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18 Best Teas To Drink In The Morning [2024‘s Morning Bliss]

By: Aman Babal
Updated On: August 17, 2023

Waking up to a refreshing beverage has always been one of my favorite ways to start my day. Having tried countless varieties of morning drinks, I have come to believe that the best tea to drink in the morning can make all the difference in setting the tone for a day full of productivity and positivity. Tea, an alluring infusion of flavors and aromas, has captured the hearts and taste buds of many – myself included.

It is not just the delightful tastes and array of options that make tea a fantastic choice for mornings, but also the incredible health benefits and mood-boosting effects it can provide. Read on as I share my personal favorites and experiences with the world of best teas to drink in the morning, and inspire you to discover the perfect cup to complement your morning routine.

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What to Consider When Selecting Your Ideal Morning Tea?

What to Consider When Selecting Your Ideal Morning Tea?

When it comes to choosing the perfect morning tea, several factors should be taken into account. Your choice of tea will likely depend on your personal taste preferences, health goals, and energy needs for the day. Here are some of the key aspects to consider:

1. Flavor and Aroma Preferences

Tea offers a vast variety of flavors, from fruity to earthy, to floral and spicy. Consider the flavors and aromas that best suit your palate and evoke a sense of calm or invigoration to start your day. Experimenting with different varieties and blends will help you identify your favorites.

2. Health Properties

Often, people choose their morning tea based on its health benefits. Some teas, such as green tea, are well known for their antioxidant properties, while others like turmeric tea and ginger tea may be chosen for their anti-inflammatory qualities. Consider what your body needs that particular morning and use that as a guide when selecting your tea.

3. Energy Needs

For those seeking a caffeine boost, teas like black tea, oolong tea, and matcha provide a higher caffeine content, perfect for waking up and starting the day with energy. However, if you want a gentler morning experience, you may prefer white tea or herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile.

4. Preparation Methods

For some, the ritual of preparing tea is equally important as the taste and benefits. You may prefer the simplicity of brewing a cup of tea from a tea bag, or you might enjoy the art of preparing loose-leaf tea in a teapot or using a traditional matcha whisk. Consider the time you have in the morning and the level of involvement you enjoy in your tea-making process.

5. Pairing with Breakfast

Another factor to consider is how your morning tea pairs with your breakfast choices. Stronger teas like black or masala chai may complement hearty breakfast dishes, while delicate teas like white tea might pair better with lighter fare such as fruit or yogurt.

Taking these factors into account and trying different varieties of tea will help you discover your ideal morning brew.

18 Best Teas To Drink In The Morning (2024)

Best Teas To Drink In The Morning (2023)

As a tea enthusiast, I have tried numerous types of teas to kick-start my day, and I have discovered a treasure trove of flavors that are perfect for morning indulgence. Each tea has its own unique set of health benefits and taste profiles to offer, making it such a wonderful beverage to enjoy in the morning light.

Whether you’re into bold, strong flavors, or soothing, calming blends, there’s a tea out there that can be the highlight of your morning routine. So, let’s dive right into this flavorful journey and find out the best teas to drink in the morning!

1. Green Tea: The Classic Morning Energizer

Green Tea - Best Teas To Drink In The Morning (2023)

Starting my morning with a cup of green tea has always been an energizing and refreshing experience. Packed full of antioxidants and nutrients, green tea helps me maintain an optimal level of alertness and kick-starts my metabolism for the day. Beyond the health benefits, there is also a diverse range of flavors to choose from, suiting the preferences of any tea enthusiast.

Key Benefits and Flavors

  1. Antioxidants: Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which can protect our body from harmful free radicals and promote overall wellness.
  2. Weight Loss: Studies have shown that green tea helps boost metabolism and increases fat oxidation, making it an excellent morning choice for anyone aiming to maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Flavor Varieties: From the classic sencha to the rich and umami-forward gyokuro, there is a green tea blend for everyone.

When it comes to my go-to green tea choices, I find myself reaching for these varieties:

  • Sencha: A classic Japanese green tea known for its balanced flavor, sencha is my top choice for an invigorating cup in the morning.
  • Gyokuro: With a richer taste and higher caffeine content than sencha, gyokuro offers an extra boost on those mornings when I need a bit more energy.
  • Matcha: As mentioned later in this post, matcha is a phenomenal source of antioxidants and nutrients. In the mornings, I love making a delicious matcha latte to awaken my taste buds and invigorate my senses.

