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14 Best Store-Brought Sherbets [2024‘s Sweetest Triumphs]

By: Shivani Choudhary
Updated On: December 27, 2023

Who doesn’t adore relishing the sublime combination of sweet and tangy flavors on a hot day? There’s just something about the refreshing sensation of a smooth, cool spoonful of sherbet gliding down your throat that can’t be beaten. And let’s not forget those childhood memories evoked by the vibrant swirls of color in every scoop. But, with so many options lining the frozen aisle, it can be a real challenge to identify the very best sherbet to meet your tastebuds’ expectations.

Whether you’re a loyal fan of the classics or eager to test out tropical new mixtures, this guide will introduce you to a carefully curated list of the best sherbets on the market. From Aldi Sundae Shoppe Orange Sherbet’s citrusy burst to the adventurous allure of Dr. Bombay Tropical Sherbet Swizzle, prepare your palate for a wild ride down dessert lane. It’s time to discover the sweetest, most flavorful treats this side of the freezer. You’re welcome!

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14 Best Store-Brought Sherbets of 2024

Best Sherbets of 2024

It’s said that life is like a tub of sherbet – there are all sorts of flavors to enjoy. After the long year we’ve had, it’s time to dip into the tub of life – or in this case, sherbet – and pick up some of the refreshing highlights of 2023’s best sherbets. From delightful family favorites to adventurous newcomers, we’re about to embark on a delightful journey through the cool, sweet, and tangy expanses of this culinary landscape. Let’s do it!

1. Aldi Sundae Shoppe Orange Sherbet

Aldi Sundae Shoppe Orange Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

This is a sherbet that brings summer to your plate, no matter the season. Aldi Sundae Shoppe Orange Sherbet starts with a base of creamy, tangy goodness that dances delightfully on the tongue. Coupled with it is the pronounced flavor of juicy oranges, offering that invigorating citrus punch. It’s light, it’s refreshing, and it’s probably the perfect palate cleanser between courses or a wonderful accompaniment to a sunny afternoon on your patio. Sure, it may be the classic orange sherbet, but its quality is anything but ordinary.

2. Baskin Robbins Wild ‘n Reckless Sherbet

Baskin Robbins Wild ‘n Reckless Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

Attention thrill-seekers! The Baskin Robbins Wild ‘n Reckless Sherbet is a surefire way to bring a bit of adventure into your home. One scoop of this beautiful concoction, and you’ve embarked on a journey of pure exhilaration. It’s an exciting mishmash of green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch flavors, all swirled together in a vividly colored sherbet adventure. Each spoonful reveals a rush of different flavors, surprising your palate repeatedly and leaving you delightfully disoriented. It’s reckless, it’s wild, and it’s the perfect sherbet for the fearless dessert explorer.

3. Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet

Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

This isn’t just a sherbet; it’s a visual feast. Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet is the dessert version of catching a gleeful rainbow after a summer shower. Made with a vibrant symphony of fruity flavors – orange, pineapple, and raspberry – this sherbet is both a flavor and color bonanza. Each scoop is a celebration, bright and bursting with refreshment, evoking pure nostalgia in every mouthful. It’s a carousel of flavors making your taste buds twirl in delight. Let the colors and flavors of this sherbet make your dessert time a little more magical.

4. Signature Select Orange Sherbet

Signature Select Orange Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

Signature Select Orange Sherbet is more than just a dessert; it’s an experience. When it comes to delivering that classic orange sherbet flavor, this one has set the bar high. It’s creamy, smooth, and full of zesty orange flavor with a beautiful balance between sweet and tangy. A bite of this sherbet is akin to soaking in the sunshine on a warm summer’s day. Whether served alone or partnered with your favorite dessert, Signature Select Orange Sherbet scores an impressive ten on the yum-scale.

5. Signature Select Pineapple Sherbet

Signature Select Pineapple Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

Pack your bags and get ready for a tropical flavor vacation with Signature Select Pineapple Sherbet. The moment you lift the lid, a captivating aroma of tropical pineapples envelopes you. Their Pineapple Sherbet marvelously marries the tart essences of tropical pineapple with the soft sweetness of cream, creating a tropical paradise in every scoop. Each spoonful is like a lively samba routine, the pineapple and cream dancing splendidly together on your taste buds. It’s a sherbet that will have you daydreaming of sandy beaches and swaying palm trees every time you dig into it.

6. Signature Select Rainbow Sherbet

Signature Select Rainbow Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

For every sherbet lover who revels in variety, Signature Select Rainbow Sherbet is the top pick. A medley of three refreshing flavors – orange, raspberry, and lime – arrests your senses when you dig into this triple-layered delight. Not only does it look beautiful with its tri-color design, but it also offers a delightful play of flavors that are irresistible. Each scoop offers a different taste, a new discovery, a fresh delight. It’s an epic sherbet extravaganza tucked away in every tub, ensuring these will be a staple in your weekly shopping list.

