique flavor. Every bite offers a tart and tangy dill pickle flavor that plays against the backdrop of the earthy potato chip. It’s strikingly daring, much like the adventurous snackers who dare to try it. Whether you’re a self-confessed pickle fan or just craving something distinctive, these chips offer a fascinating palate exploration.

14. Fiery Thai

Fiery Thai - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

A trip to Thailand may be a plane ride away, but the sweet and spicy flavors this country is known for are available right in your snack pack. Fiery Thai kettle chips exhibit complex layers of flavor, starting with a mellow sweetness followed by a fiery kick. Infused with ingredients like lemongrass, ginger, and of course, Thai chili peppers, this flavor does not shy away from authenticity. Have a barrel of water handy, because you’ll be reaching for it often with these bold chips!

15. Pepperoncini

Pepperoncini - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Blending a medley of smoky, spicy, and tangy sensations, the Pepperoncini kettle chips claim a unique spot in the snack panorama. This flavor is reminiscent of the Mediterranean pepper from which it borrows its name. Providing the perfect balance of zest, spice, and potato crunch, Pepperoncini kettle chips escort your taste buds to an Italian festa! It’s a completely satisfying eating adventure. So, grab a bag and venture into the unique world of kettle chip flavors!

16. Sea Salt: The Classic Choice

Sea Salt - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

The simplistic blend of salt and potato manifests in a stellar crunch that symbolizes the classic flavor of kettle chips – Sea Salt. The substantial thickness of each chip achieved flawlessly by the kettle-cooking process enhances the simple, yet timeless combination of salt and potato. Each chip packs a seriously satiating crunch that gives way to a flavor that is both homely and delectable. The hint of sea salt sprinkled atop each chip adds a flawless balance of flavor that is savory but not overpowering. The result is the pure taste of potato in all its glory, amplified by a subtle but distinct touch of sea salt. Trust me when I say that this understated joy is something you will keep reaching out for!

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17. Unsalted: Pure Potato Goodness

Unsalted - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

For those of us who love the natural taste of potato without any add-ons, the Unsated kettle chips flavor is a perfect match. Each bite into these bold and unseasoned chips celebrates the wholesome taste of potato that’s been carefully kettle-cooked to create the perfect crunch. The lack of salt allows for the potato flavor to shine through, making it a simple yet satisfying snack. The best part of the unsalted flavor? It’s your blank canvas – you are free to experiment with your own assortment of dips and sides, making it a versatile chip flavor to have at hand.

18. Sour Cream & Onion

Sour Cream & Onion - Best Kettle Chips Flavor

Sour Cream & Onion kettle chips are yet another classic flavor. Tangy sour cream and zesty onion– each chip is packed with these two contrasting yet harmonious flavors. What makes this flavor a must-try for kettle chips enthusiasts is its creamy texture, smooth, and dense enough, so the chips don’t crumble, carrying a full-bodied onion flavor that’s both sharp and sweet. It’s a mouthwatering blend that is both comforting and indulgent. Once you start with Sour Cream & Onion kettle chips, believe me when I say, you won’t want to stop.

Why Choose Kettle Chips Over Regular Chips?

There’s an unsaid war in the snack world between kettle chips and regular potato chips. Yet, many including me, have a certain soft corner for kettle chips. Now, you may ask, why choose kettle chips over regular chips? Let’s unravel that!

First, the crunch. Kettle chips are cooked in small batches, at a specific temperature, which gives them an unbeatable crunchiness. Regular chips, on the other hand, tend to be thinner and less crispy. For anyone who loves to hear that satisfying crunch when biting into a chip, kettle chips are the way to go!

Secondly, the flavors are more intense and offer a gourmet experience. As they’re cooked in batches, the seasoning adheres better to kettle chips, resulting in a richer flavor profile. Regular potato chips can sometimes lack this depth of flavor.

Lastly, kettle chips can actually be a healthier choice. They’re usually thicker sliced and have fewer preservatives. That’s not to say that you should start counting them into your daily calorie intake, but it’s always nice to know you’re choosing the healthier option of the two.

How to Pair the Best Kettle Chips Flavors with Your Favorite Drinks?

How to Pair the Best Kettle Chips Flavors with Your Favorite Drinks?

When it comes to enjoying kettle chips, taking them solo is always indulging, but pairing them with your favorite beverage takes the experience to another level. It’s time we uncover the art of pairing the best kettle chips flavors with your favorite drinks.


Yes, wine and kettle chips are a match made in heaven. Try pairing the spicy and creaminess of Buffalo Bleu Kettle chips with a sweet and fruity Prosecco for a surprising taste contrasts. On the other hand, Sea Salt and Vinegar pairs beautifully with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, the wine’s acidity playing off the vinegar perfectly.


Become a beer and chips connoisseur! Honey Dijon kettle chips can perfectly balance the bitterness of an IPA, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors. Meanwhile, darker ales like stout or porter can team with the hearty, smoky Korean BBQ for a tantalizing palate experience.


Last but not least, if you’re feeling fancy, why not pair kettle chips with your cocktails? A Chili Lime kettle chip with its exotic tang and fiery spice backdrop is perfect to pair with a refreshing margarita. For Bloody Mary lovers, the dill pickles kettle chips throw in a nice complement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most popular kettle chip flavor?

Although it can vary according to personal taste, one of the most popular kettle chip flavors is Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper. It’s praised for its perfect balance of simplicity and zesty peppery twist.

Are kettle chips spicy?

It depends on the flavor you choose. Kettle chips come in a variety of flavors, including spicy options like Jalapeno, Korean BBQ, and Buffalo Bleu.

What makes kettle chips different from regular chips?

Kettle chips are thicker and have a more robust crunch compared to regular potato chips. They’re also known for their intense flavors.

Are kettle chips healthy?

While kettle chips are still a snack food, they are often seen as a slightly healthier alternative to traditional potato chips since they’re typically made with natural ingredients.

Can I find kettle chips in all grocery stores?

Kettle chips are widely available in most major grocery stores, convenience stores, and online.

Are there cheesy-flavored kettle chips?

Yes, kettle chips come in several cheesy flavors, including New York Cheddar and Spicy Queso.

What’s the best kettle chip flavor for a BBQ lover?

BBQ lovers would likely enjoy flavors like Korean BBQ and Backyard BBQ, which combine a smoky taste with a touch of spice.

Do kettle chips have a vinegar-based flavor?

Yes, in fact, one of the best kettle chips flavors is Sea Salt & Vinegar, a classic combo that gives you a delicious tang.


After diving deep into the colorful world of kettle chips and exploring its many flavors, one thing is clear: there’s a kettle chip flavor out there for everyone. Whether you prefer the spicy kick of Buffalo Bleu, the tangy allure of Honey Dijon, or enjoy munching on a classic Sea Salt & Vinegar, the choice is all yours.

Our taste buds should be celebrated for their diversity, and what better way to do that than with a bag of your favorite kettle chips? So next time you’re out shopping for snacks, keep an open mind and don’t hesitate to try something new. Remember, every bite of kettle chip bursts with distinct flavors, just waiting to be discovered. You never know, you might stumble upon a new favorite.

Food is an adventure, and life is too short for bland snacks. So, here’s to spicing things up, or toning them down, with the crunch only kettle chips can offer. Happy snacking!

Food Lover and Storyteller 🍽️✨ With a fork in one hand and a pen in the other, Shivani brings her culinary adventures to life through evocative words and tantalizing tastes. Her love for food knows no bounds, and she's on a mission to share the magic of flavors with fellow enthusiasts.
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