Green tea has undoubtedly earned its title as a classic morning energizer and remains a significant part of my morning tea routine. I highly encourage you to explore the different green tea blends and discover the perfect one to accompany your mornings.

2. Oolong Tea: The Perfect Balance of Flavor and Health

Oolong Tea - Best Teas To Drink In The Morning (2023)

Another fantastic choice for a morning tea is oolong tea. Often referred to as partial fermented tea, oolong sits comfortably between the strong, fully fermented black tea and the delicate, unfermented green tea. With its array of distinctive flavors and health benefits, it’s no wonder I find myself continually drawn to this luxurious beverage during the early hours of the day.

Notable Qualities and Benefits

  1. Mental Alertness: Oolong tea contains a moderate caffeine level, which aids in improving concentration and alertness, setting the right tone for a productive day.
  2. Digestion: A cup of oolong tea in the morning can help stimulate your digestive system and ensure that it functions efficiently throughout the day.
  3. Flavor Spectrum: From the floral and creamy Tie Guan Yin to the dark and fruity Da Hong Pao, oolong tea offers an incredible range of flavors to suit anyone’s preferences.

My favorite oolong tea varieties include:

  • Tie Guan Yin: Also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy, this oolong tea has a floral and creamy flavor profile. Its calming aroma and soothing taste make it a cherished part of my morning tea selection.
  • Da Hong Pao: With its deep and earthy taste, Da Hong Pao provides a bolder morning experience. It’s perfect for those days when I’m craving a richer tea to start my day on the right foot.

No matter where your preferences lie, oolong tea has something for everyone. I recommend giving it a try and discovering the perfect blend to bring balance and harmony to your mornings.

3. Earl Grey: Citrusy Bliss for the Morning Blues

Earl Grey - Best Teas To Drink In The Morning (2023)

If you’re looking for a burst of zest and a touch of luxury to jumpstart your morning, look no further than Earl Grey tea. With its captivating blend of black tea and bergamot oil, this iconic tea is an indulgent way to shake off any morning blues and dive into the day with zest.

Notable Qualities and Benefits

  1. Mood Enhancer: The bergamot in Earl Grey is known for its uplifting effect on mood, making it an ideal match for morning consumption.
  2. Energy Boost: With the right amount of caffeine and the invigorating aroma of bergamot, this tea will naturally perk you up and promote a focused state of mind.
  3. Luxurious Flavors: The combination of robust black tea and fragrant bergamot exudes splendor, making each sip of Earl Grey a truly indulgent experience.

Here’s my favorite way to enjoy Earl Grey:

  • With a touch of milk and honey: Stir in a splash of milk and a hint of honey to create a creamier, smoother taste while still retaining the unique bergamot flavors.

Whether it’s a quiet morning alone or a bustling day ahead, a cup of Earl Grey can be a delightful addition to your morning routine. Its complex flavors and mood-enhancing properties certainly make it a cherished component of my daybreak tea selection.

4. Yerba Mate: An Earthy Energizer

Yerba Mate - Best Teas To Drink In The Morning (2023)

For a taste of South American cuisine and culture, let me introduce you to Yerba Mate, a powerful morning energizer infused with earthy flavors. Hailing from the leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis plant, this uniquely energizing tea brings plenty of benefits to your morning routine.

What Sets Yerba Mate Apart?

  1. Natural Stimulant: With its blend of caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline, Yerba Mate provides an energy boost similar to mate tea but without the jittery side effects often associated with coffee.
  2. Rich in Vitamins & Nutrients: Loaded with vitamins A, C, and E, as well as potassium and zinc, this tea offers additional health benefits to kickstart your day.
  3. A Taste of Tradition: Embrace the South American ritual of accommodating friends and family for a shared, social experience that revolves around Yerba Mate.

To fully enjoy the Yerba Mate experience, here’s how I like to prepare it:

  • State of the Art Gourd & Bombilla: Traditionally, Yerba Mate is prepared in a gourd; a hollowed, dried calabash body; and sipped through a bombilla, a metal straw with a small sieve to filter out particles.

Yerba Mate adds a deep, earthy-tasting energizer to your morning routine, promising unique flavors, cultural heritage, and a well-balanced energy kick to start the day right.