7. Blue Ribbon Classics Rainbow Sherbet Cups

Blue Ribbon Classics Rainbow Sherbet Cups - Best Sherbet of 2024

In the world of sherbets, Blue Ribbon Classics Rainbow Sherbet Cups is a game-changer. These conveniently-sized cups are perfect for portion control. Each cup presents a colorful mix of this classic dessert’s adventurous flavor profile – lime, raspberry, and orange. These fantastic cups cater to kids, making them great additions to school lunches or picnics. For adults, they’re perfect for a simple, hassle-free dessert or a nostalgic indulgence. The sherbet is consistent, the flavors distinct, and the experience memorable. Blue Ribbon Classics have certainly put a fun twist on enjoying sherbet.

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8. Dr. Bombay Tropical Sherbet Swizzle

Dr. Bombay Tropical Sherbet Swizzle - Best Sherbet of 2024

Dr. Bombay Tropical Sherbet Swizzle is the sherbet for anyone who loves a taste of the exotic. This sherbet is a luscious blend of vibrant tropical fruits, making for a unique, mouthwatering dessert experience. Every scoop is lively, full of tropical expressions, a real testament to Dr. Bombay’s commitment to fresh flavors. Get ready for a blend of mango, coconut, and banana that’s artfully swirled with passion fruit and papaya ribbons. The flavor is so stunning, it will feel like a mini tropical vacation from the first spoonful to the last. This one is a real standout amongst the crowd, truly pushing the boundaries of sherbet innovation.

9. Great Value Rainbow Sherbet

Great Value Rainbow Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

Insiders and enthusiasts hail Great Value Rainbow Sherbet as the best value-for-money sherbet on the market. It’s easy to see why. Despite its competitive pricing, this sherbet doesn’t compromise on taste, texture, or quality. This rainbow sherbet presents a colorful, attractive blend of orange, lime, and raspberry flavors – each noticeably distinct, harmonizing beautifully in one bowl. The sherbet is perfectly smooth and creamy, guaranteeing a delight with every spoonful. It’s a product that proves cost is not directly proportional to taste, making premium sherbet accessible to everyone.

10. Hood’s Sherbets

Hood's Sherbets - Best Sherbet of 2024

Hood’s Sherbets pack the charm of traditional sherbet with the quality and taste expected in the 21st century. This brand has taken the time-honored American dessert and given it a refreshing spin without losing its roots. With Hood’s, you feel the nostalgia in every spoonful – however, the selection of flavors is anything but old-fashioned. From Raspberry to Lemon to Orange, each flavor is a fantastic blend of sweetness and tartness, with velvety smoothness that is simply irresistible. Their sherbets are more than just desserts; they’re an experience of traditional America with a modern twist.

11. Edy’s Orange Cream Sherbet

Edy's Orange Cream Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

Now, let’s swoop into the world of Edy’s Orange Cream Sherbet – a world that perfectly marries the zestiness of orange and the richness of cream. This sherbet stands out not just for its vibrant orange color but also for its unique taste that combines tangy orange with creamy vanilla. It’s like a smooth vanilla ice cream got kissed by a fresh, juicy orange. This delightful marriage of two contrasting flavors results in a sweet, velvety, and citrusy dessert that leaves you craving for more. The simple joy of relishing a scoop of this treat on a balmy afternoon is a memory you’d love to recreate over and over again.

12. Favorite Day Rainbow Sherbet

Favorite Day Rainbow Sherbet - Best Sherbet of 2024

If you’re scouting for a sherbet that bursts with color and flavor, look no further than Favorite Day Rainbow Sherbet. Its blend of raspberry, orange, and lime is an instant hit, especially among kids. Each flavor shines on its own while blending harmoniously with the others. Your senses will embark on a delightful journey from the moment you lift the lid to the last spoonful. Vibrant, versatile, and consistent, this sherbet embodies happiness and excitement in a tub. It’s an absolute must-try for those looking for a dose of fun and flavor in their dessert or snack.

13. Happy Belly Sherbets

Happy Belly Sherbets - Best Sherbet of 2024

Happy Belly has brought a variety of luscious sherbets to the table, each designed to make your belly, and you indeed, happy. Their sherbets boast exuberant flavors and a creamy and smooth texture that leaves you wanting for more. Wether it’s the tropical pineapple, classic orange, or the sublime raspberry, every flavor oozes a rich and authentic taste. Each scoop is a tantalizing mix of sweet and tart, carrying you on a journey of gastronomical delight that will leave your taste buds satiated and your belly happy indeed.