5. Mate Tea: The South American Power Punch

Mate Tea - Best Teas To Drink In The Morning (2023)

When delving into the world of morning teas, I stumbled upon a remarkable beverage unlike any tea I have tasted before – the mate tea. Also known as chimarrão or cimarrón, mate tea is a traditional South American beverage made from the leaves of the yerba mate plant.

Noteworthy Features and Advantages

  1. Natural Stimulant: Mate tea contains a unique blend of caffeine and theobromine, providing a gentle energy boost that can keep you alert and focused throughout the day.
  2. Rich in Nutrients: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, mate tea will not only refresh your senses but also nourish your body from within.
  3. Cultural Connection: Sipping mate tea offers the opportunity to experience and connect with the authentic South American culture, making it a special and invigorating part of my morning ritual.

My preferred way of preparing and enjoying mate tea includes:

  • Traditional: Using a mate gourd and bombilla, I prepare my mate tea the traditional way. The earthy flavor and unique preparation method make for an engaging and grounding morning experience.
  • Infused: On days when I desire something different, I infuse my mate tea with fruits, herbs, or spices for added flavor and excitement.

Embracing mate tea as part of my morning routine has been a delightful adventure. The rich and complex flavors combined with its incredible health benefits have both energized and elevated my mornings to extraordinary heights.

6. Black Tea: A Timeless Classic

Black Tea

Black tea stands as a true classic in the world of teas, and its robust flavor profile and stimulating properties make it the perfect contender for the best tea to drink in the morning. There are many delightful variations, including the well-loved English Breakfast, to suit your taste buds and preferences.

The Advantages of Black Tea

  1. High Caffeine Content: Rev yourself up for the day ahead with black tea’s natural caffeine to boost energy levels and improve focus.
  2. Rich in Antioxidants: Containing polyphenols and catechins, black tea helps fight free radicals and promotes overall wellness.
  3. Distinctly Bold Flavor: This fully oxidized tea delivers a stronger, richer flavor that sets it apart from other tea varieties—ideal for those who crave a bolder start to the day.

When it comes to black tea, my personal preferences are as follows:

  • English Breakfast: A robust blend often containing Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas, producing a full-bodied, malty, and slightly sweet flavor—a classic morning staple in various parts of the world.
  • Darjeeling: Often referred to as the ‘Champagne of teas’, Darjeeling tea offers a unique and complex flavor profile with fruity and floral notes. Its delicate taste is best enjoyed without milk or sugar.

Whether you’re seeking a traditional and hearty blend like English Breakfast or a more refined and nuanced choice like Darjeeling, black tea remains a steadfast morning companion for countless tea lovers.

7. White Tea: A Delicate Morning Luxury

White Tea

For those seeking a gentler start to the day, look no further than the refined and delicate choice of white tea. Despite its lower caffeine content, this tea remains a delightful morning option, packed with health benefits from its minimal processing and oxidation.

Delighting in White Tea

  1. Soothing Caffeine Levels: With less caffeine than black, green, and oolong varieties, white tea provides a mild boost of energy for those who prefer a lighter lift in the morning.
  2. High in Antioxidants: Due to the minimal processing, white tea retains a higher concentration of antioxidants to combat free radicals and promote overall health.
  3. Elegant and Subtle Flavors: The delicate taste of white tea, with its subtle sweetness and floral undertones, presents a luxurious and calming experience to begin your day.

My favorite white tea blends include:

  • Silver Needle: This top-grade white tea features young, tender tea buds, delivering a silky, smooth flavor with hints of melon and honey. It is best enjoyed without any additives, allowing its natural sweetness and freshness to shine.
  • White Peony: Also known as Bai Mu Dan, White Peony combines young tea leaves and buds, offering a bolder flavor with a slight nuttiness, making it an excellent introduction to white tea.

When opting for a delicate and sophisticated start to your day, the world of white tea offers a calming and luxurious experience to awaken the senses and soothe the soul.

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8. Matcha: A Powerhouse of Morning Energy


When looking for a vibrant and potent tea to energize your mornings, matcha takes the cake as a superpowered and delicious option. This finely ground green tea powder is not only rich in nutrients and antioxidants but also packs a punch of caffeine.

Unveiling the Magic of Matcha

  1. Nutrient-Dense: The entire tea leaf is consumed in matcha, meaning that you’ll receive a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as EGCG compared to traditional green tea.
  2. Distinct Preparation: Unlike other teas, matcha involves whisking the powdered tea in hot water with a special bamboo whisk, which contributes to the tea’s unique frothy texture.
  3. Versatility: While matcha can be enjoyed as a morning tea on its own, its versatility means it can be easily combined with other ingredients, such as lattes, smoothies, and baked goods, to experience creative and delicious matcha-infused treats.

Here are my favorite ways to enjoy matcha:

  • Traditional: Sip on a cup of traditional matcha, whisked to frothy perfection, providing an earthy, velvety taste with a delightful hint of umami.
  • Matcha Latte: Combine frothed milk and matcha to create a creamy, smooth latte that serves as an energizing alternative to coffee.

Whether you choose to savor a traditional bowl of matcha or indulge in creative matcha-infused concoctions, this emerald-toned wonder is sure to provide a rich and powerful boost to your morning routine.

9. English Breakfast Tea: The Quintessential Morning Beverage

English Breakfast Tea

A well-known classic throughout the world, English Breakfast tea is a bold, full-bodied, and comforting choice for the best tea to drink in the morning. With its rich and robust flavor, it is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty breakfast.

Embracing English Breakfast Tea

  1. Traditional Blend: Comprising an exquisite mix of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan black teas, English Breakfast tea delivers a unique and complex taste profile.
  2. Caffeine Boost: The robust flavor and caffeine content of this blend help to kick-start your day with an invigorating and awakening sensation.
  3. Pairs with Breakfast: Cut through the richness of a hearty breakfast with the strong, malty flavor of English Breakfast tea—an undeniably perfect combo.

For a flawless cup of English Breakfast tea, I pay special attention to the brewing process:

  • Steeping Time: For optimal flavor, steep the tea leaves for 3-5 minutes, depending on the desired strength.
  • Additives: Feel free to enjoy your tea with a splash of milk, a wedge of lemon, or a spoonful of sugar.

Boasting a vivid flavor and impressive versatility, English Breakfast tea is the ultimate morning drink to complement your first meal of the day with a touch of tradition and sophistication.

10. Masala Chai: Spiced up Morning Wake-up Call

Masala Chai

One of my favorite ways to add warmth and excitement to my mornings is by savoring a steaming cup of Masala Chai, a classic Indian concoction featuring an enchanting blend of fragrant spices and strong black tea. Not only does this tea offer an invigorating effect, but it also brings along cozy vibes, perfect for chilly mornings.

The Aroma and Taste of Masala Chai

  1. Spice Blend: The true magic of Masala Chai comes from its unique blend of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black pepper, creating an irresistibly fragrant aroma.
  2. Bold Flavor: The strong black tea base and various spices give this tea a bold and vibrant flavor profile that stimulates the palate and senses.
  3. Warming Experience: The combination of spices and warmth of the tea make for a soothing experience that doubles as a morning pick-me-up.

Here are my recommendations for enjoying the perfect cup of Masala Chai:

  • Tea to Water Ratio: Steep one teaspoon of loose-leaf Masala Chai with one cup of water but adjust to your personal taste preference.
  • Add Milk: For an authentic experience, add equal parts milk to your tea as it reduces the intensity of spices and gives a creamy texture.

Allowing Masala Chai to become part of your morning ritual not only adds a unique layer of complexity and flavor but also offers comfort and energy to start your day with a burst of cultural richness.

11. Royal Milk Tea: Creamy and Decadent Morning Indulgence

Royal Milk Tea

For mornings when you wish to treat yourself to a luscious beverage, Royal Milk Tea is an ideal choice. This elegant and irresistible concoction is made by combining aromatic black teas with milk, resulting in a velvety-smooth drink that offers a calming way to start your day.

Crafting the Perfect Royal Milk Tea

  1. Tea Selection: High-quality black teas with strong, floral, or fruity notes are best suited for Royal Milk Tea, enhancing the overall experience.
  2. Brewing Method: This tea is achieved by simmering tea leaves and milk together, allowing the flavors to meld harmoniously.
  3. Sweetening: Adding a touch of sweetness (such as honey, sugar, or maple syrup) accentuates the delectable flavors and creates a balanced taste.

To achieve a decadent Royal Milk Tea, follow my personal method:

  • Heat Milk and Tea: Simmer one cup of milk with one tablespoon of your preferred black tea for 5-8 minutes.
  • Sweeten: Sweeten the tea to taste, then strain to remove any tea leaves.