14. Kemps Sherbets

Kemps Sherbets - Best Sherbet of 2024

Kemps’ range of sherbets is a testament to the brand’s dedication to delivering top-tier taste experiences. From rainbow to orange to raspberry, Kemps offers a richness of variety, one that ensures a flavor for everyone. Their sherbets demonstrate that perfect blend of sweet and tart; the addition of real fruit juice only enhances the genuine taste these scoops pack. The texture is consistently rich and creamy, thus lending to a spectacular mouthfeel with every bite. Kemps Sherbets certainly hold their own in the upper echelons of the world of frozen desserts.

How to Choose the Perfect Sherbet for Your Palate?

Selecting the perfect sherbet can feel like a sugary minefield with so many enticing options available. However, by considering a few factors, you can make a choice that your taste buds (and stomach) will thank you for.

Flavor is King

First and foremost, you need to consider the flavor. This might seem simplistic, but your preference will guide your choice. If you have a soft spot for tropical fruits, Signature Select Pineapple Sherbet could hit all the right notes. Prefer to go wild? Baskin Robbins Wild ‘n Reckless Sherbet packs a riot of flavors.

Keep Brand Reputation in Mind

The reputation of the brand is worth considering. Established brands like Baskin Robbins and Kemp’s have a proven track record of delivering mouthwatering sherbets.

Size Matters

Take into account the quantity offered and the number of servings it provides. For instance, if you plan to cater to a party, going for larger pack sizes like the Blue Ribbon Classics Rainbow Sherbet Cups would make sense.

Value for Money

Balance quality with the cost. Brands like Great Value Rainbow Sherbet provide excellent quality at an affordable price, making them a wise choice for those on a budget.

How to Store and Keep Your Sherbet Fresh for Longer?

How to Store and Keep Your Sherbet Fresh for Longer?

Good sherbet deserves to be savored, not spoiled. Here’s how you can prevent your sherbet from losing its punch!

Maintain Optimum Temperature

Sherbet should be stored at a steady temperature, ideally below 0°F. Fluctuations in temperature can lead to a change in texture which affects the overall eating experience.

Keep it Sealed

Always tightly seal the sherbet container before storing it in the freezer. This prevents the sherbet from absorbing odors from the freezer, maintaining its original flavor.

Limit Exposure to Air

Minimize the sherbet’s exposure to air. The less contact with air, the lesser the chances of ice crystal formation which can make the sherbet grainy.

Practice First In, First Out

Follow the principle of ‘First In, First Out’. Use up older containers before opening new ones. This ensures that you’re always consuming the freshest sherbet available in your freezer.

By following these guidelines, you don’t just choose the perfect sherbet but also savor it at its freshest best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates Sherbet from Ice-Cream?

Sherbet has a much lower dairy content than ice cream. It often includes fruit juice or puree, which gives it a lighter, tangier flavor. Ice cream, on the other hand, is rich and creamy due to higher dairy and fat content.

Are there different flavors of Sherbet?

Yes, there are many different flavors of sherbet. Some of the most popular ones include orange, raspberry, lime, and rainbow (a combination of flavors). Many brands also offer unique flavor blends, like Baskin Robbins’ Wild ‘n Reckless Sherbet.

Is Sherbet healthier than Ice-Cream?

While sherbet typically has fewer calories and less fat than ice cream, both should be enjoyed in moderation. Sherbet often contains a lot of sugar, which can contribute to health issues if consumed excessively.

Why does Rainbow Sherbet have different colors?

Rainbow Sherbet is a blend of various fruit flavors, each represented by a different color. It’s a fun and flavorful treat that offers a combination of tastes in one scoop.

How is Sherbet served?

Sherbet is typically served in a bowl or a glass and eaten with a spoon. It can also be served in between courses during a meal to cleanse the palate.

How to store Sherbet?

Sherbet should be stored in a tightly sealed container in the coldest part of your freezer. Be careful not to store it for too long as it may lose its texture and flavor.

Where can I find the best Sherbet brands?

Most grocery stores carry a selection of sherbet brands. Our recommended options such as Aldi Sundae Shoppe and Signature Select can be found at their respective retail outlets, or you can explore online grocery stores or delivery services for availability.


After exploring the tantalizing and frosty kingdom of sherbet, it’s clear there’s a flavor for everyone, to suit every occasion. Whether you’re after the bold zest of Aldi Sundae Shoppe Orange Sherbet or the rich, creamy delight of Edy’s Orange Cream Sherbet, the perfect dessert is waiting for you. Or perhaps your adventurous spirit is calling for the riot of colors in Baskin-Robbins Rainbow Sherbet or the unexpected twist of Dr. Bombay Tropical Sherbet Swizzle.

From refreshingly fruity to creamily comforting, it’s safe to say that the best sherbet selection doesn’t disappoint on the promise of delivering the ultimate pleasure. Just grab your dessert spoon and let your taste buds decide! Remember, the joy lies not only in the eating but also in the discovery, so don’t be afraid to travel beyond your usual flavors for a vibrant taste adventure. Happy tasting!

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