A cup of Royal Milk Tea is a heavenly way to begin your day, providing a soothing and luxurious experience as you indulge your taste buds in creamy delight.

12. Pu Erh Tea: An Ancient Chinese Treasure

Pu Erh Tea

Pu Erh Tea is an exotic and captivating tea that has become a cherished part of my morning rituals. This fermented tea from the Yunnan province in China boasts an earthy, complex flavor and offers remarkable benefits such as aiding in digestion and weight loss.

The Unique Qualities of Pu Erh Tea

  1. Aging Process: Pu Erh tea undergoes a natural fermentation process, with some aged for several years, resulting in rich and complex flavors.
  2. Distinct Flavor: Earthy, with hints of malt and wood, the taste of Pu Erh is an acquired one. However, it offers a sense of groundedness and comfort during mornings.
  3. Health Benefits: Appreciated for its ability to stimulate digestion, Pu Erh has earned a reputation for promoting weight loss and other health benefits.

Here’s how I enjoy Pu Erh tea in the mornings:

  • Brew It Right: Use 1 teaspoon of Pu Erh tea for every 8 ounces of boiling water, and steep for 3-5 minutes depending on your taste preference.
  • Gongfu Style: For a traditional experience, try the Gongfu style of brewing Pu Erh, using a small teapot and short steeping times.

Since incorporating Pu Erh tea into my morning routine, I have discovered a connection to Chinese tradition and history that adds a sense of depth to my daily experience.

13. Kombucha: An Energizing and Gut-Healthy Ritual


Kombucha, the effervescent, probiotic-rich fermented tea, has become an invigorating addition to my mornings. Offering a unique combination of health benefits and flavors, kombucha makes for an energizing and gut-healthy start to the day.

Benefits and Flair of Kombucha

  1. Probiotic Powerhouse: Kombucha’s fermentation process creates beneficial bacteria, supporting a healthy gut ecosystem.
  2. Antioxidant-Rich: Packed with antioxidants derived from tea and fermentation, kombucha is a health-enthusiast favorite.
  3. Fizzy Flavors: The effervescence and unique flavor profiles – ranging from tangy to sweet – make kombucha an exciting addition to morning routines.

To incorporate kombucha into your mornings, try these tips:

  • Choose Quality: Opt for high-quality, organic kombucha from a reputable brand or brew your own at home.
  • Combine Flavors: Experiment with different tea bases and fruit infusions to discover your favorite kombucha flavors.

Drinking kombucha in the morning offers an invigorating and healthful addition to my day, providing a unique blend of energy, probiotics, and delicious taste.

14. Herbal Teas: Morning Pick-Me-Up without the Caffeine

Herbal Teas

For those who prefer to avoid caffeine, there are an array of Herbal Teas perfect for a morning pick-me-up. Offering calming and invigorating selections, herbal teas can quickly become a staple in your morning routine.

My Favorite Herbal Blends for Mornings

  1. Peppermint: This refreshing and invigorating tea helps with digestion and uplifts the senses.
  2. Rosemary: Offering a distinct aromatic flavor, rosemary tea is both calming and stimulating, perfect for beginning the day.
  3. Rooibos: A caffeine-free alternative to regular tea, Rooibos provides a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and is packed with antioxidants.

To enjoy herbal teas in the morning, follow these steps:

  • Select: Choose high-quality, caffeine-free herbal blends from a trusted source.
  • Brew: Steep according to package instructions, typically 5-8 minutes in boiling water, adjusting to your taste preference.
  • Customize: Mix and match different herbs to create your ideal morning flavor.

So go ahead and discover the world of herbal teas and immerse yourself in delightful flavors while promoting your well-being without the need for caffeine.

15. Turmeric and Tulsi Teas: Detoxifying and Immune Boosting Mornings

Turmeric And Tulsi Teas

Turmeric and Tulsi teas provide unparalleled health benefits, perfect for detoxifying and energizing your mornings. Coupled with their incredible natural flavors, these teas have become beloved staples in my morning routine.

The Power of Turmeric and Tulsi Teas

  1. Turmeric Benefits: Known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric tea supports overall health and promotes glowing skin.
  2. Tulsi, The Holy Basil: Revered in Ayurvedic tradition, Tulsi tea is packed with antioxidants, promotes stress relief, and supports the immune system.
  3. Flavorful Morning: Turmeric provides a delightful earthy taste, while Tulsi offers a hint of sweetness and an aroma reminiscent of cloves.

Here’s how I prepare my Turmeric and Tulsi teas:

  • Prepare the Turmeric Tea: Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with hot water, a hint of black pepper, and sweeten with honey.
  • Brew the Tulsi Tea: Steep one teaspoon of dried Tulsi leaves in hot water for 5-8 minutes, add sweetener if desired.

Indulging in the Ayurvedic world of Turmeric and Tulsi teas provides a rejuvenating experience that has transformed my morning tea routine.

16. Sage Tea: A Herbal Remedy for Clarity

Sage Tea - Best Tea To Drink In The Morning

Dive into the world of herbal teas with Sage, a revered herb that has been used for centuries in various cultures for its medicinal and culinary prowess. Not only does sage offer a unique and soothing taste profile, but it’s also a natural remedy that has been embraced by many to cleanse both body and mind.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Brain Health: Sage has been linked to cognitive health and is believed to enhance memory and concentration.
  • Anti-inflammatory: The compounds in sage have anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe internal inflammation.
  • Subtle Flavor: Sage tea offers a mild and earthy flavor, accompanied by a refreshing aftertaste.

My preferred methods of enjoying sage tea include:

  • Pure and Simple: Brewing fresh or dried sage leaves in hot water creates a straightforward, aromatic brew perfect for sipping on a peaceful morning.
  • Honey Infusion: A touch of honey can sweeten the natural flavors of sage, providing a comforting start to the day.

17. Ginger Tea: Spicy Start to a Refreshing Morning

Ginger Tea - Best Tea To Drink In The Morning

There’s nothing quite like the zesty kick of ginger to ignite your senses in the morning. Ginger tea, revered for its medicinal properties and bold flavor, is a stimulating and healthful addition to any morning ritual.

Highlighting its Qualities and Benefits:

  • Digestive Aid: Ginger is renowned for its ability to soothe digestive discomforts, making it an excellent choice after a meal or for those with a sensitive stomach.
  • Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant: The compounds in ginger provide anti-inflammatory effects and are loaded with antioxidants that combat oxidative stress.
  • Bold Flavor: The spiciness of ginger tea is both invigorating and warming, sure to awaken your senses.

Here’s how I love to enjoy ginger tea:

  • Lemon Zest: Combining fresh ginger slices with a squeeze of lemon not only enhances the flavor but also adds an extra dose of vitamin C.
  • With Honey: Sweetening your ginger tea with honey not only balances the spicy notes but also offers additional soothing properties.

18. Lemon Tea: Citrusy Burst of Morning Sunshine

Lemon Tea - Best Tea To Drink In The Morning

Lemon tea is like capturing the essence of sunshine in a cup. The tangy and refreshing taste of lemon paired with its myriad of health benefits makes it an exhilarating beverage to kick off the day.

Principal Features and Advantages:

  • Vitamin C Boost: Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, which is essential for skin health, immunity, and collagen synthesis.
  • Alkalizing: While lemon juice is acidic in nature, it creates an alkaline environment in the body which can help in maintaining a healthy pH balance.
  • Refreshing Flavor: The zestful and crisp taste of lemon tea is a refreshing way to start the morning, helping you feel awake and invigorated.

My favored ways to enjoy lemon tea:

  • Simply Sliced: Adding thinly sliced lemons to hot water ensures you get the full spectrum of flavors and benefits.
  • Combined with Herbs: Pairing lemon with herbs like mint or basil can add depth to the flavor and enhance its refreshing qualities.

Morning Tea Pairings: Complementing Your Breakfast with the Perfect Tea

Morning Tea Pairings: Complementing Your Breakfast with the Perfect Tea

A great way to elevate your morning is by complementing your breakfast with the perfect tea. With numerous tea varieties and flavors, there is undoubtedly a tea to match your favorite breakfast options. Here, we explore some delightful tea pairings to complement different types of breakfast dishes.

Classic English Breakfast and Black Tea

For a traditional English Breakfast – think scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and toast – a robust black tea such as English Breakfast or Assam blends is the perfect accompaniment. The strong, bold flavors of black tea complement the hearty meal, providing a harmonious and satisfying pairing.

Granola and Yogurt with Green Tea

If your morning meal consists of lighter options like granola, yogurt, or fresh fruit, green tea is an excellent choice. Japanese Sencha or a mild Chinese green tea like Longjing provides subtle, vegetal notes that highlight the freshness of fruits and grains. Pro tip: Green tea effectively counteracts the tanginess of yogurt, balancing its taste with a gentle sweetness.

Avocado Toast with White Tea

For a flavorful and trendy avocado toast, white tea, such as Silver Needle or Bai Mudan, makes an elegant partner. White teas are delicate in flavor, supporting and enhancing the creamy, rich taste of avocado without overwhelming it.

Spicy Breakfast Options and Chai Tea

Should you prefer a spicy and bold start to your day with dishes like Shakshuka or huevos rancheros, Masala Chai would make an ideal pairing. The aromatic blend of spices and black tea in Masala Chai merges well with the spices in the dishes, weaving together a delightful tapestry of flavors.

Almond Croissant and Oolong Tea

For those with a sweet tooth that prefers morning pastry treats such as almond croissant, an oolong tea like Tie Guan Yin or Da Hong Pao complements the flavors beautifully. The slight floral and fruity notes inherent in oolong tea stand up to the sweetness and butteriness of pastries, providing an enjoyable contrast.

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How to Properly Brew and Enjoy Your Morning Tea?

How to Properly Brew and Enjoy Your Morning Tea?

Preparing and savoring a cup of tea every morning is an act of mindfulness. How you brew your tea can significantly impact its taste, aroma, and benefits. Follow these simple steps to ensure an exceptional morning tea experience:

1. Choose Your Teaware

Selecting the appropriate teapot and teacup enhances the tea’s overall flavor. Consider using:

  • Glass or porcelain teapots for delicate teas like green and white
  • Yixing clay teapots for strong, earthy teas like oolong and pu-erh

2. Use Fresh, Filtered Water

Starting with good quality water ensures the tea will brew to its full potential. Try:

  • Using a filter jug or bottled water for a clean, fresh taste
  • Avoiding water that has already been boiled as it may lose oxygen, affecting the tea’s taste

3. Measure Your Tea Leaves

The right amount of tea leaves impacts the strength and flavor of your brew. Remember to:

  • Follow the recommended amount on the tea package, usually about 1 teaspoon per cup
  • Adjust the quantity to your personal preference

4. Heat the Water to the Correct Temperature

Different teas require specific water temperatures to bring out their best flavors. Use this [handy guide][1] to find the optimal temperature for your chosen tea:

  • Green and white teas: 160-185°F (70-85°C)
  • Oolong teas: 180-200°F (80-95°C)
  • Black and pu-erh teas: 205-212°F (95-100°C)

5. Preheat the Teapot and Teacup

Preheating your teaware maintains the ideal temperature while brewing your tea. Try this technique:

  • Pour hot water into your teapot and teacup, swirl it around, then pour it out

6. Steep the Tea Leaves

Every tea has unique steeping requirements. Follow these general guidelines and adjust according to your taste:

  • Green and white teas: 1-3 minutes
  • Oolong and black teas: 3-5 minutes
  • Pu-erh and herbal teas: 5-10 minutes

7. Savor the Tea

Enjoying your morning tea is more than just a simple drink; it’s an opportunity to be mindful of the moment.

  • Savor the aroma before taking your first sip
  • Identify the subtle flavors and textures in each cup
  • Consider the stories and cultures behind the tea you’re enjoying

By mastering these brewing steps, you can start each day with a perfectly steeped cup of tea that is both invigorating and delicious.

Understanding the Origins and Cultures behind Morning Teas

Understanding the Origins and Cultures behind Morning Teas

From time immemorial, tea has been an integral part of various cultures worldwide. With a rich history and deep-rooted traditions, understanding the origins of these morning teas can help us appreciate them even more.

Green Tea: The Heart of Japanese Tea Ceremonies

Derived from China, green tea made its way to Japan, where it became a staple part of its culture. The Japanese tea ceremony, also known as Chanoyu or Sado, is a way of preparing and presenting green tea, particularly the prized matcha variety. This traditional ritual revolves around the idea of valuing the moment, cherishing harmony, and cultivating inner tranquility.

Oolong Tea: A Taste of China’s Fujian and Guangdong Provinces

Oolong tea originates from China, predominantly produced in the Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Here, both tea planting and processing have been a part of the culture, with tea ceremonies present in local customs and family gatherings. The Chinese Gongfu tea ceremony showcases the art of skillfully brewing oolong tea, emphasizing the discovery and enjoyment of tea’s intricate nuances.

Yerba Mate: A Communal Experience in South America

The rich history of Yerba Mate dates back to the indigenous tribes of South America, specifically the Guarani and Tupi peoples. They believed that the Mate tree was a divine gift, bestowing wisdom, health, and vital energy. Today, drinking Yerba Mate remains a shared experience – passed around in a gourd and sipped through a bombilla (a metal straw) among friends, reinforcing the value of unity and community.

Masala Chai: A Spicy Characteristic of the Indian Subcontinent

The story of Masala Chai hails from the Indian subcontinent, where the word “chai” simply means “tea.” The custom of boiling tea leaves in milk and water with a blend of spices is centuries-old in this region. Every household and street vendor has their unique take on Masala Chai, with the spices often varying depending upon local practices and availability.

English Breakfast Tea: The Time-Honored British Morning Tradition

The endearing British love for tea cannot be overlooked. Typically enjoyed with milk and sugar, English Breakfast tea represents a blend of black teas from different regions, such as Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya. These robust, full-bodied teas have grown in popularity as a morning drink since the 19th century, continuing the British tradition of “morning tea.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tea has the most caffeine to help wake me up?

Black tea, particularly English breakfast tea, typically has the highest caffeine content among popular tea varieties, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a morning energy boost.

Is drinking tea better than coffee in the morning?

This is entirely subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, tea generally has less caffeine than coffee, so it can provide a more subtle energy boost without the potential jitteriness associated with coffee. Moreover, tea offers a wide variety of flavor profiles and health benefits that many people find appealing.

Can I add milk or sweeteners to my morning tea?

Yes, depending on the type of tea, you can certainly add milk, sugar, honey, or other sweeteners to your morning tea. However, it is essential to consider that adding sugar or milk can dilute some of the tea’s health benefits. When trying a new type of tea, it might be a good idea to taste it first without additives to appreciate its unique flavor profile.

What is the best way to store my tea?

Teas should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably in an airtight container. Proper storage prevents exposure to air, light, and moisture, keeping the tea fresh and flavorful.

Should I use loose-leaf tea or tea bags?

Loose-leaf tea tends to be of higher quality and offers a better flavor compared to most tea bags. Furthermore, it allows you the flexibility of controlling the strength of your tea. However, if convenience is a priority, tea bags can still provide a satisfactory morning cup.

Can I drink tea on an empty stomach?

While some teas can be enjoyed on an empty stomach, others may cause discomfort or acidity if consumed before consuming any food. Generally, herbal and green teas are considered safe first thing in the morning, while black, Earl Grey, or highly caffeinated teas might be better suited for an after-breakfast beverage.

Is it okay to drink tea every day?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to drink tea every day, as long as you consume it in moderation and are not sensitive to its caffeine content. Regularly drinking tea can offer various health benefits, such as improved heart health, better cognitive function, and even weight loss assistance. However, it is essential to listen to your body and consult with a healthcare professional if you have concerns about daily tea consumption.

Can I combine different types of teas?

Certainly! Mixing teas can bring out unique and exciting flavor combinations to your morning routine. Feel free to experiment with various blends or try pre-mixed tea blends available on the market. Keep in mind that mixing teas with different caffeine levels will also affect the overall caffeination of your morning cup.

Are there any teas I should avoid in the morning?

Some people may need to avoid or limit certain types of teas in the morning due to their specific health conditions, caffeine sensitivities, or personal preferences. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare provider for recommendations on suitable or restricted teas.

Can I prepare a cold brew tea for my mornings?

Absolutely! Cold brew tea is an excellent alternative for those who prefer a refreshing, chilled beverage in the morning. Simply steep your choice of tea in cold water in the fridge for several hours or overnight for a flavorful, revitalizing chilled tea. Cold brew tea retains the same health benefits as hot brewed tea, making it a great choice for warm weather or personal preference.

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As you can see, the options for the best tea to drink in the morning are vast and varied. From traditional favorites to exotic blends, there is something to cater to every taste preference and morning mood. The key is to try new varieties, explore different brewing techniques, and customize your morning tea ritual to suit your personal needs.

Finding the perfect morning tea has exponentially enhanced my daily routine, both in terms of flavor and health benefits. I hope my experiences with these excellent tea varieties inspire you to elevate your mornings and promote better well-being with a warm, soul-nurturing cup of your favorite infusion.

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